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I am so very humbled that so many people have read and liked my stories. I would have never imagined that I could do something that would encourage so many. Thank you for taking time to read and enjoy them. Again I am very new at this and try hard to correct everything. If you see typos or errors you can let me know, it will not offend me. I want to get better and pleasing to all of you.
I am so very humbled that so many people have read and liked my stories. I would have never imagined that I could do something that would encourage so many. Thank you for taking time to read and enjoy them. Again I am very new at this and try hard to correct everything. If you see typos or errors you can let me know, it will not offend me. I want to get better and pleasing to all of you.

Betty frowned a little when I told her all in good time. I got the feeling that her motor was already running and warmed up. I smiled up at her and leaned forward to take in her aroma. She leaned in and let my face touch the top of her beautiful cunt. I breathed in deep and then licked her slit from her taint to her clit slowly and deliberately. She groaned and leaned hard against my face. I took her by the hips and turned her around and sat her down across my lap and then kissed her deeply and passionately. Then I asked if she wanted some wine and she poured us a glass and we watched the sun sinking down as we sipped our wine and held each other.

I asked, “Would you like to go for a swim?” with a naughty look on her face she replied, “It isn’t dark yet...would we dare?” with that I rose from the couch with her in my arms and then let her down gently and took her hand and said, “Why Not.” She blushed a little while we walked down to the dock. She was looking at me as well as all around to make sure someone didn’t see her. “Relax, I told you before, I ***********ed this spot because it was completely secluded. If anyone comes around, I will know.” I told her. She looked at me a little puzzled but relaxed.

We got to the doc and I grabbed some towels from the boathouse and set them on the bench. I took her hand and we jumped in. That water was great. Just the right temperature. We frolicked and played for a little while swimming. We spent a lot of time in each others arms with our bodies pressed against each other. It was the most natural feeling in the world, as if everything around us was made for us and us alone.

The sun continued to sink in the sky and we felt that it was time to go up and grab something to eat, so we climbed the ladder and dried off and walked back to the cabin arm and arm. Betty looked at the cabin in all it’s glory as the sun washed the front in a yellow light. Then she noticed on the left side of the deck there was a covered area with something on it she didn’t see before. “What is that on the left side of the deck?” she asked.

“That is my summer bedroom. I have always liked to sleep outside when I can so I made sure that I had something that could accommodate me when I had the cabin built.” I explained. Her smile beamed at me and she ran from my arms to the deck and went over to check it out. She went over and opened the screened section and looked around. Rustic log framed bed with night stands all facing the lake. The roof was clear glass so I could see the moon and stars while in bed. As I entered the room she turned and jumped into my arms and said, “This is so amazing! Can we sleep out here tonight… PLEASE???” “Of course. That is what I hoped you would want to do tonight.” I said before I kissed her. “I opened it up this afternoon and made sure I put on clean linen.” We kissed again and she said, “I am so excited! I can’t imagine a more wonderful way to enjoy nature and the spring and summer months falling asleep here.” I kissed her long and passionately as she practically climbed up my frame. I wanted actually wanted to tease her a little and build up to this evening teasing and building her desire into an all consuming fire.

I pulled away and said, “I have dinner ready for us. Let’s go and get something to eat.” I led her by the hand back out onto the deck and then into the cabin. I had to tug on her pretty good to leave the bedroom with a pouty lip. That was short lived when we went to the kitchen area. My dinner was filling up the space. I had made some beef stew with home made bread along with some green beans and a salad. It wasn’t a grandiose meal, but it was a good meal. I knew from my history with her in the past it was one of her favorite meals.

We ate, laughed and talked while sipping our wine. “Now for dessert…” I got up and opened up the oven and took out a peach cobbler I had warming in the oven. “would you get the ice cream from the freezer while I plate the dessert?” I asked. She jumped up and said of course and went to the freezer and grabbed the vanilla bean ice cream. I then served up the cobbler with ice cream and we went out on the deck and ate our dessert while the sun was setting.

As we sat there she leaned her head on my shoulder and said, “If I never set foot out of this cabin ever again I would be content and happy till the day I die.” Then she turned to me and took my face in her hands and continued, “You have shown me so much caring and passion just over the past two days, I don’t know how much more I can take. You have been in my life forever and I have always loved you. I didn’t think this would ever happen, I didn’t think I could love you more, but then the last two days happened and I...I... am the luckiest women in the whole world.” then she kissed me deeply and passionately as her hand grabbed my penis and lightly stroked it.

As we broke our kiss I looked back at her and said, “I am the lucky one.” I caressed her body as we sat there and watched the sun go beyond the horizon. We finally decided to go in, cleaned up the dishes and I suggested that we go upstairs and shower. I chased her up the stairs and we stepped into the open shower and took our time cleaning each other and making out under the rain head.

She grabbed me hard and held her body against mine with a hungry look in her eyes and growled at me, “I can’t stand it any longer, I know what you have been doing and you have to stop teasing me. I am on fire and can’t stand it any more!” with that she jumped up into my arms and wrapped her legs around me. She clung to me as I shut the water off and carried her down the stairs and out to the summer bedroom. She continued to kiss and grind her wet pussy against my cock the whole way.

I tried to lay her down on the bed but she didn’t let go so I softly fell on the bed with her making sure I didn’t fall directly on her. She finally broke her boa like grip and rolled over onto her back and looked up at the sky. The moon was still full and the stars shown extremely bright that night and she sighed. I took advantage of the move and went down to her belly button and started kissing her, I licked her belly button causing her to giggle like a school girl. I then worked my way down kissing her gently until I got to the top of her womanhood.

She spread her legs wide and opened up herself. I could see her inner lips and her center rose as I licked and drove my tongue as deep as I could into her. She moaned thankfully as she continued to stare at the night sky. I looked up from my feast and told her to look at me. “I want you to say completely still, try not to move, and don’t close your eyes - you are going to like this.” She smiled and nodded and dropped her head back to the bed and continued to look up into the night.

I took my time devouring her, every touch had a one purpose. By the time I had completed what I wanted she was quivering, her pussy was gushing and tears ran down her face as she fought hard to lay still. I had brought her to the cusp of completion and her body as begging for completion. I then raised up and laid on top of her as I slide my hard cock into her. Her eyes bulged her body quaked and her cunt started to contract hard on my cock as I drove it in and out slowly. She looked at me and her tears were streaming down her face.

I took my hands and cupped her face and continued to drive my dick into her. She kept cumming and cumming until I finally met her cum with mine. I drove each spurt deep into her. When that happened she lost her breath and her eyes rolled back into her head. As I finished she passed out. Her body was on auto-pilot convulsing wildly. I pulled my wilting dick from her and she gushed. I took her into my arms as her body was still reacting to what had just happened to her.

Still unconscious, I cradled her in my arms and let her body take it’s time. Finally a couple of minutes later, her eyes fluttered open and she took a huge gasping breath. “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD” she said over and over. “I...never...Oh my god...that...was...Oh my god...How...what…” she rambled almost incoherent. I kissed her face drying her tears with my lips.

After about five more minutes she was able to form real sentences again. “That was so intense, I can’t believe that happened. I was completely abandoned by my senses. My body is still trying to figure out what happened. I have never tried to restrain my body while making love. I never tried to wait and build up to the final blows. It was earth shattering. What made you think to do this to me?”

I held her to my chest and replied, “I don’t know, I just wanted to try something different. I know how I feel when I am trying to hold back and wait when I am so close to cumming. It is so intense and so strong when it comes, I wanted to see if it was the same for you?” “well, I thought I died. I laid there in my unconscious state thinking to myself I have just went to heaven and I want to go back and do it again and again and again.” With that she kissed me again and again. Finding some strength returning to her body. She continued, “it was such a fight in me, and when you finally went inside of me, I completely surrendered. I am yours forever, you own me, you have changed me for life.” and she hugged me and then fell into a deep sleep. I laid back and could smell the sex in the room, I could feel the wetness of the bed and the tender frame against me. I soon surrendered to the moment and let my head down looking up at the stars and fell asleep as well.
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