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My rich girlfriend invited me to her family's Halloween party. Little did I know it was actually an orgy!
"So, you'll be coming to the party this year?" Samantha, my girlfriend's little sister asked eagerly, jumping into the couch next to me. It wasn't hard to see she seemed to be crushing on me, but I had no idea what Jessica had told her about me and us. For me it was nerve wracking. She was old enough to be a knockout, but young enough to get me into trouble. And even if I wasn't dating her sister, knowing her father was a big shot lawyer ensured that there was no way I was going to get in trouble being stupid with her tail-bait body. Every time I was over at her place I made very sure to be completely proper around her at all times.

"That's the plan," I answered, looking over to Jessica who was cooking with her mother in the kitchen. She smiled back at me, then turned away to her chore, so I resolved to entertain Sam until dinner was served.

"I'm so excited! Since my birthday is in two days Daddy is finally letting me go this year!" she practically screamed with joy. I knew there was going to be drinking and costumes, but even at eighteen she wasn't legal to drink yet. But if it's her father's party I'm sure she couldn't get into too much trouble. I had long since gotten over being excited for Halloween parties myself. Most nowadays were just big singles hookups with lots of alcohol, and since I'd somehow scored the hottest and smartest girl I'd ever met, there was no point to them anymore. In fact I was only even going because it was Jessica that had asked me to come as her date.

"Got a costume picked out already?" I asked, taking a sip from my soda can.

"Jess didn't tell you much about the party did she?" Sam asked, already knowing the answer, with a strange crooked smile on her face.

"Umm, only that she already has a costume picked out for me," I responded confused.

"Okay then," she looked up at the ceiling for a moment, in thought I guess, then said, "Then I think you are going to be in for a great time," then made finger guns at me, pretending to shoot me. I had no idea what she was talking about, but she just winked at me as if she'd just given me some kind of obvious clue, but either I missed it, or just didn't get the reference. With way dinner was called and we both joined the rest of her family for a nice chicken dinner that was almost as big as my family's Thanksgiving. Granted it was for five, and they were much wealthier than my family was, and being an only child there were two less people at our meals, but it was still pretty shocking how much food was filling the large table.

I'd never been over for dinner before, and while I think it was big as a welcome to me, I think they also were used to bigger meals in general. We ate and talked about college, and I think I made a good impression talking about my goals to someday be a great lawyer like her father was, even if I was working and taking out huge loans to get the same schooling their daughter was attending, no doubt easily being paid for on their family money. But I knew she wasn't just a spoiled rich girl, but could someday be a great lawyer herself if she wanted to, though sometimes she pulled back in class instead of hammering her arguments. That was actually how I asked her out last year, taking up her point and then sealing it with a great case-study I'd just read about. She thanked me after class and I don't know where the boldness came from, but I told her she could make it up to me over dinner, and she said yes.

We were friends and study partners for a few months, then one long night of preparing, her long brown hair looking frazzled at two in the morning in the very empty library, and I couldn't help myself but lean in and kiss her. Our lips touched, and as soon as I realized that I'd actually done what my tired brain wanted to do, instead of just imagining it, I was worried I'd crossed the line, but suddenly she was kissing me back so I just went all in. We made out for a dozen minutes, then she politely broke away, saying it was time to get to bed. I agreed, and we picked up, then held hands walking back to the dorms, and as I stopped, hoping to kiss her goodnight before turning back to my own dorm, she asked, "Backing out already?"

I never expected that, and almost embarrassingly I followed her to her room. I'd been an excited virgin unsure of what would happen next, and I think she knew it, so she pulled a condom from her drawer and said, "When I get back I only want you wearing this." Then she went into her bathroom and I rushed to do as she instructed. I was so hard, I easily rolled it on after I was naked five seconds after she closed the bathroom door, and she came back out, looking like a beautiful naked angel.

She kissed and teased me in my lap sitting on her bed, took my virginity slowly riding me, then after a bit laid down and spread her legs, saying, "I want you to fuck me good and hard. I jumped in and pumped the shit out of her divine pussy for the next hour, using every trick in the book to not cool too soon. I was pretty sure she wasn't a virgin like me, but I made sure I did everything in my power to pound her so good she'd be walking funny for a week before I filled that latex nightcap.

We both passed out, and I was kind of proud to do the walk of shame back home in yesterday's clothes back to my own dorm. After that we dated and did a hell of a lot of fucking, and twice as much after I got her to move in with me to an apartment last month. I'm sure her parents and sister must have known we were intimate, but they kept the questions about our budding relationship positive and friendly. I'd worried about how this might seem, but it all went swimmingly.

I shook her dad's hand firmly, laughed politely at his bland dad joke, and her mother kissed my cheek goodnight, saying she couldn't wait to see me again at the party next week. Then I drove us home and was surprised how handsy Jessica was on the drive home. I almost considered pulling over somewhere, but this was a wealthy neighborhood and I didn't want to get caught fucking her in my car in someone's security camera. Then we were on the interstate for a bit, and back to our small two room apartment, only making it past the front door before she was on her knees 'thanking' me for behaving so well with her family. I would have done that without a congratulatory blowjob, but I also wasn't going to refuse one either. In fact, that whole next week she was extra horny.

When we first started dating we had sex sometimes two or even three times a day, that only lasted a month before our hormones finally calmed down. After that it was every couple of days, occasionally three or four if you were busy. But this week she was just unquenchable. I woke up to her riding my morning wood, being tempted into indulging an afternoon delight lunch quickie, and enduring her gently stroking me in my pants during class one afternoon so that she could dick me off in just five minutes before her next class. I had no idea what had gotten over her that whole week, but other than a bit of chafing, I wasn't going to stop her for all the tea in China.

Halloween morning she woke me up rubbing me gently, but said, "Got a big day ahead of us, better get a good breakfast," then left me to shower and shave alone. She was already dressed when I got out, so I did the same, and we went about our day much more normally. Honestly, I was kind of thankful for the break as it was becoming a bit much for me to keep up with. As every guy will tell you, sex every day is a great fantasy, but having to perform that often takes a toll on you after a while. And Lord knows, the last thing I wanted was for sex with the woman I wanted to marry someday to become a chore.

Thursday classes went uneventfully, though I was dreading having to stay up late drinking on a school night, then struggle through classes tomorrow. I almost laughed at how I could hear my mother nagging me in my thoughts, knowing she was totally right, but even if I hadn't already agreed to go, the simple fact that I wanted to make a good impression with her family meant I had to go. I was expecting us to drive back to her place together, though by the time I finished my last class and got back to our apartment I found a small flat box with a note on it.

It read, 'By the time you read this I'll already be at the party. In the box is your costume. Come soon, we'll all be ready and waiting for you. Love, Jessica.' That was very oddly phrased, but I didn't think anything of it, instead opening up the box. All that was in there was the face of this green creature with tusks. It would completely cover my face so that I could look out of its eyes, but that was it. I shrugged and closed the box, then searched through my closet for something nice to wear with it, settling for a simple black button up long-sleeve shirt and black slacks. I figured those would accentuate the mask, especially in the dark.

Then I jumped in my car and drove out to the family home on the cape. Traffic wasn't too bad, but I still got stuck behind some little old lady that only drove at five under the speed limit, so it took about an hour, and that meant I arrived a little bit after sunset, the start time of the party. Even though their house was practically a mansion with a driveway able to accommodate a dozen cars, I still had to park on the side of the road behind a line of them. This was going to be a busy party, even more than I'd expected, so I grabbed the box with the mask, locked my car, and walked towards the house.

"Mike, you're late," said Jessica's father who was waiting to invite me in. On top of his head was a mask, ready to pull down over his face once he was ready to don his disguise, and he had a flat black robe covering the rest of his body.

"Sorry," I shrugged, then followed up pathetically with, "Traffic." He just nodded, then invited me in.

"Everyone else had already arrived, so we can go inside." Then he pulled down his mask which was exactly the same as mine, so I pulled mine on also, and followed him inside. He closed and locked the door, even using the deadbolt, making me feel more than a little uncomfortable. I just played it cool, trying to ignore the trapped feeling creeping through me. "So Jess told you about what's expected of you, right?"

"Umm, no," I muttered, the dread I was feeling growing up out of my stomach into my throat. I cleared it with a small cough to continue with a steady voice. "She just told me to wear this mask and that's pretty much it."

Surprisingly he just laughed at that. "Well, I guess she wanted it to be a surprise," he said as he opened up his robe, showing me that was the only thing he was wearing. Now I've changed in locker rooms with dozens of guys, and used the group showers, and as everyone knows, rule one is never stare at another guy's dick. But I've never had a guy, much less the father of the girl I was currently sleeping with, practically in front of me, so I was kind of stunned into speechlessness.

"So here are the rules for tonight," he said, his flaccid member dangling below his slightly bulging gut, a tangle of black fuzzy hairs covering the area between them. He wasn't in bad shape for a fifty year old guy, but he clearly didn't work out much either. "All the men are goblins, and you will keep the mask on at all times. All the ladies are ghosts, and will also keep their costumes on at all times. No names are to be used, and be respectful, but so long as you are not told 'stop', anything goes. And outside these walls nothing is ever spoken of." This couldn't be happening, and I must be dreaming. "You understand?" he asked harshly, making it sound more like a threat than a question.

I nodded mutely, still unable to believe what he was telling me, figuring this had to be some kind of a hazing ritual, or a joke to prank me, or even a test to see if I was going to cheat on Jessica, but I couldn't wrap my head around it. I just stood there, confused and nervous. He pulled out a black robe from a closet and set it down on the bench by the door that I'd say on before to take my shoes on and off.

"Put your clothes in here, and put this on, then come and join the party," was all he said before opening the door to the kitchen, "Hey, save me a spot!" he called out to someone inside, and I could briefly see a few other guys all naked except for masks and open robes, talking with girls with only a small white sheet covering their top halves, and fishnet stockings on their legs, then he closed the door behind him. I didn't know what to think, but I figured I didn't have a choice, so I stripped down, put my clothes on the closet shelf, and put on the robe, holding it closed self-consciously, then followed him into the party.

I could see into the living room, and out onto the back yard, and there must have been dozens of ghost and goblin couples, most just acting normal, talking, eating snacks from the platters around the counters and tables, and out back some were strolling and dancing around the small fire-pit, but more than a few were downright indecent. Right inside the door was a ghost-girl on her knees sucking a guy's cock through the mouth hole of her costume while he still held a casual conversation with some other guys standing nearby casually jerking off, probably waiting their turn with her.

I cautiously walked by them into the living room, and passed by three couples fucking together, with all three girls lined up side-by-side behind the couch leaning over the back of it with their assess exposed, and each one with a guy doing them from behind. Then even more unbelievably a few seconds later one guy that I was sure was Jessica's father called out, "Switch!" Then like some perverted game of musical chairs, each goblin masked male switched around to a different lady, and they all laughed like it was a game as their new lover started plowing them from behind. Of all the things I imagined this party to be, an anonymous swinger orgy never even crossed my mind.

"Hey there, cutie," an older sounding ghost-woman in a chair said to me, waving me over. "It's your first time, isn't it?"

"Uh, yeah," I cautiously stepped over to talk with her, being totally insecure about my own nudity, failing to hold my robe closed over my groin, but trying to make it look casual. Then she stood up and waved down to the seat.

"Have a seat," she said, and not wanting to be rude, I sat down, only to have her follow into my lap, putting her legs over one arm, sitting sideways to talk with me, putting her naked butt right onto my nervously soft crotch. "Bet you've never been to a party like this before," she laughed, gyrating her hips over me, yet acting like this was completely normal.

"No ma'am," I agreed, still unsure if I should just excuse myself and go home, or stay and try and find Jessica. She must be one of these ghosts, and while many of them were clearly too old, or had thicker legs, I couldn't pick her out. Most weren't having sex, just talking with others, but I was more than a bit jealous thinking that maybe she was one of the ones around that was getting fucked by another guy. Maybe one of the ones leaning over the couch?

I looked around seeing another couple in a chair nearby with a young ghost happily moaning as she rode the older guy hard, but she didn't sound anything like Jessica. Outside I could see a few couples fucking in the grass as people walked around them as if they were just furniture, and I saw people coming and going down the stairs, and through the hallway out to the dining room and study. Maybe some were using the bathroom, but I guessed by the line of cars outside that the whole big house was probably packed with people, many of whom were using some of the bedrooms for fucking. She could be anywhere, with anyone, and I now that I thought about it, this certainly wasn't her first party either. Yet she invited me here, and given the rules, she must have expected me to get fucked by other women, as this older lady clearly wanted to. I could feel her pussy juice coat my cock as she tried to coax me up with her eager cunt.

"I bet you're wondering why," she asked, reaching between her legs so she could fondle my still soft penis, pressing it right between her womanly folds, and stroking it up and down. With all the pornographic acts taking place I was actually surprised I didn't already have a massive erection, but the sheer terror and uncertainty had kept that from happening. I nodded, sure my voice would crack if I spoke while she gasped my tender bits. "Well, this is actually a semiannual arrangement several of the richest families on the cape have had for over a hundred years. See bloodlines go stale and decrepit if you limit the gene pool, as people saw happen with European royalty. So while they couldn't change the social norms of status marriages at the time, they came up with this little party in the fall, and another in the spring to help bring in some otherwise socially taboo breeding opportunities."

"Breeding?" I asked, my eyes wide with shock, especially given how my dick had been stoked up and down with her hand rubbing me against her moist pussy lips, every moment getting me harder.

"Exactly," she laughed, taking that moment to tip her hips and deftly insert my finally hard enough member into her very wet pussy. I wanted to freak out, but no one else was even paying us any attention as her cunt swallowed me up whole, then began to gently grind her twat on my shaft. I knew she was older than me, but not so old as to be actually elderly, though she was definitely still in good shape. With her arms behind her on the arm of the chair, and lifting her feet to rest on the other arm, she churned her little ass on me like a stripper on a fireman's pole. I had never fucked an older woman before, and I can honestly say if you ever get the chance, totally take it. She really knew what she was doing, getting me so hard and using that experienced vagina to ride me so well, I didn't have to do anything other than just sit there like an incredibly happy bump on a log. She was clearly happy to do everything so I could just sit back and enjoy the ride.

"Oh, oh, oh!" she started moaning with each bounce. Then breathlessly she begged, "Pinch my nipple, oh, oh!" I reached up under her sheet, feeling her baggy, but still very soft breasts, and pinched her big hard nipple like she asked. And since my other hand was free I reached under her arched up knees and let one finger slide over her clit. Like a start button, only a few tickles later she lost it. Her pussy clamped down hard, her body shaking with ecstasy as she came. I kept gently playing with her tit and pussy as I let her enjoy her orgasm, and when she finally started coming back to herself I was finally ready to actually start fucking her for real. Grabbing hold of her hips and ass I thrust up out of my seat, making her gasp with delight as I poked at her cervix.

"Oh, that was really great, sweetie," she said, kind of patronizingly, "but I think there is someone else that's looking to get a little more of that kind of action with you before the night is over." Then she stood, my throbbing erection slithering out of her sticky fuck-hole, then offered me her hand. I took it as she stood me up, kissed my cheek, then pointed me back at the girl giving blowjob's in the kitchen, then gave my sweaty ass a playful smack to usher me on my way.

I walked towards the girl kneeling before the group of guys, comically letting my erect cock point the way, eyeing the two guys apparently waiting their turn by the one currently being serviced by the ghost on her knees. I was expecting to have to wait my turn, but apparently she'd been waiting for me, because when I came over she looked up at the guy she was blowing and said, "I'm gonna need a break, but thanks for letting me practice on you." Her voice was much younger than the woman I just fucked, and it sounded really familiar, and since I was pointed at her my mind immediately assumed that this was Jessica. She held out her hand to me, so I took it and helped her to her feet. Then she looked over to the two guys that had been waiting their turn, "Sorry, but maybe next time boys," she teased them, then walked away, never letting go of my hand, leading me towards the stairs in tow.

I followed along, unsure of what she was planning, then knew when we got to a door that spelled it out in glitter. 'Jessica' the little sign said, sparkling in the hallway light as we got close enough to read it. That sealed it for me. The girl pulled out a key, unlocked the door, then led me inside.

"Wow, babe, I can't believe this is happening," I confessed to her.

"I know, right?" she laughed, and then pushed me hard back into her bed. I laughed, falling onto my back, her playfully pouncing on top of me. I reached up to take off my mask, but she put her hand over it to stop me, then said in a sultry voice, "You have to keep it on. Remember?" I smiled, liking this new kinky side of her as she was the second woman in five minutes to grind her crotch against mine, though she must have seen that as she was right there. I should have been happy with that, especially how she wasn't jealous as she must have seen me get fucked by that older woman, but I couldn't stop my mind from descending into it since I'd just seen her sucking off a line of guys. Now I knew how she got so good at it, since this wasn't her first of these parties, and while I wasn't dating her at the time, and given how she'd clearly been raised by swingers, I wouldn't be surprised if she'd probably fucked dozens or hundreds of guys before we got together.

"So, how many of those guys have you fucked?" I asked, trying to make it sound like a reasonable question, but I knew after I said it that it came off like an accusation.

"Actually, I've been saving myself just for you," she said playfully, and since I'd already been quite horny with that older woman earlier, it only took a moment of her running her wonderfully soft clam along my shaft to encourage it back to full mast. Then she reached down and pointed it up so she could impale herself on it slowly. She wasn't very wet yet, so that made her extra tight, making me groan with ecstasy as our bodies ground together roughly, only reaching her wonderfully wet inner core as I lodged myself deep inside her.

"Fuck, you're so tight," I moaned, grabbing her hips through the sheet to rock her lithe body around on top of me. She just let me stir her up inside with my dick, then I bounced her up and down and she just went skiing for the ride, like I was using her cunt as a toy to just jerk me off. Eventually she got in on the action, rocking her hips with me and it was just so good that neither of us could speak.

Our voices were only for moaning, and tonight she was moaning more than I'd ever heard her before. I tightened my grip on her hips through the sheet to help bounce her roughly, arching my back to really drive my cock as deep as I could, and before I knew it she was already cumming, gripping me so tightly with her cunt that I had to pin her down against me to keep her from forcing my dick out of her. I was so close, but just needed a little bit more, so I just held on, staying fully embedded in her twat until she started to ease back from her climax.

"I'm going to need a condom," I whispered up to her, my throbbing cockhead pressed right up against her still spasming cervix.

"No you don't," she said down to me. "I want every drop inside me," she insisted on a lusty time. Good, that was so hot! Without a second thought I grabbed her hips and slammed up into her still quivering cunt, and it only took four or five times before I finally bust my nut all up in her womb.

"Oh fuck," Jessica gasped, cumming again with me as I filled her up with my lava-hot eruption of sperm. For almost a minute we just breathed as my penis gushed inside of her, taking a long bit to simply savor the rare feeling of coming inside her raw. When we finally came back to ourselves, her womanhood was still gently contacting, milking me happily of every drop of jizz until my drained and deflating dick slipped from her drenched pussy, absolutely gushing with our combined fluids. I knew she was on the pill, so while we still usually used condoms, I didn't ever consider pulling out whenever she gave me the chance to. “You sure made a mess out of me,” she said proudly standing up, seeing my cum run down her leg under the sheet that already concealed her lovely cunt from my gaze, "but I think we both had a really great time."

We both laughed, though I felt like there was some inside joke I was missing. She handed me a box of tissues while she excused herself to the bathroom. I was a little surprised there was also just a little blood, as I thought she’d just had her period a week or so ago, but I guess we’d been a little rough, and it was only a trace amount so I didn’t let it bother me. I waited there alone for a bit, but she didn't come back so I went to use the restroom myself, finding it empty. Since Jessica had disappeared back to the party I went back downstairs to either try to find her, or relax and take to people. Though I didn't really have any intentions on getting it on with anyone else.

The living room was much emptier, only having a girl giving a handjob to two guys on either side of her on the couch, calmly discussing the correct way to edge a guy to get him on the verge of coming, yet keep him from ejaculation to an attentive audience of three other ghosts and one goblin. Everyone else seemed to be outside now, around a bonfire that looked like it would burn all night. There were lots of benches all around with people just sitting to chat and watch a half dozen couples rutting in the grass all around the fire. Being quite hungry, I grabbed some finger sausages and carrot sticks, smartly, all the snacks could easily fit through the small mouth hole in the mask, then walked out to see if I could find my girlfriend.

“Having fun?” a ghost-girl sitting on one of the benches asked. I didn't immediately respond because I was too amazed to see her sitting there with her legs spread wide open and holding her sheet up to expose her cunt so that another ghost-girl could kneel in the grass before her, extending her tongue out the mouth hole of her costume, lapping away at her exposed slit.

“Yeah, and it seems like you two are too,” I laughed.

“Well, what can I say?" she happily patted the head of the subservient girl licking her out, then leaned in closer to me to whisper, "She's got to earn the gift I gave her." I arched an eyebrow, not that she could see that through my mask. After I didn't respond she made her point more clear. "I mean it's not every day you get to pimp out your boyfriend to pop her little sister's cherry."

"And he was great!" the ghost-girl that I suddenly realized was Samantha said looking up from her sister's slobbery cunt to shoot me those same finger guns she had the day before.

"Hey, did I say you could stop?" Jessica sassed her sister, who dropped back down to continue tonguing her twat. "I've heard lots of compliments on your blowjob's, but your carpet munching is still subpar at best."

I was stunned into terrified silence, realizing now that wasn't Jess I'd just fucked, but Sam. My first thoughts were that I was done for and about to be murdered, but then I realized that they clearly had this planned and I'd been set up for this, and more importantly, neither seemed upset that I'd gone through with it. And the fact they were publicly lezzing out in front of everyone made everything else just so bizarre.

"Honestly, I'm just glad you held out through Mom's customary first test drive," she laughed. Before she said that I thought that it would have been impossible to be even more shocked then I already was. Now I was just dumbfounded by how wrong I had been.

"That was your Mom?" I groaned, remembering the wonderful feeling of her strong and experienced cunt gripping me. I wouldn't have put her over forty by how it felt, but not being able to see much of her I was flabbergasted knowing that she was at almost sixty, easily twice my age. "Are you sure?" I asked, unable to believe it.

"You guys were literally fucking right in front of me," she laughed, "So yeah, I'm sure."

"So you were…" I thought, trying to place which ghost she was in the room since I hadn't a clue any of them had been her.

"I was in the middle, behind the couch having a contest with two of my friends to see which of us has the tightest pussy," she admitted nonchalantly. I couldn't believe how brazenly she just admitted to cheating on me with no less than three other guys, but what bothered me the most was I was pretty sure one of those guys had been her own father.

"Umm," I began, unsure how to broach that topic, but almost worried that she probably already knew.

"Of course, Daddy is biased, but Jen gave birth only three months ago so her pussy is still a gaping cavern, so her boo gave me his load also, meaning I won again this year." That sealed it, she was a total father-fucking slut. I was jealous as all hell, but knowing I'd cheated on her twice already tonight as well really prevented me from getting that bent out of shape. "Though they made me promise to have you in our competition next year."

"So that whole anonymity thing…?" I asked, seeing as how she seemed to know exactly who was who.

"Oh, it's real, just you can get to know people through the disguises over the years if you try," she explained, "and as long as you don't let it carry over after the party ends, it's all no harm no foul." I nodded, trying to accept this, so she continued, "The last guy that I'd been serious with just came in Mom right off and then was a useless slug for the rest of the night, but you…" she said, excitedly reaching over to grab my slightly semi-hard penis and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Think you might have another go in you?"

I steeled my resolve, knowing this was my make-it or break-it point. Admittedly I had been getting turned on again watching them and all the other blatant free swapping sex going on around me, but knowing my girl needed me one more time was the best aphrodisiac. With all the cocks around here she's probably had, she needed mine to complete her night, and I wasn't about to let her down. This was my challenge and I was ready for it, happy to prove my worth to her. I clenched my ass, still thinking about how I fucked her mother and sister, clearly with her permission, and was ready to make it a family hat trick with one last go with her, ending this amazing night to make one hell of an amazing memory.

"For you, anything," I moaned, deliberately flexing my groin muscles to make me throb in her hand.

"Good," she said, stroking me gently to ensure I was hard again. Of course then she completely surprised me again, releasing me and instead patting the cloaked head still working her crotch. "I think what this little cunt here needs is some motivation to I to tongue fuck me properly. She needs to get deeper to suck up all that jizz. Why don't you get behind her and really give it to her hard this time."

"You want me to…" I questioned, looking back and forth between Jessica and Samantha, wishing there weren't those sheets over them so I could read their expressions to know if she really meant that, or if this was some kind of test and what she wanted me to do was nobly refuse.

"That's right, and I'm talking really give her cunt a full-on pounding that she'll never forget," she said in a sultry voice that left no question that she really meant it. "I want to feel you fucking me through this little sex puppet." Samantha wiggled her exposed rear end happily offering it up for me to follow through with her sister's request.

Next thing I know I’m happily slamming my girlfriend's little sister from behind for all I'm worth, driving her face into my girlfriend's pussy, going absolutely savage on her freshly deflowered cunt. Jess moaned out how turned on she was, how she could feel my dick through the tongue being plowed into her twat, and that she was just waiting for me to dump another load so she could cum with me. Her loud dirty talk attracted onlookers who mostly acted like ghosts, silently observing our threesome as if it were nothing more than an interesting street performance.

Then Samantha started cumming and her screams into her sister’s pussy, along with the violent contractions in her vagina, sent us both over the edge together after her. I pumped everything I had left in that little minx’s womb for the second time tonight, and for some reason, it sounded like that really turned Jessica on. Weirder was the applause from the onlookers as we concluded our show with shared orgasmic gusto. It was all so surreal, and with my second climax of the night I was quite dizzy and totally drained. I collapsed into the grass exhausted, just close enough to the fire to stay warm and ended my night with a delightful double suck job, though there was no way I was going to get hard again. Once they were both satisfied that they’d completely cleaned my sticky member of any trace of cum, they came up and cuddled up in my arms, one on each side and enjoyed the warmth of the fire with me.

"Thank you," one whispered in my ear and kissed just below it. "You were amazing," the other whispered in my other ear, then kissed my neck, tickling it with her tongue. I was a bit out of it, so not sure which one was which, and well on my way to passing out, so I only just barely registered them whispering to each other over me. "So, do you think you got lucky?" the first said, followed by them just giggling and resting a head on each of my shoulders.

I opened up one eye just long enough to peek at the two white sheeted ladies lying with me, then looked around briefly, seeing most of the other couples had long since relaxed as well. Several couples and threesome were similarly cuddling up around the fire like we were, ready to end the night like we were as it must already be getting close to midnight, though I could hear some girl somewhere still moaning out as she got fucked somewhere nearby, it just made me smile.

Then a small responsible voice in my head reminded me that I should try and make myself wake back up to go back to my apartment since I still had classes tomorrow, but every other part of my being refused. I wouldn’t have moved to untangle myself from these two sexy women if my life had depended on it. It was a mystery to me how I could have ended up this lucky, and while what happened tomorrow was undoubtedly going to be weird, I just soaked in the moment and blissfully fell asleep between my two lovers.


2020-10-25 16:12:16
Hope this family's story continues great work


2020-10-25 00:34:56
Great story keep up the great work

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