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Cruel Mistress - The Pipe

In order to understand the dynamics of this true story, I have to explain three things.
First, me. I’m a 48 year old straight male sub that would do anything to please his Mistress. Although I am straight, with no bisexual or gay inclinations, I have been forced to perform gay acts. I’ll explain later. Also, I have a high tolerance for pain.

Next, my Mistress. She is a beautiful, well built 40+ year old professional Dominatrix. She is very cruel, but has a loving, caring side when appropriate, which is why I love her so much. I literally adore and worship her. The best thing about her is that she literally loves, and gets sexually excited, seeing me in pain or humiliation. The more pain or humiliation, the hornier she gets. Before you think I’ve found a unicorn, understand that this is a financial relationship. But we have formed a close bond.

Third, and lastly, the pipe. The pipe I’m referring to is mostly used for smoking crack cocaine. It’s a 4” long by 1/4” diameter hollow glass tube. To make it work, you place about 3/4 inch of ‘chore boy’ (google that) in the end and compress it until it stays in place. If you google crack pipe, it’s the one without the bulb at the end. The chore is then pushed inside the pipe about 1/8”, and the crack is placed on that. A lighter is held at the crack end, and you suck the smoke from the other end. Hold the lighter for about 20 seconds while you inhale, and 5 seconds later, the best high ever is produced. Now, I’m not recommending anyone start this habit. But I do it occasionally and enjoy it.

Now, onto the experience. I get a text one morning from Mistress, who tells me to make time to come by that evening for at least two hours. She said she had something very special planned. I was in a meeting so I didn’t get the text right away, so 15 minutes later she added “tonight will make me cum at least 10 times”. Whew, when I got that I knew it would either be extremely painful or extremely humiliating, or both. I responded when I could that I would be there and when.

I arrived at the appointed time and as always, removed my clothes in the foyer and waited. After a few moments Mistress greeted me with her usual glass of red wine, but this time, instead of one of her many Dominatrix outfits, she wore only a pair of cotton underwear. And these were wet at the front. OMG, she’s already horny.

Mistress commanded my to follow her to past the dungeon to the next room, which is modestly furnished with a queen sized bed, a mirrored dresser, and night stands. A pillow was placed against the headboard standing upright on the near side of the bed. On the nightstand I noticed a new pipe and about 8 pieces (a hit size each) of crack.

“What is happening”, I thought. This is unlike anything we’ve ever done. But my desire to please Mistress kept me focused.

“Now, use that pipe and take one hit” (of crack she meant). “ you’re going to need that”.

Oh no. This is going to be bad, but I picked up the pipe, loaded the crack on the chore end and lit the lighter. Inhaled, then bliss. Instantly compliant, and instantly horny (another side effect of crack). I held it in my lungs as long as possible, then slowly exhaled.

Mistress said “Now, if you’re a good little pain slut, you will be rewarded at the end. Sit on the bed with your back against the pillow, knees in bent and spread wide, feet together. “

I immediately positioned myself as she instructed, after which she grabbed both knees to spread the wider, and pulled my feet in closer to my body. This completely exposed my cock and balls to her, which I know she loves to torture. What am I in store for here? But by now I’m high, extremely horny, and only want to please Mistress.

Again, Mistress spoke. “I am going to take a hit, when I hand you this pipe, you are to do exactly what I instruct as soon as I instruct it. Do you understand slave?”

“Yes Mistress”...

Mistress loaded the pipe and took a long hit, inhaling deeply. She removed the pipe from her full, beautiful lips and held it while keeping her lungs full of the sweet intoxicant. Approximately 30 seconds pass, she exhales slowly, and hands me the pipe.

“You are to place the chore end of this pipe over your left nipple. You can test the heat by quickly tapping your nipple, but as soon as you can stand it, place it over your nipple and hold it there until I say remove it. Once it is in place, DO NOT remove it!!! Do you understand you little bitch?”

“Yes Mistress.”

My hand shaking, I quickly tapped my left nipple as instructed. Oh the sting of the heat. My hand shook worse.

“Tap again, every second!”

I tapped again, too much. But I so wanted to please her. Again I tapped, and again. Finally, I decided I had to see her smile. I would take the pain for her. I slowly placed it over my left nipple, which fit perfectly in the glass tube, and the tip of my nipple pressed against the scalding hot chore.

“You deserve this you little cum slut!!! Take your pain!”

My free hand grabbed the blanket beside me as I groaned loudly. My nipple was on fire, and then I saw it. Mistress let out a moan, and her hand massaged her own breast. I held the pipe in place regardless of the pain. It was in fact the worst pain I’d ever felt at her hands, but I dare not disappoint her.

“Hold it there fuck toy. Hold it and know I own you.”

What felt like an hour, but was probably only 15 seconds went by, and the pipe began to cool. Slowly, and still hot, but not unbearable. As my hand released the blanket, Mistress questioned me.

“Is it cooling”

I nod

“Good, remove the end, turn it sideways and place the chore section on the top of your nipple. When it is in place, roll it downward over your nipple to the bottom, then back up until I say stop. Remember, you’re my fuck toy. You are here just to please me. “

Ok, it’s cooled off, this can’t be as bad, so I place the chore end sideways on top of my nipple.’s worse!!!! Only the tip had cooled. I can’t take it.

She saw, and immediately brushed my forehead and said “You can do it, make me proud of you. Be my good little pain slut.”

I held it there a second longer, and began to roll the pipe through my fingers downward over my already sore nipple to the bottom. The pain was unbearable, but her hand stayed on my head and I couldn’t let her down. Back up I rolled. Then down again. After about the third roll up and down, the heat subsided. Three more and it had cooled. I had done it. I had endured the pain for her. She was proud of me!!!

“Very good cum slut, your first reward is this.”

She dropped her panties to the floor, lifted her leg onto the bed placing her foot between my spread legs, thrust her pelvis forward and said “Lick!”

I shifted my head into position and began to fervently lick and suck her clit. Her juices tasted so good, but wait... she said first reward. Huh? Would there be more? Of course, there is another nipple, I’ll have to endure this again. I continued to lick and suck the way I know she loves it. After a few seconds longer, she pulled away and stood on both feet again.

“Time for another hit”

As instructed, I loaded the pipe and drew hard on the end, getting as much of the needed intoxicant as I could. It filled my lungs, and again my head swam and my level of horny doubled. I held it in as long as I could, then gently exhaled. Again, 30 to 45 seconds had past. To soon would leave third degree burns and scars, she knew.

“Same procedure, right nipple”, she instructed.

I could do it. I would do it. For her. Anything for her. As I tapped my nipple, Mistress reached into the nightstand drawer and removed a long, pink vibrator. I had to do good for her. Without another thought, I slowly pressed the hollow end over my nipple and felt the tip of it hit the chore.

Worse!!! The pain was worse, I’d gone too soon, but I couldn’t remove it. I let out a yelp, and grabbed the blanket again. I breathed hard and deep. And as I watched the pink, bulbous end of Mistresses vibrator press against her clit, her free hand reached out and grabbed my left nipple, pinched and twisted and pulled. OMG, how sore it was, then this. It helped though. It took my mind off of the pain in my right nipple slightly.

She moaned loudly and her leg began to quiver. She was having an orgasm. OH YES, I had pleased her.

As it cooled, and she continued watching me as her orgasm drug on, I removed the pipe and placed it horizontally against the nipple, and began to roll. She moaned louder, and pulled harder on my tender nipple. Finally, the pipe cooled. And Mistresses orgasm was over.

“Are you prepared to move on?”

Move on, I’ve done both nipples. Then it registered with me. 5 more hits of crack lay on the nightstand. My current position on the bed. Her earlier statement of ten orgasms.

“Please no Mistress, please not that.”

“You don’t want to disappoint me do you slave?”

“No Mistress”.


I had a safe word, I could have used it, and almost did use it. How much more could I take? I didn’t know. But I did know where she planned to go next.

She took the pipe, loaded it, and held the lighter to the end. She drew deeply and slowly and through the glass tube you could see the sweet smoke of bliss rush into her beautiful mouth. As she held the pipe, and held the smoke inside, she had a wicked smile for what would come next. Then, she slowly exhaled.

“Do exactly as I instruct. Place the end on your left ball. You may tap first, but DO NOT disappoint me. Take the pain you know you deserve. “

I tapped swiftly several times and then placed the end directly on my left ball. The pain was again overwhelming. She allowed approximately 10 seconds to pass then said,

“Slowly press the tip into your balls until the chore disappears “

Ok. That’s easy. So I press. As the skin of my scrotum tightly wraps around the red hot pipe, I realize that this was the worst pain yet. I stop the push only 1/2 inch in.

“DO NOT BE A PUSSY!!! You know those worthless balls deserve this. Now push!!!”

I continued, slowly pressing the hot ember into my balls allowing the skin to envelope the pipe.

“You can scream, no one can hear you. I know this hurts, doesn’t it?”

“YES MISTRESS!!!” I yelled. I continued the push until half the pipe was buried in my left nut sack.

Her vibrator was back on her clit as she massaged her nipple with the other hand.

Finally, the pipe cooled and I removed it from its sunken position within my scrotum. The area was flaming red and hurt so bad, but she smiled at me. And all was ok.

“Good slave. Your a very good pain slut. “.

“I will allow you to do the remainder of the hits, as you will need them. Repeat this process on your right ball. Do not stop pushing this time or we do it over. Then, you can have a short break and another reward.”

I repeated the process as instructed, able to push without stopping this time. I’m quite high at this point, and so excessively horny I can think of nothing but pleasing this Goddess. But in my mind I know what’s next. But what I don’t know is how. There are three hits left. Where will they all go. I know one will be aimed at my cock that she loves to torture, but the others.

My reward came, as she instructed me to lick her until she came again. Once she starts, she can keep cumming easily afterwards.

Then, back in position.

“Take another hit!” I was instructed.

So I did. Deeply into my lungs and held it as long as I could. The euphoria was overwhelming.

As I held the smoke in, she instructed me.

“After you exhale, you are to place the pipe on the top of your cock, 1/4” below the head. Tap first until it’s bearable, but as soon as it’s down, begin to roll forward all the way over the head to the tip. Then back. Repeat until it cools. “

Oh NO!!! Can I take this? I pulled deep on the pipe to get the best of the narcotic. I continued to pull, until my lungs were full, but this heated the pipe even more. But I needed the numbness. It cooled a few seconds and I tapped. Oh My!!!! The pain. But I have two seconds before the next tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Then I placed it down.

The pain was intense. Another loud yelp. Breathing. I couldn’t take it. I lifted the pipe. A sharp slap landed aside my face.

“You little pussy... You Bitch... Put it back now!!!”

I placed the pipe back down, just below the head as instructed and began to roll. When the pipe reached the ridge of the head, I almost passed out. It stung so terribly. But I continued the slow roll to the tip. The vibrator hummed as she watched intently to see the pain I was enduring. Backwards I rolled the flaming glass tube. Her fingers found my right nipple and began to squeeze and twist. It was so sore, but her leg began to quiver again, so I continued the roll. A few more seconds and it cooled. Whew! I took it. Her orgasm continued as I stared into her eyes. She was happy with me.

After her orgasm subsided, she said “another hit cum slut. Better make it a good one. This time you will place the pipe directly under the tip of your worthless cock and lift it until it is suspended. Then roll to your balls. Then back again. Repeat until it is cool. Do you understand you little cum dumpster?”

I nodded. The pain would continue. I placed the white rock on the chore and lit the end. Inhaling deeply hoping to get enough to bear the pain. I knew that the underside of the head of my penis is the most sensitive part. How bad would this be. I held the sweet smoke in my lungs as long as I could, then lowered the pipe to my cock. I tapped the underside and yelped.

“Good slut. You can do this.”

The vibrator continued to purr. She stroked intently on her clit and down inside her beautiful lips, then back to her clit.

I tapped again. And again. Then, I lifted my cock with the hot glass. This was the worst pain yet. But I began the slow roll. Searing pain enveloped my cock as I rolled all the way down. Then back up.

“You know that your cock is only good for me to torture. It’s worthless otherwise. Say it. Say ‘Mistress, my cock is worthless except for your torture’. Say it!”

“My cock is worthless except for your torture. It’s yours to hurt for your enjoyment. “

The pipe finally cooled. What next. Where else could she make me hurt?

She reached to grab her short whip. One slap landed on the inside of my right leg. Then one on the left leg. Then another on each. The vibrator never left her glistening pussy. Another on each. She worked the vibrator up and down, then inside and out, then up and down some more. Another stroke on each leg.

“Lie flat on the bed, legs spread, knees in the air”

I did as instructed.

“Last hit. Take it now”

I loaded the pipe, and took the last hit. The feeling was wonderful. As soon as I removed the pipe from my lips, she said “hold the pipe down between your legs. I’ll help you with this one. “

She climbed onto the bed and straddled my face. Vibrator still in place, she placed her ass right over my face.

“Lick my ass slave. Penetrate me with your tongue. You know what I like. Make it good. “

I began deeply kissing, licking and sucking her wonderful ass.

“I’m going to guide your hand into position. We will place the pipe between your balls and asshole. You will hold it there until I say push. Then you will press the pipe deeply into the skin, put your knees and feet together, then lay them flat on the bed. DO NOT STOP EATING MY ASS!!!”

Her hole clenched tight, and I knew another orgasm was coming. Her hand grabbed mine, and led it to the tender spot.


I tapped. Oh no. This was intense. But I continued to lick and suck, my tongue reaching as far as it could into her lovely hole. Tap. Tap. Tap.

Then, I placed the pipe there and held it. I couldn’t scream as her ass enveloped my face. A few seconds passed.

“Push! Take the pain you worthless whore! Deeper!”

I pushed and the pain racked my tender skin between my balls and ass.

“Close your legs, flat on the bed!”

As I did, a powerful orgasm racked her body as she ground her ass hard on my face.

“You’re only here to make me cum. I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!!”

What seemed like hours passed as the pain tore through my tender skin and her ass ground down on my face. My tongue probed her inside as I felt her hole clinch tight on it. Finally, it was over. Her orgasm subsided, and she climbed off. I raised my knees and removed the pipe from its position. I had done it. I pleased her.

“Good slave, now your reward. Stand. “

As I stood, she dropped to her knees and took my sore cock into her mouth. Moments later, the climax shot through me like never before. I came so hard that my knees almost buckled. She continued her expert sucking until all of my passion was in her mouth.

She stood, and motioned me to get on my knees. I knew what came next, so I did, looked up, and opened my mouth wide. She lowered her lips over mine and allowed all of my orgasm to slip from her mouth into mine. She closed her mouth and sucked the remainder into the front of her mouth, then spat the rest into my mouth.

“Hold that in your mouth until I tell you that you can swallow!”

“Here are your instructions. Every night this week you are to do this to yourself at home. I want your nipples, cock and balls so sore you cannot stand it. Each night you’ll send a short video of one of the body parts. A different part each night. But don’t be a pussy. Do the entire routine. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress”, I gurgled with a mouth full of cum.

A minute later, she allowed me to swallow my own juices, and instructed me to get dressed and leave. She was spent. As was I.

“Until next time my little cum slut”

Since then, she requires me to carry a pipe everywhere I go. It has to be clean, never having drugs in it. That way if I’m caught with it it’s not a crime. Occasionally she will text me, sometimes in the middle of the day, sometimes early morning, sometimes at night and require that I heat it and place it in the area of her choosing.

I do love my Mistress.
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