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This is a rape story that is Consensual non consent. It is a true story.
CNC in Real Life

It was one of those long shift days at work. I didn’t get off till 6. I was feeling particularly rowdy. I did a scan of the parking lot for M but he wasn’t there. Not unusual on a Friday. So, I called him as I began my walk home.

“I think we should find us some plans tonight.” I said.

“What kind of plans.” M replied. I am sure he was thinking about it. Does she want a shopping trip or a ride to her besties? What came next must have been a shock. Its really not me to just hit him with ideas like this, especially last-minute plans with someone not vetted yet.

“CNC Plans” I said coyly over the phone. “I have a guy in the chat willing but I didn’t let it get serious. I think I should hit him up and suggest it. What’s our burner email again? He mentioned not having a Fetlife or not being able to log in or something last time I pushed him to write you. I bet if I’m serious he will get serious.” I continued.

“If that’s what you want, go ahead.” M said.

A lot of people ask how our poly/open dynamic works or have alternative ideas for how it should work. I’ll take a moment and clarify it here. The rule with chatting is that I can do it outside of Fetlife. He doesn’t want the details, though I do share the interesting ones like breeding houses and sex worms. He doesn’t want names. He doesn’t want to read the chat logs. He has no cares about what stories or pictures I share either. His thing is no private messaging on Fetlife unless they contact him first. Chatting outside of Fetlife is allowed so long as they contact him if it gets serious.

If they start talking about a potential dynamic or meeting up, they need to contact him about it first. Then I have to have a conversation with him. I have to give details such as name, chat details, what I am looking for here, what I think the other party is looking for and if they have made moves to contact him. Even then he still won’t read the chat logs. He just doesn’t want to waste his time with it. He trusts my honesty and I have never given him a reason not to. He also has my phone code so if he felt inclined, he could. He will run through a list of standard questions. How long have you been in the lifestyle? Do you attend munches? Do you have in scene references? What does your typical slave contract look like, though I know every dynamic is different? What expectations do you put forth for your slaves? What are you looking for or planning to do with my slave? And then the negotiations go from there. It is up to him weather I get to continue with this person. If he says no, its no. if he says yes than everyone negotiates.

So, I hit the Dom up. “let’s do this for real. Did you get your Fetlife back up or did you need alternate contact info?”

“Ok cool. Ill contact him. I got my Fetlife back. When were you thinking?” The Dom asked.

“got any plans tonight? Were about to grab dinner and I know M won’t want to travel to you after the day he has had so its ok if tonight doesn’t work for you.” I responded quickly.

“Tonight, definitely works.” He quickly responded. “I have messaged him.” He continued.

“ok cool. Ill tell him and you two can hash out the details while I eat and freshen up.” I said.

I was told to wear something that can be cut off. Pack a change of clothes for after. So, I put on a skimpy halter dress that was reminiscent of the bandage dresses the Kardashians used to be known for wearing. Then we loaded the daytrip bag into the car and set off. (contents of the bag: Blanket, candles, flashlight, first aid kit, sunscreen, and bug spray.)

Before we even left the dairy queen, he was on his way from a little south of Orlando. We beat him to the trail by about 20 minutes. The stars were out and the temperature was nice. It was the kind of night you throw on a country song and slow dance near the bed of pickup truck but that’s definitely not what I was there for. Finally, headlights pulled in. Man about 6 feet tall with a bigger build hopped out. This one could definitely overpower me. We all used the bug spray and started on our trek.

M and the other Dom quickly got lost in good conversation while we looked for a good spot. A good spot is one free of mud, ant hills, and spiders within range. Some could argue it doesn’t matter the spot. The guy just tackles, ties, and uses the girl in whatever way he sees fit. I’m getting to that part. I negotiated this. Wouldn’t be very fun anyways if a gang of red ants were eating everyone up. That’s a different kind of attack all together and none of us were in the mood to consent to that.

Once the blanket was laid down, he grabbed my neck from behind and pulled me closer. My eyes were darting in all directions as I focused on just breathing. I don’t mind knives when I know to expect them and have a general idea of the plan. He was running his hands up and down my curves while sliding forward to grope at my breasts. Then he said in a low voice “how attached are you to this dress? I don’t think you need it anymore.” Seconds later I could hear the knife opening as my breathing picked up. He came around front and started cutting from the top. He made is way through my cleavage and stopped just before the stomach to admire the view. When he went back to cutting, I was starting to get anxious so I sucked in my busted can of biscuits gut. When I did that it caused the knife to skid across my stomach a little leaving a small mark. The dress was hard to cut. It was one of those heavily stretchy ones and was also about a size or two too small. He wasn’t aiming to slice me and dice me. He paused shortly to asses the mood and the short knife mark before continuing.

Having freed my breasts, he was now free to pinch, pull, and twist my nipples around before sucking them a bit. He was really loving those 36DDD breasts with his hands. As fun as they are, they are not the main attraction. After twisting them a bit more, and harder this time, he leaned in again. “Now I’m going to cut your panties off slut.” He whispered in my ear. I was wearing a tiny pink thong with lace detail and he cut it off both legs with ease before tossing it to the side.

He had me on my knees in no time as he was unwrapping the rope. He wrapped the rope around my wrists which he had positioned behind my back. He didn’t knot the rope but he wrapped it tight enough that I couldn’t wiggle free. He had me try to be sure I was absolutely helpless and powerless.

He had done lots of talking in the chat about being as wide as a dollar bill and a cool 8 inches. I am not a size queen so I dismiss and subject change that kind of talk. I also avoid pictures of dicks as well. Well, it was definitely the largest one I have taken and probably ever will. I can safely say he was not exaggerating at all. I, on my knees, have no idea how I managed to take most of it back into my mouth and throat, but I did. Like a champ. As he held my head and pony tail I continued sucking. I was working in 5s. 4 shorts teases and deep as I could on the 5th. Every 5th one he would push harder to try and go deeper while moaning at the feeling of my tongue running up and down his hard, throbbing shaft. This went on for a while before he decided on a change of position.

He then put me on my stomach. My face rested on the cold damp grass. My ass was arched up. He slowly slid inside me. He took it rough, hard, and fast. His hands still enjoying my breasts as he pounded. He filled me up and then some. I couldn’t help but moan because I tend to enjoy it rougher, faster, and harder. I could feel him starting to throb more. I could tell a climax was near. When I felt him starting to finish, I arched up to take him as deep as I could. The best cream pies are the deepest ones when you can feel every inch of him pulsating and spilling cum inside. I always try to get them as deep as possible. Drive it home like your trying to get my pregnant. Go hard and fill me up. (I won’t get pregnant, but fantasizing about knocking me up could be someone’s fantasy. Who am I to stop those dirty thoughts)? He pulled out slowly and after some help up, I took a moment to clean his cock with my mouth before getting untied.

The walk back to the vehicles was filled with conversation that continued at the trucks. The mosquitos were getting really bad so M offered to go get a drink somewhere and continue chatting. The Dom was happy to accept our invite and we slide into a table at a hole in the wall. It was filled with young hipsters and the hip hop DJ was playing hits so loud we couldn’t hardly hear each other. 3 cokes, no jack. M noticed a young guy with a boa constrictor around his neck. My inner little chased him around the bar for 5 minutes to ask about petting it. I would have asked to hold it but he had a crowd of friends around him. We all chatted till about bar close before admitting this was fun and that we would do it again soon. We bid our friend a due and each became tail lights disappearing into the dark of night.
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