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The events continue at their beach home

Sitting on the deck of our beach house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean has always brought me a peace that helps center me. I have been on a whirlwind for the 2 months that has awoken me in so many aspects of my life. My capacity to love and feel alive, my sexual energy and my desire to explore all of life’s possibilities have helped me reach heights I’ve honestly never experienced before.

I’ve always been the focus of men and many times woman over the years. My long auburn hair and 5’9 physique made me often mistaken for Nicole Kidman. My appearance gave me the confidence to find comfort in any situation but it has also been a curse. While it provided me the illusion of control it also made me realize I was nothing more than an object to be desired. Robert and men before him provided me with jewels, cars, houses and access to money all in their desire to control and possess me. I was never more than a trophy or a corporate conquest. It wasn't until my love affair with Michael that my entire façade began to crumble and my truth was revealed. I have never been in control and I have never been truly loved. I have been nothing more than a treasured property.

As Michael continues to feed me perfect Gin and tonics while looking out over a serene Atlantic Ocean, I could feel my desire swelling as I relished in my newly realized independence. We didn't have to conceal our need or yearnings for one another in this secret sanctuary; we were free.

I stepped inside a bit woozy from being over-served and decided to figure out our dinner for the night. As I opened the frig, I felt two hands take hold of my hips as a electric charge surge through my soul. My god this was incredible.

“What’s for dinner”? Michael inquired.

Without answering, I turned and leaned back against the countertop as his hands fell to my sides cupping the sides of my breast. We looked into each other’s eyes as I untied Michael’s shorts and gently nudged them to the ground revealing his beautiful hard and sizable cock which pointing directly at my stomach. Instinctive, I reached out taking hold with both hand gently massaging it as I kissed him lightly and then more aggressively. Pulsing shockwaves shuddered through my body as I kissed my son deeper while stroking the hardest cock I’d ever felt. My mind was clear without the worry of Robert discovering us.

I dropped to my knees and began making love to my sons beautiful cock. I licked his long shaft as both of my hand glided up and down along the lubrication my mouth was providing each time sucking his swollen head into my mouth. His gasps became more pronounced and his breathing increased as he cried, “Oh Mom I gonna cum”. I couldn't have that just yet as mom had her own desire to satiate. I backed off and slowly removed his cock from my mouth and as each inch slide back across my lips I was rewarded with his salty precum.

I stood and kissed his again offering him a hint of his masculinity and as I did I slid the straps of my dress across my shoulders and let it fall to the ground. I stood before my son naked and exposed with every inch of my body on fire and needing more. I friskily grabbed his cock and led him into the front room. I laid on my favorite chaise lounge and pulled him down on top of me. I didn't want foreplay and I didn't want a slow buildup, I needed to be fucked. I needed to be fucked with abandon and passion. I guided Michael inside of me feeling his cock fill all of me with his manhood. I pulled him in tight as he thrust deeply into my accepting womb. He was my lover and my son and that created a bond like none other. We fucked all night switching positions and venues. We fucked in the bed, on floors, on tables and in the shower. He came in me so many times I lost count. I finally feel asleep. Resting in his strong arms as peacefully as one could be.

The next morning, I woke naked on my back with Michael curled up next to me. My head was spinning still from the gin and my pussy was swollen from our sex but I felt alive like never before. I stealthily slid from under his caress to go pee and get some aspirin. As I stood in the kitchen naked and enjoying the feeling of being ravaged throughout the night, I decided that a cocktail would be my best treatment. Without Robert around controlling me, I was free to do as I pleased so I figured a bloody mary would be an interesting way to start the morning.

The bloody mary was just the pick-me-up I needed. My head began to clear and my body relaxed with a sense of calm. I open the sliding door but kept the blinds closed so I could listen to the ocean as I concentrated on the pulsations within my pussy. It had never had so much attention and its lips never felt fuller. As I laid back on the couch enjoying my 2nd bloody mary of the morning my fingers began to instinctively explore my still cum filled pussy. Feeling his seed inside me only made my clit begin to engorge and heart beat race. I closed my eye as I began to masturbate in earnest. As my climaxes came in waves I felt a presence and opened my eyes to Michael standing before me stroking that beautiful cock while he watched me pleasure myself with his cum.

We didn't have to say a word and he knew what I needed. I spread my legs wider as he knelt down between my thighs and began to eat my pussy with an eagerness no man had ever delivered. My orgasms began to roll once again as Michael alternated between sucking and lapping my clit. I grabbed his hair as I held his head in tighter on my clit shouting his name and directed him to suck his mother’s clit in my most demanding terms. As he began to struggle for air, he lifted his head and moved up my body where he began to kiss me gently and then deeper as he told me how much he loved me. My demotic sex drive must have frightened him and he needed a simple way to express his desire for gentleness. I pulled him close and kissed him deeply as I began to feel his hardness probing my opening. I reached down and guided him inside me as we continued to kiss passionately. His strokes were slow and deep. Our lovemaking had taken an entirely different path and I loved it. I lay back as I enjoyed his fullness entering me as the ocean sounds sang in the background but that's when another sound pierced our perfect morning.

As I opened my eyes everything began to happen in slow motion. In our doorway stood my neighbor with cups of coffee in both hand, Michael was still fucking me and I felt absolutely paralyzed by the events that were transpiring. Michael apparently reached a point of no return and couldn't stop or didn't want to. Our neighbor Russ stood aghast and he looked on at the decadence before him and I simply began a feeble attempt at cover us as Michael reached his peak and began delivering his seed inside me as Russ looked on. As wave after wave of semen spilled into my womb, Russ set down the coffee and backed out without taking his eyes off the scene before him for even a second. Michael finished and flopped his head on my breast spent of all energy. As I held his head against my breast as I did when he was a baby as my mind began to contemplate all of the potential terrible possibilities

We’ve known Russ for over 15 years as our neighbor at the beach. We considered he and his wife Carm to be wonderful friends, but I wasn't sure how this would play out. I was terrified but I knew I needed to go over to his house and talk to him personally. As Michael was down at the beach swimming, I summoned the courage after several vodka tonics to walk over to Russ’s and discuss what he had witnessed. When he opened the door, a wry smile appeared on his face as he saw me standing on his porch.

He invited me in and offered me a drink, something that seemed particularly helpful considering the discussion that was necessary. We exchanged the perfunctory small talk sharing our thoughts on the weather and our neighborly gossip before he closed in on the expected questioning.

That was quite a show this morning you put on with Michael, he crudely remarked.

It was less of a question and more of a judgement. My stomach sank as I felt my world collapsing. He knew everyone in my social circle and is close to Robert, if he told any of this to anyone I couldn’t imagine going on with my life, but as we stared at one another and I began an explanation he stopped me.

I don’t have a problem with anything I saw and to be honest Michael looked to be in heaven he continued. We both know this would be devastating if anyone learned of this particularly Robert, so I have a deal for you and it can stay between the three of us and no one will ever know.

Backed into a corner and emotionally panicked I would have submitted to anything he wished to keep this quiet. He offered me another drink and had me walk into his living area and stand while he made himself comfortable on a plush sofa.

I was told to strip slowly. As I began to remove my top, I looked at him fully clothed, completely in control but it wasn’t shame or fear I was feeling. I felt a deep sensation stirring within my pussy desiring to do as I was told. Maybe the booze had kicked-in but in that moment, I had come to terms with the situation and felt powerless and at peace. As I stood completely nude before him, I trusted that he would keep my secret and this was to be my atonement.

He stood and walked over to me and inspected me like a collector would a work of art. His hands began caressing my body while he complemented my appearance and my shape. His hands brushed against my nipples sending electric shocks throughout my body. When he was done with his examination, he stepped back and had me remove his clothes. I walked toward him and began to unbutton his shirt admiring the fir that covered his chest. I was surprised at the feelings I was beginning to feel toward him having never had a moment of interest before. His power over me had become a very powerful aphrodisiac. As I was peeling his shirt past his shoulders, he grabbed me and kissed me deeply telling me how long he had lusted for me and how pleasurable it was for him that I was finally his possession.

He then quickly pulled away and instructed me to complete my task. A primal feeling of submitting to his will was not lost on me.

Russ sat back on his sofa now naked with a new drink and continued his inquisition. I was standing before him and increasingly unsteady as the alcohol achieved its result.

He began his questioning with how it got started.

I told him about the lazy Sunday on our couch as Michaels hands began to roam and got tantalizingly close to my breast. I told him how excited it made me feel, how wet my pussy got and that I knew it was wrong. As I stood there naked telling him these dark desires of mine; my pussy was lighting on fire. I continued how I masturbated that night thinking about his touch and orgasmed stronger than I had in years.

As he continued his questioning, I provided him details of Michael’s cock and how I guided him into me the first time. As I told him my story, Russ’s cock turned to stone. He never once touched it but its hardness confessed to me that he loved our experiences. He loved that Michael’s cock was huge and he loved that I was obsessed with having it inside my pussy.

He continued to pry into my psyche trying to understand this taboo desire I had with my son. The feelings I have when he cums inside me delivering a seed that I created. The feelings I have holding him just like I had when he was a baby as he is thrusting his cock into my pussy. It’s all so erotic I cannot begin to share the deep desires it creates.

He had me kneel before him as he stood and directed his cock into my mouth all while taking on the personal of Michael. He had me imagine the cock was Michaels and to savor it and love it like I did my son. In my intoxicated haze, I complied enthusiastically, showing him the love I gave Michael. I swallowed him deeply trying to provide him every bit of pleasure I could. It was then he stood me up and pushed me over the back of the couch and proceeded to fuck me with a new intensity. He was no longer the inquisitor but the punisher. He fucked me hard and relentlessly with an new anger that I could feel. It wasn’t long before he began to fill me with his seed. And as his cock pulsated inside of me, I began to feel the overwhelming and sudden sadness of used whore. I was his vessel to use and derive pleasure from and that’s all.

My dignity was at an all-time low as I dressed and returned home. A mix of feelings and emotions flooded my brain from ecstasy to regret as I walked between our homes. When I got home Michael was waiting with a worried and compassionate look. All I could do was hug him tightly and tell him how deeply I loved him.

I don’t think Russ will betray my trust but I worry this will eventually get out and I don’t know my next step.


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