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Jay forces Anna to please him for the first time
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If there was one thing Anna Panone hated, it was giving oral sex. Actually, Anna had grown up quite the prude, and while her husband had opened her to many new sexual experiences, holding one in her mouth, much less getting a mouth or throatfull, was NOT her cup of tea. She had heard that the roads to power took you to some unexpected places, but she never imagined this. Her husband was only her third real sex partner, besides a few one night stands in college, and Derek, the man that this damn-kid caught her with, was the first man she’d EVER done anything like that with. At first it seemed exciting, but Derek was a decade older than her and really it was over before it began, she was just starting to push back into him, and suddenly Derek had whipped out & squirted himself on her butt cheek. It got her on the coveted governance board, but she should have known things couldn’t go THAT easy.

Anna walked over kind of stilted and, kneeling, said in a meek voice “But…..Jay……”

“But nothing.” Jay snapped back, “You’re gonna suck this off, and thank me for it.” He smiled as he watched her bend to his will. “You made a mistake, and now you will pay the price.” As she knelt in front of him, Jay added “Let’s get that shirt off too, I want to see those knockers.” As if to emphasize it, Jay slumped on the couch, serving his dick right up in front of her.

With a look that was similar to having to take bad medicine, Anna numbly pulled the shirt over her head. She was wearing a simple, cotton bra and her C cup breasts with ample, dark areolas were clearly visible. At his gesture, she shuffled forward on her knees. The feel of the young man’s hands squeezing her breasts and giving her nipples a tug would have been preferred, were they her husband’s hands, but they weren’t. She looked down at the large cock in her hand, and taking a deep breath, she exhaled, opened her mouth, and leaned forward, taking the first bit of him into her mouth. At least he smelled freshly showered, she thought.

Although she clearly did not want to have anything to do with a blowjob, she took to it pretty well, Jay thought. Jay had always ‘lucked out’ on the side of females that did not do oral, and today was the same, although he had to say that seeing this gorgeous woman with her lips locked on his Gila-Monster was more than he could have hoped for. After about three good head bobs, she released it, and looked at him with pleading eyes. Jay instinctively moved his hand to the back of her head, but she really didn’t require prompting, instead opening her mouth and, keeping eye contact, held the shaft as she rubbed the underside of his head on her tongue, and that elicited a smiling groan.

Jay had read watched enough porn to know what throat fucking was. He had to admit, she was gorgeous, by far the best he’d ever had, and with only the slightest nudge, she took him back into her mouth again, this time adding suction, and Jay groaned loudly at the feel of her lips moving up and down his shaft. The feeling was incredible, and Jay narrowed his eyes as he tried to hold on and make that feeling last.

Anna realized that now this kid was searching for the back of her throat. She knew there was no way she was going to take a blast of his goo without throwing up all over him and her leather couch, but she tried to relax, and just let things roll. Actually, it was almost as though this was all some kind of bad dream, and not really happening. She knew that if she just hung on and bought time, she’d figure a way out of this, and make this damn kid pay, but for now, her mouth would have to be what ‘bought time.’ Knowing that his head back in that soft part of her throat would make him blow, she had to do something, so she released and brought her mouth off him. She could feel his hand on the back of her head, so she turned her head sideways and, taking the side of his shaft onto her lips, she ran them down the length of him, then slowly back up, and took him back into her mouth again. Knowing he would try to go back to the throat, she did it again, hoping to excite him into Cumming and getting out of this, if only for the moment.

Jay should really have kept his head about him and just enjoyed the moment. He knew she was clearly doing what needed to be done to get it over with, and he didn’t blame her a bit, but he was enjoying having this woman, easily a 15 on a 10 scale, blowing him. Like it or not, she was sucking him so hard, his knees could not have wrinkles. Twice he had worked the head of his dick back into the soft area of her throat and twice she had moved it out and licked his shaft. That part really did it for him. Had he been able to hold it in the back of her throat, he could have face pumped her for a long time, but the combination of her beauty, his success, and the moment was catching up to him.

Anna could feel his dick starting to ‘twitch’ and already, he leaked some salty precum, which had its own taste. She hated this, but even so, she had to admit the kid had a large piece of meat, and she was surprised she hadn’t gagged on it sooner. When he had it in the back of her throat that last time, she felt some precum leak, and started gagging just a bit. Were she not worried about her house, she would gladly have vomited on him, the smug little son of a bitch. his hips were pumping now, and she had to get him out of her mouth. She knew it wouldn’t be long now.

Jay let her take it into her mouth, then gripped the back of her neck. His dick was stuck over in her cheek, pushing it out. That plus the drool on her chin was quite a sight. She looked really stressed, and that last time in her throat she was starting make gagging noises. While that excited him all the more, he figured she would barf or some stupid shit like that if he throat-blasted her. She had a few fingers around the base, and was jacking him too, and that was just too-too much. Jay knew the hubby would he home soon so, as his hips began to convulse and pump, right on the edge of control (OK, a bit over it), he relaxed his grip. She immediately pulled him out…and then Jay held her fast, and promptly shot his wad on her face. Jay got her upper lip, nose, cheek, then streamed it off into her hair. Letting it drip down, he got her neck and upper chest for good measure, and smiled. Like it or not, she was now clearly marked.

With a deep breath, Jay stood up, albeit a bit shaky. Already, she was wiping her face and coughing, no doubt cursing him under her breath, too. As he packed his wet junk away, he zipped up, and looked down at her, grinning. “Whelp, looks like we’re off to a good start.” He said

Grabbing her shirt, Anna spat into it, and coughed. “Asshole…!” she said. Getting up, she then grumbled angrily, “You’d best forget about ever do-“

With a wave of his hand jay interrupted her, speaking loudly “SHUT UP WOMAN” he replied, then added “While I’m here for the next week or so we’ll be doing what I want, when I want, as I want, for however long I want, got it?” Stepping across to the patio door he then added “unless you want to throw your life away. Your choice. But remember, my way is temporary, yours is permanent.” Glancing out thru the front room, “Good thing you got me off when you did, looks like Daddy’s home. I’ll be in touch.” Jay burst out laughing as Anna’s eyes went wide. Just then, the garage door began opening, and Jay saw Anna running for the counter & the stairs.

Stepping casually out the patio door, Jay waited until he heard Mr. Panone heading up the stairs, calling for his wife. Jay then sauntered over to the low spot in the fence and hopped over, wondering if Anna was up there hiding &brushing her teeth. He was hardly in his house when his Mom pulled in to the drive as well. Jay was a decent cook and had promised Mom, so he went to wash up and then make dinner. After all, it would give him time to plan…and he had some really good ideas
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