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David was in his bedroom, watching porn and masturbating slowly. Not an unusual situation for him, in fact during the last two years it had become his main form of relaxation. Now, with two years of intensive study, followed by exams and applications to University, he was at last able to relax slightly, the trouble being that the last two years had seen most of his friends drift away as his concentration on his studies became more and more intense.

His routine had become just that, routine. Home from school, evening meal then four or five hours study, shower then an hour watching porn as he slowly brought himself to orgasm, then bed. Things had begun to change just over a month before, exams finally finished meant that there was no need to study, that had left him at a bit of a loose end every evening. He had begun to spend some time with Evette. They had known each other virtually all their lives, growing up almost like brother and sister. It was her that actually made the first move, asking him if he fancied taking her to the cinema.

David had never considered Evette as anything more than a friend, it was only once he started seeing more of her that he began to realise how attractive she was. The only problem he had was that his experience of treating any girl romantically was zero. In fact he was beginning to realise that he was probably the only eighteen year old virgin left on the planet. That, plus his regular visits to porn sites resulted in some awkward moments with Evette. Trying to get his hand under her top and feeling her breasts the first time she kissed him was not a good start. Luckily Evette was understanding enough to excuse his urgency but left him in no doubt that she was not ready to take things that far.

Slowly things began to progress but Evette was quick to inform him that there would be a point at which she was not prepared to cross. They did get as far a him being allowed to bare her breasts and she had finally agreed to hold his penis. The trouble was that having access to visual images of attractive young girls performing a variety of sexual activities, none of which he was able to copy in real life was only adding to his frustration.

Then came last Friday. David had gone round to Evette’s at six in the evening expecting her to be there. Instead he was told by her mother that Evette had rung to say that she would be working late. Evette had been working part time in an estate agent’s during her last six months at school, changing to full time as soon as she was able.

“She’s just rung to say she won’t be home until nine,” Mary, Evette’s mother, told him. Almost immediately David’s phone pinged, it was a text from Evette telling him the same thing. He replied, saying that he would wait for her and they could go to the pub later.

David noticed that Mary was drinking from a glass of red wine, the bottle standing half empty on the table. From the slight slurring of her words he presumed that she had already consumed a fair quantity. She fetched him a bottle of beer from the fridge and suggested they both go through to the lounge. David sat on his usual spot on the sofa, he was a bit surprised when Mary sat there too, albeit at the other end of the sofa.

“Looks like just you and me for the evening,” Mary said.

“What about Frank,” he said. Frank was Evette’s father. “I suppose he’ll be home soon.”

“Oh no,” she replied, “he’s away on some business conference or something for the weekend, probably an excuse for a dirty weekend with his secretary,” she giggled, taking another mouthful of wine.

David wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Oh don’t worry,” she said, seeing his discomfort, “she won’t be the first one he’s shagged. It’s quite comical, they all think they are something special until he dumps them for the next one.”

David wasn’t sure what he should say, he’d never heard Evette’s mother talking like this, he presumed the wine must be responsible, he contemplated making some excuse to get up and leave.

“I suppose you will be getting some tonight then,” Mary interrupted his thoughts.

“What….Er….Er…” David could feel his face going red.

“Oh no need to get embarrassed about it,” Mary laughed, “l’m sure a good looking lad like you gets plenty of offers, l told Evette she needs to be on her toes if she wants to hang on to you, l hope she’s a good shag.”

David almost choked on his beer, coughing and spluttering. “No,” he finally managed to say, “no l don’t mean no she isn’t….l mean….Er…Er…l mean no we don’t….”

“Don’t what?” Mary laughed, “don’t tell me your not shagging her…oh, wait a minute…you’re not gay are you?”

“No l’m not!” He replied, rather too loudly.

“Oh thank fuck for that,” she laughed, “so what’s stopping you, you need to be careful if you want to keep her, girls need a good dose of cock to keep them healthy.”

David was shocked to hear her talking like this, he was feeling more and more uncomfortable. The trouble was that he was afraid to get up and leave in case it became obvious that the way Mary was talking had caused him to have an erection.

“I think you’re kidding me,” Mary said, “you’ll be telling me you’re a virgin next.”

David could feel more heat in his face.

“You’re not are you?” Mary said, suddenly getting up on her knees on the seat, looking directly at him. “You are aren’t you? You’re a virgin….fucking hell David, how on earth can a good looking guy like you still be a virgin going on nineteen years of age, it’s not healthy, you need to get some pussy and quick, that daughter of mine needs her arse kicking, or is it that you don’t fancy her.”

“Of course l do,” he protested, “but Evette’s not that kind of girl.”

“Rubbish David,” Mary said, moving closer, “you need to be firm with her, girls like their men to take charge, don’t let her put you off, she might pretend she doesn’t want it but once she gets your cock up her pussy l bet she’ll turn into a wild cat….Jesus..if she won’t do it, come to me, l’ll do it for her.”

Mary saw the expression change on his face.

“Is that it?” She said, “is she too young….you fancy an older woman…well we can soon sort that out.”

Before David could stop her she leapt across the distance between them, straddling him, sitting on his lap facing him. Immediately she lifted her top over her head and threw it across the room, then she undid her bra, removed it and threw that away.

David was well aware that Mary had large breasts, she was usually in the habit of wearing clothes that showed a considerable amount of cleavage, but knowing and actually having them naked in front of him were two totally different things. As she released them from her bra, they seemed to possess a life of their own, bouncing and swinging before she scooped them in her hands, holding them up in front of him.

“What do you think?” She giggled, “better than those tiny tits my daughter has eh?”

David couldn’t bring himself to speak as he stared at her breasts pointing at him. Evette’s had been small and firm, tipped with rosy pink nipples but these were totally different. To him they looked like big, soft pillows, tempting him to bury his face between them. Each breast was crowned with a large chocolate brown areole, the nipples also large and rubbery, David thought they would make adequate bottle corks.

Mary leaned forward, brushing his lips with her nipples. “Suck them,” she said

David took one of her nipples between his lips. Without thinking he began sucking on it.

“Harder,” she said, pressing her breast against his face.

David sucked harder, drawing her nipple into his mouth.

“Bite it,” she said.

He felt her nipple between his teeth, he bit down gently.

“Harder,” she ordered.

David increased the pressure but still she told him to bite harder. He was afraid he would hurt her but then it suddenly began to spin out of control. He bit down hard on her nipple.

Mary shuddered from head to toe, holding his head she crushed her breast into him, increasing the pain. She groaned loudly as her orgasm ripped through her body. “Yesssssssss!” She hissed through clenched teeth as she felt the warm flood surging through her body.

David placed his hand on her other breast, rolling his thumb over her nipple as he had done with Evette.

“Pinch it,” she said, “twist it…do it…do it hard….crush that nipple.”

David was out of control, he had seen this sort of thing on porn sites but the reality was so much more exciting. He pinched her nipple hard, twisting it as he bit down hard again on the other one.

“Oh Jesus fucking Christ!” She screamed as another orgasm tore through her. “Oh my god yes…yes, yes, yes.”

As her orgasm eased she leaned back, her hands going to the waistband of his trousers. “I have to have it,” she said as she tore at his belt, undoing his trousers then trying to pull them down.

David was rock hard, the restraints of their position making it difficult for her to free him. Suddenly she climbed off him, tearing her own skirt off, then followed by her panties before taking hold of his trousers and pulling them off. She saw his erection straining inside his underpants. She hooked her fingers into the waistband, pulling them down. His cock sprang free, standing proud and solid.

“Mmmmmmm,” she said, taking hold of his shaft, “it’s beautiful, not cut like your father’s, l do love skinning back a foreskin, it’s so erotic.”

David’s head was spinning as he watched her sliding back his foreskin, exposing the large purple head. Something registered in the back of his brain about what she’d said but at that moment all he could concentrate on was watching her as she bent forward kissing the tip of his cock.

As her lips brushed gently across his sensitive gland she heard him give out a deep groan. She looked up at him, seeing the battle of emotions on his face. She smiled as she slowly opened her mouth, slipping it over the head of his cock.

David could only let out a deep sigh as his cock was engulfed by the warmth of her mouth. He could feel her sucking him in deeper. His brain felt as if it would burst.

Suddenly he came. “No…no…nooooooo!” He cried as his back arched, his balls pumping his seed into her mouth.

“Oh no, no, no…l’m sorry …oh god…no,” he said, unable to stop himself as he took hold of her head, pulling her down onto him as he unloaded his spunk into her.

Mary took it greedily, sucking and swallowing as each pulse of his cock fired more of his gorgeous seed into her mouth. She gently squeezed his shaft as it pulsated, encouraging him to give her more.

Finally he collapsed back onto the sofa, sobbing quietly as he tried to recover. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, “l didn’t mean to do that…l’m sorry…l just couldn’t stop it.”

Mary lifted her mouth from his cock, using her finger to scoop the dribble of cum from her chin before sucking it from her finger. She smiled up at him. “Hey, don’t apologise,” she said, “it was wonderful, you have a beautiful cock.”

“But l was too quick,” he said, “when l’ve watched men doing it on the internet they last for ages.”

“Of course you were quick,” she smiled, sitting back on her haunches but still holding his cock, gently stroking him. “It was your first time, you were bound to be quick. Better to be quick like that in my mouth, now, when you fuck me you’ll last longer.”

“No, l can’t,” he protested weakly, “this is wrong, we mustn’t.”

“Don’t be silly,” she said, “of course we will, look, you’re still hard, you can’t just run off and leave me now, here, just lie back.”

Before David could stop her she was astride him again, rising above him she held his cock in position before sliding her cunt down onto him. “Mmmmm yes,” she said as she settled down on him his whole cock inside her, “how does that feel, deep inside your first pussy.”

It felt like nothing he could possibly have imagined. First the slippery wetness as she slipped effortlessly down onto him, then the surging heat of her body as it felt like his cock was in a furnace. He moved slightly, not really knowing what was expected.

“No, just stay still,” she said, “let me just feel him, he’s so nice and big, he’s thicker than your father but of course he has that massive head, l call it my lollipop, no wonder he had to be circumcised, it must have been painful pulling back his foreskin.”

“What do you mean?” He said, “how do you know about my father?”

“Oh dear, perhaps l shouldn’t have said anything,” she giggled, “you obviously didn’t know, your mother and father have been playing with us for years.”

“What do you mean playing?”

“Fucking sweetheart,” she smiled, “they call it swinging these days, we used to call it wife swapping when we started.”

“I don’t understand….how long?”

“Oh god, years baby,” she laughed, “you and Evette were both toddlers when we started, it was just a bit of a giggle at first, started with a game of strip poker and sort of developed from there, soon we were fucking each other a couple of times a week, then there was the wife swapping group and then the club of course.”

“What club?”

“The swingers club on the industrial estate near the football pitch, we’ve been members there for almost ten years now, we have lots of friends there.”

“What do you mean friends?” He said, “do you mean you…..”

“Fuck each other, of course we do baby,” she giggled.

David was totally confused, not only was he lying here with his cock buried deep in the cunt of a woman he had called Aunty for years, now she was telling him how his own mother and father had been members of some depraved sex group while appearing to live ordinary respectable lives.

Mary on the other hand was thoroughly enjoying it, she could feel the pulsations in his cock growing in strength as she told him his parents secrets. She contracted her muscles in response, seeing the reaction in his face.

“Well, do you like my tits then,” she said, holding them up in front of his face, “your father calls them my udders, your mother’s aren’t as big but they don’t sag like mine, mind you l don’t get any complaints, all the fellas like a big pair of swinging tits, why don’t you hold them, don’t be gentle, l like it when they get a bit of rough treatment.”

David placed his hands on her breasts, squeezing them gently. Apart from Evette they were the only breasts he had ever seen in the flesh, they felt so much different to Evette’s, hers were small and firm, they hardly moved when he held them, Mary’s on the other hand were soft and pliable, he was fascinated by the depth of colour and the size of her areole and the size of her nipples.

“You can squeeze them again if you like,” she said, “ but don’t mess about, pinch them properly and twist them hard, try it, feel what happens.”

David took hold of both nipples, pinching them hard until they were almost flat, then twisting them. Mary let out a hissing noise between clenched teeth and suddenly he felt his cock being engulfed by something warm and wet. He released her nipples, watching the colour return to them as Mary gave a deep sigh.

“Mmmm that’s so good, did you feel me cum?”

David could also feel his cock beginning to pulse more regularly, he also felt her muscles contracting in response as if her cunt was trying up to draw him in deeper.

“I think you’re ready to fuck me properly,” she said, climbing off him, she moved over to the armchair, sitting back and calmly spreading her legs, resting one on each arm.

David had never seen a vagina before apart from on the internet, he stared in fascination as Mary put her hands between her legs, spreading her labia. He also noticed that she only had a thin strip of pubic hair extending up only a few inches.

“That’s my landing strip,” she giggled, following his gaze, “have you ever tasted pussy before?”

“,” he stuttered.

“Shameful,” she replied, “almost nineteen years of age and you’ve never tasted pussy, l must have a word with your mother.”

“No you mustn’t tell her what we’ve been doing,” David panicked.

“Of course l have to tell her David,” she replied, “we’ve been telling her for years she should be instructing you, it really is unforgivable to let you get to this stage in your life and know so little about sex, how does she think you’re going to manage at University if you can’t fuck a girl properly, your life won’t be worth living. Now come here and kneel in front of me and l’ll tell you what to do.”

David went to stand, realising his trousers and underpants were still around his ankles.

“Oh take everything off,” she told him, “socks as well, there’s nothing more ridiculous than fucking a girl with your socks on.”

I can’t believe l’m doing this,” David said as he removed his shoes and socks, followed by his trousers, underpants and top.

“That’s better, l can see your cock properly now, it is beautiful, a nice pair of balls too, now come and kneel down.”

David did as he was told, watching closely as Mary showed him her vagina. She encouraged him to touch her, feeling the texture of her labia.

“Have you fingered Evette?” She asked.

“Not like this,” he replied, “l’ve touched her through her panties but she wouldn’t let me go any further.”

“Stupid bitch,” Mary giggled, “she sees herself as another Virgin Mary, she needs to wake up, you need to be firmer with her David, don’t let her mess you about, a good fucking will do her the world of good.”

She instructed him to slide two fingers up into her cunt. David could feel how wet she was.

“My panties are soaking wet from when you made me cum,” she said, “now take your fingers out and taste them.”

David had seen men on the internet using their mouths on girl’s cunts, he had wondered for a while what it would taste like, he had sometimes taken some of the pre cum that oozed from his cock when he was wanking and tasted it, he presumed the cunts probably tasted the same.

He put his fingers into his mouth, surprised that her juices did not taste as salty as his pre cum.

Mary showed him where her clitoris was, telling him to kiss it and suck it gently.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice,” she sighed as he took the rubbery nodule into his lips. “Now bite it gently and flick it with your tongue…….mmmmmmm yes, that’s good. Now put two fingers back up my cunt…..yes that’s it….keep sucking my clit…..fuck me with your fingers….suck me harder…..yes, that’s it….keep going….just curl your fingers slightly and fuck me harder….use your other hand to twist my nipple.”

David reached up, finding her nipple and twisting it.

“Oh god yes,” she cried, “keep sucking me…keep fucking me…oh god yes…yes… get up and fuck me properly.”

David wasted no time, standing over her, allowing her to guide his cock to the entrance of her cunt.

“Now hard and deep,” she said, “all the way in one thrust.”

David fell onto her, his cock slamming deep into her cunt, right to the hilt. He went to brace himself on the back of the chair.

“No…my tits…..use my tits….dig your fingers into them and twist them….hurt me David….fuck me baby.”

David grabbed her breasts, digging his fingers into the soft flesh as instinct took over and he began to drive his cock into her with hard, deep thrusts.

“Oh yes baby,” she cried, raising her hips to meet each thrust, her nails scraping at his back as she urged him to fuck harder. “Fuck your Aunty Mary….make her your slut.”

David’s head was in a complete fog, he had never experienced feelings like it, this was better than the best wank he’d ever had. He had visions of men fucking girls cruelly from the internet and he tried to replicate it. Pulling and twisting her tits, grinding himself into her with his full weight behind each thrust. He saw her eyes rolling back into their sockets as he continued to pummel her. He began to feel the pain surging in his balls.

Mary cried out, trembling from head to foot. David felt a surge of heat in her cunt followed by a sticky wetness between their bodies.

“Don’t stop,” she looked up at him. “Slap my tits.”

David had seen that done, he gave her tits a sharp slap.

“Again…harder,” she said. “Am l your slut baby….call me your slut.”

“You are my slut,” he said, slapping her tits again as he rammed his cock into her.

“Yes baby, l’m yours,” she said, “anytime baby, anytime you want me….let me be your slut.”

“Fucking whore,” he said, feeling the surge building in his balls.

“Yes baby,” she cried as he hit her again, red marks appearing on her breasts.

Suddenly he cried out as he came, his fingers dug deep into the flesh of her tits, she rose up to meet his final thrust, her own orgasm matching his, fluids spurting from her cunt, coating his cock and balls.

He stayed deep inside her, humping into her as his cock pumped his spunk into her, his fingers were still embedded in the soft flesh of her tits, both of their bodies covered in a film of sweat.

He collapsed on top of her. She wrapped her legs around him as if desperate not to let him go. He could feel her cunt contracting as if to drain him of every last ounce of spunk. Their bodies heaved as they both caught their breath. Eventually she released him, he slowly withdrew from inside her, rolling away and sitting on the floor.

“Now that’s the way to fuck a girl,” she said, reaching for her discarded panties, balling them up and packing them between her thighs, “Evette doesn’t know what she’s been missing, you fuck her like that and that will sort her out.”

David couldn’t reply for a moment, he was still trying to gather himself and understand exactly what had just happened. Finally he stirred.

“I have to go,” he said.

“Don’t be silly,” Mary replied, “Evette won’t be home for over an hour, we have time for another fuck, let’s try a different position next time, how about doggy style, l love it when your father fucks me like that, that huge knot end of his sets off all my buzzers and bells.”

“I can’t stay, l have to go,” he said, scrambling to his feet, stumbling around as he tried to put his clothes back on.

“You don’t have to go David,” she said, “if you’d rather not fuck me again tonight l understand, after all you’ll need some energy left to fuck Evette later.”

“No…l can’t,” he said, having to sit on the sofa in order to get his trousers back on. “This should never have happened, it was wrong…we need to try and forget it ever happened.”

“You can try if you like,” she laughed, “l’ve just had the best sex l’ve had in weeks, l certainly have no intention of forgetting it.”

“But what about Frank,” he said, “doesn’t cheating on him bother you.”

“You’re joking,” she laughed, “he’s probably fucking his secretary as we speak, anyway he’ll have a nice wank when l tell him all about it, we don’t have any secrets.”

“You’re not going to tell him are you, you’re not serious?”

“Of course l will,” she replied, “we tell each other everything, he’ll probably want to watch the next time you fuck me, perhaps your parents will as well.”

“Oh my god no,” he said, now in a blind panic, “you can’t tell them, l’ll die of shame.”

“Wow,” she mocked him, “is the idea of shagging me that shameful?”

“I didn’t mean that,” he tried to back track, “it’s just…..oh l don’t know what it is, l’m so confused at the moment.”

“Look,” she said, getting up off the chair and standing before him. “What we did was not shameful, it was just fun, l realise it was a big event for you, you only lose your virginity once, l well remember losing mine even though it was many years ago with my art teacher in the store room at school.”

“How old were you?”

Well it was thirty years ago.

“Wow, you’re the same age as Mum,” he said, “that means you were only…”

“Yes well,” she stopped him.

“So you were a slut from an early age then,” he laughed.

“Oh, all of a sudden you’re very sure of yourself,” she laughed.

David looked up at her, he had to admit she looked good, those awesome tits, although sagging slightly with their weight, were inviting him to bury his cock between them, the way her figure curved in at the waist then flared out over her hips, the thin black line of pubic hair disappearing between her thighs as if pointing the way to paradise. He felt his cock stirring as he looked at her, he felt good, he knew that she was available. He was sorely tempted to take her upstairs and explore her body further, he still had the taste of her cunt on his lips and he wanted more.

Mary smiled to herself, she could read his mind, she knew the effect her naked body had on men, she was one of the more popular members at the club, often getting through three or four partners in an evening but David had been her first virgin since her school days and she felt good about it.

“Enjoying the view?” She said, parting her legs the give him a view of her labia which she knew would be puffy after the way he had fucked her. “You don’t have to go, we have plenty of time, there must be other things you would like to do to me.”

David fought the temptation. “I have to go,” he said, “what if Evette walked in and caught us.”

“Serves the stupid bitch right,” Mary laughed, “it’s ridiculous her still being a virgin at her age, l had no idea, l presumed she’d been fucking for years, l got her on the pill when she was still in school, you need to get her down and give her a good fucking David.”

“That’s no way to talk about your daughter,” David laughed, standing up.

“I’m serious David,” Mary said, standing in front of him, making no effort to cover her nakedness. She smiled as she looked down and saw the bulge in the front of his trousers, she knew the effect she was having on him. “Women need regular fucking,” she said, “what about me now, you’re going to swan off and leave me all frustrated, why not come upstairs, l can set up the web cam and we can set up a video link to Frank, he can watch you fucking me, he loves it when l do that, it’s like his own private porn site.”

“You mean you are going to tell him?” David said.

“Of course l am sweetie,” she laughed, “we tell each other everything, he’s probably waiting now, l called him just before you arrived, told him you were coming over and Evette was working late, he suggested l try and seduce you, we’ve talked about it often, he loves to see me with younger men, come on,” she said, taking his hand, “let’s go and give him a show,” her other hand rested on the bulge in his trousers. “It looks like he has at least one more fuck in him.”

“Stop it, l have to go.” David had to summon up all his reserves to push her hand away.

“Oh go on then,” she sighed, “back to Mummy…be sure to tell her what you’ve been doing with Aunty Mary.”

David looked at her.

“Well if you don’t tell her l will,” Mary said, “she’s going to be so jealous, we’ve been trying to persuade her to fuck you for ages.”

David felt as if he had been hit in the head by a sledge hammer.

“It’s true,” she continued, enjoying seeing the reaction on his face, “only last week your father was saying how he would love to see you fucking her.”

“I…l don’t believe you,” he said. He could feel the world closing in on him, he had to get away. He pushed past her, almost running out of the front door. He fumbled with his keys to get into his car. Just as he was about to pull out of the drive, his final image was of Mary standing in the open doorway, still naked, she was smiling and waving. Despite everything she had said, he still felt his cock reacting to the image. Despite the fact that the front of the house was concealed from the road by a high hedge, Mary seemed totally unconcerned about displaying herself.

Somehow David managed to get home. His brain was racing, he didn’t know how he was going to face his mother. He wondered if she knew what had gone on, how on earth was he going to face her.

Luckily his parents were in the lounge when he entered the front door.

“You’re home early,” his mother called.

“I…Er…l don’t feel very well,” he replied. “I’m going straight to bed.”

He climbed the stairs as fast as he could. Just as he reached his bedroom he heard the phone ringing downstairs, he knew it was his mother’s by the ringtone. He wondered if that was Mary, telling his mother all about what had happened. He sat on his bed, his head in his hands, wondering how he was ever going to live with what had happened and what he had learned.

He lost track of time, eventually deciding to undress and get into bed. As he undressed, he realised he could still smell Mary’s perfume on his body, that brought back the memory of the taste of her cunt. His head spinning as he recalled the scent of her sex, the taste of her juices. Without thinking his hand went to his cock, he was rigid, throbbing. He saw the bead of pre cum oozing from his urethra. He traced his finger over the tip of his penis, smearing it with his pre cum. He tasted it, his mind going back to when he had pumped his semen into Mary’s mouth.

He picked up his iPad. Switching it on he realised it was still showing the porn site he had been viewing earlier. He looked at the list of categories. He saw one titled ‘Mother and Son’. He opened the index, there were a number of thumbnails all depicting scenes involving older women with younger men. He realised of course that they were probably actors not genuine mother’s and sons. He ***********ed one of a woman who appeared to be in her young forties and a boy who looked to be in his late teens.

He watched as the story unfolded, a mother walking into the bedroom, discovering her son masturbating, the scene quickly advancing to her being naked on the bed with her son over her, driving his cock into her cunt.

His phone rang. He saw that it was Evette. He considered not answering but then thought better of it.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hi,” she replied, “are you okay, Mum said you left in a hurry, said you didn’t feel well.”

“Er yes, l don’t feel well,” he said.

“Do you want me to come over?”

“No,” he replied, rather too hurriedly. “No, sorry, l’m just going to shower and go to bed.”

There was a long pause, then, “Dave.”

“What,” he replied.

“Did something happen between you and Mum, did you have an argument or something?”

“No, what makes you think that?”

His eyes caught movement on his ipad, the pretend son was now fucking his pretend mother doggy style but now there was another boy, he had his cock in her mouth, fucking her vigorously.

“It’s just she seemed a bit strange when l asked her where you were, never mind, it was probably the wine, it looks like she’s downed a couple of glasses.”

David was relieved to hear her laughing. Then suddenly he saw the pretend son pull his cock out of his pretend mother’s cunt, he changed position and in one movement he drove it into her bum hole.

David let out a deep groan as he came himself, a ribbon of cum shooting up into the air and landing on his tummy.

“Are you alright,” he heard Evette say, “what was that noise?”

“Oh it was just me,” he said, trying to sound as natural as he could, “l’ve got a bit of a stomach pain, l think l’ve eaten something dodgy.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come over,” she said, “l could kiss it better.”

David suddenly had a vision of her kissing his tummy then moving down and taking his cock into her mouth, her mother looking on, smiling her approval.

“No babe there’s no need,” he replied, “l’m going to try and get some sleep.”

“Okay,” she replied, “ring me in the morning and tell me how you feel, bye baby, l love you.” She blew him several kisses.

“Love you too,” he replied, groaning again as he watch pretend son unload his spunk onto pretend mother’s back while the other boy covered her face with his cum.

Saturday morning and he was presented with a problem. Usually, if the local team was playing at home then the afternoon would be watching football with his father. Saturday evenings were reserved for time with Evette. David managed to negotiate the afternoon, although his father did comment that he seemed very subdued. On arrival back home, he was convinced that his mother had something on her mind, he felt that she was looking at him as if there was something she wanted to say. David decided it was best to stay out of the way as much as possible, saying that he had arranged to meet Evette early.

The next problem was when he arrived at Evette’s house. Mary answered the door.

“Well hello,” she said as he entered the hall. “Evette, lover boy is here!” She shouted up the stairs. Evette replied that she wasn’t ready, she would be about half an hour.

“Okay sweetheart,” Mary called back, “l’ll keep him entertained until you’re ready.”

With that she stepped up behind him, putting her arms around him, her hands going to the front of his trousers. “Mmmm, half an hour,” she whispered, “l’m sure we can find something to do.” She felt his cock reacting. “Mmmmm, yes,” she hissed, “he feels ready for action, where do you want me, on the chair again or over the table this time.”

“Stop it,” David twisted in her arms but that only ended up with him facing her, his face inches from hers. She immediately kissed him full on his lips, her tongue diving into his mouth, searching as her hands continued to massage his stiffening cock.

“Come on,” she said, taking hold of his arm and dragging him through to the kitchen.

David knew he should resist her but his body refused to comply with his brain, he ended up being dragged through to the kitchen.

Once there, Mary began kissing him again, this time her hands working at his belt and trousers as she did so. In seconds she had his trousers and underpants pushed down, her hands gripping his rigid cock.

“Stop it Mary please,” he said, “what if Evette catches us.”

“Serves her right,” Mary said, “she should be looking after you properly…come on…get this up me.”

She hitched herself up onto the kitchen worktop, pulling up her skirt and parting her legs to display her naked cunt. All thoughts of resistance had gone, David shuffled forward, pants and trousers round his ankles, he pushed up her top and bra, his hands going to her breasts as his cock found her entrance and she pulled him into her.

“Good boy,” she whispered, “now fuck your Aunty Mary like the slut she is.”

David couldn’t help himself, he rammed himself into her as his hands dug into her breasts, everything else just disappeared into oblivion, he just had to have her, his cock burned with the heat of her cunt, his balls ached as his orgasm built.

“That’s right baby, fuck your Aunty Mary,” she tormented him. “Hurt my tits, twist them, ram that beautiful cock up my cunt, fill me with spunk, own me baby.”

“You fucking bitch,” he said through clenched teeth, “you dirty fucking bitch.”

“Yes baby, that’s what l am,” she groaned, gripping his buttocks and pulling him in harder. “Cum in me baby, fill me with spunk.”

She buried her face in his neck, biting him hard. He cried out as the pain shot through his body just as his orgasm burst. He slammed into her one last time, his cock exploding inside her. He humped into her, his cock in spasm as he pumped his spunk into her. He could feel her contracting, milking his cock with her cunt, draining him of every last drop of spunk.

Suddenly there was a piercing scream from the doorway.

“What are you doing?” Evette screamed.

“What do you think we’re doing sweetheart,” Mary smirked, “we’re fucking. I’ve opened my legs for him like you should be doing and he’s fucking me, doing a good job of it too, you should try it.”

David was trying to wriggle free but Mary had her legs wrapped round his waist, trapping his cock inside her, her cunt muscles still working on him.

“David… could you…oh my god…with my mother….how could you…l hate you.” Evette’s tears were streaming down her face, she was hanging onto the door post for support.

“Evette please,” David pleaded, trying to free himself, “let me explain, please.”

“Explain!” She shrieked, “what is there to explain, you beast, you cheat, l hate you, l never want to see you again.”

“Please Mary,” he said, turning to her, “let me go, please.”

“Oh all right then,” Mary said with a smirk, then she looked at her daughter. “I’ve drained his balls, what you should be doing, you don’t keep a man unless you open your legs for him, men don’t want virgins, they want sluts.”

“I hate both of you,” Evette screamed as she turned and ran upstairs, slamming her bedroom door.

“Oh god,” David said, rapidly pulling up his pants and trousers, “this is a disaster…l knew this was wrong.”

“Didn’t feel wrong just now,” Mary laughed, “not when you were filling me with cum, look at what you’ve done.”

David looked back at her, she still had her legs spread, there was a trickle of spunk leaking from her cunt, it had formed a puddle on the worktop. She put her hand between her legs, scooping up some of his spunk then licking it off her fingers. “Mmmmmm, yummy,” she smiled, cum smeared across her face.

“You’re unbelievable,” he said, “she’s your daughter. I should go up and see her.”

“I shouldn’t bother unless you want a kick in the balls,” Mary laughed. “Leave her be, it’s not as if you two were serious, she needs to grow up, l blame her father, he has always treated her like his princess, leave her to me, l’ll sort her out. If you want to come upstairs, come with me, we can set up the video link, l told Frank about us last night, he can’t wait to see you fucking me.”

“No Mary,” David became emotional, “can’t you see how wrong this is, look at what it has done to Evette.”

“Oh she’ll get over it,” Mary said dismissively, “she has two choices, l’ve been telling her father for years that he should have fucked her, she’s always worshipped him, it would have been easy, then we could have brought her into the group, there are three other couples there who bring their youngsters, two girls and a boy.”

“How old?” David asked.

“Oh their all a couple of years older than you but they’ve been coming for a long time, l’ve been telling Frank to start fucking Evette then we could take her as well, it would do her good, nothing better than getting well fucked on a Sunday night, it sets you up for the week.”

“So that’s where Mum and Dad go every Sunday night,” he said.

“Yes, that’s when our group meet,” she said, “there are other groups on other nights depending on the type of activities, there is even a gay group.”

David had read about the sort of places Mary was talking about, but never imagined he would know anyone who went to them, let alone his own mother and father.

“I don’t know what to say Mary,” he said, “my head is spinning, l need to let my head clear…l’m going home.”

Mary realised there was no point in persuading him to stay, she was disappointed but knew that if she pushed him too hard it would be counter productive, also she knew that sooner or later she would have to face her daughter so once David had gone she decided not to postpone it any further.

David didn’t drive straight home. He decided he needed to sit somewhere quiet and sort out the jumble of thoughts in his head. He drove to a place that he had recently started taking Evette. It was a high viewpoint overlooking the town. It was a large car park, there were a number of cars parked at one end, David parked at the other end.

He thought about what had happened. Every time he closed his eyes he could see Mary, naked, those magnificent breasts, her legs wide open. He couldn’t get that vision out of his head, but neither did he want to. Then he began think about what she had said about his mother.

David had never had any sexual thoughts that included his mother, not that she wasn’t an attractive woman, she was a slimmer build than Mary, none of the voluptuous curves that Mary possessed, but thinking of her now and trying to imagine her naked he realised that she had a good figure.

He found himself conjuring up images of Mary, then substituting his mother in the same situation. He pictured her as Mary had been earlier, sat on the kitchen worktop, her legs spread waiting for him. As the vision intensified his hands went to the front of his trousers. He released his cock, stroking it as he imagined his mother beneath him, encouraging him as he plunged his cock into her cunt.

Suddenly he was brought back to reality by a knocking on the car window. Then he heard a voice.

“Don’t sit there wanking mate,” the voice said, “my wife’s giving blow jobs over there, come and get one.”

David looked out and saw a man he presumed to be in his fifties, he noticed that the man had his cock hanging out of his trousers, he was holding it, slowly wanking it.

“Come on mate,” the man said, “it’s only her second time dogging, she’s only giving blow jobs, l’m hoping she’ll start giving fucks soon, l know she’s no beauty but she gives a good blow job.”

David felt as if he had been transported to some surreal world. Without thinking, he found himself opening the car door and joining the man as they walked across the car park. He could see a group of men standing in a circle, they all appeared to be watching one of their number. David could see a large woman on her knees in front of that man.

“She’s on the last one now,” the man by his side said, “you can cum in her mouth or on her face whichever you like, l know she’s a fat cow but she gives a good blow job.”

David had read about dogging but never experienced it before. As he approached the group, he saw that the man in front of the woman had hold of her head and he was fucking her mouth, pulling her roughly back and fore on his cock. The woman had her hands on his buttocks pulling him into her so David obviously realised that being rough mouth fucked was what she wanted.

The woman was stripped to her waist, two huge sagging tits flopping against her fat belly as the man used her. David would normally never have seen anything sexual in the woman, but the sight in front of him had him rock hard. He could see lines of spunk dribbling down her tits, obviously the result of sucking off the other men who were still watching her.

“She won’t be long,” the man by his side said, “she’ll enjoy having you, all the other men she’s had have been much older, this is only her second session, we should have started years ago, she wasn’t such a fat cow then. She only had two fellas last time, this one has been much better.”

David watched as the man pulled his cock out of her mouth and began wanking furiously. The woman stayed in front of him, her mouth wide open, waiting for him to cum. It only took a few seconds before the man began shooting ribbons of spunk onto her face, a face that was already covered with spunk. She had spunk in her hair, across her eyes, running down her cheeks.

As the man continued to cum, she took his cock into her mouth, taking the last of his cum.

Once he had finished, the man just turned away.

“Go on son,” the man by his side said, “your turn, be as rough as you like.” He then turned to the woman kneeling on the grass. “I’ve found a nice young cock for you Jean,” he said, “this looks like it will be the last one unless someone else turns up.”

“Oh lovely,” the woman said, shuffling across to kneel in front of David, “come on son, l hope you have lots of spunk for me.”

David was completely overwhelmed by the erotic nature of the situation. It didn’t matter that this woman was someone he would never consider as sexual in ordinary life, but at that moment she was the most erotic sight he had ever seen. Her big fat face covered in spunk, her lips swollen and puffy from the pummelling they had received, her huge sagging tits flopping against her quivering belly.

David grabbed her head, driving his cock deep into the back of her throat. He had seen this done on the internet and he could see the red mist clouding his vision as he forced his cock deep into her throat. He withdrew for a moment, the woman gasping for breath, spunk and saliva dribbling from her mouth but David only gave her a few seconds before driving his cock into her again. He pulled her hard against himself, her face pressed into his tummy as he felt her throat contracting around his cock.

He closed his eyes and suddenly the woman’s face changed, suddenly it was his mother’s face that he was fucking. He heard a voice, it was the man by his side encouraging him, telling him to make her gag on his cock.

The woman began beating her fists against his thighs. He pulled out again, she gasped loudly, coughing and choking, he saw her eyes looking up at him, big and red, tears flooding down her cheeks but as he grabbed her again she opened her mouth to take him.

This time he began fucking her, pulling her back and forth on his cock, hitting the back of her throat with each thrust. He felt her pulling him each time he thrusted into her. He was vaguely aware of voices jeering, encouraging him to fuck the bitch harder.

When his orgasm came it began with a searing pain deep in his balls. He pulled out of her mouth just as the first shot of his cum fired across her face and into her hair. As he fired ribbon after ribbon of spunk at her she tried to catch it in her mouth.

Finally he rammed his cock back into her mouth as the final spasms sent the last of his spunk into her throat. He felt the suction as she tried to draw out the last of his seed.

As his orgasm subsided, he pulled out. She took hold of his cock, rubbing it over her spunk covered face before licking the mixture from him, cleaning him completely.

“I told you she was a good cocksucker,” the man said. He turned to the group of men. “Thanks for turning up fellas,” he said, “l know she’s an ugly fat cow but she appreciates your attention. We’ll be back this time next week, if any of you want to fuck her then that’s fine, if you want to use condoms that’s up to you but she’s sixty two now and not bothered, she’ll take you bareback.”

“What about anal?” One of the men asked.

“She’s taken me up her arse,” the man said, “we’ll talk it over and l’ll let you know before we start next week, but if the answer is no you have to respect that.”

“Fair enough,” the man replied. Then they all turned and returned to their cars leaving just David, the man and the woman still on her knees.

David helped the man as they both helped her to her feet. The man reached into his car, taking out a towel and passing it to her for her to clean the spunk from her face and body.

“Thank you,” she said looking at David, “l’ve never cum by sucking a cock before, that was awesome, my tummy is still trembling, l’d hug you but l don’t want to mess up your clothes.”

“Come on,” the man said to her, “let’s get you home and in the shower then l’ll give you a good fucking.”

“Mmmm, yes please,” she replied, blowing David a kiss as she squeezed her considerable body into the passenger seat.

David watched them leaving the car park. He was the only one left. He realised his cock was still hanging out of his trousers, he tucked it back in as he walked back to his car. So far it had been a momentous weekend, he was still trying to sort out his emotions concerning Mary and Evette, then there was the vision of his naked mother in the back of his mind and now, to top it all, the memory of this grotesquely fat woman covered in his spunk. He felt as if he was falling into an abyss of depravity, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to escape or fall deeper.
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