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During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, dairies, and notes in the treasure which contained classic, Age-old, Erotic books, Novels, and Magazines probably collected by my Ancestors. They are all timeless and precious. They are a must-read for all erotica lovers. I am sharing them on this site. Enjoy,

It may readily be supposed that I was much more inclined to sleep than to be up and active. So I rang my bell and told them to bring me a cup of coffee and a biscuit. Under the pretence of a bilious headache, I begged them also not to disturb me for breakfast, but to make my excuses and request that I might be left in quiet, as I had had a very restless night, which was true enough. So after allaying my exhaustion with a delicious cup of cafe au lait, I sank into the deepest and most refreshing sleep. I slept until ten o'clock when dear Louisa's loving kisses brought me to my waking senses. She told me the hour and said she had called me as she and Sophie were going out in the pony-carriage to make her last maiden visits. Papa, Fred, and Tom had gone off to Rouen to sign settlements, amp;c, and so I must get up to keep Mamma company.

'And both you and I know what that means, you sad fellow.'

Here she insinuated her hand under the clothes, where she found but a half-stiffened piece of dough. So throwing the clothes off, she took it in her charming mouth, and with a suck or two soon stiffened it. 'Dear Harry,' she said, 'be still a moment and just let me help myself. I shall not make you spend, but shall get a delicious one myself, which will make me look all the more blooming in my visits, and set all the men I shall meet raving with envy and desire.'

The dear libidinous girl stepped up on my bed and, lifting her dress well up, guided my now stiffened pego into her own ready and insatiable cunt. And sure enough, it was but a very short time before she came heavily down with her superbly large backside on my belly, impaling herself upon my prick up to the very balls, and pouring down upon it a boiling flood of delicious spendings, gripping my prick at the same time with such a terrific squeeze that I thought she would have nipped my pego right off.

It was very delicious all the same, and if she had continued such ecstatic pressures but a very short time longer, I could not have refrained from spending too. But the dear girl jumped up and said that would not be fair to Mamma, especially as she had already had a most delicious treat of cocks, for this made the twenty-fifth time she had had a prick into her since dinner yesterday, and though she would have no objection to doubling the number, she must remember others as well as herself.

There never was a more insatiable, lascivious, and lustful creature than this dear girl, nor one who possessed in greater perfection the art of exciting and pleasing men, and bringing them, no matter how often, to the desired result of gratifying her excessive lubricity.

She left me to dress. I was soon down in the breakfast-room, where I found everything ready for me, and dear Mamma most officiously and kindly helping me to every luxury of the table. Under such kind auspices, I soon completed a delicious repast, which dear Mamma recommended me to cap. I gladly accepted this, as I could see by the peculiar sparkle of her bright eyes that mischief was in the wind, and that I should need to have all my resources at hand.

As soon as breakfast was over and cleared away, I remarked that it would be a good opportunity of having a more favorable photograph of her than my last.

I saw she immediately adopted the idea, knowing that once in my photographing room we should be free from interruption. Seeing how ready she was, I boldly proposed that she should favor me at the same time with the opportunity of having some freer poses so that her splendid Junoesque form would enrich my private collection. She smiled an assent, though declaring that I was importunate, and asking how she could in any way give Juno-like poses.

'By having looser robes, so as to give flowing lines of drapery and not confining the natural undulations of your beautiful form with stiff stays,' I answered.

'So, my dear madam, perhaps you will choose some flowing robes and shawls from your wardrobe while I go and prepare my plates. You can join me in the photographing room when you are ready.'

I could see by her pleased expression that I had relieved her from a little embarrassment, and that it was the very thing she wished to do, but without my suggestion might have hesitated in its accomplishment.

So while she went to her room to give orders not to be interrupted by anyone, and to prepare herself, I went off to arrange my plates, amp;c. I was hardly ready before she joined me, wrapped in a large, black, velvet mantle, and carrying a red shawl over her arm. I immediately complimented her on her admirable choice of colors, which could not more fully set off the beauty of her lovely skin.

'Oh, my dear Mr. Hargrave, you surely do not expect me to show my naked body?'

'And why not, my dear madam? These photographs are not for all the world, but for my own private collection, that I may retain a perfect similitude of the finest form I ever met within my life. So, my dear madam, pray to seat yourself on that couch, and let me arrange you in such a pose as will best convey an idea of your splendid and beautiful bust.'

My flattery told; she was all smiles and lent herself to all my hints.

'Put down that shawl for the moment and throw the mantle on one side so as to show one bosom slightly exposed.'

On moving the mantle I found there was but a fine chemise below bordered with beautiful lace and fresh from the wardrobe. In fact, the dear creature was bent on business, and I saw that the best way was to commence at once. As I dropped the cloak from one shoulder, her lovely, naked arm fell to her side, and her open chemise slipped aside and fully displayed one of her largely developed but beautifully formed breasts. I started back as if the exquisite sight that met my eyes was too much for my weak senses.

'God of Heaven, madam,' I cried. 'What superhuman loveliness!'

And really the magnificence of form, the exquisite creamy whiteness of her flesh, set off in the highest degree by the black velvet, again relieved by a small portion of snowy-white chemise fringed with the yellowish-white of the rich lace, was a picture worthy of Titian's brush, and enough to drive any hermit raving mad. I rushed forward, threw myself on my knees, glued my lips to the nipple of that lovely breast, and clasped her in my arms.

'Mr. Hargrave! What are you about?' she cried, but yielding to my pressure, she fell back on the couch.

I tore the mantle open and I raised her slight and almost transparent chemise. What a lovely sight met my eyes! She was indeed a Juno in form, glorious beyond imagining, and her magnificently developed mons was even more richly adorned with the greatest profusion of curly, silky ringlets than that of her lovely daughter Louisa, who was so well provided in that respect. I threw open her legs, with very little resistance I must own, and gluing my lips to her largely developed clitoris, which was standing stiffly out in full excitement, I gamahuched her deliciously. She was already so lasciviously hot that she was scarcely a moment before seizing my head with her two hands. She pressed it down against her splendid, large, fat cunt as if she wished to drive it in altogether, giving a cry of satisfied lust as she poured down on my mouth and chin a perfect torrent.

I never knew a woman spend more profusely than her. It was, doubtless, a pent-up stream suddenly let loose. I slipped my hand under my chin, but could only get my thumb in, which served her as something on which to expend the exquisite pressure her lubricity was occasioning. I continued sucking her large clitoris, which quickly resumed the stiffness it had partially lost in spending.

'Oh, my dear fellow, come to my arms,' she cried.

I rose, tore off my coat, waistcoat, and trousers, threw myself on her superb and glorious body, and was engulfed in her exquisite cunt immediately. Her arms and legs instantly embraced me; with her hands, she pressed my buttocks as she raised her own by the leverage of her legs on my back as if she wished to get me in altogether. We thus lay for some minutes in an exquisite trance of delight. Her throbbing and internal peristaltic pressures, in which particular she even surpassed the extraordinary excellence of Louisa, though with less power of actual pressure at the entrance, were most delicious. Louisa could almost nip one's cock off. Without going so far, Mamma was perfect and most exciting, so that we did not long remain enjoying these delicious preliminaries but soon began more active operations.

Fast and furious grew our movements. Dear Mamma seconded me with skill, vigor, and rapidity quite astonishing in one as generously proportioned as she. But she was in the prime of her life for a healthy woman, thirty-six, an age when the passions more fully understand their objectives and lend themselves with the utmost ardor to their accomplishment.

Nothing could exceed the delight this exquisite woman afforded me. With lust so rampant we ran our first course and spent in an agony of rapture that seemed to exhale our souls away in deep expiring sighs. We lay for some minutes lost to all around us, and then she kissed me most lovingly and murmured soft mutterings of the heavenly joys she had experienced in my arms. Our billing and cooing, and her rapturous interior action on my prick hardly allowed it to decrease in volume or stiffness. Our loving embraces soon drove us on to another passionate course of love, again to die in the death-like agony of passion's final crisis.

Thrice did I pour down libations in love's sweet recess before I withdrew from the exquisite sheath in which I had made my sacrifice to Priapus. I threw myself back so as to bring my head down to that most glorious temple of Venus, and pushing aside with my fingers the profuse bush of curls which so adorned and graced love's grotto, I laid bare and opened the large, pouting lips, and exhibited to my charmed sight one of the finest and largest cunts I ever beheld. Large, indeed, it was, but with a small hole in it, and that, I think, is the finest cunt a man can meet with. This one was truly glorious to see. Of a beautiful salmony pink, fringed with thick, black-brown curls, topped with a remarkably fine clitoris hardly dropping its head after its seven or eight discharges, for after our first encounter the dear creature, in the excess of her lust, was repeatedly dying away and sending down floods of boiling spunk on my delighted prick and adding immensely to the rapture she was giving it. Indeed, as I gazed in admiration at the glorious beauties of the cunt I had laid bare, the rich, creamy, mixed oil with which we had so amply besmeared the interior recess was oozing out of the really small orifice of her vagina.

It was far too tempting to allow its rich stream to be wasted, so I sealed the exquisite aperture with my lips, licking up and sucking out all I could get. The dear clitoris got excited and nearly pushed out my eye. So, changing the venue, I took it in my mouth, and with my thumb frigging her cunt, soon made her again give down nature's sweet tribute. I then rose, and opening my arms, she threw herself into them, and we stood some moments in the most rapturous enjoyment of a long and loving embrace, her head supported on my breast.

At last, she raised her beautiful face, with eyes sparkling and mouth beaming with lust. She gazed upon me most lovingly and thanked me for having given her the most exquisite sensations of rapturous delight. Our lips met, our hands wandered. The glorious form of her immense backside, its color, its firmness, and its beauty, set me wild with desire.

'Ah, dear madam,' I cried, 'you are indeed a Juno, and I must, like Jupiter, enjoy this glorious altar of love.'

Here I stooped and kissed the magnificent buttocks I had been handling.

'Let us, dear madam, be both in all the glory of nakedness.'

Her black mantle had already fallen off. I lifted her chemise, she herself aiding me, and took it off altogether. I threw off my shirt. We rushed into each other's arms for a loving embrace, in which our naked bodies met in full and delicious contact. We then stood a little apart, that I might admire all the glories of her magnificent form. Of course, the noble bottom came in for my greatest admiration for I never saw a finer. I begged her to kneel on the couch and let me pay homage to that noble and magnificent part. She instantly complied. I guessed that her penchant for operations in that quarter was as great as for those in the front, provided only that she had been well fucked in the latter.

Fully understanding, therefore, the part she had to play, she kept her knees well apart, and thrust her weighty buttocks well out, displaying the open valley between the immense globes, and showing a fine, brown, corrugated aperture, surrounded with small, very fine, silky curls. Her outstretched position slightly opened the orifice, showing that I should have no difficulty in making my way within, but it was so enticing that I stooped and, passionately kissing it, thrust my tongue within as far as it would go. Instantly I found that, though comparatively large and open, it had plenty of power of compression, for the sphincter closed tight on so small and slippery an object as my tongue.

I continued thus until the dear creature begged me to begin operations of a more serious nature. Kneeling behind her, I plunged into her exquisite cunt, which I found hot and wet, for the salacious creature had again spent. She now gave me such internal suctions and delicious pressures that I could not withdraw, but fucked on in this most exquisite posture, and was so ecstatically delighted with her action and the sight of her most glorious backside in the full activity below me, that I ran my course where I was. She frigged her clitoris, while with one hand I felt all over her splendid buttocks, and frigged her exquisite bottom-hole with two of the fingers of my other hand.

Dear Mamma again spent twice before I died away in all the raptures of the most exquisite and satisfying fuck. We kept our position until the delicious squeezings and my exciting handling of her magnificent bottom once more brought me up to my normal vigor. Then, changing from the lower to the upper opening, and being well-greased with both her spendings and my own, I plunged with one vigorous bound up to the hilt in her bumhole.

The suddenness of the charge, and the powerful rush that carried my prick at once up to its utmost length, made her scream with delight, for there was no pain in her case, and set the fierce passions of her lust in full activity. Never did I see so active a backside: its movements were in every direction, and were conducted with a savoir-faire that added to the exquisite pleasure her delicious bumhole was giving. I became as wild as herself, and we ran a rapid course, and both spent with the wildest cries of delight.

I could see that in her erotic rage she had bitten a hole in the pillow on which her head rested. We lay soaking in ecstasy for many minutes. She, at last, turned her lovely face towards me, and with humid eyes swimming with lust told me that never had she had the more exquisite pleasure and begged me to remain where I was.

I pressed her in my arms and assured her that I was far too rapturously happy to think of withdrawing. Indeed, if I had wished to do so, I don't think I could, for her sphincter muscle held me with so powerful a grip as I have seldom experienced.

With such excited and voluptuous feelings, it was but a very short time before my prick again stiffened sufficiently to begin slow movements. This I did, and bending forward, frigged her with one hand while I titillated the nipples of her bosom with the other. I found this had the same exciting effect upon her as upon her daughter. She afterward told me that sucking or nibbling at her nipples was quite as exciting to her as doing the same to her clitoris, but when both actions were simultaneous, it maddened her for pleasure.

She soon spent, and the exquisite pressure of her bottom-hole, caused by the action of spending, brought my delighted cock into full vigor, and again we pursued our delicious course until as usual the death-like agony of joy overtook us both.

When I withdrew, before rising, I stooped and again kissed and thrust my tongue into that joy-giving aperture. When I rose, almost before I could turn round, my charming companion had raised herself, or rather turned on her bottom, and seized my prick, putting it into her mouth and sucking the remaining drops out of it, and licking it clean, declaring it was the sweetest prick she had ever felt or seen. When she had done, I pushed her gently down, and opening her splendid thighs, did as much for her, thrust inside her, and continued until I again made her spend, as I wished to satisfy her passions sufficiently to get time to photograph her splendid charms in every position.

She had now spent so often that she herself declared she must pause for a while so that she readily lent herself to my views, and I got some beautiful poses of her both front and back, full views, standing, sitting, lying down, enlarged views of her beautiful bosom, splendid ones of her glorious and truly magnificent backside, with cunt and bottom-hole both insight, and again of her glorious cunt with her legs wide outstretched.

Nothing could be finer, and she herself was delighted to see such charms reproduced. I flattered her the while, and told her very truly that I had never had so fine a woman before in any way; the only one that ever approached her, and she drew her excellence in every way from herself, was her dear and lovely daughter Louisa.

She opened her eyes at my extraordinary confession, but I thought it good policy to be frank. My knowledge of the secrets of the family assured me I was quite safe with Mamma. But, oddly enough, she had had no suspicion of my intercourse with Louisa.

I continued my flattery of her by praising the lasciviousness of Louisa, of which I had now become acquainted with the more charming and superior source, and I did not wonder she was so perfect in every way. I had thought her perfect in all the exquisite pleasures of love, but now I knew how far superior her lovely and charming Mamma had proved herself to be.

'You are a dear fellow, my darling Mr. Hargrave, and I do not wonder that Louisa should have fancied you. I am delighted she has fallen into such good hands, and I hope you will not cease your attention to her when she is married.'

'There is no fear of that, my dear madam, but that must not hinder my paying my devoirs to you, now that I know how superior you are to any woman in the world.'

'But am I so very superior?'

'Yes, my dear Mamma-for you must allow me to call you by that endearing name-yes, indeed, you are the most delicious woman I ever knew, and knowing your lovely daughter, that is saying a good deal. Look here, see how this poor fellow, too, shows how he loves you.'

She took hold of my prick, her eyes swimming with lust. She rushed into a closer embrace; our tongues met. My prick found its way into her gaping cunt, standing as we were; a few pushes, and she, screaming, died away and would have fallen backward if I had not held her up.

I sidled up to the couch, and withdrawing, turned her around, begged her to kneel, and first giving her delicious cunt a good suck, I thrust my prick into it, and with a finger in her bottom, finished my day's work with another glorious fuck.

We then separated with promises of a speedy renewal.




1. During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, diaries, and notes in the treasure which contained classic, Age-old, Erotic books, Novels, and Magazines probably collected by my Ancestors. They are all timeless and precious. They are a must-read for all erotica lovers.

2. The Original Authors of these Stories/Letters or Articles are long dead or Anonymous.

3. Out of the aforesaid collection, presenting an amazing account which was first published 1874, of a sexually omnivorous photographer on the prowl in Paris (probably the first such book).

4. The letters were written by a friend, Mr. Harry from Paris. Harry Hargrove, photographer. Young, beautiful women come to Harry's studio to have their portrait taken, but while there, one thing leads to another, and randy Harry's life becomes one big Parisian orgy. Before internet porn, before porn videos, before porn movies, people lusting for raunchy, X-rated entertainment read pornographic books and magazines. Victorian and Edwardian England had its own adult entertainment industry - countless erotic novels were put out by shady publishers, some books were printed by the authors themselves, and most of the writers were anonymous. Many of these 19th-century books are surprisingly kinky, and some of them may be quite offensive to modern-day readers - in more ways than one. The anonymously written "Letters from a Friend in Paris" was first published in 1874. This novel in the form of letters is a great example of classic Victorian erotica.
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