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Leesa is in an unhappy marriage. Things change when she meets Myra.
Leesa had been married to Tom for almost 10 years. It hadn’t been a very happy union. She was a virgin when they married and, to put it bluntly, she was hoping to lose her cherry to something that would make her hair stand on end and send shudders through her whole body. Unfortunately Tom and his 5” penis didn’t do it for her. She had been masturbating for years before marriage and now found herself doing it still after marriage. She even went to porn sites looking at huge penises as she got herself off. Tom really had no idea how to please her so after many failures he had given up. Their sex life had basically degenerated into non-existence.

They lived in a small town surrounded by farms. Often shopping on a Saturday Leesa would run into Myra. She worked out that Myra lived on a farm to the north of town. She was always on her own so Leesa wasn’t sure if she was married or even had a partner. One day their paths crossed as they were leaving. Suddenly there was an almighty clap of thunder and the skies opened. The rain was so heavy you could barely see 20 metres. They both turned around and headed back to the food court to have a cup of coffee and wait for the storm to pass or at least ease off. They started to talk. That was the beginning of a journey for Leesa that she could never image.

She hadn’t taken too much notice of Myra before but now, sitting opposite her, she saw that Myra was well dressed for a farmer, or her idea of a farmer. The clothes did not disguise a curvy figure, obviously heavy breasts with long blonde hair and little make-up. She had an infectious smile which made Leesa smile, even though she didn’t feel happy. They talked about life and Leesa told her she was bored with life and wanted more. Immediately she wished she hadn’t said it. Myra picked up on that and questioned her about married life. “I have never been married so I don’t know” Myra said. Leesa hesitated and then said “well you haven’t missed much”. Again she chastised herself for saying that. Myra took note and didn’t ask any more questions.

The rain had stopped and they headed for the carpark. “You should come out to the farm” Myra said “lots of fresh air”. Leesa said she would like to see it and Myra gave her instructions on how to find the farm. A wave good bye and they went their separate ways. Back home Leesa found Tom mowing the back lawn. Putting the shopping away she couldn’t stop thinking about Myra. She didn’t have many friends and most of them were pretty boring. Workmates were just that, nothing to get excited about. She organised lunch and called Tom inside. “Isn’t it too wet to mow” she asked. “Oh I suppose but it has to be done” Tom replied. They sat and ate lunch in silence, something that was normal. Even idle chatter had disappeared. They were like two strangers.

Tom mentioned that he was meeting a couple of mates in the afternoon. Leesa just nodded. Left alone she sat in the living room with a coffee. It reminded her of Myra and she suddenly feel strange. She remember Myra’s full figure and felt horny. She couldn’t shake the feeling and finally she surrendered and headed for the bedroom. Slipping off her panties she lay on the bed and began to tease her pussy. First she imagined a large cock entering her. Her fingers had to do. Then she imagined a threesome with a stud and Myra. What was it about her that excited her? Before long she felt her orgasm building. “Fuck me with that big cock” she moaned and moaned as she came. Normally she would stop but this time one orgasm wasn’t enough. The image of her and Myra with a guy with a huge cock spurned her on to two more climaxes before she relaxed.

Shocked by the images in her head she lay there in a daze. “I am not gay” she said out loud “what is it about Myra that has made me so excited?” she didn’t understand but she did understand how good it felt and how strong her orgasms were.

The flowing Saturday morning and Leesa and Tom have an almighty argument. Over nothing really but Leesa is frustrated and thoroughly pissed off. She storms off to the supermarket and runs into Myra again. Suggesting a cup of coffee Leesa says she needs something stronger. Realising Leesa is less than happy she suggests they go to the farm and open some wine. Without hesitation Leesa agrees. “I’ll drive” says Myra and they head off. Arriving at the farm they indeed open some wine. Although it is 10am Leesa doesn’t care and has two glasses in quick time.

Myra suggests giving Leesa a tour of the farm. “We stable retired race horses” she says “they are stallions and we run a breeding program. People bring mares to us and we mate them with our stallions. We have 6 stallions at the moment and 2 Shetland ponies. They head of towards the barn. “Beth is my stable hand” Myra says “she looks after the horses”. Leesa noticed Beth is washing down one of the ponies. She gasps as Beth washes the pony’s flanks and his cock begins to show. She looks wide-eyed as it extends to nearly 12” in length. She gives a little shudder as she watches it swinging below the pony. Myra notices Leesa’s gaze but says nothing.

While they continue the tour Myra suggests Leesa help Beth by taking some things to her. Leesa readily agrees and Myra knows why. She saw how Leesa was hypnotised by the sight of the pony. Myra gives Leesa some medicines she says Beth needs but of course it is all subterfuge. Walking back into the barn she is shocked to see Beth stroking the pony’s cock. Beth looks up and smiles “he really loves it when I do this” she says, completely unashamed at being seen playing with the pony. Leesa feels her pussy twitching as she walks back to the house. On the way she slips and takes a tumble. Mud covers her knees and hands.

“My God what happened honey” Myra exclaims “you can’t go home looking like that. Go into the ensuite and have a shower. I will bring a towel”. Leesa says she is fine but Myra insists. Leesa stands under the shower letting the water run over her. She remembers the pony and his huge cock. She ponders getting herself off when suddenly the door opens. Myra, stark naked, steps into the shower with her. “What are you doing?” squeals Leesa but Myra doesn’t utter a word. Instead she pushes Leesa against the wall and kisses her. Leesa tries to push her away. “I am not a lesbian” she shouts. Myra laughs. “Neither am I darling” she says “I like cock, just not a human one”. Leesa squeals again as Myra reaches down and fingers her pussy. “Oh please don’t” Leesa gasps but seconds later she is moaning as Myra manipulates Leesa’s clit.

Myra again kisses Leesa and this time the kiss is returned. “Your pussy is so wet darling” whispers Myra as she continues to rub her clit with one hand and fondle her breasts with the other. “I have never done this” rasps Leesa as she feels her orgasm building. “Oh Myra” she moans and lays her head of Myra’s shoulder. She shudders from head to foot and squeals as her orgasm overtakes her. “Oh Myra” she wails again and her knees threaten to give way. “Come on sweetheart. Let’s get dry and enjoy each other Myra says “I want you darling. I what you so bad”.

Now dry they fall onto the double bed. “I saw you looking at that pony” said Myra “that had you imagining didn’t it?” Leesa chuckled. “Yes. When your husband struggles with a 5” cock that was so unreal. I dream of meeting a man that big”. It was Myra’s turn to chuckle. “A guy with a 12” penis? Dream on honey. It isn’t going to happen. But a pony? Well that is a whole other story”. Leesa stared at Myra. What did she mean? Was she suggesting? No, surely not. That couldn’t be true. Then she remembered Seeing Beth stroking the pony’s cock. My God could it be true?

Leesa’s concentration was broken as she felt Myra again rubbing her clit. “Would you do that to me honey” Myra asked. Turning around they were now in a 69 position. Leesa began to rub Myra’s pussy. She moaned. “Yes like that darling. Just like that” Myra moaned and before long both had had earth shattering orgasms. As Leesa came down from her high she heard a voice. “So what are you two up to then? Room for one more?” It was Beth. “Certainly my dear” said Myra “why don’t you lick Leesa’s pussy. I know she wants it”. Beth got undressed and buried her head into Leesa’s crutch. “Oh God that feels so good” Leesa wailed as she spread her legs wider. Myra straddled Leesa’s head. “One good turn deserves another and Leesa began to lick Myra’s soaked pussy. “Yes sweetheart, you are fast learner” squealed Myra “we will have so much fun”. The room echoed with the sounds of delight. Leesa got Myra off and then did the same for Beth. Was it the wine? Was it her frustrations? Was it something else? Perhaps the thought of that huge pony cock? Whatever it was her life would never be the same after this day.


2020-11-21 13:26:11
Great start for a slow build up.


2020-10-31 07:48:33
What a great start hope there is more Fg.

Dirty SamoneReport

2020-10-26 15:25:23
Any chance of getting to read about some ass fuckin? I love to read about ass fuckin. She can get the ponies cock in her ass.


2020-10-26 03:48:46
Great start... I look forward to the continuation..


2020-10-24 22:44:48
Good start. Hope this one continues soon. Thanks for writing.

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