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Second chapter of Hinata x Naruto and Toneri
When Naruto told him they were going to the freaking Moon to find out more about the weird eye Boruto got after the whole Momoshiki mess, the younger blond thought his dad was talking nonsense. It sounded absurd, and Boruto said so to his amused father.

Now, seeing the Earth in its entire splendor, as his little sister Himawari toured the castle of Toneri Otsutsuki carelessly, the boy had to retract his words.

Still, since Boruto arrived he has learned nothing at all. The Otsutsuki was not much help either, and his parents spent more time in the room they were given than researching with the hamburger fanatic.

"I don't even know where they are." Boruto mumbles, following his sister. Babysitting is not what he expected to do on the moon. "Where would Tou-chan and Kaa-chan be?"

Boruto couldn't find the owner of the house either. For such a sophisticated act he puts on, Toneri was a lousy host.

X - X - X

On the other side of the moon.

"Hgnnn!" Hinata's moans were drowned out by Toneri's penis, which penetrated her mouth as the albino held her head, directing the action and leaving her with no choice but to receive the whole length of his prick. Hinata can only rest her hands on Toneri's hips and breathe through her nose.

Although, Hinata could not move either even if she wanted to, Naruto's hands on her hips as he moved like crazy behind her, in and out of her vagina like an animal, left her without any control. Her feet on the ground were the only base she could lean on, becoming weaker with each thrust from both men.

Naked as the day she was born, the Hyuuga was fucked from one penis to the other, the men standing around moving inside her without any care for her, focused more on their own pleasure than on the woman's.

And Hinata loves this, being spitroasted by both big dicks.

"Bwaa..." Hinata strongly pushes Toneri away, finally being able to breathe well again. Masturbating her lover, the Hyuuga looks at him with her beautiful pale eyes, receiving the typical arrogant smirk of her lover. "Na-Naruto-kun sto-op..." Hinata turns to her beloved while moaning, making the blond stops ramming in the perfection that was his wife's pussy.

"What?" Naruto asks her as he massages her hips and back.

"I w-want you..." Hinata is blushing about what she's going to ask. A little irrational, considering it's not the first time they've had this affair, or done what she’s going to ask again. "I want you both inside me."


"I see." Toneri lies down on the moon's floor and pats his lap, inviting the Hyuuga as if it were a throne. "Sit down."

It was more of an order than a request, but the Hyuuga more than gladly accepted, after winking at her husband. She quickly mounted the Otsutsuki and grabbed his penis to direct it into her privacy, their gazes colliding as both descendants of Hamura lost themselves in their passion.

"mmm..." Hinata bit her lips as she sat on her lover's penis, her vagina receiving the long member with ease, as if it was accepting an old friend. When she felt the white-hair's testicles rubbing her vaginal lips, the blue-haired woman leaned in and kissed Toneri, wiggling her hips over the man in the moon.

"You’re as tight as ever." Toneri says between kisses to the Hyuuga Princess, massaging the Hyuuga's buttocks, slapping them with his hands and feeling the flesh shake off each blow. "Naruto hasn't been home much, huh?"

"Don't get too cocky now." A tingle runs through Hinata's body as she hears her husband's deep voice approaching them with a large, hard cock in sight, covered with his wife's vaginal juices. "It used to be much tighter."

"Naruto-kun, don't say such things!" Hinata felt like a teenager, listening to men talk about her vagina like that. She was no longer a little girl, now she was a woman with two children, it's normal that everything is no longer in place.

"Ahahaha! Sorry Hinata." Naruto apologized while laughing, as he kneels behind the couple copulating. His hands joined those of his old enemy, spanking the woman's fat ass to watch it turn red. "But that's not bad at all, this body's much sexier now."

"You’re right." Toneri stopped ramming his old love to hold her buttocks apart and show Hinata's anus to her husband. "Let us show you how we worship your gorgeous body."

Hinata only nodded, sinking her face into Toneri's neck, feeling Naruto playi with her anus, lubricating it for the double penetration.

But Hinata wanted to try something different today.

"Naruto-kun, not there this time, I have another hole." The sweet voice of his wife stopped the blond, who was about to penetrate Hinata's ass. The blond stared at his wife smile at him with equal displays of sweetness and lust.

"Are you sure, Hinata?" The Uzumaki only received the nod from the Hyuuga, before she leaned back on the white haired man, so he only shrugged and directed his penis at Hinata's pussy.

Which was already filled with Toneri's cock.

"Hggnnn!" Toneri drew Hinata closer to him, feeling her bite his neck as Naruto sank his cock further and further.

Half of it...

"Shit..." The blond man grinded his teeth when he felt Hinata's pussy push back his dick. Taking a long breath, the blond man moved further firmly, ignoring the moans of the mother of two kids.


"Are you okay, Hime?" A worried Toneri asked the woman, ignoring how the Hokage's penis touched his. Hamura's heir only felt the woman nod in his throat, pressing her breasts to his chest.

"Well, this is not working." Naruto stopped penetrating his wife and pulled out his cock, to spit it out and jerk off, lubricating his cock more than it was. "Toneri, lift Hinata up a little bit."

"Ahh..." Hinata moaned a little when Toneri obeys the blonde, lifting her from her buttocks and leaving only the tip of his penis in her womanhood. "Yess..." Hinata sighed happily as she feels her beloved husband insert the tip of his manhood into her sensitive vagina, both penises stretching her vaginal walls.

Settling down, Naruto kneels on Toneri's legs, both ignoring how their penises were toughing each other. The blond man held the Hyuuga's hips as he nods to the other man, who tightens his grip on the woman rear.

“1, 2 and…” Both men hold the Hyuuga in their large hands, marking her body with their fingers. “3!” In one quick movement, the men lower the beautiful kunoichi onto their penises, sinking their pricks into Hinata's warm cunt.

"Gwaaaaa!" Hinata screamed at the top of her lungs in ecstasy, causing the boys to grimace at the scream. Trying to catch her breath, the jounin noticed absently how Naruto leaned against her back, both men breathing as hard as she did. "Give me a... minute."

Both men didn't answer her; they just leaned on her more. The Hyuuga sighed as the blond man gently bit her fine neck, until Toneri caught her lips, his tongue dominatign the mouth of the Uzumaki matriarch.

Naruto didn’t like being left out, so he grabbed his wife's huge tits and pulled her close to him, Hinata turning her head to kiss her husband. The woman could only groan as she felt her men's hands struggling to play with her breasts, moving her body over the penises inside her full vagina.

Taking a long breath, the Hyuuga began to move back and forth, being supported by the hips of Naruto and Toneri, who rammed her pussy every time the girl moved. The kunoichi drowned out a squeal as the men decided she was ready for more.

"You're so tight, Hinata..." Naruto grunted in the ear of the blue-haired woman, who only moaned when she feels her blond man holding her breast back with one arm and caressed her chin with the other hand, as the speed of his thrusts increase.

Toneri didn’t stay behind, ramming his cock upwards into the woman, touching her g-spot, while he holds her hips and penetrates her with all the strength that the little space gave him.

Hinata closes her eyes and just enjoyed being loved, feeling her men thrust with an enormous intensity into her womanhood, while they grope her body as they wish.

Her ass shook with every ramming from the blond, her tits bounced like crazy with every impulse the white haired man gave, and her lips were split from the sudden kisses of both men.

"God, yes, yes, yes!" It wasn't long before, with a high-pitched scream, the mature woman came hard on their cocks, wetting Toneri's pelvis and squeezing the cocks inside to the point that they couldn't move.

"Shit." With great willpower, both men pulled out from the Hyuuga's cunt and released their cumn on her round ass, staining it with white.

Naruto falls on Hinata who rest on Toneri, all three of them breathing heavily and sweating profusely as they recover from the intense orgasm they all had.

Hinata felt smaller than usual, caught between the two big men, but the cum on her butt showed her that they wanted her as much as she wanted them.

Giving small kisses to the descendants of Hagoromo and Hamura, the girl sighed happily as she felt the rejuvenated pricks touch her crotch, rubbing her vagina and anus.

"It's good that you still have energy." The woman pushes Naruto a little bit to give her space, to turn around and turn her back on Toneri. "My pussy hurts a little, so why don't you take my ass together?"

"I'd love to…but." Toneri said to her as he scratched his head. "My back is itching, could you get up Hime?"

A silence fell between the threesome, until Hinata blushed at the realization that Toneri was complaining about the rocky ground, and Naruto laughed, and lifted Hinata with ease.

Hinata exclaimed in surprise at her husband's action and wrapped her arms around his neck, before giggling when she saw Naruto's smile as he spreads her ass cheeks. The woman grabbed her beloved's penis with her delicate hand and directed it to her tight anus, moaning as the man lowered her onto his dick.

When Toneri stood behind the woman and joined the couple, penetrating the Hyuuga's already filled anus, Hinata was really glad to decide to have her little affair far away from her children, on the other side of the Moon.

She did not have to drown out their cries of pleasure.
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