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Leesa needs some real cock.
Leesa is finding marriage is not measuring up in more ways than one. By chance she meets Myra at the supermarket. A friend to talk to. But on Myra’s farm she experiences delights and promise of fulfilment.

Beth smiled at Leesa. “I saw how you looked at the pony before. Were you shocked or excited?” she asked. Leesa blushed “excited, very excited” she replied “I have never seen a cock that large”. “What about your husband” Beth asked. Leesa laughed “oh God my fingers are longer”. Myra chuckled. “Yes the pony is large and it feels so nice”. Leesa looked surprised. “Nice?” she gasped “you mean, you know, done it with him”. “Yes” said Myra “both Beth and I have had the pleasure many times. Would you like to try it honey”. Leesa hesitated. Looking at a cock almost 12” long was very different to actually have sex with it. “Why don’t you have a play with him first and see what happens” suggested Myra. Beth echoed the idea.

Leesa thought for a moment or two and then said ok. “Don’t bother getting dressed” Myra said “just put on these boots and we will all go to the barn”. The three naked women headed out the door and towards the barn. The warm afternoon air felt nice on Leesa’s body. She felt so turned on being naked in the open. They went into the barn and Beth led one of the ponies out of the stall. “Isn’t he handsome” Beth said enthusiastically “he is mine and Myra favour. So gentle and easily aroused”. She instructed Leesa to rub his flank and down to his belly. As she did so his cock started to appear. “Oh yes, you are doing it right honey. See his big cock appear” gushed Myra.

Leesa stared at the growing cock swinging under the pony’s belly. She reached out and grasped it. The pony snorted. It was obvious he was used to being handled. Soon he was fully extended. Leesa began to stroke him gentle. She could feel her pussy getting wet. Her eyes were wide as the pony stamped his hoofs on the ground. “He is getting excited Leesa love. He knows where he wants to bury that cock. Are you ready for it sweetheart. Would you like to know what a real cock feels like?”

Leesa squatted under the pony and fondled his cock. Myra and Beth were egging her on but she didn’t hear them. Her mind was buzzing. She looked up at her two companions and gave a broad smile. “My God it is so big” she said, also drooling “I want to do it”. Turned and leaning over she tried to aim the huge weapon at her soaked pussy. “Let me help” said Beth and took charge. Leesa sighed as she felt the flared tip push against her and then slip inside. She moaned as she moved back slowly, each movement resulted in a deeper intrusion. She groaned as the pony’s cock began to open her up. “Oh shit it is so big” she cried. “Do you want me to stop” asked Beth. “Don’t you dare” squealed Leesa “I want it all”.

Beth continued to push harder and began to work it back and forth. Leesa’s eyes were open wide but not as wide as her pussy. The pony started to get excited and pushed forward. “Oh fuck” screamed Leesa “I love it. More, I want more”. Beth chuckled “you have the whole 12” honey. There is no more” and with that she again worked it back and forth as the pony also played his part. The pony whinnied and Leesa let out a deep howl as she felt her pussy suddenly fill. “Oh shit he is cumming” she wailed but Beth and Myra already knew that as the juices squirted out and down the inside of Leesa’s thighs. It was only a minute or so when the pony’s cock grew soft and slid from Leesa’s still shuddering body.

“That was amazing” Leesa sighed “it was so nasty but so great”. Even as she stood up her pussy was still dripping on the barn floor. The scene had been too much for Myra and she was leaning against the barn wall fingering herself. Leesa smiled, Beth smiled, Myra moaned. “I think you had better have a shower” suggested Beth and she and Leesa headed back to the house. “I will put the pony away” called out Myra. “I bet she will” mused Beth and laughed. Leesa turned around to see Myra begin to fondle the pony’s flank. “She is trying to get him big again” whispered Leesa. Beth just laughed “yes we won’t see her for a while” replied Beth.

Under the water Beth began to kiss Leesa. “Did you enjoy that sweetheart?” she asked Leesa but she already knew the answer. “It was fantastic” sighed Leesa “thank you honey” and she kissed Beth back. “Better than your husband?” said Beth with a chuckle. Leesa smiled “I don’t think I could ever fuck him again” she said. Beth and Leesa fondled each other. “My pussy is sore” said Leesa. Beth turned off the water and pulled Leesa into the bedroom and onto the bed. Let me kiss it better” Beth whispered and spent the next nearly 15 minutes licked Leesa’s pussy and clit. Finally Leesa called a halt. “Please stop honey. You are making me so horny” moaned Leesa.

It was maybe half an hour when Myra returned to the house. The smile on her face bore testament to the fact that the pony had risen to the occasion again. Now dressed the three of them sit in the living room. “I suppose I should call my husband to say I will be home late” sighed Leesa. “Or you could tell him you will be home tomorrow as you are staying with a friend” suggested Myra. Leesa pondered for a minute or so and then said “what a good idea” she gushed “I guess he will not really miss me for one night. Tom didn’t sound all that happy when she rang but in reality he was happy. It meant meeting up with a couple of mates in the pub. “That’s ok” he said “enjoy yourself”. Little did he know how much she had already enjoyed herself.

Myra made up a bed in the spare room for Leesa. Both she and Beth decided to let her rest. Leesa fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. It had been quite a day. Her introduction to bisexual pleasure followed by her introduction to bestiality had worn her out but the restful smile as she slept bore testimony to her acceptance of her new adventures. It was mid-morning when she surfaced. Myra and Beth had already had breakfast but Myra cooked up some eggs and coffee for her new friend. “Are you ok?” she asked, fearing Leesa may have some regret about the day before. Leesa assured her that it was all good and hinted that she would like to “visit the barn” again. “I know what you mean honey” pipped up Beth “once you try it once you want more”.

Myra began to cook lunch as Beth showed Leesa around the rest of the farm. Beth showed her the horses they used for breeding. “I get so turned on watching a stallion impregnate a mare” she volunteered “of course Myra does entertain herself with a stallion sometimes”. “What about you?” asked Leesa. “Oh I have played around a bit” Beth relied and laughed. Leesa looked at one of the stallion and her pussy twitched. “Maybe you could show me” suggested Leesa. “Not now honey, Myra will be getting lunch ready so we better go back to the house”. Leesa looked over her shoulder as they turned back to the house. Her mind was spinning. Was a horse bigger than a pony?

After lunch Leesa kept thinking about how good the pony felt inside her. She has hesitant to mention it but Beth read her mind. “Would you like to go to the barn again before you go home honey” she asked Leesa. That got a rigorous nod. Heading down to the barn Leesa could feel her pussy tingling. She smiled as she enjoyed the feeling. Beth got one of the ponies out of the stable and tied him to one of the central supports. Leesa, now passed being embarrassed slipped of her panties and watched as Beth coaxed his cock out of his sheaf. Leesa gave a little moan and licked her lips as she watched it grow.

Leesa bent over and Beth began to stroke the pony’s cock and then rubbed it against Leesa’s clit. The moans got louder as Leesa warmed to the task. The first couple of inches inserted into Leesa love tunnel elicited a squeal and then a groan. “Oh yes. Oh fuck yes” moaned Leesa as it was pushed deeper. Now she began to move back and forth, each time pushing back a little further. Beth didn’t need to assist any longer as Leesa’s thrusts backward increased. Moments later she had taken the full length of the pony’s meat and was howling with pleasure. Her eyes glazed, mouth open she surrenders totally to the pleasure gripping her. The pony snorted and he thrust forward as he climaxed. Cum sprayed from Leesa’s tormented pussy and her screams of pleasure filled the barn.

It was several minutes before the pony was able to withdraw. Leesa struggled to keep him deep inside her as she rubbed her clit. Only after she came did she lean forward. She moaned as his cock slid out, his cum dripping down her thighs. “Oh fuck I love that so much” groaned Leesa. “No kidding” said Beth and they both chuckled. “You better get cleaned up honey. Myra said she will take you back the shopping centre to pick up your car”. After her shower Leesa hugged Beth. “Thank you honey” she said and kissed her. Myra drove her back to her car and they kissed. Leesa realised she hadn’t done the shopping so she did a quick run around the supermarket and got the bare essentials. Back home Tom meet her when she walked into the kitchen. “Did you have fun?” he asked. She smiled and nodded. “If you only knew” she pondered.
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