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-As Ashlynn is being coerced, she goes along with it, and she quite the pleasant surprise. Johnathan makes the most of his opportunity
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When Ashlynn was naked, it was quite a sight, as her body was petite and lithe, except for her near-PAWG ass. She moved to the bed, down on her back, "This is too weird!" she said, and held a hand up where she didn’t have to look at me

I pulled her to the edge of the bed and looked at her nice little pussy. The lips were pink and a bit swollen, and she had a large patch of dark pubic air above it. I touched it and rubbed it several times as she stared at the ceiling, having moved her had away. Ashlynn’s breathing had deepened a little, so I dropped down to my knees and gave that pretty pussy a long, firm lick.

"What are you doing?" She asked, "I thought you wanted to fuck me?"

"I'm going to take my time and enjoy it," I told her, adding “You are going to be worth every penny, Ashlynn Luker, because I am very much going to enjoy this.” and started running my tongue up and down her slit, giving her clit a small kiss each time.

"Ohhhh…." She groaned, and lay back, putting her shirt over her face.

It took me at least 10 minutes to get Ashlynn Luker off. That was fine with me because her pussy was sweet and wet. I think she was trying not to cum and ride it out, but my tongue and fingers finally won out. Two fingers inside of her tight wet vagina while my tongue flicked her clit finally did it. Her hips started to buck at last, and Ashlynn’s groans turned from moans to loud shrieks when she came.

My finger was creamy wet when I pulled it out after she quit bucking.

"See that wasn't so bad," I told her as I stood up and wiped my knob in her wet slit.

"This is too weird,” she said,” I should just say – Uhhhh-h-h-hhh…." She replied again as I pushed my dick into her tight little hole.

"I think you like this," I told her as I pushed half of my cock up in her tight twat.

"Ooohh.Wait-" Ashlynn yelled, "Not so fast...FUCK!"

"I thought you'd be all worn out, but you're tight as fuck!" I told her and started to work it back and forth.

"It is…It is a th-th-thick one-ne…” She told me and then groaned as I went even deeper.

"Don't even think about Cumming in me!" Ashlynn groaned as it went deeper.

"Why not? I know you’re on the pill" I asked and pulled back until just the head was in her.

"DUH! I’m not sure I even want your cock in me, let alone your cum!"

I gave her another long stroke, and she arched her back when it got deep, "Crap that’s Deep...DAMN!"

"Your body appears to like it.” I told her and did it again.

"Just shut up!" Ashlynn told me, "I don't want to hear your voice...or look at you!" and she pulled a pillow over her face.

That was fine with me; I started to pump her hot little pussy and enjoy how it felt around my cock. I wished I had my phone so I could get video of that thing opening to accept me. After a while, I leaned over her and squeezed her nice tits with both hands while I banged her. I was determined to get every penny out of my sister.

I alternated, first pulling back, holding, then shoving hard into her pussy, making her yelp out loud, the I rubbed her clit with my thumb and pumped her a faster, or ground my belly against her while my fully inserted dick rubbed her cervix Ashlynn was whimpering now, so of course I did what any gentleman would do with his paid whore; I hit it even harder.

Ashlynn was now yelping loudly as she matched me, humping me back and lifting her hips as my cock went in all the way up to my balls. She held the pillow over her head, but I could hear moans & shrieks slipping out. She really liked it when I pinched her nipples as well.

I pulled out and licked her wet pussy some more, and she started groaning under the pillow. Then I put my dick back in her and pumped her really hard and fast as before, and now it was a long moan under there as she twisted from side to side, impaled on my dick.

It didn't take long before Ashlynn yanked the pillow off her face. Her face was red and she tucked her chin, and yelled out several times as she came, much harder this time. Her pussy was contracting around my dick each time she did, and with a loud scream she shook and convulsed on my rock hard shaft.

I guess because I wasn't supposed to be fucking my sister, along with her being such an awesome fuck, I had one of the biggest orgasm's I'd ever had before. I slammed my dick all the way in her quivering cunt about six times and shot a monumental load.

"OH, GOD!" Ashlynn yelled when she felt me spurting inside her pussy, "Are you Cumming in me?"

She tried to pull away, but I held her tight against me, "Hold still, I'm not done!" trapping and holding her, as my dick jerked and sent at least half a dozen huge spurts in her. I kept holding her as I gave her a few more tiny spurts. Her pussy was so tight and hot; it was the biggest load I ever cum.

"I didn't want you to cum in me!" Ashlynn complained.

"Couldn't help it, sis, your pussy is too good, & I am getting ALL I paid for!"

"I can't believe you fucking came in me!" Ashlynn bitched, and her whole body went limp like my dick was starting to do.

I left it in her and sucked on each of her nipples working my cock back and forth until every drop of cum was in her. Then I reminded her “Ashlynn, based on what we just did, I’d say you rather enjoyed it, despite it being so…’weird’.”

She stared at the ceiling for a long moment, then replied with a quiet. “maybe”. Then, Ashlynn got up, and started for the bathroom.

I was getting dressed when she said loudly, "Oh FUCK!"

I looked back, and Ashlynn was bent over looking as cum ran down the inside of her thigh.

"Sorry," I told her, but the grin on my face said otherwise.

"Get OUT!"

I left as she cursed, hobbling towards the bathroom.

I slept like a baby that night! It was a good deal there, and the best part was, I was only getting started


I had just ignored Ashlynn after that, or was just casual around her. Now it was a few days later, and Dad & I were watching a game on the big screen. The Seminoles were not doing too well, and dad got up to go make some lunch, disgusted. That was good timing, because Ashlynn plopped down on the other end of the couch, looking at me, replete with ‘bitch face’

“Hey, let’s talk.” She said quietly

I shrugged my shoulders & nodded. “Ok.”

“Have you said anything?” then she added “You know what” before I had a chance to speak.

“Nope, it’s all good, like I said, I’m keeping it to myself, just as I said I would.” The I asked “Not even Clara?

“Especially not HER.” Ashlynn hissed. She only knows I have met some people. Ok, maybe a whale.”

I nodded, then glanced to make sure Dad & Gina were still in the next room. “Ashlynn, I’ll tell you one thing I do know,” and before she could say anything I said “You know damn well you enjoyed that. I got you off TWICE, & I’m betting no one has done that yet.”

Ashlynn crossed her arms, and looked away, quietly saying “maybe…”

I glanced in to see Dad & Gina eating. “So…how is business?”

“Hmph..” she replied, rolling her eyes. “Couple of old fat perverted guys, and one really trim tourist that shot his load before his pants were off. Clara said it was easy money, and it is. But it’s really also pretty gross. Those other ‘dates’ don’t pay or tip well either. At least the Gilbert Inn & the Best Western where I’ve been meeting are both clean”

As she was saying what I thought would be the case, I was sending her a meet request via the site. Her phone dinged, and Ashlynn furrowed her brow, looked at it, then at me. Seeing my smirk she rolled her eyes. Dad & Gina were taking their plates to the kitchen, as Ashlynn said down low “really?”

“I hear the Coombs Inn is rather nice.” I said in a normal voice. Gina chimed in as they took their seats, “What’s this about the Coombs?”

“Oh, I have been trying to shift clientele there,” I said, “Has to do with some work between them and the bank.”

“And yourself” Dad said.

“Like a true lawyer,” I replied.

As the fam took in the Seminoles disappointing performance, I got a message back thru the site. “Ok if same as last” was all it said.

“And then some, if you think you can handle it. 3PM” Was my reply. An excuse to use the restroom let me place a hold on my favorite room online, one thing I had insisted on for the old couple that bought the place. Dad’s alma mater was not doing too well, so it was easy for each of us to break away a bit apart to make our way there, and I needed to make a stop at a local shop to pick up a particular item I had in mind for today’s fun.
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