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The story of the night Mia and her professor ended up having the best sex of their lives.
As Night Unfolds

An original true story by Starrynight.

A huge thank you to Cherry brown for sharing her story with me. Cherry, thanks for putting up with me and all my intrusive questions, and for helping get this story just right. You deserve as much credit for how it turned out as I do.

The following is a true story. Minor details and names have been changed upon request.

Hope you enjoy.

Mia let out a frustrated sigh as she looked at the next semester's course board. They were all full, every spot of every class already taken. All except one. She stared at the name of the class in her frustration, the name of the professor not even slightly familiar, but it was the only class left, and she needed the credits. She sighed, shaking her head and looked at the time. It was already late, too late to call, and she decided to wait for tomorrow.

The following morning Mia called her course advisor and asked about the class, but that didn't turn out to be as helpful as she'd hoped. The professor was new and part-time, and the advisor didn't know much about him or the class. She offered Mia to schedule a meeting with the new professor and Mia agreed.


It was late afternoon, and winter's chill was heavy in the air as Mia made her way to the faculty office building. She was wearing a thick winter jacket and she kept her folded hands close to her chest for warmth. She moved along briskly until finally ducking into the building. The warmth inside immediately washed over her as she entered, the chill quickly evaporating, and a light blush covered her cheeks. Mia looked around, getting her bearings, until she finally spotted the professor's office. She was a few minutes early and the office door was closed, the professor in another meeting. She loosened her jacket and took a seat in the waiting area outside the office.

Mia sat there, idly running her fingers through her dark shoulder-length hair, as the previous meeting ran on, keeping her waiting. She was beginning to get hot in the jacket and unzipped it to cool off. Underneath, she was wearing a light V neck crop top, nicely hugging her large breasts and showing off a hint of her cleavage, just enough to keep it classy.

Mia was just smoothing out her top when the office door finally opened. Two familiar faculty members exited, one giving Mia a polite nod, and she got to her feet just as the professor called her name from inside the office, not even looking up. She entered the office timidly, not knowing what to expect from the new professor, and closed the door behind her.

"Hi professor." Mia mumbled, turning around to him, then froze. He was young, in his mid-thirties, much younger than Mia expected, and quite handsome. He was well-built, medium height, and smiled at Mia, pouring her a glass of water. He sat down in his large chair, offering her the water as Mia continued to stare at him. The professor cleared his throat, and Mia blushed, shaking it off, and took a seat across from him.

"So, what can I do for you Mia?" The professor asked with a genuine smile on his handsome face.

"Oh, um, I thought about taking your class this semester, and wondered if you can tell me some more about it, professor?" Mia asked sweetly, fidgeting with her fingers.

"Sure, no problem. And please, you can call me Richard." He said with a smile and Mia nodded. Richard gave Mia a short overview of the class, then answered a few follow-up questions as best he could. Mia nodded politely at the professor's answers, listening intently, and as she did, she caught him staring occasionally at her large breasts, their size quite noticeable underneath her top.

"Thanks for your time Professor Richard, I think that's it." Mia said when she finished asking all her questions.

"No trouble at all." Professor Richard said with a big smile. "Will I be seeing at class next week then?" he asked slyly.

"Yes, yes you will." Mia answered with a grin and got up to leave.

"Excellent." Richard said and rose to his feet too, moving to walk her out of the office. He walked Mia over to the door, and just as she was about to open the door, Richard spread his arms out and hugged her.

Mia was surprised but returned the hug, enjoying the professor's warm body pressed to hers. It was a short hug, and maybe he meant nothing by it, but Mia felt a tingling sensation between her legs. They released each other quickly, Richard smiling shyly, and Mia left the office as Professor Richard went back to his desk.


The following week the semester started and with it Professor Richard's course. The first class was interesting, and Mia listened, not able to look away from her sexy professor. After class, as Mia looked at her new schedule, she discovered that her next class was in the same lecture hall as Professor Richard's. She stayed there as all the other students left and only Professor Richard, who was collecting his things, remained. Mia walked up to him and started lightly flirting with him while she asked him about the course and what to expect.

They talked openly, Richard telling her which projects she could expect and what topics could be relevant, but all the while, his eyes kept darting to her large breasts, looking so good in the tight top she was wearing. At the end of their conversation, just as Richard was about to leave, he told Mia that if she had any more question, and wanted an office appointment with him, she could simply send him and email, and she didn't have to go through the advisory office. Mia grinned at him mischievously, and thanked him, thinking to herself she very well might take him up on it.


The semester went by and Richard and Mia continued chatting after each class. They flirted carefully at first, but as the weeks passed, it became bolder. Mia was sure to tell her professor about boyfriend, as they flirted, but as they talked after each class, it didn't go any further and they made sure not to say anything inappropriate.

After a few more weeks of class, right before a long weekend, Richard asked Mia if she would be willing to show him around town a little. He was new in town, and didn't know many people, so it was an innocent enough request, and Mia happily agreed. She couldn’t help but get a little excited about spending a day with her professor.

Mia met up with Richard a few days later to show him around. They drove all around town, Mia showing Richard the sights and all the best places to hangout. They were a little reserved at first, but as the day wore on, they became more open, and flirted more boldly with each other.

By the time it started getting dark they were both hungry. They grabbed a little to eat here and there throughout the day but did not have a proper meal. Richard suggested they go have dinner and maybe a drink, and Mia agreed. They went to a new restaurant Mia was meaning to try and sat down to eat. They sat across from each other, smiling politely and thanked the waiter as he brought them some water and menus. Mia gave the menu a glance, a teasing smile forming on her face and looked up at Richard.

"Hey, you know, I could probably beat you at a drinking contest." She said jokingly, showing him the special offers on shots as part of the restaurant's opening menu. They were both comfortable with each other after spending the day together and Richard gave her an amused look.

"No way you can drink more than me." Richard said with a laughing smile.

"Wanna bet?" Mia asked teasingly, all in good fun.

"Yeah, you want to?" Richard asked. "alright, you're on." He added after Mia nodded, shrugging, and signaled for the waiter to come over. They ordered food and quite a bit of shots and started drinking.

Richard downed six shots before giving up and admitting his defeat. Mia drank six shots, then claimed victory by drinking her seventh, and teased him as she downed Richard's final shot herself. Richard laughed giddily as he watched Mia, praising her for winning, and they continued to their meal.

They were both fine at first, the alcohol not yet affecting them, but after a few minutes they were beginning to feel its affects, especially Mia, who was hit hard by it.

"So, Richard…" Mia started, head starting to feel light, "I never told you this, but like, the first time I saw you, you know that time in your office, I kinda had butterflies in my stomach." Mia said to Richard shyly, the alcohol clearly kicking in.

"Really? Why is that?" Richard asked, raising an eyebrow while a sly smile spread across his lips.

"Well, you were not at all what I was expecting." Mia retorted.

"What were you expecting?" Richard asked teasingly.

"Some old tough professor, not some hot young guy." Mia said with a wicked grin.

"Mia I'm flattered." Richard said grinning, looking at her pretty face. Mia was beautiful, with her dark hair, deep eyes and amazing body. He found his eyes being drawn to her boobs, admiring them, but realized what he was doing and quickly looked back up. "So, how's your boyfriend?" He asked her with a hint of bitterness in his voice, trying to change the subject while also reminding her she had one.

"My boyfriend?" Mia snorted; the alcohol thick in her voice. "I don't even know why I'm with him anymore." She admitted to Richard.

"What, why?" Richard asked.

"When we started dating it was great. We went out a lot and spent time together, but now he barely even pays attention to me. I told him I was showing you around today and he didn't even look up at me as I left. You don't even wanna know how long it has been since we had sex." Mia said blatantly, pouting, her tongue completely loosened in her state.

Richard looked over at Mia as she started babbling, pouring her heart out about all the trouble she'd been having with her boyfriend. He looked at her, listening, watching her mouth move as she spoke with such pain in her voice. He moved closer as she continued to speak, staring at her lips until his chair was next to hers.

Mia froze as Richard suddenly placed a finger on her lips, quieting her tenderly. She stared at him wide-eyed, all too aware of his finger on her lips. She looked him in the eyes as he rubbed his thumb along her lower lip, then moved his other hand to her and placed it on her cheek. He leaned forward, careful but determined, pulling her to him, and without saying a word pressed his warm lips to hers.

A warm exciting feeling took over Mia as they engaged in a deep and passionate kiss. She closed her eyes at the feeling of his soft lips on hers, then opened her mouth, letting Richard slip his warm tongue inside. He slid his hands down her body, to Mia's slim waist, and held her closely as their kiss intensified, tongues dancing as they explored each other's mouths sensually.

It was a long passionate kiss, lasting for what felt like forever to Mia, but was still too short. They finally broke their kiss when they were both completely out of breath and pulled back. Mia and Richard raised their gazes, cautiously studying one another, trying to read each other, but they didn't have to try hard. It was obvious on their faces how much they wanted to have sex with each other.

They paid the bill and got out of the restaurant as fast as they could, barely saying a word to one another. They were both too drunk to drive so they quickly grabbed a cab and Richard directed the driver to his apartment. They drove in silence, exchanging lustful glances, both nervous yet eager.

Mia's heart was racing with excitement as she and Richard kissed, hands on one another and lips pressed together as they awkwardly made their way up to his apartment. When they reached his floor, they paused to take a breath, Richard opening the door, then he ushered Mia in, following behind her.

As soon as the door closed behind them, they were on each other again. Richard grabbed Mia and pushed her back against the wall with a passionate gleam in his eyes. He leaned into her, moving her hair away, then started nibbling on her ear sensually as she moaned. From there he moved back to her lips, grabbing her hands and raising them, holding them up over her head as he kissed her again. He pressed his lips to hers, kissing them hungrily, getting another taste of her warm mouth, then moved down. He released her hands, moving her hair away and started nibbling on her smooth elegant neck, planting small teasing kisses all along it as Mia cooed.

They were both already tingling with arousal as Richard pulled his lips away from Mia's neck and looked into her eyes, studying her fierce lustful gaze. He smiled at her and moved his hands to her dark blouse. Mia watched, breath trembling, as Richard fumbled with her blouse, slowly opening button after button all the way down, exposing her flat stomach before finally pulling it off. He wasted no time prying her bra open, and his manhood twitched in his pants as he pulled it off, exposing her large beautiful breasts and leaning in towards them.

"Oh god!" Mia mewled as Richard closed his lips around her erect nipple, sending a jolt of pleasure through her. His warm hands grabbed her gorgeous tits and she moaned as he started squeezing them while sucking on her nipple. Mia whimpered as Richard continued, turning her on more and more with each passing second. He switched between her tits as he sucked on them, latching his mouth onto one, then the other, getting her nipples so sensitive. She moaned at the pleasure of it, Richard's lips around her erect nipples feeling so good it was enough to make her cum.

"Oh my god!" Mia called out as her body tensed, a small orgasm shooting through her. It started at her sensitive nipples, Richard's mouth on them, and in a single jolt shot to between her legs. She let out a pleasure-filled groan, enjoying the intense bliss, then slowly looked back down at Richard as he pulled his lips away, smiling, and started moving down her body.

Professor Richard started licking his way down Mia's body, from her tits, down her flat stomach, and to her waist. A shiver ran through Mia as she watched, an intense amazing feeling rushing through her. She wasn't sure if this was the alcohol, or because she was being licked by her professor, but her body tingled all over.

Richard moved to his knees at Mia's feet and pulled his tongue away from her. He reached for her jeans and slowly began unbuttoning them. His dick was already throbbing in his pants and he eagerly slipped his fingers into her jeans, feeling her smooth skin. He paused for a second, almost hesitating, then pulled her jeans and panties down with a single motion, exposing her completely, and stared at her beautiful pussy as he saw it for the first time. It was shaved, not a stray hair on her smooth mound and Richard admired her vulva with arousal, eyes leveled with it. He bit his lip as he stared, inhaling Mia's intoxicating feminine aroma and felt his hard cock twitch. The sight of her was so incredibly arousing, that he just couldn't help himself.

"Ugh yes!" Mia let out in a trembling moan as Richard's tongue met her delicate folds. He ran his tongue along her seductive lips, getting his first taste of her, then pressed his lips to her bare pussy and started kissing it. "Oh god!" Mia moaned; her body almost trembling. The touch of his tongue and lips on her was new and exciting and it simply felt amazing. Her boyfriend would rarely go down on her, claiming he felt gross eating her pussy, and even the few times he did do it, it was nothing special, but Richard was completely different. He ate her pussy enthusiastically, licking and sucking, kissing and teasing, exploring her vulva with his mouth and tongue, and Mia's body shivered at his touch. Her moans alone were enough to tell how much she was enjoying it and how good it felt, completely new and different than anything she had experience before. She moaned as Richard continued to pleasure her so eagerly, the pleasure gradually increasing until it was too much.

"Oh my god!" Mia called out as she came again with Richard eating her pussy, his tongue sliding along every crevice of her womanhood. Her body trembled with bliss as she climaxed, her juices flowing out of her pussy and covering Richard's face. She leaned back against the wall, letting the extreme pleasure flow through her while Richard's mouth stayed on her vulva. He continued eating her pussy through her orgasm, feeling her body quivering against him, and only once it subsided, Richard stopped, pulling his mouth away from her. He stood back up, facing her, and smiled as he gave Mia another passionate kiss, letting her taste her own cum on him.

Mia pulled back from the sloppy kiss and looked back at Richard with a smirk. It was her turn to return the favor and she was eager to do so. She reached down to his pants, grabbing his cock, and even through his pants she could feel how hard he was. She squeezed his penis, making him moan, then moved down to her knees, kneeling in front of him. She reached for his pants, unzipping them as Richard hastily pulled his shirt off, then pulled down his pants and underwear, exposing her professor completely.

Mia's eyes grew wide as she grabbed Richard's erection and studied it. He was big, thick, and so very hard. She studied it for a moment, amazed, then started stroking him softly. She bit her lower lip and looked at his cock as she stroked him, studying it in her hands, his shaft warm and throbbing from her touch. She gave it a few more strokes, squeezing it, in awe by how hard he was, then she leaned forward. Her body tingled as her mouth opened. She held his shaft steadily, feeling nervous, and slowly took him in her mouth.

"Oh god!" Richard moaned as Mia took his dick into her warm mouth. She closed her lips around his big fat cock, struggling to take him in, and did her best to suck on it. Richard moaned again, enjoying the pleasure of her mouth and watched her as she started sucking on his cock, her hand around the base and her lips moving along.

Mia marveled at her professor's cock as she attempted to blow him. He was big, bigger than what she was used to, and it filled her mouth completely. She had trouble taking it in at first, struggling the first few times, but she quickly got the hang of it, and started sucking his dick eagerly, bobbing her head up and down his thick shaft.

"Ugh fuck!" Richard moaned intensely as he exploded in Mia's mouth, catching her by surprise. It had been a while since he was with a girl and it felt so good, he couldn't hold back. "Oh yeah!" He grunted as he shot the first load inside her mouth, Mia's eyes going wide.

Mia stroked and sucked Richard's nice big cock as he came inside her mouth, moaning and groaning as he ejaculated. She was a little surprised by how fast he came, but continued blowing him as he did, stroking his shaft and sucking on it as it spewed inside her mouth, filling it with load after load of his cum. Once he was finished, Mia pulled off, looking up, then swallowed the content of her mouth. She smiled teasingly, rising to her feet, then faced Richard and kissed him passionately.

Richard looked at Mia as they broke their kiss, amazed and incredibly turned on. He took her hand, their clothes piled up on the floor, and led her over to the kitchen. He looked at Mia's tight little ass, her amazing boobs, and could already feel the blood rushing back down to between his legs. He eyed his penis as they stopped, standing in the kitchen naked, then looked over at Mia and she smirked at him. She reached for his limp cock, grabbing in, and immediately started stroking it to her professor's grunts. She could feel him getting hard in her hand, his excitement so intense, and within less than a minute he was already hard again and ready to go.

Mia released Richard's dick, giving him a teasing smile, and Richard placed his hands on her sides. He tightened his grip on her waist and lifted her up onto the counter. The sexual tension between professor and student was so delicious as Richard spread Mia's legs, exposing her perfect pussy. He looked down at her seductive lips, so turned on, and took a step forward, moving between Mia's spread legs. His entire body was trembling as he grabbed his big cock and guided it to Mia's promised land, his body overwhelmed with arousal. He looked down into her eyes as the tip of his cock met her intimate folds, pausing for a moment, then gasped as he inserted the tip into her. "Ugh god!" He grunted as he pushed in, the head of his cock disappearing inside Mia, her tight pussy feeling exquisite. He then slid his hands to her thighs and grabbed them before slowly pushing the rest of his shaft in.

"Oh yes!" Mia moaned as Richard penetrated her, thrusting his big hard cock into her tight little pussy. She whimpered as his shaft parted her lips, slowly sliding into her, and her body was alive with pleasure as he pushed in deep, stretching her tight vagina.

Richard moaned as he entered Mia for the first time, pushing himself slowly in, inch after inch of his penis sliding along her parted lips, until he was all the way inside of her. He looked into her eyes as held himself inside, the pleasure of it visible on his face, and took a deep breath. He looked back down at their merging bodies, the sight so hot, and slowly started thrusting.

"Oh fuck!" Richard moaned as he slid his big hard cock in and out of Mia. He studied her as he breached her, moving gently and slowly, tuning himself to her body and letting her get comfortable with his large member. He reached for her boobs, so incredibly sexy, and tweaked her erect nipples. Mia moaned, the pleasure shooting straight down to her stuffed pussy, then Richard moved his hands back to her thighs and began thrusting harder.

"Oh my god!" Mia called out as Richard began fucking her harder, sliding his dick in and out of her snatch powerfully. "YES, just like that!" she moaned; enjoying the sensation of his cock inside of her. "It's okay, you can cum inside me all you want." Mia told her professor between moans and he nodded, so turned on, and grunted as he continued to penetrate her. He fucked her hard, harder than she had ever been fucked before, and the sexual pleasure of it was intense. Richard knew what he was doing, knew how to please a woman, and it simply felt amazing. "Oh yeah right there!" Mia whined as her professor shifted, hitting just the right spot and sending more pleasure surging through her body. "Right there!" she called out, and Richard obliged, roughly pounding her sweet pussy to endless pleasure.

With a loud shaking moan Mia came on her professor big hard cock. He was pounding her pussy so hard and the pleasure of it was so good, she just exploded, pleasure rippling through her naked body as it began to writhe on the counter. She tensed, focusing only on Richard's cock inside her pussy and the mind-blowing pleasure of her orgasm, then she gasped for air as her pussy started convulsing around his cock, making her naked body tremble.

Richard pulled his cock out of Mia, admiring her naked body, and watched her as she came down from her sexual high. "Oh my god, that was amazing!" Mia said to Richard breathless as he looked down at her, laying on the cool kitchen counter. He smiled, his cock still rock-hard, and offered Mia his hand. He helped her down, off the counter, and led her over to the kitchen table where Mia pulled him in for another kiss, turning Richard on so much. He grabbed her forcefully, passionately, looking deep into her eyes, then turned her around and bend her over the table, a kinky grin spreading across her face. He moved behind her, looking down at her sexy little ass, and pressed his cock to it. He spread her legs wider, grabbing his hard cock, and in a single motion slipped it back inside her warm wet cunt.

"Oh god!" Richard moaned as he penetrated Mia from behind, pushing his cock even deeper into her tight twat in this position. Her pussy was slippery and warm, and he quickly resumed pounding her roughly. "Fuck, you feel so good!" Richard grunted as he continued to breach her womanhood, the pleasure growing with each thrust.

"Ugh yeah, fuck me!" Mia moaned, his body slamming into her ass as he fucked her so good. "Oh yeah fuck me harder!" Mia called out in rapture just as Richard grunted ominously. He slammed his dick into her hard, their naked bodies echoing as they crashed together. Her pussy felt heavenly, his dick sliding through it blissfully, and Richard kept going until he could hold back no more.

With a loud animalistic grunt Richard came inside Mia's pussy, filling it with his sperm. "Oh my god, are you cumming?" Mia asked in awe, her voice dripping with arousal, and Richard confirmed with another grunt. He came inside her pussy, scorching pleasure running through his body with each spurt, thrusting his dick in and out as best he could while moaning. He slammed into her a final time, holding himself deep inside her snatch, emptying his balls with a loud grunt, then his entire body relaxed, and he pulled out, panting, his naked body hot and sweaty.

Mia slowly straightened up, her legs wobbly, and looked over at Richard who was catching his breath. She could feel a little of his warm cum starting to trickle out of her pussy but ignored it. She grinned at him and he returned an exhausted smile.

"You want something to drink?" Richard asked politely.

"Sure." Mia answered and Richard nodded. She watched him as he grabbed two glasses, pouring water into each and handed her one. Richard chugged the water thirstily while Mia took a few sips. He poured himself another glass of water and drank half of it before putting it down.

"Let's move to the living room." Richard offered, taking Mia's glass and she nodded her approval. She walked over to the living room, Richard behind her, staring at her sexy ass sway as she walked. She took a seat on the large sofa, turning around to Richard and caught him staring at her.

"What?" Mia asked cheekily, noting the way he was staring at.

"I'm sorry." Richard said shaking his head and came over to take a seat next to her. "You're just so hot." He added, sitting down next to her, the image of her large beautiful breasts hard to look away from.

"You're not too bad yourself." Mia said teasingly and glanced down at his cock. She moved closer to him, sliding along the sofa until their legs touched. She placed her hand on his thigh, then leaned into him, their gazes locked, and pressed her lips to his, engaging in another long hot kiss.

Richard moaned into Mia's mouth, her warm slippery tongue sliding into his mouth deviously. He surrendered himself to the kiss, so warm and passionate. He felt his penis already stirring awake, then opened his eyes in surprise as Mia grabbed his cock and started to tug on it.

"Oh god!" Richard moaned, breaking up the kiss and looked at Mia as she gave him a naughty smile, rubbing his shaft harder. Richard moaned again, a grin spreading across his face as Mia's soft warm hand moved along his dick, feeling so good. He leaned back, watching her, and closed his eyes, moaning in delight as his dick grew hard in her hand.

Mia's pussy tingled as her professor's cock turned hard in her hand, each stroke getting it a little harder. She tugged on it diligently, stroking him until she was masturbating his big hard erection. She bit her lower lip as she looked at it, admiring the impressive manhood, then held it in place. She shifted on the sofa, turning to him and climbed onto his lap. Richard looked at her as she moved, staring at her tantalizing tits, then looked into her eyes as she raised herself over his hard cock. They shared an intimate gaze, their arousal clear on their faces, then Mia guided Richard's cock to her glistening lips. She pressed the tip to her pussy, aligning it with her entrance, and with a little whimper sank her cunt down on his rod.

Richard let out a deep grunt as Mia impaled her hot young snatch on his cock. He looked down as she moved, her lips parting so sensually, and watched her as is she took him in, inch after inch of his big hard cock disappearing inside her snug depths, until she was sitting on top him with his entire length deep inside. Mia looked at Richard, letting out a trembling breath as a shiver ran down her spine. His big cock filled her once more, and she took a steadying breath as she placed her hands on Richard's chest. She let herself adjust to his size again, only a moment, then started moving.

"Oh god!" Richard growled and closed his eyes as Mia started rocking her hips on top of him. He opened them a moment later and looked straight into Mia's aroused gaze as she rode his hard cock, sliding her pussy along it. "Mmm fuck!" Richard moaned again, the pleasure of her tight snatch amazing, and surrendered his body to her, letting her do as she wished to him.

"Oh yeah!" Mia mewled, her voice high and thick with pleasure as she started riding his dick harder. She rolled her hips with each motion, moving back and forth faster, sliding her pussy up and down his hard cock. "Oh my god!" she called out again, sliding down his cock, pushing it deep into her wet pussy, the feeling of his big cock inside her so good.

They moaned and groaned with pleasure as Mia rode Professor Richard's big hard cock. Richard slowly slid his hands up her body and placed them on her smooth hips as she rode him with even more sexual passion, slamming her quivering cunt down his cock harder and harder. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes as she experienced an intense shiver, then opened them and looked into Richard's eyes as he let out a load moan.

"Ugh fuck Mia!" Richard called out as her tight little cunt continued to engulf his cock so perfectly, slamming down on top of him with a loud thud each time. He watched her gorgeous boobs bounce up and down so provocatively, the sight so erotic and arousing he didn't want it to end. They continued like this for a while, making hot passionate love, before Mia started getting tired and slowed down, switching to a slow tender pace.

Richard relaxed, leaning back on the sofa, and just let Mia ride his cock leisurely. She let out cute little moans as she did, sitting up with her back straight, her boobs proudly displayed, and slowly slid her pussy up and down his thick cock. Richard moved his hands along her body to her breasts, looking so perfect, and started squeezing and tweaking them as Mia continued to ride his dick.

Mia cooed and mewled as Richard played with her tits, teasing them. She was turning Richard on so much, her body, her moans, the slow pace of their love making, and he was turning her on just as much. He slid his hands away from her breasts, wrapping them around her, then, in one powerful motion, rose to his feet, picking Mia up with him, his cock still inside her.

Mia squealed as Richard lifted her, holding her tightly as her legs wrapped around his waist on instinct. They looked each other in the eyes, then Richard turned around and pressed her naked body against the wall. He slid his hands down to her ass, grabbing it with his cock still inside her, and started thrusting as her bare back rubbed against the wall.

Richard let out a loud grunt as he fucked Mia up against the wall, shoving his hard cock into her tight pussy and pressed his lips to hers again, stealing another deep kiss. He moaned as their naked bodies pressed together, her breasts rubbing against his chest and her cunt sliding back and forth with such warm pleasure. They parted the kiss, Mia wrapping her hands around his neck and kept fucking, Mia's tits bouncing up and down while Richard's shaft slid in and out of her.

They were both breathless and burning with lust when Richard put Mia down a minute later, pulling his hard cock out of her. She pulled him in for a deep kiss, snaking her tongue into his mouth, before pulling away and turning around to face the wall. "Put it back in!" Mia said, almost begging, her pussy soaking wet. She placed her hands on the wall and spread her legs, presenting Richard with her tight little ass while turning her head around to look at him.

Richard nodded as he looked back at her, his hard cock twitching, and took a step forward. He reached out and grabbed Mia's ass to her sexual little moans, then squeezed it, enjoying the feel of her smooth cheeks before grabbing his cock. He guided his erect manhood to between her legs, awed by the warmth radiating off her pussy, then pressed it to her warm cunt. Richard moaned as he inserted the tip of his cock between her tight lips, then pushed his entire shaft deep inside her twat.

"Oh god!" Mia moaned with a trembling voice as Richard penetrated her pussy again with his big hard dick. She pressed her hands to the wall as a pleasurable shiver ran through her and felt her pussy quiver as it hugged her professor's dick. Mia's naked body tingled as he wrapped his hands around her slim waist, grabbing her as his dick entered her sacred hole. "Ugh yes!" Mia whined as his cock slithered into her tight muff, going so deep. She gasped as he pushed in, stretching her vagina, then breathed out as he filled her completely, his pelvis pressed into her tight butt.

Richard moaned as Mia's amazing pussy wrapped around his thick shaft. "Oh yes!" he grunted as he started pulling out, sliding his cock along her wet pussy as it gripped his shaft tightly. It felt amazing, and Richard slowly pulled out until only the head remained between Mia's lips. He paused, the sexual tension so delicious, then pushed himself back in. They entered a slow rhythm as Richard thrusted his hips back and forth a few times, breaching Mia gently, but quickly began going faster. He held on to her waist, her body warm and soft, and fucked Mia's pussy to her growing moans.

"Oh my god yes!" Mia called out as Richard started pounding her pussy from behind, sliding his thick shaft in and out fast, his body slapping into her ass with each thrust. "Harder!" Mia called out lustfully as her professor shoved his dick into her again. "Oh yeah just like that!" She mewled as he pushed himself in with a grunt, pounding her pussy hard. She moaned as a surge of pleasure shot through her while he entered her, and the pleasure only continued growing as Richard pounded her little pussy.

"Oh fuck!" Richard groaned as he penetrated his student's heavenly cunt with deep powerful thrusts. He looked down at her perfect ass, the way it wiggled as he pounded himself into her, and slowly started sliding his hands up her naked body. He slid them along her sides, caressing her smooth skin, then wrapped them around her and cupped her large beautiful breasts.

"Mmm yes!" Mia moaned in delight as Richard started playing with her tits while fucking her pussy hard. He caressed her breasts, cupping and feeling, then closed his fingers around her erect nipples. "Oh my god!" she whimpered, voice shaking as the pleasure shot down to her stuffed pussy, and made it quiver around Richard's thick cock. She moaned, her body tingling all over, then bit her lip as he let go of her tits and started sliding his right hand higher.

Mia's heart was racing as Richard moved his hand up her body. Her pussy throbbed, wetness sliding along Richard's hard cock as he continued to fuck her. She shivered as Richard's palm slid along her chest, moving higher until he placed it on her throat. Mia turned her head around to Richard, excitement and nervousness overpowering her. Their eyes met for a brief moment, passion burning in them, then Mia's eyes went wide as Richard tightened his grip, choking her gently.

A ripple of pleasure ran through Mia as Richard started choking her and her body tensed. She croaked as she tried to breath, managing to get a little air in, and suddenly everything became even more intense. A jolt ran through her naked body as Richard slammed himself into her, and she whined silently as the pleasure intensified, every thrust of Richard's hard cock into her feeling like it was about to make her cum. Mia turned her head back towards the wall as another jolt shot through her and she took another choked breath. The pleasure was intense, growing more so by the moment, and all Mia could do was surrender her body to it.

Mia closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as the orgasm took over her body. Richard's big cock continued to hammer her pussy and her entire body began to tremble. Her back arched as the pleasure increased, growing hotter, and she let out a guttural groan as it became excruciating. Mia's naked body writhed in ecstasy as pleasure rippled along every nerve. Her pussy convulsed around Richard's cock and her thighs began to tremble as her mind went blank with bliss. She closed her eyes, her naked body shaking, and her eyes rolled back from the intensity of the orgasm engulfing her. Her legs trembled as the unworldly pleasure persisted, Richard still fucking her drenched pussy, and the moment he loosened his grip the pleasure became so intense Mia thought she would pass out.

Richard let go of Mia's neck and pulled his hard cock out of her as her body continued to tremble. He grabbed his cock and watched her amazed as she took a few squeaky breaths, her legs still trembling. She moaned, her hands up against the wall to hold herself up, and she breathed heavily as her body gradually stopped trembling. He continued to watch her as she came down from her sexual high, slowly catching her breath, and could not help touching his throbbing erection. Richard stroked his erect cock as Mia steadied her breathing, still amazed by how hard she came, then he took a step forward. He released his cock and wrapped his hands around her, feeling her warm body, then turned her around and looked into her eyes. They shared an intimate gaze, staring deep into each other's eyes, then Richard leaned down for a quick kiss. He smiled back at Mia who seemed to have mostly recovered and gave her a questioning look. Mia nodded at him reassuringly then let him guide her over to the sofa.

Mia looked down at her professor's rock-hard cock and gave him a tired grin as she climbed onto the sofa. He helped her get on her hands and knees, looking so good, then climbed onto the sofa behind her. He looked at her bare back and tight little ass, her glistening pussy lips peaking mischievously between her legs, and moved forward. His cock was throbbing, and he grabbed it with one hand, using the other to grab Mia's waist. He aligned the tip of his manhood between her tight lips and immediately pushed himself back in with a grunt.

"Ugh yeah!" Richard moaned as he resumed fucking Mia's muff. She was so slick and warm, her pussy hugging his shaft so snuggly, and he mounted her like a dog breeding a bitch in heat. Seeing her cum like that turned him on so much, that he grabbed her tightly with both hands and started ramming his cock into her, pounding it hard, each thrust ending with an echoing slap.

"Uh yeah!" Mia whimpered as Richard pounded her pussy with his big fat cock. She stood there on all fours while he fucked her from behind, his balls slapping her pussy with each thrust. It felt amazing, her body still sensitive from the orgasm, and each thrust was threatening to send her into another one. She grimaced as Richard plunged his dick into her, letting out a loud groan, then another, until he couldn't take it anymore.

"Ugh fuck!" Richard moaned as the burning pleasure tore through him. He slammed into Mia's pussy again and let out a shaky groan as he exploded. His body burned once more with euphoric pleasure as his cock began to squirt inside of her, sliding his dick in and out as he ejaculated. "Oh my god!" Richard moaned as he filled Mia pussy with another load, his third climax of the night, and kept going with primal instinct. The room filled with his howls as Richard came in divine pleasure, his student's tight muff so intoxicating. He gave her a few last thrusts, shooting a last load of cum inside as the last of the orgasm flowed through him, then faded away. He held himself inside Mia for a moment longer, his body still in shock, then pulled out and they both collapsed on the sofa.

They lay there exhausted as they came down from their sexual high. Richard leaned back, his body limp, while Mia was sprawled on her back next to him, her legs on his lap. They lay there breathless, hearts pounding, bodies hot and sweaty, and took it all in. They kept looking at one another, exchanging guilty smiles, and just stayed like that.

"Hey, you wanna move to my bedroom?" Richard asked after a long while of just laying there looking at one another. "We would probably be more comfortable there." He added.

"Um, yeah okay." Mia agreed and slowly sat up. They walked over to his bedroom, his large bed neatly made, and plopped down on it next to one another, sighing. They lay on the bed, propped on their sides and stared at one another. Richard looked over at Mia's beautiful boobs, then up at her face and bit down a smile.

"What?" Mia asked, grinning. "What are you smiling about?" she teased him and watched Richard reach his hand out. He placed his fingers on her breast, caressing it gently, making her shiver, then looked back at her face and smiled.

"Mia, you just have the most amazing tits." Richard said and Mia let out a cute little giggle. He squeezed her large breast, so turned on by it, then rubbed his thumb along her pink nipple. He gave it a playful pinch before moving his body closer to hers and moved his hand to her other boob. Richard grinned as he gave her other nipple a quick pinch, making her moan softly, then pressed his lips to hers.

Their naked bodies pressed together as they kissed again, lips pressed sensually together. Richard rolled Mia over onto her back as they kissed, climbing on top of her, then pulled up, looking down at her flustered face. He smiled confidently down at her, making her blush, then slowly pulled his body down along hers until he was leveled with her tits.

"Ugh god!" Mia moaned gently as Richard's lips closed around her erect nipple again and sucked on it, sending a jolt of pleasure through her. He had a hand on each tit and was kneading one while sucking on the other. Mia's breath quickened, the wetness growing between her legs as Richard pinched her left nipple with his mouth still on her right one. "Ugh yeah!" Mia mewled as Richard unlatched his lips and moved to her left breast, nuzzling it. He stuck his tongue out, tracing it along her areola, then licked her erect nipple. He flicked it with his tongue, making Mia moan, then started sucking on it like a hungry baby, her tits turning him on so much.

Mia moaned as Richard continued, licking and sucking her nipples, caressing and squeezing her tits. She held his head as he was doing so, running her fingers through his hair as the rush filled her. She moaned as he pinched her sensitive nipple, another shiver running down her spine, then pulled him up and pressed his mouth to hers.

They engaged in another long and passionate kiss; their hot naked bodies pressed together as their tongues flailed around their mouths. Mia wrapped her hands around Richard as they continued to kiss with intensity and spread her legs a little, his body sinking between. His dick pressed into her bare pubic mound, her erect nipples into his chest, and his cock ever so slightly started to stir again.

"Do you wanna fuck them?" Mia asked as she pulled Richard's mouth away from hers, looking up at him breathless.

"What?" Richard asked confused and breathless.

"My tits, do you wanna fuck them?" she asked him shyly, telling how much they turned him.

"Seriously?" Richard asked incredulous and Mia nodded. "Yes!" He called out in excitement, a horny smile spreading across his face as he pulled himself up eagerly. Mia shifted on the bed, sitting back on her haunches, and waited for Richard to take his place. She watched him as he got on his knees in front of her and Mia grinned as she noticed his dick getting harder.

Mia leaned down, Richard staring mesmerized at her tits, and grabbed them with both hands. "Go ahead." She said with a nervous little smile and Richard nodded. He moved closer, dick in hand and watched as Mia wrapped her marvelous breasts around his semi-erect cock.

"Oh my god!" Richard called out in bliss as Mia squeezed her boobs around his shaft and started stroking it, sliding his cock between her breasts. He continued growing harder between her large breasts, the sight and feel amazing. He watched Mia as she slid her tits down along the shaft, then, to his astonishment, she stuck her tongue out and licked the head of his cock. He moaned as her tongue sensually licked his cock, the sensation was amazing, and Mia smirked as his cock instantly turned rock-hard.

Richard looked down at his hard cock, then at Mia's gorgeous breasts. The thought of fucking her tits turned him on so much, he immediately grabbed his hard dick and started rubbing it between her tits. He moved slowly at first, enjoying the erotic sight, holding his shaft while he slid it between her amazing tits. He moaned as she gave the head of his penis another teasing lick, making him tremble, then she looked up at him and gave him a naughty grin. He moaned as he continued, rubbing his dick between her tits a few more times, enjoying the way she licked the tip each time, then stopped. He pressed his shaft between Mia's large tits as she squeezed them tighter against it and started thrusting his hips.

Richard's naked body burned with arousal as he began fucking his sexy student's amazing breasts, thrusting his hips while Mia kept her tits snuggly around his hard shaft. "Oh god!" Richard moaned as Mia gave his dick another lick, turning him on so much. He continued sliding his shaft between her tits, Mia pressing them tightly around, and moaned each time she licked him. It was so hot, and Richard soon found himself going faster, sliding his penis back and forth between her mounds and really fucking her tits.

Richard moaned as he fucked Mia's tits, sliding his cock faster and faster between them. He could not believe he was fucking his gorgeous student's tits and moaned as he continued. He kept going for some time, knowing that after having cum several times it would be a while, and let himself succumb to the erotic act. He enjoyed Mia's tits so much, switching his gaze between them and her pretty face as he continued to fuck her boobs, loving the way she would occasionally lick the tip. He kept fucking her tits hard, letting the pleasure engulf him, until he finally felt his orgasm approach.

"Oh fuck!" Richard moaned as the pleasure started growing, bubbling up inside of him. "Oh yeah!" he called out, sliding his shaft at full speed between Mia's tits, fucking them to his intense pleasure. "Ugh god!" he moaned ominously, then let out a series of little moans until he came.

With a deep grunt Richard came, his cock beginning to squirt all over Mia as the pleasure took him. He grunted as he shot his first load of cum straight onto Mia's face, moaning, the second load quickly following, also splattering her face. He continued to fuck her tits as he came, grunting like an animal as he squirted, his jizz covering her tits with the next loads. He moaned, squirting his cum all over her tits, before thrusting himself one last time.

Mia looked over at Richard as he pulled away, leaving her plastered in cum. It was so hot, having him fuck her tits and cum all over her, and her pussy was so wet and quivering with arousal. Richard reached over the nightstand and grabbed some tissues, handing them to her, and she wiped his cum off, then looked down at his deflating cock.

Richard looked at Mia, still dazed from cumming on her, then shook his head. He grinned at Mia who gave him a puzzled look, then he started moving down the bed. Mia grinned widely, her pussy begging to be touched again, and she leaned back down as her professor moved between her legs while she spread them for him. He moved between them slyly, looking at her hot tight pussy lips, licking his own lips, then leaned in. He slid his palms along her smooth thighs, his eyes locked on her beautiful pussy, then he slipped his tongue out and pressed it to her intimate lips.

"Ugh yeah!" Mia moaned as Richard licked her intimate folds tenderly. She was so turned on, her pussy practically dripping, and grabbed his hair as he began devouring her cunt. "Oh yes!" Mia called out in rapture as Richard's lips kissed her vulva, moving from her smooth mound down to her clit and along her glistening slit.

Richard listened to Mia whimper with delight as he continued to eat her pussy. He licked her all over, running his tongue all along, tasting her delicious womanhood and making her body burn with pleasure. He gave her clit a little lick, driving her mad with arousal, and moved his hands higher up her thighs. He ran a thumb along Mia's pussy lips as he continued to lick her hungrily, her moans getting more and more intense. He then used both thumbs to spread her pussy open, looking at her hole, and snaked his tongue, getting a mouthful of her delicious pussy as he continued devouring it.

"Oh my god!" Mia screamed as Richard's tongue penetrated her wet pussy, going deep briefly before sliding out and moving to her clit, giving it a series of teasing licks. "Oh, fuck that feels so good!" she whined, face sweaty, the pleasure so intense. She looked down at him, his mouth on her intimate regions, his tongue exploring her hole after fucking it all night. She let out another moan as the pleasure built up, getting more and more intense until she came.

Mia erupted with a deep moan as Richard ate her pussy with a fierce sexual hunger. She closed her eyes as the pleasure rippled through her, making her naked body tremble in ecstasy. Her body tensed as the orgasm rushed through her, wave after wave of burning pleasure. She moaned incoherently as she came, the pleasure so intense, and looked down at her professor as her body spasmed.

Richard climbed back up the bed as the last of the orgasm rushed through Mia's body, a few last convulsions making her tremble as he laid down next to her. He gave her a tender kiss on the lips as her body finally relaxed, then wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace, pulling her body into his.


Bright light filtered in through the window and Mia groaned softly as she stirred. Her head throbbed, making it hard to think, and she rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she opened them. She looked around the unfamiliar sun-soaked room, trying to clear her head, then it suddenly all came rushing back.

Mia blushed, embarrassment taking over her as she recalled all the dirty things she did with her professor the previous night. She pulled the blanket tight against her naked body, trying to process it all when she heard footsteps.

"Good morning." Richard said with a wide smile as he entered the bedroom and moved over to Mia. He was wearing a clean shirt and boxers and looked quite refreshed. He took a seat on the bed and leaned down to give Mia a quick kiss on the lips.

"Good morning." Mia said with a groggy voice. She sat up on the bed, feeling dizzy, and clutched the blanket tightly to her chest, covering her bare breasts.

"Um, so, about last night…" Richard started nervously. "I have to tell you Mia, that was the best sex of my life." Richard admitted to Mia, an intense gaze in his eyes. Mia just stared back at him and nodded with a shy smile, not knowing what to say. It was also the best sex she had in her life, but she said nothing, too shocked by all of it. They stared at each other silently, and after an awkward moment, Richard looked away. "I brought you a towel if you want to take a shower." Richard said pointing to it, "I'm gonna go make some breakfast." He added and got up.

"Okay, thanks." Mia said, looking over at Richard as he headed out. She let go of the blanket as Richard walked over to the door and got to her feet nervously. She blushed as Richard turned around, getting a good look at her naked body, then he turned around and continued to the kitchen.

Mia took a long hot shower, processing everything that happened last night with her professor. After, she joined Richard in the kitchen, and they ate breakfast together. It was awkward. They ate mostly in silence, Richard staring at Mia while she was eating and Mia glancing back at him occasionally. After breakfast they said a hasty and awkward goodbye, and Mia quickly left.


The following week classes resumed and with them, Professor Richard's class. They didn't say a word to each other since the morning after, but throughout her class with Richard, Mia found it hard to concentrate. Each time she would look up at him, she couldn't stop herself from thinking about him naked, and her pussy would get wet.

As the class neared its end, Mia looked up at Richard again, only this time, she met his eyes. It was just a quick gaze, but it was intense and Mia's heart starting pounding. She looked at her professor from across the classroom, and as she looked into his eyes, just before he turned away, Mia smiled. She could tell he was thinking about her naked too.

The End


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