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Jay continues his fun. Anna’s has her limits pushed as herbody betrays her
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Seeing her try to ‘hide’ her orgasm just made Jay realize that this was something he had to push thru, just he had read, so pushing thru was exactly what he planned to do here. Her nipple was instantly hard in his mouth, so he knew he was onto something, now just to see where it would go. Setting the wand aside, Jay returned to lightly tracing Anna’s body. “Now Anna, that was good…very good.” He said thru his evil grin, “But not good enough, so we’re going to do it again.” Seeing her eyes widen, Jay slid his fingers along the inside of her thigh lightly touching her vaginal lips, causing Anna to gasp. “That’s right, I want a second orgasm, and for this one Pet, I want to hear you scream, got that?” Jay flipped on the wand, but left it where it was. Instead, he slid his fingers inside Ana, right over her sensitive lips. Hearing her groan and protest he responded the best way possible - he plunged his face directly on to her hot, sensitive, totally soaked cunt.

When Anna heard ‘Again’, she was without thought or words. Anna had never had anyone try to garner more than one orgasm out of her, she wasn’t even sure if she could do it, yet here she was She had expected to have to accept his dick, but in response, before she really had time to process the info, her body tensed as a pair of fingers pushed past her labia, her sensitive lips, and deep inside her. It caused her to groan loudly, and she felt her thighs naturally ‘open’ to the fingers, her body was now fully betraying her! Just when she was about to protest, The Kid plunges his face onto her. As she felt his fingers expand inside her, The Kid used his tongue to make one long LIIICK up her labia, to which she cried aloud, and just as with her nipples, The Kid took her clit into her mouth and suckled it. THAT caused to arch her back, pushing her breasts towards the ceiling, and pull HARD against her bonds. An absolute yell came from deep in her lungs, and again her thighs opened, wanting more.

The fingers were now pumping in and out of her, The Kid was holding her pussy in his mouth, and she was a writhing, moaning mess. A bit ago the hand not inside her had pulled away, and was now holding her hips still. Then, she heard it, it was another buzz. Looking down, she saw Jay smiling at her, his mouth and face wet, & not all of it was sweat. He was holding a pink, vibrating ‘egg’ on a cord. Anna tried to put her hand down as to indicate ‘no’, but he smiled, suckled one of his fingers, and with that, she felt the vibrating egg enter her body. With a “nN-No!-AHhhh……” she felt it enter her and again, those lovely fingers pushed it deep into her, guiding the egg. Anna was gasping and panting now. She looked to the side and saw her face in the mirror. It was totally soaked in sweat, and wracked with LUST. Although her clit had been initially numb, that was now gone, and she could now feel it. Yes, that was it, a giant, massive wave building within her. Part of her felt shame. Her body was betraying her, and at the touch of another man. But a bigger part, the part taking over, was all about the ’wave’. She WAS multi-orgasmic, & what’s more, she was about to, and did not want to stop it.

‘Damn she tastes great,’ Jay thought. This woman was about a 15 on a 10 scale, and jay was getting ready to make her C&* a second time. Jay didn’t really have much experience with intercourse, but his ‘head game was on point,’ as one former girlfriend had told him. That, plus the knowledge that this was the only time he would get THIS opportunity in his life, fucking a model-quality woman of this caliber meant he had to make the most of this opportunity while it lasted. When Jay had his fingers inside her he expanded and wiggled them, and when he was slow-pumping, his fingers were together on entry, expand, twist, and withdraw, then repeat, and boy, was it ever working. Guiding that electric egg in was just the next step, and he could tell she was about to do it again. For someone so reluctant, she was certainly getting into it, so he kept at it. Again, her hips were starting to make that odd little ‘tuck’ from earlier, and her breath was shorter. Yeah, it was close. With one final LIIIIICK he put his fingers together and, lifting up a bit, at last made eye contact with his fuck toy. She had that lost-pleading look again, but this time tinged with lust, she had to be one the edge. Now his fingers picked up the rhythm to a furious pace and he said cooed, “CumAnna,,,CUM….”, and THAT did it.

Jay was honestly surprised as Anna Panone pulled HARD against her bonds, and arching her back to its fullest, she raised her hips in a “yoga-bridge”-like position, but with it she emanated a piercing, wailing scream. “AAAAAHHHhhh-JAAAAAAY – Oh GAAAAAH>>>>>>” then fell back to the bed, a heaping twitching mess. Jay knew that ‘aftershock’ twitch thing meant he had maxed her out, as it were , too bad he had yet to get off. Or…perhaps too good.

Jay told her how good that was, as he eased the egg out. He also untied her, and, rolling her onto her tummy, he took several minutes to rub her shoulders and biceps, having spent nearly an hour restrained like that. Kissing her lightly down her back, Jay stopped and rubbed her sexy ass. His toy was laying there panting, almost wheezing. “Now Pet….” Jay said softly, “You didn’t know you were multi- did you?” he asked. Running his hand across her butt, he ever so gently tugged it open, so he could see her dull pink pussy, and added “Now this space at the top of your legs, that makes this little window? Day-umm….I love that, and….” And as he said that he rubbed a little deeper, almost at her vaginal opening said “I am going to have that,” and as he said it, he rolled her gently on to her back, “Right now..” Standing at the edge of the bed, he lifted her hips and pulled her to the edge and, lifting her ankles to touch his chest, he placed the head of his large, throbbing dick so that his head was just rubbing her pubes, then gave it a few ‘taps’ on her clit, which made her whimper. Guiding it down, parting her labia, he looked up, had solid eye contact, and whispered “my turn” and pushed slowly in to her, watching her face change as her incredibly hot wetness opened to accept him.

Anna she was no expert , but she found jay’s dick to be neither the largest nor the smallest she’d had, but DAY-UM his presentation was on point! Her pussy was incredibly sensitive, and she was still coming down off the high of a second orgasm, but The Kid, damn his hide, DID manage to push all the right buttons. He could have just flopped her over on her stomach and pounded her out, but the way he took that bit of time before made all the difference. The part about keeping eye contact didn’t hurt a bit, either.

Now she was on her back, and her ankles on The Kids shoulders, and his very satisfying dick was sliding in and out of her. The kid had long since won this round, she was totally submissive to him, yet she was still super-sensitive. She was moaning now, because The Kid would thrust into her, then do this ‘grind’ thing*, that* would make her moan, then go back to thrusting, then grinding. With each hand squeezing a breast, she was really enjoying the ride…‘Holy Shit’, she thought, ‘a third time?’ She wasn’t sure if that was really possible, and so as The Kid was thrusting into her, she put her hand on his stomach and said “Jay, softer..Not-ah- so damn har-ah- soft…er…” To that, the Kid changed up his game. Grabbing an ankle in each hand, he stretched her legs wide apart, her legs outstretched as far as possible, and this just served to rub her sensitive pussy lips on him even more “UHH!” she called out. The Kid smiled resumed his merciless pounding, & Anna’s face was now red and grimaced, and with each thrust as he pushed in to her, she tucked her chin and whimpered loudly. His speed was really picking up now, she really hoped he was close. “*UUH-Jaaay – UUUUH_*DAMN_JAYYY!” she yelled, she felt like she was going to cum a third time, &was nearly crying now.

Now it was Jay’s turn to lose it, and he surely was. Fucking this gorgeous woman’s cunt until she was screaming his name while red-faced, all from his pumping, pushed him over the edge. He should have lasted longer, but it was no use. He was there, he was going over the edge. Pulling himself out at the last possible moment, he proceeded to let his balls dump several thick, gooey ropes of ejaculate on Anna’s pubic hair, breasts and stomach. It was a fine sight, covering her like that…A tiny bit made have gotten her hair It Jay felt like it shot out hard enough to chip the paint off the walls.

It was far and away the best work he’d even done, on the most attractive woman he’d ever known. And the best part? He still had a week at least. He wondered if his poor dick could take it. Checking the remote, he saw a tiny light, so the pinhole cameras he installed most certainly captured enough to be used if needed, or if only to protect himself when he handed the parts his fuck toy knew about over. He was a man of his word, after all

Anna got home about 45 minutes ahead of her husband, Dave. She drug herself to the shower tired and totally disheveled. She stunk of dried sweat & ejaculate. Texting Dave, she said “I feel sick, gonna shower and go to bed. A”. After her shower she found it hard to look at herself in the mirror. The sex was incredible, but her & power lust had caused to break her marital bonds. The worst part was, it wasn’t over yet, and even after, she was going to have to live with all of it. Alone for the moment, she cried herself to sleep.
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