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Catching the game. Leads to amazing sex all weekend.
Man I was so glad that it was Friday. I just wanted to get done with work and hang out with my buddy Mark. He just got a new place and he had been asking me to come check it out. I told him I would come by after work. He told me to stop and pick up some beers. So I made a quick stop and picked up a 30 pack. Put his address in the gps and headed over. He had a couple of pizzas for us to eat as we watched the game. Chowing down on the pizza and drinking to many beers I could tell I was not going to be able to drive back to my place. Mark told me to just sleep on the couch tonight. So he gave me a pillow and a blanket and I fell asleep.

I must have been really drunk. I woke up with the biggest headache ever. I didn’t hear Mark. I figured he must still be sleeping. I got up to take a piss. Found some Advil for my headache. Walked into his kitchen for some water. And noticed that he left a note on his table. He wrote. Hey buddy I got up early for a run. Will be back in a couple of hours. Text me later. I put the note down and sat at the kitchen table and drank some water. I grabbed my phone that I had been charging. Well at least no texts or email. I headed back into his living room and sit on the couch. Slowly drinking my water. I was going to just get dressed and go home. But decided to take a shower first. I looked thru his hall closet and grabbed a towel. Went into the bathroom and jumped into the shower. I was just about finished when I heard a couple of voices coming from his living room. I knew it was not Mark because these voices sounded like female voices. I turned off the water and got out and grabbed the towel. I looked out and could see two girls both wearing tight shorts. One had brown hair and the other one was blonde. They looked to be the same height. I came out with just the towel on and both seemed shocked to see a strange man in a towel. Almost at the same time both girls asked. “ who the fuck are you.” I told them who I was and that I had slept over since I was to drunk last night. The blonde nodded ok and she asked me “ where is my brother.” I told her “ he went for a run, said he would be back in a couple of hours.” The blonde said “ ok, well I am Becky , I am Marks sister. This is my friend Lilly.” “ we just came back from our workout and Mark told me I could use his shower after.” “ we are going to take a shower, want to join us.” I was shocked. I told her “ sure, I just showered but could use another. “ Having Just taken a shower I knew it was big enough for three people to use. I followed them into the bathroom and dropped my towel and both of the girls were checking out my cock. Both seemed happy that I had a big cock. Both girls got undressed and then we got into the shower. Both girls had amazingly well toned bodies. Not an ounce of fat on either of them. Becky and Lilly started to soap each other and then I felt one of the girls grabbed my cock. She started to soap it also. Then we switched spots and I was now behind the girls. Becky turned to me and she grabbed my cock. She then bent over and started to suck on my cock. Lilly got next to her and she was licking my balls. I could tell I was going to lose a load soon. Then Becky turned and bent over. Lilly took my cock and put it into Beckys pussy. I fucked her for a couple of minutes and then I switched to Lilly. We switched back and forth for about ten minutes and then I couldn’t hold my load any longer. Becky wanted me to cum inside her pussy. So I did. And Lilly was ready to lick her pussy when it was coming out of her. We cleaned up and got out of the shower. I grabbed my towel and the girls just walked out in to the next room still completely naked.

Sitting in the living room me with a towel on and the girls still naked. Becky got up and just walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottled water. She was just about to sit down and Mark came back from his run. He opened the door. And then he said. “ come on Becky, put some clothes on.” She just laughed and just sat down on the couch. Lilly got up and walked over to Mark. He didn’t mind her being naked. She was not his sister. She kissed him and then sat back down. Becky got up again and told Mark. “ come on bro, we are all naked why don’t you join us. “ Mark looked over at me and he could tell that I had just fucked both girls in the shower. He turned to the girls and said. “ ah what the fuck, Lilly come suck on my cock.” She got up and started to walk over to him and proceeded to first lick his balls and then she sucked his cock. Becky got up and walked over to me and took my towel off and proceeded to suck my cock. After a couple of minutes I got down and started to lick Beckys pussy. She was moaning and then she begged me to fuck her again. She climbed onto my lap and my cock slid deep into her pussy. Mark was fucking Lilly doggy style and she wanted to ride his cock like Becky was riding mine. Both girls were thrusting onto our cocks with what seemed like perfect precision. Mark soon shot his load deep into Lilly’s pussy. I then shot my load into Beckys pussy. Each girl licking up the remaining cum from our cocks. Mark headed to take a shower and Lilly followed him as well. I sat on the couch and Becky was stroking my now drained cock. She then proceeded to suck on my cock and it didn’t take long before I was rock hard again. Ready to go at it again. I don’t remember ever getting dressed that day at all. Becky and I just spent the whole day naked and fucking. Lilly and Mark came over to the couch to join us. He and Lilly fucked also. Just as we were going good . Becky shouted to Lilly, Switch. And soon I was fucking Lilly and Mark was fucking Becky. We switched back and forth between the girls and I can only remember ever cumming into Beckys pussy.

Lilly and Mark headed into his room and Becky and I stayed on the couch. I don’t know how much sleep we got. I just remembered that we just fucked over and over. I could hear Lilly in the next room. She was moaning and breathing heavy. I was going at Beckys pussy really good. She was experiencing multiple orgasms and moaning loud. What little sleep we did get was more like a cat nap. Becky and I were fucking once again and Lilly came out to join us. She was ready for Mark to fuck her again but he had fallen asleep. She took turns with Becky and I got to fuck both of them again like I did in the shower. I heard the girls whispering and then I heard them laugh and Becky got up and walked over to a bag that was on the floor. I couldn’t see what she was doing since I was busy fucking Lilly. I was fucking her Doggie style and really didn’t see Becky come Behind me. I just felt something enter my asshole. I turned to see Becky wearing a strap on dildo and she had started to fuck my ass. She would thrust into my ass as I was thrusting into Lilly’s pussy. I had no way of pulling out of Lilly. I shot my load deep into her pussy. Becky continued to fuck my ass. It felt weird at first but then it felt amazing. I don’t know how Mark didn’t wake up thru all the noise of us fucking.

I was ready to take a shower since I had so much cum and sweat on me. Becky joined me and Lilly went back into the room to fuck Mark in his ass with the strap on dildo. I am guessing he had done it before since he didn’t make any loud noises. Becky thought it would be fun to shave my balls and cock. I had never done that before. But it did feel good as she was shaving me. After she finished I fucked her in the ass. And shot my load in her pussy. It is what she wanted.

I just went over to watch a game with my coworker and ended up fucking his hot sister and her friend.
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