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Jeremy gets all of his friends to try to take their own mothers as lovers with one of two different ways.
At the end of every year on Boxing Day, there was a camp for boys without dads. They were a group of boys who had been coming for as long as they could remember, and of these there was a strong core group of twenty. It was the last night and the twenty all aged eighteen – who called themselves 'The Clan', were gathered in one of the huts. It was a squeeze but they didn't mind, and were farewelling each other with their 'party'. They had been going strong for a few hours, and as they ran out of steam they began to talk.

"Oh, I'm not looking forward to going home," said Jack as he leaned back against the wall. Many of the boys sniggered and some others nodded sympathetically. They all knew Jack's mother was a little over the top. Benny had been watching his close friend Jeremy, and saw his brow furrow.

"What's going through your mind," Benny asked and all the other boys went silent, because when Jeremy thought it paid to listen. It was he who came up with the great plan of each year, and this year's plan got them across the river to watch the older, eighteen year girls of the 'all girl's camp' showering.

"What Jack said," Jeremy replied and his brow was still furrowed.

"What? how Jack can avoid his mum tomorrow?" Daniel asked, who was also another close friend of Jeremy's. Benny, Daniel, Bobby and Jeremy all went to the same secondary school and had grown up together; they were extremely tight. Now all four would be attending the same university together.

"No, quite the opposite," Jeremy told Daniel.

"WHAT?" bellowed Jack.

"Have you read Dr. Michael Abbotts?" Jeremy asked Jack with a serious expression.

"Who the hell's he?" Jack shot back.

"You're kidding?" asked Benny of Jeremy with a look of awe on his face, and all the other boys were all ears.

"So you know what he's talking about?" Jack asked Benny.

"Yeah," he smiled broadly at Jack.

"So what's this about?" Sean, Jack's best mate asked both Benny and Jeremy.

"I think I know where you're heading with this," said Benny and his eyes were filled with excitement, "so tell them."

"Like myself, Benny has read Abbotts, who is a psychologist in a particular field, and considered an expert in this field. His field is 'sexuality in families', and his specially is 'single mothers and their sons'." All the boys except Benny were sitting, mouths open looking very bewildered.

"What are you saying?" asked Jack.

"Well according to Abbotts, women who are single with one son at home, and only one son and no other children, who then show a particular behaviour are..." he paused for effect, "shall we say vulnerable." The others looked ay each other and Brian asked,

"What the fuck did he say?"

But Daniel understood.

"Are you serious?" he asked Jeremy, who nodded at him and Daniel's face reflected the awe he felt.

"Bloody hell," was all he could say.

"What," screamed Brian, voicing what all the others felt.

"Let me translate," said Benny and the others gave a collective sigh of relief. Jeremy was very smart, but they had all needed Benny.

"Abbotts had a theory that single mothers with only a son at home, who never goes out on a date, harbours sexual desires for their sons." Benny just loved the impact this had on the others. Their expressions were priceless.

"What?" Jack said.

"This Abbotts thinks our mums want to fuck us," Benny said evenly. Jeremy was grinning.

"What," yelled Brian, "that's bullshit." Brian looked angry, and many of the others were voicing and nodding their agreement with him.

"Well," broke in Jeremy, "Abbotts to support his theory did exhaustive experiments. Want to hear about them?" All the boys were silent and nodded as one, even Jack and Brian.

"Ok then. He interviewed two thousand women of all ages, because he wanted to see if his theory would hold up for the past generations. What he found was that... the mothers with one son at home and didn't go on dates, did harbour sexual desires for their son." The boys all expressed their wonder at this.

"But that's not all." The boys were all ears. "Most of the mothers had fucked their son."

There was a collective intake of breath and then some said softly, 'no way' or 'you're kidding'. Jeremy allowed them to express their disbelief and shock to each other, and as the volume rose he spoke.

"Now think for a minute. We are all only sons, with no other siblings and our mum's don't date, so who thinks their mum shows them too much attention and especially to much affection?" Jeremy knew he would have to lead these guys to the truth, everyone put up their hands.

"Who thinks their mum is a little fixated on them?" All hands in the air.

"Now before you answer this one think about it properly, just don't copy others or say what you think the others would want you to say. Tell it like it is and trust me." He waited a couple of seconds.

"How many of you have had sexual thoughts about your mum." To Jeremy's surprise everyone put their hands up at once, without even looking at each other.

"Good," Jeremy smiled. But Brian wasn't convinced.

"Ok, so some of us jack off to thinking about out mums, that doesn't prove a thing." Benny, Daniel and Bobby grinned at each other, 'wrong thing to say' all three thought.

Jeremy proceeded, as he knew he would have to and he would lead them from one revelation to the next, and by the time he was finished they would all be believers.

"You're right, but," he paused again for effect, "how many of your mums constantly tell you how much she loves you, how much she needs you, misses you, and some may even says 'want' you?"

All hands up again.

"How many of your mums put their hands on your arms, shoulders and the like, a little too much?" All bar three boys (Benny, Bobby and Daniel) looked at each other shaking their heads, and they all voiced the opinion that this was not the case.

"Now I did not ask you to consider this on your own, and not answer as you would expect the others think you should, and oh, I meant touch you more then boys with fathers that you know." Jeremy's last words were like a bombshell. The boys stopped talking, looked at the floor or somewhere in front of them, as they thought and Sean was the first to answer again.

"You're right. Mum's always touching me, holding my hand as she talks to me puts her hand on my knee, even inside my thigh just above the knee. Sometimes she hugs he for no reason, and other times when I making her laugh she gives he a little hit – nothing hard." As Sean went through his list, all the other boys nodded, they too experienced the same things from their mums.

There were low spoken 'yeah you're right', or 'she does too'.

"So Abbotts found that this was the particular behaviour that predisposed mums to having sex with their sons – in fact he found all mothers who had sex with their sons acted this way before doing so. However, he further theorized that the mums who showed this behaviour, but didn't have sex with their sons, didn't because the sons were unable to read the signals." Again all breathed in heavily as one.

"Now since that study, Abbotts interviewed the sons who hadn't had sex with their mums, and guess what he found?" The boys were eating out of Jeremy's hand now, and all heads shook and they leaned forward like a wave.

"He found that these sons had made not one single move on their mums, not one. So he believes that the mums give the signals and if the sons respond to those signals... you can fuck your mum." Jeremy left it there.

Nineteen boys were wrapped up in their own thought – mouths open, and every now and then they would look at another boy and both would shake their heads grinning like idiots. Jeremy waited for them to work through their own thoughts.

"So," Jeremy brought their attention back to him. "How many of you think your mum could be one of those mums?" All the boys expressed that they were unsure.

"Ok, so how many of you would really like to fuck your mum?" Slowly at first the hands went up, until all hands were up.

"Now according to Abbotts," Jeremy began and waited a second or two until all the boys were hanging on his next words again, "if a son indeed does make an advance to his mum, she will respond and spread herself for her son, willingly and lovingly."

Jaws dropped throughout the hut, and there were 'fuck', 'unbelievable', 'man, oh man' and the like to be heard. Then some boys were sort of laughing.

"So where are you going with this?" Jack who started all this asked.

"The question is, 'where do you want to go with this?'" Jeremy asked.

"I'd fuck my mum in a heartbeat; she's such a cutie," Daniel blurted out and all the others laughed. Jeremy could always rely on Daniel to speak his mine, not caring what others thought.

"Then I have a plan for you to do so." These words by Jeremy hit all the boys like a sledgehammer. They stared at Jeremy as if he was a prophet promising them the 'late teenager promised land', and you could have a pin drop as they waited for Jeremy to tell them his plan.

"So how many of you want to hear my plan or at least plans?" Hands flew up in the air like they were all in Primary school again and they all knew the answer. Jeremy smiled, as did Benny and they exchanged a look.

"Ok, Abbotts actually tells us what to do. Based on his findings all we have to do is respond to our mother's signals... when she gives them off, or we could blow it. Now, you have to bring your mum to the point where she will spread her legs for you, even you Kyle." He wanted to lighten the mood a bit and everyone laughed because Kyle had 'the monster'.

"When your mum tells you those things – she loves you, misses you, but especially needs you, you tell her the same thing back with meaning. You do this the moment you see your mums tomorrow and don't stop, because some mums will take longer than others, and she will be yours – and my money is on Daniel's mum cracking first." Again they all laughed.

"Now, from the time you're back in your mums company, you too place your hands on her, like she would on you. According to Abbotts, once you do this your mum will become more forward with how she touches you, without even knowing." Jeremy could see a few confused faces.

"Your mum will touch you more and more intimately as you follow her lead. For each of you there will come the 'fuck me my son' signal from your mum. Each mum will give her own signal, but it will be so obvious not even Jack will miss it." Again laughter, because Jack did miss the obvious so often.

"Because each of your mums will give an unconscious signal that they hope you will pick up on. Do not hesitate, or the moment may pass and if she gives another signal, you'll have to work very hard for it. So who's in?" Hands flew in the air again.

"Now my plan is, follow your mums lead as she becomes more intimate, you become more intimate, this could mean touching or speaking. Oh by the way some mums will become sexually suggestive – go with it, do the same when she does. But I have a Plan B to try and speed things up, want to hear it?"

"YEAH," came the thunderous response from all boys.

"Ok, and here's the cleaver bit. After you're started uni for one week, come home one night all depressed like. When your mum asks you what's wrong, tell her that some of the guys you know say they have special relationships with their mums, one that has mum and son doing everything together, and where the mum has her son doting over her. Now this is very important, you must tell her... you must tell her that you wish you and her were like that. Seeing you upset and hearing what the other's have, will upset your mum and she will want to 'make things right' with you; she will want the same type of relationship with you." Jeremy left his words on The Clan. For a few seconds there was silence, and then the boys began working out their strategies with each other. Jeremy allowed this for some time, and then they began to quieten down.

"Now, I suspect if you use Plan B, it will give you success within five to seven days from when you start uni. In other words, Plan B should give you success that night or over the weekend. If you use Abbotts' theory it could take many weeks, even months. So lets report-in the night of our second Monday at uni, ok."

Everyone nodded. They all knew to 'report-in' was when they cam together for a conference hook up with everyone on their chat site on the net.

"So, who has to release some pressure?" Daniel asked with a grin and several hands went up.

"Take it outside," said Sean and everyone laughed, but several of The Clan left, including Daniel.

In the late afternoon the next day the mums came to pick their young me up, and The Clan watched the behaviour of the mums who date or had another kids at home, and compared it with the mums who don't date and had only a single child at home – a son. None of them had said they were going to compare, but each was curious in his own mind. The difference in the behaviour of the two groups was astounding. They all saw it at once and looked at each other and they all burst out laughing with delight, except Jeremy, he only had eyes for his beautiful mum Jenny, as she hurried to hold her son. Nineteen boys were giving each other the thumbs up and each were lead away by their mums, who were telling each of them how much they missed them, loved them and some even said they 'needed' them.

On the eighth night after uni started, at the designated time of 8.30pm, The Clan was on line and everyone was arguing with each other. None of them wanted to be first, they all wanted to hear the other guys' stories before telling their story. In other words they were all voyeurs. So as usual Jeremy sorted it out.

"Does anyone want to go first?" was his simple question.

"Yeah, I do." It was Josh. Little Josh.

Chapter 1 - Josh

Josh waited with the other guys for his mother, and he stood with his close friend Kyle. The two boys looked like David and Goliath, as they couldn't have been less similar. Josh was tiny at 4 feet 10 inches, and Kyle at 6 feet 4 inches. Everyone said Josh should have been a jockey, but he would have none of it. And their mothers were the same. Beth, Josh's mum is 5 feet 10 inches, exactly 1 foot taller than her son. Josh is skinny, where his mother is very solid in build – that sexy type of solid build. Beth was waiting for her little man to be her big man, but sadly it had never happened. On the other hand, Kyle's mum was only 5 feet tall with a very slight build. The two sets of mother and sons were very close, and many of the boys teased Josh and Kyle a little that they must have been switched at birth. The jibs hurt both boys as they loved their mums with intensity. However, none of the guys ever persisted in their teasing because they were too frightened of Kyle, and Josh had a heart of gold and everyone loved him too much to go on with it. When Beth and Heather arrived almost at the same time, they chatted as their boys said their good-byes and put their bags into their respective cars.

On the way home Josh was very quiet, which was odd for him as he usually loved to tell his mum all about the camp. His mind was wrestling with how he was going to seduce his mother, and he had no idea. Beth tried to engage her son into conversation, but to no avail; he was far too busy with his dilemma. He so wanted his mother; he loved and wanted her so much. Later that night as Josh and Beth sat at the kitchen table, drinking their coffees, to say a light bulb went off in Josh's head would be an understatement; the whole fireworks on the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year's Eve went off in his head. A number of things had been floating around in his mind, seemingly unconnected until his cleaver mind had suddenly found the link. It was something Jeremy had said. He told the boys the signs to look for in their mums, which would show they were being aroused and therefore able to be seduced by their sons. He had said to watch their eyes, as they would either widen, become dreamy or both. Their mum's would probably squirm if they were sitting – a sign they were feeling excitement in their pussies, and their mouths would open slightly. Josh had seen his mother's eyes widen and then become dreamy, and this had been the link his mind had been searching for.

Some months ago when Beth's sister Jenny, had been visiting, the two women sat in the kitchen as they always did drinking Irish Cream. They chatted for hours, and as the alcohol loosened Aunt Jenny a little more then usual she relayed a story to her sister. The story was one of mother and son incest that had just broken down Jenny's way. Josh had looked sideways at his mum to see her eyes fly open and her expression was all interest in Jenny's story. Aunt Jenny was a local reporter and knew all the juicy details, which she now related to her older sister by two years. Both women had forgotten about Josh – sometimes his size came in handy. The son was nineteen and his mother 37, and they had been caught by her husband and father of her son.

"So what happened, how did it start, tell me everything," Beth pleaded with her sister and Josh could hear the excitement in her voice. When Jeremy had spoken to them, this night had instantly been recalled in Josh's mind. Aunt Jenny had smiled like a naughty little girl with a very dirty secret. As she gave her sister a blow by blow account Josh watched his mum's eyes go from very wide to very dreamy and she squirmed on the kitchen chair. Yet, not only was his mum Beth reacting this way, but so was Aunt Jenny. Now, weeks later, a plan developed in Josh's mind within an instant as he drank his coffee. Beth had seen her son's sudden change of expression.

"What is it?" she asked hoping her son wanted to talk now and gave him her undivided attention. This was the second thing that was floating around is in his mind. Beth loved to listen to his stories, and Josh was a great story teller; he could draw his mum into his stories so she felt though she was there, and her emotions went with her; he also would act out different scenes with his listeners for emphasis. Josh concentrated; he wanted to get this perfect.

"Well on all the nights on camp, the guys told stories," he began and Beth could imagine the scene, as she knew all the other 19 boys who stayed in the same dormitory.

"Did you tell stories?" a proud Beth asked, because she knew how good he was at story telling. Josh looked disappointed.

"I couldn't, because they all told stories about sex," he told his mum with a frown on his face, "and I don't have any of those. But guys who did, told good stories," he said this with enthusiasm, leaning toward his mum for emphasis with a big grin on his face. Beth's eyes widened the first indicator.

"They were good stories were they?" she asked with as much enthusiasm as her son. Beth was on board and her emotions were with her.

"Oh yeah," Josh said and gave a far away look as though remembering them.

"Well go no, tell me some," Beth encouraged her son and Josh knew he had his mum hooked. Now he was in unknown territory.

"Are you sure you want to hear them, they're very explicit, very detailed?" Josh asked his mum giving her an exit, but also attempting to heighten her arousal.

"Yeah, give me all the juicy details," Beth gave her son permission and that's all he needed. He grinned up at his mother and leaned forward a bit more, and Beth did the same; the movements of co-conspirators to a deep dark secret. Now Josh had to make up a series of stories, but that was his forte, and he knew how to keep anyone engrossed in his stories, especially his mum.

"Well Jeremy started the whole thing off on the first night, as he always leads and that set the tone for every night and every story." Josh was dragging this out deliberately, as he knew this worked best on his mum. Beth nodded for him to get on with it.

Josh told his mum that Jeremy's story was about a couple around his mother's age in a cinema, who were sitting up the back, but Jeremy had crawled up the isle and watched the couple. As Josh told his mum all the sexual details he slipped out of his chair and with his hands talking as much as his mouth, he moved next to Beth. She sat totally fascinated with her face turned to her son and she had a strange expression, somewhere between rapture at the story and aroused by the detail. Josh pushed on.

"After Jeremy came Benny, but you may not want to hear his story, it's pretty kinky," Josh warned his mum, believing he had her where he wanted her. Beth was highly aroused now and wanted to hear more.

"Oh, how bad can it be coming from a nineteen year old?" Beth enquired.

"It's very kinky, but boy it had an effect on all of us guys," Josh told his mum, pulling the lure a little more and Beth followed it.

"Let's hear it then,' she said with a sign, thinking it would be fairly tame.

"Well Benny knows this guy at his school and they're pretty good mates. So one day Benny's mate Mike, invites him over to his place after school." Josh began to talk with his hands and stood very close to his mum, and lowered his voice for effect.

"When Benny got to Mike's place he could tell there was something a bit odd about Mike and his mum, as she gave his a 'hello' kiss when he got home, right in front of Benny. But it wasn't a mum and son peck on the cheek, you know like this," Josh gave his mother a peck on the cheek.

"Mike put his arms around his mum's neck," Josh demonstrated, "and they kissed on the lips and then Benny could see they opened their mouths, and Mike's mum moaned as they kissed." Josh kept his arms around his mum's neck, but didn't kiss her. Beth's eyes were very wide and she squirmed a little.

"Benny just watched, and when Mike and his mum finished his mum said in a real husky voice with her eyes half closed 'Hi gorgeous, I'm so glade you're home I've missed you sooo much.'" Josh left this hang for a second or two. Beth was nodding her head ever so slightly.

"Benny said he was really turned on by what he saw, and as he followed Mike to his room to the Playstation, Benny said he got hot and his heart was racing – that's what it did to him," Josh said as he dropped his hands slowly from his mum's neck and gently placed them on her knees.

Beth was wearing her usual light cotton house dress with the flower pattern, and as she sat it came to a few inches above her knees. Beth had so wanted her 'little man' to make physical contact with her as he spoke.

"How did you feel when Benny told you his story?" Beth asked right on cue.

"Well Benny's story hadn't finished, it got really – well kinky, but I think I can tell you how I felt, you might think I'm weird," Josh pleaded.

"No I won't," Beth said as she desperately wanted to hear how her son had felt. Josh gave his mum a sideways look for a second and then told her in a whisper, as he absent mindedly dragged his chair and sat right next to Beth.

"I got turned on. I'm sorry mum, but I did." Josh rubbed Beth's knees as he told her and her eyes grew big again and her breathing quickened. Josh pushed on, not wanting to break his spell over his mum. Beth turned to face her son once more and her knees parted about 12 inches.

"So Benny said they played with the Playstation for about an hour and a half when Mike's mum looked in and said dinner would be ready soon, and it was time for Benny to go home. But Benny reckons she said it in a really odd way for a mum to her son." Josh was now rubbing his hands ever so slightly up his mum's thighs and Beth spread her knees a few more inches – she was totally engrossed in her son's story.

"Well, Benny didn't go straight home, but ran around to the side of Mike's house to look in the kitchen through a window, because that's were Mike had gone as Benny left. Guess what he saw through the window mum?" Josh asked as his heart pounded and he could taste the dry adrenaline in his mouth.

Beth was breathing heavier and her mouth was open, and Josh was delighted.

"What?" Beth asked breathlessly.

"They were kissing again, just like before," Josh said wide eyed and his mother shook her head slowly, but her eyes were shining.

"But there was more," Josh threw out the bait as his small hands slowly slid up his mum's thighs, and she spread her knees a few more inches – his hands were mid thigh now under her dress.

"Go on, go on," his mum encouraged him. Josh looked around as if making sure no one was listening, and Beth looked with him. Josh moved even closer and dropped his voice again.

"Mike had his hand up his mother's skirt, and Benny could see Mike's hand was moving under her skirt." Beth slid her butt forward a few inches on her chair, pushing her son's hands higher up her thighs to within a few inches from her panties. Beth was quite shaken by how good it felt to feel her son's hands on her.

"As Benny watched," Josh continued, "Mike's mother threw her head back like this," and he demonstrated by throwing his head back and arching his small body toward his mum, and Beth felt his hands slid the last few inches to her panties and she let out a moan. Her moan was in response to both her son's story and his lovely small hands.

Spontaneously, Beth threw her arms around her son's waist, drawing Josh into her. Josh allowed his hands to slide around his mum's thighs to her hips, were he felt the very thin sides of her panties. Both mother and son were incredibly turned on, and Beth held her son as she revelled in an overwhelming feeling of love for him. She hadn't been so sexually aroused for years – if ever, and all her son had done was speak. Imagine what he was capable of if he were to touch her, Beth wondered. Josh found himself suddenly exhausted. The lateness of the hour, the adrenaline and concentration had had their toll on his small body. But he held his mum by her nearly bare hips as she held him tightly and he stood between her legs, knowing the barrier was down – if there had been one, and now his mum was his. She also knew he was hers; although he always had been. Beth felt a physical sensation she could only describe as a mid orgasm, and she knew her son could feel it wash over her too. Both were overcome with joy, and tears rolled down their faces as she hugged him and he held her hips.

"Hey mum?" Josh asked into his mum's shoulder.

"Yes my lovely, little man," Beth's voice quavered. She had never said 'lovely' before, Josh thought.

"I'm exhausted. Can I tell you the other stories tomorrow morning?"

Tomorrow was Saturday. Suddenly Beth found she too was physically and emotionally drained – what could he be capable of doing for her if he was physical with her, she wondered again.

"That would be perfect baby. I'll see you in the morning," Beth said as she reluctantly released her son. They went to bed as they had every night before.

Josh woke suddenly and sat bolt upright in bed; disorientated by his surroundings. Then he realized he was at home, in his room and not at camp. As his breathing eased he heard his mum scream his name 3 times, and without a second thought he leapt out of bed and raced to her room. Beth had been dreaming; strange dreams, but truly delightful and unbelievably satisfying – sexually that is. She suddenly sat bolt upright in bed with her right fist pressed to her thin summer nighty between her small breasts; her breathing fast and ragged. Her mouth was pulled wide by a grimace and tears streamed down her face.

"Josh, Josh, Josh my loving, little man," she screamed. She heard her bedroom door open and her Josh flew into her room in just his boxers. His small, thin body was the most beautiful and sexually arousing body she had ever seen. Beth always slept with a low wattage lamp on; she hated waking up in total dark, as she needed to see what was around her. She threw her arms out for her son as soon as Josh entered her bedroom, and he was quickly in his mum's arms. His small arms just reach around her solid body, but Beth was able to envelop her son's body and then some. They held each other as Beth sobbed and Josh struggled to understand why. Josh was snuggled into his mum's body, with his face pressed into her breasts.

"What is it mum, what's the matter?" he asked as he reached up, stroked her hair and then whispered 'shh, shh' to her.

"Oh Josh, Josh, my beautiful, little man, my loving little man. Oh Josh, Josh." Was all Beth could say as her emotions were wrapping her body and mind in painful confusion. Josh decided to take control of the moment. He moved his hand from his mum's hair to her face and stroked her cheek.

"Mum it's ok, I'm here, I'll always be here for you, no matter what you need or want, I'm here for you totally." This seemed to get through to Beth.

"I had a terrible dream. I dreamed I had lost you, you had left, moved out and you weren't coming back. I was heart broken Josh, the pain was, was unbearable," his mum sobbed into him, and Josh felt the same pain as he tried to contemplate leaving Beth.

"Oh no mum, no, I will never leave you, never," he said it with such conviction that Beth's sobbing ceased and all her fears suddenly melted away.

"Do you mean that Josh, do you really mean that?" she pleaded.

"I will always love you and stay with you," he told her most earnestly. Beth held her son from her and smiled at him. He had been the only person she needed right there and then, and he had come as she needed; and his words were exactly what she needed as well.

"Do you want to go back to bed now?" she asked her son and he nodded. They separated and both went back to bed and to sleep.

The next morning as Josh came out for breakfast, he saw his mum wearing the same house dress as the night before, and it struck his as to how beautiful and sexy she looked – and his dick agreed. He walked straight up to his mum and hugged her, and Beth immediately turned into her son and hugged him back.

"I meant what I said last night mum. I'm not going anywhere, so you will have to put up with me for many, many years," Josh told Beth as they hugged.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. And I'm so glad you mean it. I love you so much Josh, you're my lovely, little man," and Beth kissed his forehead. Josh kissed her in turn on the top of her chest, and Beth felt a sudden thrill pulse through her body.

"Now sit down and I'll being your breakfast."

They ate their breakfast together chatting about nothing in particular and when they finished Beth asked,

"So, do I get more stories," her eyes were wide and bright in anticipation, remembering how her son's stories last night had excited her so much. Beth had decided to go with her feelings today, no matter what society would say.

"Don't worry, I hadn't forgotten. Besides, I saw how turned on you were last night as I told them," Josh had decided to be a little bolder with his mum.

Beth smiled at her son without embarrassment that this was her son, nor was she ashamed of feeling turned on by his words and Josh knowing it.

"The best turn on I've had in years," she told Josh.

"Well we're going to have to fix that," he replied as he looked into his mum's eyes and he could see tears begin to well.

"Now then, I hadn't finished Benny's story of the guy and his mum," Josh announced and could see the effect on his mum.

"Ah, liked it did you? I thought you would, I know I still do," he smiled and Beth turned her kitchen chair to face her son as she did last nigh, and Josh responded by placing his hands on her knees again. Mother and son were more excited then they could remember, and both quivered in anticipation.

"So to recap," Josh began and leaned toward his mum, and Beth slowly and sensually slid her bottom forward toward her son, spreading her knees very wide. The invitation was not lost on the nineteen year old and he smiled at his mum.

"As we left it last night, Benny watched through the window as mother and son kissed passionately, and Mike put his hand under his mother's skirt and Benny could see movement." Josh slid his hands up his mother's thighs, not slowly this time but deliberately, and Beth felt the thrill of what they were knowingly doing. Josh once again felt the very thin sides of his mother's panties, as he slid his hands to her hips and Beth leaned back to enjoy her son's touch.

"Benny said he was so turned on as he watched Mike with his hand under his own mother's skirt, because by the movement he knew Mike was feeling his mother's pussy," Josh whispered to his mother, which she found totally seductive. Once again Beth felt that beautiful feeling flow over her like a mild orgasm, and she moaned softly at her son like a grateful purring kitten.

"What did you think baby as Benny told you the story, mummy would love to know," she cooed at her son with dreamy eyes, as Josh had began running his finger tips over her hips and now he moved them over the top of her thighs, so close to her pussy Beth gasped.

"I thought of you and me as Benny told his story, and I nearly came. It was the biggest thrill I've ever experienced," Josh replied and his finger tips glided down the inside of both of Beth's thighs, and her sudden intake of breath was loud and she arched herself toward her son.

"I wanted to be in Mike's shoes with you so much it hurt. I ached for you mom, and I wanted nothing more from then on, but to touch you as Mike did to his mom."

With that Josh's finger tips moved slowly up his mum's inner thighs and came in contact with her tiny, thin cotton panties and Beth could contain herself no longer. She reached her hands out for her young son's head and drew him to her lips. Mother and son kissed like old lovers, exploring each other's mouth with their tongues, working their lips as they did. All the time Josh ran his fingers over his mother's panties, and his fingers told him his mum had no pussy hair and his hard dick hardened even more. He gently raked his fingers slowly up and down his mother's pussy. To his untrained touch it felt soft and spongy, and very touch was sending feelings through him he had never known. Beth broke their kiss because she wanted to look at him, and as she also wanted to use her hands elsewhere. Her son's touch on her panties sent shivers through her body, and she had never envisaged it would feel this good, this early with such little intimacy.

Beth reached for her son's jeans and undid his top button and zipper. She saw the sudden look of sadness in his eyes as his fingers stopped their exploration of her panty clad pussy.

"Mum, I'm not big, just like the rest of me," he confessed sadly, but Beth broke into a huge smile.

"Neither am I baby, that's one of the reasons I never dated after your father. It always hurt when your father was in me..... the few times he was. So baby, maybe we are each other's perfect fit," Beth told her son as she reached into his boxers and her hand took hold of his small dick – it was only 5 inches when rock hard.

Beth virtually orgasmed as she hand took hold of her son's dick, from the beautiful way it felt and because his fingers had not only resumed their exploration, but they had moved into her panties. Josh's eyes flew open wide and his mouth formed an 'oooo', and Beth smiled shyly knowing why her son's reaction was as it was.

"I'm small on the inside baby, but real big on the outside," she told her son. Josh's face screwed up and his fingers moved over the entire area of his mum's pussy.

"I love big pussies, and yours feels magnificent," he said like a kid in a candy store.

"That's the main reason I didn't go out. Your father use to ridicule me on how my pussy looked and I have always felt embarrassed," she explained in her husky, deep, sensual voice. Josh's fingers eagerly explored the vast expanse that was his mother's pussy. Her skin was smooth, and he loved it.

"Please mum, make me a promise; never hide your pussy from my eyes. I can't tell you how much I want to see your pussy, especially now I can feel how big it is," Josh pleaded as the fingers of one hand found her clit and the fingers of the other her open pussy slit. Beth smiled and tears rolled down her cheeks and nodded, so please she could show herself to her little man without embarrassment.

"Now baby, mummy wants to feel your little dick in her little love tunnel," Beth cooed and pulled Josh by his rock hard toward her. She let go of her son's dick and with lightening speed she had her tiny panties off, as Josh did with his jeans and boxers. Beth then guided his small dick toward the opening of her love tunnel. Now it was Josh's turn to make a loud intake of breath as he saw his mum's pussy for the first time. It was the most beautiful 'camel toe', he loved camel toe. Beth was over the moon, because she knew why he had reacted that way.

Josh now took charge and grabbed hold of his dick, squatting a little to reach down to his mother's pussy, and he gently and slowly rubbed it up and down his mum's pussy lips, as her slit opened to him because of her high sexually aroused state. Beth put her hands on her son's small hips and gently pulled him to her. Josh responded by slowly pushing the head of his dick in between his mother's magnificent camel toe lips, and into her love tunnel. He was concentrating as hard as he could, so he wouldn't come. His slow speed was for both of them to savour the first time feeling, and because his mum had said she was so small inside. Mother and son let out a long loud sigh as Josh slowly pushed further into her mum's hairless, smooth, camel toe pussy and on into her love tunnel. To Josh she felt tight, and to Beth he felt large, but both knew they were a perfect fit.

"Ooo baby, my lovely little man. Ooo you fit mummy so well. Oh Josh, fuck me, fuck your mummy sweetie," Beth said somewhere between a plea and an instruction. Josh was more then willing to comply. They both watched delightedly as Josh's small dick stopped with about half an inch to go. He had hit rock bottom and both mother and son let out a huge, loud sigh in unison and looked up at each other. Both smiled to their respective lover and Josh began the slow in and out thrusting that seemed 'oh so natural'. However, he only lasted a few thrusts before Beth felt her son's climax building and his eyes went wide and he looked at his mum as if asking a question.

"Oh stay in baby, stay in me, never, ever pullout," Beth instructed him through her tears of absolute love and sexual gratification. Josh suddenly came and as he groaned and his body shook and convulsed, Beth felt her son's sperm and semen pump into her and she experienced a mild orgasm of her own. Beth acted instinctively and wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into her, and Josh put his arms around her neck and they sobbed into each other. Mother and son were now lovers forever. His legs were becoming shaky from his semi squat position.

Beth held her son back and stared into his eyes, where she could see the love she had hoped to find. She had wanted her son for a few years now and had fought with herself over the right and wrong of it the whole time. Yet now, as she looked into her son's eyes, she saw her decision to open up to Josh as the right one. Beth suddenly realized as she looked into Josh's eyes that he had been part of this, and it hadn't been all her idea.

"You planned this didn't you?" she asked grinning lovingly at her son, and Josh grinned back. His small, but still semi hard dick was still inside his mother.

"Oh yeah. I've wanted you for some time now. You've been there for me all my life. The one who has done everything in your power for me, and you have no social life because of me." Beth could see the tears in her son's eyes.

"How couldn't I love you and then fall in love with you. You're everything I want in a girl, and I've never thought about another." Josh leaned toward his mother and whispered,

"You've been the girl of all my fantasies from the moment I began to fantasize about sex." He saw the effect this had on his mother, as Beth's eyes widen, glistened and then the tears began to roll down her face. But she smiled broadly. Josh had stayed in his mother the whole time they spoke, and now both could feel he was hardening again. Beth smiled,

"Want to go another round do you?"

"You bet, I've been waiting for this so I can give you what I know you want," he son smiled at her. His small dick hardened and filled his mother's small love tunnel once again. Beth revelled in how good her son felt in her, and marvelled at the 'best fit' between them. What more proof did she need to know this was right. Josh began to slow thrust into his mother, knowing she needed him to begin slow and easy with her because she had had very little sex previously, and it had been so long ago.

Beth felt the pleasure emanate from her pussy and move throughout her body and she gently pulled her son to her, as he continued his slow thrusts. They were both moaning quietly now. Josh had his hands on his mother's hips, which were still pushed all the way forward on her chair. Beth loved her son's gentle approach, and it allowed her arousal to rise at a rate she felt comfortable with – just like her loving, little man.

"Oh baby that's so nice, so nice," his mother moaned encouragingly to him. Josh arched his back out of his mother's embrace, to look at the scene below him. Josh wanted to watch his dick going in and out of his mother's beautiful pussy. Beth followed her son's gaze and she gasped as she saw the magnificent sight that met her eyes. Her fat, smooth and completely hairless pussy seemed to be swallowing her son's small dick, and then regurgitate it and swallowing it back again before it was fully expelled.

Mother and son watched the beautiful and erotic scene, and Josh started to alternate the speed and length of his thrusts. Beth's mouth was wide open as she began to groan loudly and quickly. The sight before her, and her son's continually changing thrusts stimulated her to another level of arousal. Beth watched engrossed as her son's small dick pushed through her spongy, fat outer pussy lips, as he drove it into her; then to see his dick slid out, pulling her smaller inner lips with him, so that her whole pussy was being gently pulled outward. Accompanying this scene was the sound track of their sex; the slurping and sucking of her pussy juices and his previous cum lubricating the way for her son. It aroused them both as they listened and watched, fascinated by the whole scene; because for mother and son this had been but a fantasy 2 days ago.

Beth could feel her body gently building to its climax, as her son seemed to instinctively know what she needed, and he began to pick up his pace. Josh had been aware that he would last a lot longer this time, and he wanted it to be good for his mum. He wanted it more than anything in the world at that moment. As Beth responded to her son's increased tempo with faster and louder breathing, her groans became more urgent and as her own body thrust back at her son just as fast, she threw her head back and yelled with eyes closed.

"Oh yes, yes, yes. Oh baby, baby yeah that's it, that's it, yeah, yeah..." And then her sounds were unintelligible, more animal like. Beth dropped her face to stare into her own baby's eyes as he pumped into her, and both could see the raw, primeval lust in the other. Beth's moth flew open and she grunted and growled as Josh picked up his pace yet again so her chair rocked and squealed on the tiled floor. Then in an explosion of passion and sexual fulfilment, Beth came and her pussy flooded her young son's dick. This was too much for Josh, who had been trying to hold it together to give his mother the best he could. Now Josh joined his mother's cries of sexual ecstasy, and they suddenly wrapped each other in an embrace so fierce it shocked them both. Once their out pouring of utter satisfaction subsided, they again collapsed into each others arms, and Josh's legs finally got a respite.

The odd thing was they had both just succeeded in seducing the other. From this moment on, although there would be their small disagreements, their love and devotion for each other was absolute and would know no bounds. Mother and son had found their soul mates. This mismatched pair were so perfectly matched, neither would ever have a thought of seeking someone else. Josh was not the first of the 20, he was the second.


2020-11-10 02:08:11
Would love to have more chapters about all 20 of the club members seducing their mothers


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Would love to have more chapters about all 20 of the club members seducing their mothers


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Fun story. Well done.

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