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Once upon a time, there was a young woman, who lived with her parents on a small farm by the edge of a forest.
Once upon a time, there was a young woman, who lived with her parents on a small farm by the edge of a forest. Everyone called her Red, because her grandmother, who the girl loved dearly, had given her a red riding hood, that was her favourite piece of clothing and which she wore every day. And also, because her real name translated to something like “Dawn of the Earth Serpent”, which is not only a whole mouthful but also somewhat intimidating. Red blamed her mother, though, who was something of a strange spiritualistic woman and into that sort of thing.

One day, the sun tickled Red’s nose, waking her when it was just getting light. Even though she was already a grown woman, she was still living with her parents, mainly because she couldn’t afford a place of her own and, since they lived somewhat secluded, she also had not met a suitable husband who would take an interest in her. So, she did what she did every morning: Reach over to her nightstand, grab the candle from its holder, run it between her legs and gently, but firmly, insert it between her wet, wide labia.

Oh how she enjoyed those early morning fucks. No one would disturb her giving her ample time to finish while her wet dreams still lingered in her mind, providing her with multiple images to feed upon. The sun shone through her window, feeling warm on her naked skin and giving her brunette pubes a slightly golden glow...

She pushed the candle deep, thinking of the tall, dark stranger of her dreams. No, make that a group of strangers. A whole army. Tall, strange men, chasing her, ripping the clothes off her body, leaving her naked and vulnerable, then taking her hard and forcibly. Oh god, they were all over her, their hands grabbing her small, petite breasts, pulling her legs open, their cocks entering her deep, from the front, the back, her mouth. God, her mouth. She would definitely want one in her mouth.

“Red?” Her mother’s voice from outside her door startled her. Hastily, she hid the candle.

“Y-yes,” she replied squeaking, hoping to sound sleepy.

“Hurry and get up,” was the reply. “You need to go see grandmother today.”

Red sighed. She loved her grandmother, but getting torn prematurely from her early morning masturbation was not a good start for the day. Nonetheless, if she had to go see her, she would need to leave soon since the old woman lived deep in the forest, all by herself. The girl put the candle back into its holder, eyeing it one last time with a sorrowful look, then got out of bed.

She dressed herself in just a simple, lose dress. It was summer after all, and warm, and since she wanted to wear her red riding hood she didn’t want to wear anything hot underneath. When she climbed down from her small bedroom in the attic, her mother handed her a basket filled with cake, a few vegetables and a bottle of wine for grandma. “Now, remember to stay on the path and don’t delay,” said her mother. “Bad things happen to young ladies who don’t listen to their elders and just go wherever they want. Don’t be like that, my little Earth Serpent Dawn.”

Red sighed. She wished her mom would just stop with the pagan stuff already. She hurried to get to the door, mumbling something like “Yes, of course, I’ll be good and go straight to grandma’s, don’t worry” as she put on a pair of sandals and her hood. Then she was ready to go.

Red had wandered for a while on the path through the forest when she finally stopped. The sun was shining so nice and warm, the birds were singing and everything was peaceful and quiet around her, so she decided to take a little break and just enjoy herself and a little clearing just right off the road seemed like the perfect place to rest. The young woman pranced there and just let herself fall down into the soft, green grass, the sun shining into her face and a soft, warm breeze blowing across her body. A familiar urge began to stir within her.

Surely nobody was watching her? This old road was so remote and secluded that she had never encountered a soul in all the times she had visited her grandma, so finally, Red began to disrobe, stripping off her thin, flowing dress and letting it fall to the ground, until she all that remained was her hood. The breeze was blowing softly across her naked body, giving her pleasant goosebumps and Red felt as free and as light as the wind. She spread her legs, and emptied her bladder, still full from her breakfast, enjoying the freedom to just pee wherever she liked and at the same time strangely turned on by the possibility of a stranger watching her.

Glancing around, she reached between her legs where a trickle of piss still ran from her labia, and slid her fingers between her slit, beginning to feel once more, inside of her tingling little hole, itching for the sweet relief that she had been denied earlier in the morning. Her eyes fell on the basket.

Certainly, grandma didn’t need all those vegetables? That one carrot looked like it was just the right size. Red took it out, turning it over and over in her hand, before bringing it up to her mouth. Without taking a bite, she started to suck on the thick, orange stick that got bigger and bigger the farther down her throat she pushed, until finally she took it back out and with a relieved groan, inserted it into her muff. Looking down, she liked the contrast of the orange stub with her bushy brunette pubes, and even more how the rough surface of the carrot was rubbing inside her, reaching deep up her little unfucked twat.

Red stood with her legs spread, fucking herself hard for quite a while until she became frustrated. As nice as the carrot was, it didn’t reach deep enough. With the vegetable plugging her hole, she frantically went through the basket in search of something more suitable and finally just grabbed the bottle. It was smooth and hard and the neck was thick and long. It looked like it could go all the way up her baby chute. Hastily, she sat it on the ground, pulled the carrot out and then squatted down on the cold, hard glass.

It slid up inside her easily, lubricated by her sopping, wet cunt juices. Red would get embarrassingly wet just from thinking about sex, and when she was actually engaged in it, her pussy became a river of differing juices, all flowing together into a big, grand, smelly, slick mix. She began riding the bottle, grabbing her tits and rubbing them hard, moaning loudly. Nobody would be able to hear her for miles around and she felt no shame in yelling her lust out into the wild. Right there, in the forests, she was nothing more than a little bitch in heat, fucking herself as wild and free as any other animal.

Suddenly, she became aware that she did have a stranger watching her after all, for when she turned her head in ecstasy, she saw a lone, grey wolf, standing at the edge of the clearing, quietly eyeing her. When she didn’t show any sign of fear or indeed made any attempt to stop, the large, muscular animal slowly came closer, until his nose began to sniff between her legs. Red shivered, excited from the attention and the prospect of finding an actual mate. “You like my little cunny?” she asked the dog, teasingly. “You want to join in?”

Turning around, Red noticed the wolf’s penis already growing underneath him, thick and red, almost purple, bursting with pride and lust. She bent over and reached underneath him, stroking the large member gently with her hands, before taking the tip into her mouth. The wolf held still and let her pass. Red began to suck on the dog cock eagerly, keeping the bottle lodged inside her and still riding it rhythmically while trying to get the big red dick into her mouth as deep as possible. This was better than she had expected.

Soon, she lost all inhibition, just lusting for more, stronger, harder fucking. She grabbed the sticky carrot again and pushed it up her puckered asshole, making sure to have all her orifices stuffed, while nibbling ferociously on the wolf’s pulsing member. A strange, sharp taste began to fill her mouth when the wolf started ejaculating, only slightly at first, its semen erupting in little spurts. Red swallowed it quickly, but didn’t let up, as she felt there was a much more in there just waiting to come out.

She would not be disappointed. His cock began to swell up and finally shot large, gooey, sticky loads of cum into the young woman’s hungry mouth, making her gag and drool some of it out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin, but gargling and swallowing most of it down. She was the fuck-mare of every wild animal and proud of it. Rolling onto her back in the grass, she let the rest of the wolf’s semen run across her face and tits, rubbing it on her skin and then dozed off, filled and satisfied, her holes still stuffed, the smell of cum in her nose.

When she awoke, the animal was nowhere to be seen, and time had progressed considerably. The sun was already past its zenith and she was growing hungry. With a sigh, she sat up, closing her eyes and enjoying the warm rays of sunlight on her naked skin once more, as she released her hot urine down into the cool, soft grass.

She was still horny and began rubbing her pussy while the warm stream shot out of her slit. She smeared some of her pee across her tits and belly. She loved the smell and the smell of cum which still lingered on her. It seemed to create an intoxicating mixture of unreserved horniness, making her feel free and alive. She loved being out by herself and finally being able to do all the things she always wanted without having to worry about interruptions from her parents.

Longing for yet another thing to fuck herself with, she began to rummage through her basket, discovering a nice, rough cucumber and a thin, hard sausage that her mother had packed, both of which looked like they were just the right size for her. Oh Red, she thought, you’re such a filthy harlot, and your holes are always itching for more, but, oh ... does it feel good. Still dripping from pee she started drilling the thick green vegetable into her twat, pushing it deep inside her all the way. It slid in easily from all her wetness and the rough, spotty skin of the cucumber was rubbing against her insides so good, making her feel every little push and drill.

She bent over in the warm, soft grass, sticking her butt up in the air and started to fuck herself with the cucumber fast and deep, while her other hand was just gently playing around with her asshole. Oh, how she longed to get that one filled as well, but for a while she restrained herself, wanting to make the moment last as long as possible. Finally though, she replaced her fingers with the thin, hard sausage and pushed it in hard, forcing her anus open as it entered her. With both holes stuffed once more, she gasped and moaned, without restraint, not caring who would hear her lustful yells in the depths of the forest. And who would? There was no settlement anywhere around here.

Panting and sweating, she fucked herself rhythmically, alternating between the vegetable and the sausage, getting the long thin shaft deep up inside her ass, until she came again, slowly riding it out, her legs shaking until she rolled over and lay on her side in the grass, both holes still plugged deep.

Hungry. She was hungry now, and reached for the basked to satisfy her grumbling belly. Going through its contents she settled on a small slice of cake and an apple. Surely, grandmother wouldn’t miss those and she still had a long way to go. She needed to regain her strength, after all.

As she was still nibbling on the apple, a pony came trotting by and began to sniff at her cautiously. It must’ve ran off from one of the grazing grounds by the village, Red thought, and was probably hungry as well. She held out the rest of the apple and the animal gobbled it down quickly, whinnying gratefully in return. She stroked his mane and whispered calm, sweet things to the small horse, when she noticed his already enlarged member dangling between his legs, currently dripping something.

“Mmh, you need to get some relief down there too, huh?” she giggled gleefully as she got down on her knees next to the back of the pony. “Well, it’s a good thing I’m so thirsty.”

She reached out and grabbed the long, grey shaft of the horse’s cock and began to stroke it gently. She ran its mushroom-shaped head between her wide, full tits, feeling it pulse gently while it lubricated the gap between her breasts with its secretions. It became long and hard very quickly, and Red found herself licking all around the head of the cock with pleasure, experiencing yet another different taste. It was less pronounced than the dog cock but still clearly beastly, with a musty, leathery smell, and something else...

Before she had time to figure out what it was, the cock suddenly erupted and sprayed warm piss all over her like a water hose. Laughing, Red directed the long shaft down at her tits, getting soaked all over her torso, showering in the horse’s pee. That’s what made him hard so fast, she thought and gently stroked along his shaft as the stream subsided, resuming the caresses with her tongue and lips. She managed to get all of the thick, bulbous head into her mouth and was finally sucking on it like it was a wine flask, rubbing and stroking the long, hard, grey dick in front of her, feeling the animal push and thrust against her, as if it was ready to fuck her throat.

She relaxed and let him pound against her shoving his cock deeper into her mouth, until she felt as deeply penetrated in all three holes as she could ever be. This is what she wanted to do, she thought. All day, every day, get stuffed in all her cunts, forever. She rocked with her crotch to the floor, riding the cucumber between her legs as best she could while serving the pony which now whinnied excitedly and stomped his legs. Some poor farmer’s wife won’t get her dose of horse cum today, she thought amused as she began to milk the thick hard shaft for all it was worth.

And she was right. The horse exploded, cramming its seemingly endless load of cum into the young woman’s mouth, until she gagged and sputtered, letting go of the grey shaft as milky, creamy cum sloshed from her lips and down her tits, where it continued to run until it was seeping into her pubes. The horse continued to squirt and pumped a few more thick splotches of semen into her face and hair, leaving her sticky, smelly and wet all over her body.

When Red arrived at her grandmother’s door an hour later, she still smelled of animal cum, even though it had all dried on her skin. She had put on her dress again and straightened the riding hood before she knocked. There was no answer, which was strange, as her grandma wasn’t usually known to go anywhere. Her vegetable garden looked neat and orderly, like it had just been watered a while ago, so she couldn’t be far. Red knocked again, harder this time and then pushed the door open.

The hut of her grandma was quite old, and didn’t even have locks on the doors, so she let herself in to the small, crowded room inside which was dimly lit by the sun shining through the small windows. She carefully stepped through the kitchen and around the corner, where her grandma’s bed stood, alarmed by a movement she saw there. As she came closer, she noticed the older woman rolled up under her blankets, with barely her head sticking out.

Worried, Red began to touch her gently, feeling her hair soft and warm, but short and thick in places. “Grandma?” Red whispered cautiously, running her fingers across the features of her face. “Are you alright? You seem to have larger ears and eyes than usual?”

“Mmh, I’m okay,” the woman replied, hoarse and muffled. “Don’t worry about me, just sit that basket down over there, ok? I can’t get out of bed right now.”

Red stepped a little away from the corner and bent down to put the basket on a low stool, when she heard some heavy breathing behind her, accompanied by a low moan: “Uhhhhhh.” It sounded like her grandma.

Before she could get back up, she felt a warm, wet sensation at her crotch, like something soft and wet was running along her slit. She turned her head and saw, again, the wolf, just as she remembered him, his head underneath her dress as he licked her pussy, drawn by the scent of semen. But what startled her was his dick, which was thick and swollen, and still stuck inside the older woman, who he dragged after himself from her bed. She was naked and bent over, the hard red cock stuck firmly inside her round butt. “Grandma!” Red exclaimed surprised, finally realizing what it was that she had been trying to hide from her.

“I ... I’m sorry,” the woman stuttered. “I was just...”

Red smiled. “Don’t worry,” she said and turned to pet the large animal, carefully running her hands down to his balls, where she got a hold of his swollen member. “I had the same urges not too long ago. I know how it is.” She began to move the cock slowly inside grandma’s stretched, puckered ass, while the older woman moaned and gasped, her saggy, thick breasts swinging heavily underneath her. Red had to admit that her grandma looked still quite good for her age. She didn’t have many wrinkles and her skin was still quite firm, especially around her butt. She was tan and freckled from all the work she did outside, while her hair was straw blonde, on her head and between her legs. And her breasts ... well, it was clear where Red’s big round tits had come from.

The young woman moved in closer and felt the cock slowly pull back, the anus retreating around it as it was about to slide out of its confines. It came out with a squishing sound, followed by a torrent of thick, creamy cum that oozed out of the gaping asshole. All that delicious sperm, Red thought, and instinctively leaned in to lick it all up. It was heavenly; strong, slick and spicy, just like before, and the fact that it came from her grandma’s ass just made it all the more hot. Soon, she found herself munching and licking on the mature woman’s holes, sucking and slurping up all the yummy goodness.

The older woman gasped and moaned, especially when her niece started probing her, digging into her insides for more of the copious wolf sperm she had just acquired. As embarrassing as it was that Red had caught her in the act, finding out about her long held secret and what dirty, perverted practices she was involved in out here by herself in the forest, the young woman didn’t seem to mind at all and showed no signs of hesitation to just participate in it. Soon, Red’s slender hand stretched wide with all four fingers in her grandmothers stretched and cum-soaked asshole, fucking her slowly and deeply, while the young woman turned around on her back and put her head between her grandmothers legs, sucking eagerly at her thick, hairy muff.

And what a muff it was! Red had only tasted a few pussies so far, mostly from the goat herding girls in the neighbourhood where she lived, but none of them tasted as strong, sweet and yummy as her grandma’s. Soon, she sucked the older woman’s labia deep into her mouth and munched on them, while pulling up her skirt and rubbing her own little snatch, which was itching once more, still craving for sex. The wolf seemed to notice it too, and after he stood aside for a moment, unsure of what to make of all of this, he finally joined in once more, running his long tongue across Red’s slit.

That was just what the young woman wanted. She arched her hips up to push against him, wanting to feel him even deeper, more intensely than before. However, even though she had wanted it, she did not expect him to jump on her so quickly and thrust his still hard, throbbing member into her dripping twat, fucking her just as hard as he had been fucking her grandma before. She yelled in surprise and grabbed onto the older woman’s wide butt, trying to steady herself from the assault, as the large animal began to pound her tender, young pussy raw.

As the wolf was finally, gloriously, taking her just like the little dog bitch that she was, Red thrust her hand hard into her grandma’s ass as she gasped and moaned, passing on the fervour with which the wolf was raping her on the dirty floor of her Grandmothers house. The older woman’s pussy began to rain down juices on her innocent young face, and was soon squirting entire wet streams onto her granddaughter. The wolf continued to fuck Red’s pussy over and over, pumping it full of thick, creamy dog sperm, until he finally retreated and left her there on the floor, soaked and filled, deep in the woods. Yes, Red thought, out here, in the forest, with all the horny animals, this is where I will live happily ever after.
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