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This series contains explicit Futa on female and Male domination scenes, and is intended for adult audiences only. I also want to add that the use of the word 'shemale' was due to this work being written years ago, when I did not know that it was a transphobic word. I shall not be using it or referring to it in future works, it is only used here so people can identify the story. Have fun and enjoy! - Thereshegoes123
Sonya sat broodingly in her desk chair as she stared at her coursework. Gosh, this is so boring, she thought, swivelling slowly with her hands in her lap, her unsexy hospital uniform of black tight trousers and white and blue shirt still on from her previous shift. She looked down slightly and held back a smile at the sight of her hand brushing the large straight lump of her black work trousers. She shivered as she began to stroke it, and then mentally chastised herself for not focusing.

As a midwife, Sonya found herself being buried under coursework. She lived in an (almost) all-girl household, and when they weren't all working together, they were studying together, or attending lectures together, which gets kind of frustrating for a girl as horny as her. Other company of any kind was a luxury. She had ordained herself 'Mum of the house' and was always chasing the others up on washing, getting them into work on time and attending University. She admitted it: She was a control freak, and naturally dominant. She always got her way...and it didn't hurt that her height also worked to her advantage. Things happened how she planned it, and how she wanted it.

She moved over to the mirror, picked up a hairbrush and ran it through her dark ginger hair, checking herself in the reflection. She towered over ordinary girls (and most men) at 6ft 5inches, and was relatively thin, with not too large boobs, long legs but a slightly big bum compared to the rest of her. She chastised herself and held her ass; nice for grabbing, she guessed. her face wasn't what you'd call model-like, she often wore bright red lipstick and a hint of mascara, and her white skin contrasted with her housemates, but obviously she made up for it down below. Looking down she looked at the thick and obvious bulge straining against the confines of her underwear and grinned. 9 Inches, and thick, her cock was a glorious white rod of steel, and her heavy balls looked like smooth plums behind it.

She could stroke for hours and cum like a train, but her monster hadn't been used in anger for a while. She needed release soon...and she knew just where to get it. Like she said...most of her flatmates were girls. And then there was Benny...

Sonya stripped her work clothes off, sighing deeply as her cock freed itself from the tight black trousers. Having to strap it down to her leg during shifts was a nightmare, and she valued occasionally being able to let it sit up front where it could be observed and marvelled by those she deigned to see it, which was not a large crowd...only her ex and the girls had all seen it. Not Benny yet...she was saving him for a special occasion.

Back at the time in first year, one friend in particular, Tiffany, a dark skinned charming and beautiful girl with an Amazon ass and dancer's thighs, always smiling and innocent, saw it for the first time as Sonya walked into her room wearing nothing but a black bra and panties, which did nothing to hide her erect penis from her view. This vision intimidated her, and despite being her close friends, (they'd even slept in the same bed!) completely shocked her. Here she was in jeans and a shirt, and her friends walks in lingerie with the most beautiful looking dick she'd ever seen!

Sonya went further and simply stretched her panties forwards until her huge schlong sprang out into full view, as she always thought it best for someone to make their own decisions before weighing in with her own. All Tiffany could do in response to Sonya's cock being whipped out right in front of her was sit down with her mouth hanging open in shock, which of course had allowed Sonya to make up her mind about the situation and charitably let her see it from a closer point of view, gliding to where she sat in two long slow strides and grabbing the back of her hair, sliding her penis into the girls now terrified face. She had reacted with alarm and tried to pull away, squealing for the first 15 seconds, her stretched lips vibrating tremendously around the shaft to moans of pleasure from Sonya, trying to push back on the forceful invader, before Sonya had grabbed her hair in a fist and forced her head back onto it.

She began crying for the first minute as Sonya fucked and slapped her face with her monster, force her balls into her mouth and generally use her close friend and housemate of 9 months like a brothel house whore. Tiffany looked up into her friends eyes to see only lust and absolute pleasure, and out of her own control started to moan through her tears as the thick weapon slid in and out of her mouth as they stared deep into each other's eyes, unable to contain her own deep desires for this long haired temptress and her jutting, perfect womanhood.

A spurt of pre-cum, the same amount as a full load for most men, hit her tongue and she lost herself like a bitch in heat, sucking it greedily through her tears and savouring the final taste of her own innocence as she swallowed it into her belly. Liked a crazed schoolgirl she swirled her tongue around the invader, making love to it, kissing it, caressing it, even slapping her own face with it as she worshipped, whoring herself out for this beautiful creature, her flatmate...her big beautiful Mummy. Towering above her, the sheer size of Sonya compared to her made her feel like a teenage girl again, and just the feeling of domination and getting abused by this superior being was enough for her to fumble her jeans and shirt off, slide her underwear down her legs and begin rubbing herself towards the edge of an orgasm, her cunt juices running down her smooth thighs as she continued to french kiss the mushroomed tip of Sonya's monster.

Suddenly, she felt herself being lifted away and up to the rest of Sonya's body. Briefly she felt angry that someone had denied her her gorgeous cock and balls, which in that brief moment had been her universe, until she came eye-to-eye with a smiling Sonya, and realised she was being lifted above the object of her desire, and was about to be taken eye-to-eye with the most dominant woman and beast of a cock she had ever known. She cried out in fear at Sonya's enraptured face before she felt the mushroomed head slide into her.

Sonya steadily pressed deeper and deeper into Tiffany, and her first uncontrolled and passionate scream dwindling to a long, pleasure-laden moan, before being cut short as the cock was removed and plunged deep inside her soaking wet pussy. Sonya paused and watched as Tiffany's face struggled to deal with the pain, pleasure and understanding that her friend was better than her, bigger than her, and deserved to fuck her until she drooled. Slowly the thrusts increased in pace until the only sounds heard were the smacks of their hips, the wet sound of her insides being pounded, and the short sharp burst of breath as she tried to deal with the invader motoring it's way in and out of her.

This continued for a few minutes, Tiffany clinging to Sonya's back as she fucked her with abandon, her short desperate breaths coming in time with each pile driving thrust of Sonya's hips.

Tiffany began seeing stars and started to cum like she had never cum before as Sonya continued to hold her in the air, hitting places deep inside her with every strong, clinical thrust, their moans of pleasure and her screams intertwining as they fucked ceaselessly. She screamed and cried again and again as Sonya hit home again and again remorselessly. Tiffany could only hold on tightly to Sonya's body as she was plunged up and down over her cock like a trained porn-star before she came again, pussy juices running down Sonya's dick and balls, dripping onto the floor as she began to lose consciousness through sheer ecstasy.

Eventually Sonya slowed, and pulled herself out of Tiffany's tight pussy, so that Tiffany was hanging again, eyes semi-closed and smiling, above her cock. Sonya took a moment to enjoy the look of her young flatmate, and instead of delivering the cunt-destroying thrust that Tiffany was expecting again, pressed her lips to Tiffany's, opening her lips with her tongue and delving deep into her mouth. Tiffany's eyes opened in shock, then in she smiled in delight as Sonya played with her tongue, teasing her and licking her, Tiffany responding by mashing her face to Sonya's who responded by near swallowing Tiffany, sucking up her lips, tongue and most of the face around it, each person sucking and moaning again, consumed with lust. Sonya eventually withdrew with a loud sucking sound as each of them caught their breath.

"Oh God, you fucked me" said Tiffany, somewhat aware that she was still being held tight to Sonya's body, inches above the monster that had probably left her unable to walk for a few days.

Sonya, with surprising tenderness, simply smiled, staring at her, and laying her down on the nearby bed, moving up to sit on the chest of her now concubine flatmate, looking deep into her eyes as her next slow, gentle thrust was made back into the girl's mouth. There was no question as Tiffany sucked on her engorged penis, never breaking the stare...there was only one Mummy in this student house.

The slow sliding in and out got Sonya breathing heavily, Tiffany pushing her further by tightening her lips and sucking until they clamped down on Sonya like a slippery cockring. This final act, plus Tiffany's submissive, wanton gaze, confirmed what Sonya already knew... that on this night, she was broken, owned, and enraptured. Hers to use, enjoy, and be loved by. That final thought caused her womanhood to swell, and the impending sense of orgasm made her cry out softly as her balls tingled in anticipation.

"I'm Cumming baby, do you want it?" gasped Sonya, teetering on the edge.

"mmmmph mmmmmye... aaagggghhhh Mmmmmuuu... mmmmmyyyy!" moaned Tiffany desperately, unwilling to remove her mouth from Sonya's cock long enough to say the words.

"Okay baby, because just for tonight I LOVE YOU" grunted Sonya as it finally hit. Tiffany murmured back "I mmmmpphpoove youuuu mgggghhhoooo," crying with happiness.

Sonya looked down at her friend and started to cry hot tears of pleasure as well. "I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU" she said over and over as her balls began to empty.

Tiffany's eyes widened with pleasure as the first wave of cum spouted from the cock's head, Sonya's balls flooding her mouth with huge quantities of semen. She tried to swallow as much as she could down her throat, but the white substance seemed to have no end causing her face to slowly turn blue as it began to flood out of her nose. She eventually pulled back, choking and spluttering, her airways full to the brim with spunk, but Sonya's rod flicked up and rocketed Sonya's love juices all over Tiffany's face, bed and wall. She opened her mouth and moaned in lust, but all that came out was a sticky "Mmmmmmm... mmphhhhhh" as her whole head was swathed again in creamy jizz, her tears of love mixing with Sonya's creamy dessert. Sonya's head went light as the last drops fell onto the chest of Tiffany, laughing dreamily as she took in the unbelievably slutty sight in front of her, tears of joy still running onto her lips.

Tiffany's pretty face was covered in spunk, her hair slowly being glued together, her eyelids unable to open under the weight of semen above them, her mouth a waterfall of jizz spreading down her chin and onto her now filthy bedsheets. Her nose still running and even some beginning to trickle out of her ears. Underneath her lover's presence, she was looking up at where Sonya probably was, and managed another cum-laden "I mmpplllove youuuuu." The groaning sentence wasn't helped by the further cum running down her face which filled her again forcing her to slowly swallow the liquid bit by bit. She savoured each bit as it happened, putting on a show for her friend, wanting to please her desperately, sluttily shifting the gallons of cum on her face into her mouth as she swallowed.

Sonya smiled again, and despite wanting to go to sleep, knew she needed to clear Tiffany up first...she had, after all just been annihilated and perversely dominated, physically and emotionally by one of her best friends. She would never be able to tell the rest of her housemates what had been done to her without feeling guilty, and consequently, probably wouldn't feel safe in the same room with Sonya. Still, Sonya enjoyed a little bit of fear, and she knew as soon as Tiffany was re-introduced to her womanhood, that lust and love would return.

She sat up off Tiffany's warm chest, and put her arms underneath to lift the lighter girl up, her mouth still swallowing and spluttering as she tried to swallow the ejaculate sloshing inside it. She rested her head on Sonya's chest, a wet squelch accompanying her tender movement, as she simply enjoyed the feeling of being another girl's cum-soaked wet little bitch.

After putting her into the shower and cleaning her, rubbing her down and occasionally kissing parts of her body which made her sigh, Sonya picked her up again, and both naked, carried her back up to her own room which had a bed without any cum stained sheets on them. She put her in bed and slipped in behind her, spooning the girl who pressed her cute bubble butt back into Sonya and let herself be wrapped in a warm embrace. As Tiffany drifted off gently, Sonya thought to herself.

She wouldn't mention to the other girls what had happened, she had felt like fucking someone and Tiffany was the fortunate recipient of that need. Although it wouldn't affect their friendship too much, Sonya enjoyed the fact that Tiffany would be feeling many emotions whenever they were alone, and despite not seeing herself as Bisexual at all, might question it after their tryst together. They loved each other as friends, she knew. And now whenever she was desperate Tiffany would be servicing her with those luscious lips again. Now to search for a man to truly satisfy her needs... a man to keep her keen. a few weeks later, Benny moved in.
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