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Karen is stressed out from work, so much so that a hypnosis

game she plays with her kids has an extreme effect, with a fiery result.
Karen pulled into the driveway after another shitty day at work. The pandemic had greatly affected her job and she was forced to work overtime almost every day just to keep her job. Being a single mom and raising 3 kids wasn't easy since the year prior her husband had left her and her family.

Karen was thirty seven, she was still in fairly good shape and good looking for her age. Her oldest daughter Laura was in her junior year, her daughter Gina and her son Josh were both in their freshman year.

She walked into the house and just wanted to just burn the place down with everyone in it and let all of her worries go, but she couldn't. Tonight was Halloween night and she always celebrated it with her kids by watching a scary movie or playing some "haunted" board games, and tonight would be no different.

She went up to her room to change into a more comfortable outfit. She made sure that her door was locked, Josh had been entering puberty lately and has gotten "curious" about women, even to the point of spying on his mother and sisters while they change. Karen and Laura made sure to close their doors when changing, but Gina didn't mind, it was as if she was almost putting on a show. Karen had intended to talk to both Josh and Gina about this, but hadn't gotten to it yet.

She put on a T-shirt and was about to put on pajama pants when she decided she was horny and started fondling around with her pussy, and within a minute was full on masturbating. She had been incredibly horny lately since it was over a year since she was with someone. She did her best to try and not have her kids notice. She got dressed and went downstairs.

After dinner it was time for their annual tradition of creepy board games. Laura brought out a new one. "What's this?" asked Karen. "It's game where 2 or more people try to hypnotize a player" Laura said "So, who are we gonna hypnotize?". "I think it should be mom" Gina said. "Yeah let's do it" Josh said. Karen agreed and they started with the game. It came with one of those pocket watches you can swing to hypnotize someone, and they pulled up swirly videos on their phones. The game usually has a minor hypnotizing effect on the player, but because Karen was so stressed it worked well enough to completely hypnotize her.

Once she was hypnotized, they would make her do and say silly things. When they were done they were supposed to bring her out of it. "Says here on the box you're supposed to lightly pinch the player, a small amount of pain is supposed to bring them out of it" Laura said. Gina reached over and pinched Karen's arm. "Ok that should do it" said Laura "Mom are you back?". "Yeah..." Karen said in monotone. What they didn't realize is that she was still hypnotized, she was far deeper in hypnosis because of her stress. And therefore it would have taken a significantly greater amount of pain to bring her out. "What do I do now?" Karen said as the kids were packing up the game. "Uhmm, whatever you want, mom" Josh said not realizing Karen still thought she was in the hypnotizing game.

"Whatever I want" Karen thought to herself in her hypnotized state "Alright". Gina and Josh were putting on a costume to go to a Halloween party. Josh had a pirate costume while Gina had a slutty witch costume. Laura didn't have many friends and was staying home for the night. Meanwhile Karen was wondering around the house thinking about what she had to do, do what she "wants". "I'm gonna dress slutty,  that's what I want" Karen thought to herself.

She went upstairs to her bedroom, took off her pajama pants and put on stalkings that came up only a few inches below her underwear. She also changed her T-shirt for one that was shorter and more reaveling. She walked down stairs and outside into their backyard. It was a full moon, seeing this made her feel horny for some reason. She put her hands down her underwear and started masturbating. Laura was sitting in her room and saw her mother masturbating in the corner of her eye, she looked over and couldn't believe what she saw. "Oh my God what the Hell?!" Laura said.

As Karen was climaxing she looked up at the moon and loudly moaned. After she was done she had to pee, but didn't feel like going inside. "What I want" she thought to herself. She pulled her underwear down to her ankles, spread her legs and peed on the grass.

"Guys there's something seriously wrong with mom" Laura said to Gina and Josh as they were getting ready. "What is it?" said Gina. "She's outside in her underwear, and I think that-I think she was touching herself" Laura said. "What?! Bullshit!" Gina said "Whatever, Josh and I are getting picked up in an hour so you deal with it".

"What the fuck seriously?!" Laura yelled. Karen heard her kids arguing as she came back inside. "Why can there never be peace in this house, it isn't what I want, I have to do something about that" Karen thought to herself "I have to stop them from acting this way, but how..."

"Fine I'll do it myself for fuck's sake" Karen heard Laura yell at Gina. Laura then stormed down the stairs to talk to her mother.

"I must punish them, yes that's how I'll do it, but the fire would be so cruel, they're my children, no it's what I want and I'll do it." Karen thought to herself.

"Hey mom, are you ok? I uhmm... saw you outside" Laura said to her mother. "I'm fine Laura, I'm doing what I want, I have some things to do now, please go" said Karen. "Uhmm, ok" Laura said completely weirded out, and went upstairs. Karen then went to the basement and made "preperations" for the punishment. She took 3 old crates and nailed a metal grate over the open side. "Just like a toilet, perfect for punishment" she said to herself. She then took some wood and paper and stuffed it inside of the crates, as if she was making a campfire inside them. She walked to the garage to get a can of flammable gel, and chains with locks. "This will hold them" Karen said while holding the chains. After she put the chains and fire gel in the basement she went up to her room and opened their safe. "Now to motivate them to comply" she said as she reached for the glock inside.

The kids were all sitting in Gina's room on their phones getting ready to leave when Karen approached them, but they didn't see the gun at first. She went up behind Laura and said "Take off your pants". "Uhmm, what?!" Laura said. Karen then pressed the gun against Laura's butt. Laura turned her head and almost pissed herself when she saw the gun, Gina and Josh then also noticed the gun. "M-mom what are you doing?" Laura asked in a frightened voice. "Do it" Karen commanded.

Not wanting her ass cheeks blown off Laura complied and took off her pants. "And now your underwear" Karen said. Laura looked at her mother desperately hoping it was all some cruel joke, but then saw the seriousness on her mother's face and took them off. She cupped her crotch so she wouldn't expose herself to Josh. "Now you two do the same" Karen said looking at Gina and Josh. Josh did as he was told, Gina had her slutty witch dress on and had to remove it entirely and then her underwear, Gina was now wearing nothing except her bra and a witch's hat. "Let's go to the basement" Karen said once all three of her kids were bottomless. They walked down the stairs in a single file line, and they were all cupping their private parts to not expose themselves. Once they got to the basement they saw the crates setup, Laura saw the fire wood stacked inside the crates and got scared as she knew what they might be used for. Josh was trying to hide his akward boner from seeing his sisters naked from the waist down.

"Now stop cupping your crotches, and take that can of gel over there and rub it on each other, Laura put some on Josh, Josh you put some on Gina, and Gina you put some on Laura" Karen said "Put it between the bottom of the hips and the bellybutton,  and make sure all of you put lots around the crotch, Laura put lots around Josh's dick". Within a minute all three of them had gel completely covering from their thighs to their bellybuttons. "Mom what are you gonna do?" Gina asked while shaking with fear. "You'll see in a minute, but right now I want..... to be eaten out, Josh drop to your knees and eat my pussy" Karen said as she took off her underwear. Karen was now only wearing her thighhigh stalkings and a shirt.

Josh obeyed, kneeled down in front of her, and started licking her vagina. "Oh no Gina, she's still hypnotized" Laura said. "Wait so the pain of ths pinch didn't bring her out of it?" Gina said. "Josh, bite her clit to bring her out of it" Laura said.

Hearing this Karen protectively pulled her crotch away from Josh's face "Don't you dare" she said as she pointed the gun at Josh's genitals "I'd blow your balls off".

"Ok now each of you sit on the crates" Karen ordered. They obeyed and all took a seat on one. Karen than went around to Laura, tied her hands behind her back with a zip tie and secured her legs to the crate with the chain and lock, positioning them that Laura's legs were spread in a "v" shape. She then did the same to both Gina and Josh.

"Oh isn't this ironic, Gina you're dressed as a witch, and witches were burned alive. Which is exactly what I'm gonna do to you" Karen laughed. "WHAT?! NOO!! MOM PLEASE!!" Gina yelled in desperation, Josh started breathing heavily in panic, and Laura just cried softly. "And Gina my dear, you'll be first" Karen said as she gently kissed Gina in the neck.

"PLEASE!!!!" Gina cried in desperation. Karen grabbed a box of matches, pulled one out, and lit it. Gina's life flashed before her eyes as Karen lowered it towards her crotch. "OH GOD PLEASE NOT THERE!!" Gina cried as she tried to close her legs to protect her Lady Parts, but the chains wouldn't allow it. Karen smiled cruelly and brought the match down close enough between her legs to singe her small bush of pubic hair, she then dropped the match into the crate. The match landed on the pile of paper and fire wood which was stacked up inside, it was stacked high enough to only be 8 inches below Gina.

Karen then stepped back and watched the fruits of her labor unfold with satisfaction. The paper started to catch fire first, but the wood joined soon after. Gina could really feel the heat on her bottom, "MOM PLEASE I'M YOUR DAUGHTER!! DON'T LET ME BURN!!!" she cried as the heat on her ass and crotch was beginning to become too much to bear. The fire spread and the flames got higher, the increasing heat was getting the gel on her warmer, but not yet warm enough to ignite. Gina got more and more desperate, she started pulling on the chains, which was no use. Finally the fire got high enough, and a flame started licking at her left butt cheek, and after a few seconds the gel there ignited, making Gina scream in pain. Within 10 seconds the fire spread all over her both her butt cheeks and butt hole.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OH GOOOOODDD!!!" Gina screamed while shaking her hips as much as the chains would allow. Karen was incredibly turned on by this and started masturbating Everyone could smell the burning flesh, "It smells like bacon sweety" Karen chuckled. Soon after the fire began to burn her hips, thighs, and the back of her pussy lips, soon after that her pubic hair caught on fire. The pain quickly made her lose control of her bladder and she let out the last but of pee which fell into the burning crate. Everyone could smell the distinct smell of evaporated piss and burned hair.

Once Gina's pubic hair was burned up the flames began to eat up her pussy in earnest. Her lips were melting and soon the flames found their way to her clit, causing her to experience pain she never thought possible. "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! OOOOOOOHHHH!!! NOT THERE!!! HELP MEEEE!!!" Gina screamed at the top of her lungs. Laura felt sympaty but also fear as she saw Gina's crotch on fire, knowing this would also soon happen to her. The flames were now spreading down her legs, and also going up her stomach and back, but the flames didn't go any higher then her bellybutton because there was now flammable gel beyond that point. The fire now relied on just Gina's flesh as fuel in order to climb higher. With all the pain Gina passed out. "Oh no you don't young lady" Karen said as she walked over and threw cold ice water in Gina's face, bringing her back to her hellish reality. At this point she was too weak to scream, and just simply moaned in agony.

Karen then looked at Josh, "Wow Josh you did a really good job oiling up your sister with gel, look how beautifully she's burning, ok your turn buddy" she said as she lit another match. She looked and saw that Josh still had a boner "I'm glad to see your still turned on" Karen said as she dropped the match between his legs and into the crate. The paper and firewood were on fire within 30 seconds, and in another 30 the flames were licking at his ass cheeks which slowly caught on fire. "OUCH!!!! AAAAHH!! MOM PLEASE HELP ME!!" Josh yelled as his ass was now completely on fire. The fire started to tease his ballsack, and within 10 seconds fully engulfed them, the flames were now also burning his small patch of pubic hair and quickly going up his erect penis. This caused Josh's yells to turn into screams. Laura felt sick as she saw his penis and balls on catch fire, she could tell that his testicles were literally boiling. She also felt bad as Josh was her youngest sibling and she felt a duty to watch over and protect him, her failure was obvious because his manhood was on fire. "WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!" Josh screamed. "Because sweety, like you told me, I'm doing what I want" Karen said calmly. As his dick was now completely ablaze Josh now realized that this whole thing was his fault.

The fire burned at his crotch for a bit, and then started burning upwards and caught onto his shirt, which caught on fire very quickly. From his thighs go his shoulders, Josh was now completely ablaze. "You also did a good job, oiling up your brother, Laura" Karen said.

Karen was still so hypnotized that she didn't even notice that half the basement was on fire. She then turned to the terrified Laura. "You know I always save the best for last" Karen said as she started sexually running her hands over Laura's upper thighs. "I know your secret you know, you're afraid of fire more than anything else. I've seen it, never joining when we had a fire in the fireplace, leaving the room when someone lights a candle. And today, you're going to burn" Karen said seductively in Laura's ear. Laura was now physically shaking with fear. Karen's hand continued to go up Laura's thighs and reached her shaven vagina, "Well what have we here, it's shaven, expecting someone to go down there?" Karen said "Instead of a dick, the flames will pleasure you down there".

Karen lit another match and brought it down between Laura's legs, "No please don't!! Put that out!!" Laura cried. "You know I'm not gonna even light the fire under you, this will be more fun" Karen said as she held the match by Laura's vagina lips until the gel caught on fire. "NO PLEASE DON'T BURN ME THERE, ANYWHERE BUT THERE!!!" Laura cried in a panic right before feeling the pain. Within a few seconds her entire crotch was ablaze. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! OOOOOOOHHHH!!! THE PAIN!!!! PLEASE!!!!!" Laura screamed as her pussy was burning. The flames started burning her thighs and hips, they were also going between her legs and burning her butthole. Her butt cheeks caught on fire 10 seconds after. "AAAAHHHHH!!!! SAVE ME MOM!!! PUT IT OUT!!!! PLEASE IT'S NOT TOO LATE!!!!" Laura screamed as her ass was completely engulfed. After her hips burned for another minute her shirt caught on fire. It burned upwards quickly and burned her tits causing extreme agony, unlike Gina who was lucky because she didn't wear a shirt and she died long before the flames got to her tits. "AAAAAAHHH!!!! JUST LET ME DIE!!!!" Laura screamed weakly as her tits and nipples melted.

The flames burned her hair and engulfed her head, her face soon followed. Laura was completely aflame, after another 15 seconds she died.

Karen saw all three of her kids on fire and started furiously masturbating, "Yes! This is what I want! I followed the instructions!" Karen moaned. She still didn't notice that the entire basement was on fire, and she was completely surrounded by flames. All of a sudden a large flame from around her leaped out and painfully scorched her ass. The pain was finally enough to bring her out of her hypnosis, and she realized what she did and what happened. "Noooo!! Oh my god what have I done?" she screamed in the realization and guilt of what she'd done. She quickly looked down as she felt a stinging pain at the bottom of her legs, the fire had caught onto her stalkings and quickly reached her thighs where the stalkings ended.

She screamed and hopped around in pain as the flames caught onto her pubic hair and were burning her pussy. Soon the fire from around her and from between her legs caught onto her ass cheeks and asshole, she could smell her own flesh burning. She was now on fire from her feet to her hips "This is what my kids had to go through, I deserve it" she thought to herself as she wildly shook her flaming hips in agony. Soon the fire caught onto her shirt and started burning her tits.

But luckily for Karen the smoke and fumes in the room caused her to pass out and die.
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