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This is the tale of my first Sexual encounter which I narrated to my wives and sisters in law on their insistance to know about my prior sexual life.
My Lovely Virgin Venus Lucy Pt. 11

I looked around in my room, I was surprised by complete changeover of my room, as I found the bed strewn with roses and jasmines all over. It was a pleasant surprise and I loved it. A sweet fragrance emanating from flowers was spreading and filling up the entire room. Then I watched the painting of fucking between a male and female which was gifted by my friend Deepak Kumar that he purchased from an Artisan was tugged in the wall of the bedroom. The atmosphere was too romantic and sexy. I saw Ms. Jane and thanked her for making all the special arrangements.

I sat on the king-sized bed near Lucy. I clasped her tightly to me and made her shift herself towards me, then I kissed her passionately. 'My darling!' I whispered, 'You are very beautiful and special I Love you Lucy' you!...And are you really going to be so sweet and kind to me tonight as to give me your...maiden self!'

Lucy smiled tenderly and gently nodded her head, her eyes looking lovingly into mine. I removed her veil and kissed her sweetly and gratefully and for a moment or two, our emotions enforced silence.

Presently I whispered, 'Tell me, darling, do you really wish this? Are you really willing to...lose your virginity, your maidenhead?'

A vivid blush suffused her cheeks-for a few moments she was silent and I could feel how she was trembling; then she murmured with deep emotion, 'Though each girl eagerly awaits this moment in her life. Had anyone else...asked, I would have refused with a definite No!...No!...No!...but to you, Aamir, I say, Yes!...and only yes!...'

I was too moved to speak...I could only kiss her sweet lips over and over again and she could read in my eyes my emotion. Jane's chaffing remark that no one but myself would ever win Lucy flashed through my brain-and an overwhelming desire to reward in the one and only right way Lucy's love and trust, as evidenced by the wonderful sacrifice of her virginity that she was willing to make, surged through me.

I held her to me more closely than ever, and looking straight into her loving eyes I said softly, 'Darling, you rebuke me! You are willing to surrender to me a girl's most precious treasure, and to give it to me freely and without regard to your future happiness. Will you let me do what I can to ensure that happiness to you? Lucy, my darling, will you become my first lover?'

She gazed at me in absolute wonder, her eyes widely open in startled surprise; it was clear that she could not believe her ears. I smiled tenderly at her and whispered, 'Would you like to hear it again? Lucy! My darling, I am so glad that you have become my first lover'.

The look of startled surprise vanished-in its place came a simply wonderful smile-she caught her breath-her eyes filled with happy tears which however could not put out the love-light that was in them-her lips parted, and she murmured brokenly, 'Oh! Aamir!' as she clung lovingly to me.

I bent down and kissed her tenderly on her quivering lips, and said gently, 'That means "Yes"...Oh! my darling!... my darling!' And for a while we remained silent, our eyes looking into each other's and brimming over with love.

Presently Lucy whispered with a curious smile, half-anxious and half-roguish, 'Aamir! Let's do it tonight, darling?' I laughed, she also after a moment's hesitation. 'We had better let the arrangement stand good, darling,' I replied, 'we must think of Jane and Daina, for were it not for them we should not now be...sweethearts!' (I kissed her delightedly). 'We must not disappoint them. Lucy blushed vividly and kissed me back sweetly, I continued 'My dear Lucy! after you have tasted Love's raptures in my arms. You're happier now about it, darling?'

'I'm yours now entirely and absolutely, Aamir,' Lucy murmured gently, her eyes full of love-'I'm your happy sweetheart now-I'll glad to be your mistress tonight, and your little lover forever as you like. So do just what you like with me and to me!' and she smiled lovingly and trustingly.

I kissed her gratefully, and a sweet idea came into my brain; and with a mischievous smile, I said, 'I'm going to take you at your word, darling!'-and slipped my right hand under her clothes, arresting its movement upwards when it got to her dainty knees.

'Oh, Aamir!' she exclaimed as she started up hurriedly and strove to defend herself, at the same time laughing merrily at her discomfiture and the way I had turned her words against herself. I looked smilingly at her but kept my hand where it was on her knees.

'What do you wish to do, darling?' she whispered in pretty confusion.

'I want to call on my maiden who has just become engaged, and to offer her my congratulations,' I replied with mock gravity-'I know she is at home and so with your permission, I'll go on.'

Lucy smiled and merrily and gently parted her thighs as my hand passed along them as if to facilitate its approach to her cunt, all the while looking at me with eyes full of love. Delightedly my hand traveled over her luscious thighs, till it reached the tender junction-then slipping through the opening it arrived at its destination.

'Oh, darling!' breathed Lucy, squirming deliciously as she felt my fingers on her maiden cunt-and as I pulled and played with her silky hairs and stroked and caressed her exquisitely springy and juicy flesh she threw her arms around my neck and pressing her lips on mine she kissed me passionately, agitating herself charmingly all the time. Soon my finger gently made its way between the lips of her cunt and into the warm throbbing moist interior, where it inquisitively explored its sweet recesses, dwelling significantly on the weblike hymeneal membrane that I was that same evening to break through, and then as she was now beginning to wriggle in earnest. I challenged her excited clitoris and set to work to frig, Lucy. 'Oh, Aamir!...darling!' she panted rapturously as she jogged herself to meet my finger, gently at first and then more and more wildly and rapidly till in a storm of uncontrollable jerks and squirmings and wriggles the ecstatic crisis overtook her and she inundated my happy finger with her virginal love-juice.

Lucy had kept her lips pressed on mine throughout, deliciously punctuating with ardent kisses her transports while being felt and frigged. When the last spasms of pleasure had died away, she gave me one long clinging, burning kiss and, looking gratefully at me with her still humid eyes, she murmured rapturously, 'Oh, Aamir! it was just heavenly!'

Lucy with a little hesitation said somewhat seriously, 'Please promise me one thing, Aamir!- please keep on being kind and good to Ms. Jane and to Daina, I shall be so very miserable if I should be the cause of their being left without the sexual satisfaction, they so ardently desire and need. You will promise this, Aamir darling?'

I was very touched by her devotion. 'I intend to keep them both with me and I promise willingly, dear,' I replied earnestly-then with a mischievous smile I added, 'Darling-we will always put up Ms. Jane and Daina in the rooms that communicate with ours so that they can slip in quietly-and we'll have regular orgies when they come up, darling!'

Lucy beamed on me, then laughed merrily, exclaiming, 'Oh Aamir! it will be fun!'

I cradled her in my arms, a faint shudder of relief racked my lean, powerful frame and I claimed her parted lips with so much passion he took her by storm. Head swimming, mouth swollen, she plunged her fingers into my silky black hair, reveling in the crisp luxuriance of my curls and holding me to her. There was no sense of fear, no sense of threat and she rejoiced in that freedom, pushing up into the heat of me as he brought her down on the bed.

I want to see you naked Lucy. I told her

'I'm afraid I need your help with all these buttons,' she framed in considerable embarrassment and discomfort. 'I don't want to tear anything...'

'No, that would indeed be embarrassing,' I conceded. 'It would look as though I ripped the shifts off you.'

Breathing fast, Lucy turned a bit, presenting me with her slender back. 'I just don't get why it has all those buttons in an absolutely inaccessible place!'

I kissed her hand, the color drained from her beautiful face and the bright smile appeared on her face then suddenly Something vulnerable flared in the depths of her amazing green eyes and, for a brief moment, the woman vanished and he saw the girl again and she blushed with her eyes down. One glance from my exotic dark eyes and she'd turned into a schoolgirl again. An awkward, wide-eyed, besotted teenager, weighed down by more insecurities than she could count.

Tonight would most definitely be my pleasure.

'Because you are not supposed to take it off by yourself,' I informed her softly, a faint tremor racking her as she felt the gentle pressure of my fingers against her back as I undid the buttons, because a man had never got quite that close to her before and that he should be undressing her, even though it was at her request, was still a challenge. 'The bridegroom is supposed to remove the three shifts slowly and seductively. It is our cultural tradition.'

'Oh...' Lucy gasped and then as the ramifications set in, 'Oh,' she said again.

'You will have to thank Jane and Eva for the shifts because I don't think most girls bother with this particular tradition these days,' I told her huskily, skimming the first shift down her arms and letting it drop to the rug beneath her bare feet before embarking on the next set of buttons. 'That is a shame.'

'Is it? A bridal version of the dance of the seven veils...or whatever?' Lucy heard herself wittering on nervously, cringing even as the words escaped her.

I rolled my eyes and gritted my even white teeth because peeling her out of the silk shifts was testing my self-control. Her skin glimmered through the gossamer-fine tissue like the most lustrous of pearls and that close the sweet scent of her, of roses and almonds, was unbelievably feminine and alluring. After loosening the shift i slowly removed the shift and a part of her beautiful shoulders were exposed. I slowly kissed on the parts revealed and then slowly went from her shoulders to her neck and then chin and on to her rosy lips and kissed them deeply for some time.

Then I kissed her cheeks, her eyes were shining, her whole bearing instinct with an enchanting mixture of girlish coyness and anticipated pleasure. kissing her naked shoulders, I again moved down towards the next set of buttons, which were revealed after the removal of the first shift.

I tugged down the second shift and let it fall before stepping away, carefully not looking at what would now be an enhanced view of her body because I did not require that encouragement. I again repeated the process of kissing the parts now revealed after removal of the second shift till I raised my head and kissed her soft pink mouth.

Bemused, Lucy spun around, registering that I had stopped and walked away. 'I don't want to sleep in this one,' she muttered uncomfortably. 'These shifts are precious to your family. The way they were put on me, with the care that implied they are traditional and were made of embroidery of solid gold.'

Lucy framed, 'But what am I to sleep in?'

I was forced to look at her and the image locked me in place. She was so clueless I swallowed hard on impatient words. She might as well have been standing there naked for the thin material hid very little. The swells of her big round and firm breasts were obvious, not to mention the intriguing tea-rose color of her prominent nipples and the curls at the apex of her thighs. I sucked in a sustaining breath, hot and hard as hell. 'I wanted to say who the hell is going to sleep tonight in this room, but I was able to say only that I will get you something.

'I'm sorry I'm being such a pain,' Lucy mumbled uneasily as I unbuttoned the next set and exposed her long, long legs, her narrow waist, and the tempting thrust of her breasts. A She was a vision of feminine perfection, every man's fantasy, and I felt sharp claws of lust drag through my loins.

Lucy grabbed the garments loosened with alacrity and spun round beside me. 'Just undo the last ones, please, and I'll be out of your hair,' she promised.

I suppressed a groan, my attention locking on the sweet curvaceous swell of her bottom. Presented with the delights of her in reality my imagination could take flight with ease and I ached with arousal. I grappled with the buttons, no longer deft, indeed all fingers and thumbs as I thought of laying her down on the bed and teaching her the consequences of teasing a man. But even as I thought of such a thing, I was grimly amused by it because I knew she was quite unaware of the effect she was having on me. I had never been with a woman less aware of her seductive power over a man and, while at first, I had found that absence of flirtation and flattery refreshing, now, suddenly, I was finding that innocence of hers a huge challenge.

Lucy turned back to me, catching the harsh edge to my voice and looking up at me to see the dark glow of my eyes accentuated by the flare of color over my high cheekbones. 'Aamir...what's wrong?' she questioned helplessly.

'How honest can I be?' Aamir asked.

'I want you to feel that you can always be honest with me. In fact, that's very important to me.'

'Even if it embarrasses you?' I prompted.

'Even if it embarrasses me,' Lucy confirmed without hesitation.

'You are half-naked and very beautiful,' I breathed huskily. 'you tempt me'. I fell silent with her face as startled and as red as fire.

In the meantime, all she could freely do was glory in my sheer physical beauty , my wonderful broad-shouldered, lean-hipped, and long-legged physique that magnetically glued her attention to me, the dark deep-set eyes that were silver starlight when I stared up at her, my perfect golden features taut. Heaven knew, she was gorgeous and it was little wonder she was obsessed, she conceded ruefully. I had broken through her barriers, made her experience feelings she had never known she could feel, but I hadn't intended to do that.

Then I saw her, lying on the bed in something diaphanous, the pool of light surrounding her veiling her entire body in gold jewelry. She looked up, with her eyes wide, little shoulders tensing, her round full and big breasts pushing against the finest gold to define the pointed tips, and that was the moment that I finally lost the battle. Hunger surged through me with such power it virtually wiped out conscious thought. She was there, she was where I wanted her to be and, at that moment, she was irresistible.

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