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During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, dairies, and notes in the treasure which contained classic, Age-old, Erotic books, Novels, and Magazines probably collected by my Ancestors. They are all timeless and precious. They are a must-read for all erotica lovers. I am sharing them on this site. Enjoy,

You may well scold me for my prolonged silence, for it is nearly a month since I sent you what you call the most damnably exciting letter you ever read. The truth is that our repeated orgies, at last, became too much for me. The one I last described inaugurated a series of others, much too repetitious for me to reiterate them over and over again, even if the laziness produced by such excesses had allowed me to sit down and pen a letter long enough to occupy hours in the mere mechanical operation of writing it. Suffice it then to tell you that we exhausted every pose and every salacious idea that the wildest imagination and lust could devise in nearly three weeks of those continuous orgies, which were twice as stimulating from the delicious accompaniments of triple incest and incestuous sodomy.

Never, never was I so rapturously stimulated to superhuman efforts. However Nature, overworked, asserted her will and taught me that unless I recruited my failing powers by rest and quiet I should sink beneath the effort. So, unwillingly taking my leave of this most amiable and delightful family, I departed and sought repose and re-invigoration in the quiet retreat of St. Valery, where healthful sea breezes and invigorating baths renewed the energies lost in the wildest debauches that insatiable lust ever prompted.

I see that while congratulating me on my good fortune in falling into such a good thing, you doubt if ever there was another example of such an intimate union between all the members of any family. Far from being unique, the newspapers frequently hint at the exposures before the magistrates of such intimacies in the lower circles; and be sure, that, for one such exposure, there are hundreds upon hundreds that are never heard of. Doubtless, the conditions which lead to all promiscuously sleeping in the same room, and often the daughters occupying the same bed as their parents, lead imperceptibly to common enjoyment.

In the manufacturing districts, it often happens that young girls who prove to be in the family way, confess before the magistrates that their brothers or fathers were the begetters of the illegitimate offspring.

A case occurred in the North, and was related to me by the surgeon who delivered the woman, of a mother not more than thirty-two years of age, whose husband having been killed by an accident in the mine, continued to occupy the one-roomed cottage, while the son worked in the mine and lived with his mother. As was natural they slept together to keep each other warm, with the result already stated.

But to fly at higher game. In the thirties of this century, Mr. Thompson, a gentleman of fortune in Cornwall, served the office of high sheriff of the county. He was deeply in love with and engaged to be married to, the lovely youngest daughter of a certain admiral, retired from active service, rich and living in the same county, near Bude, I believe. As soon as the bridegroom's year of office was at an end, and all the affairs of the shrievalty settled, the marriage came off with great eclat, if I remember right, in Exeter cathedral.

After the usual sumptuous breakfast, the happy couple started on their marriage trip, amid the good wishes of their friends and the hearty cheers of the mob. They drove some twenty-five miles to one of those convenient inns on public roads which at that period served for the altars on which maidenheads were sacrificed. Since then station hotels now serve the same purpose.

They dined, and the impatient bridegroom urged his bride to an early retreat and joined her after a sufficient interval had been given her to complete her night toilet and get into bed. The bridegroom had already undressed in his dressing-room, so throwing off his robes in the Chamber he jumped into bed, and with all the ardor of love and passion was into her in a minute, and without thought, or any preliminaries.

But once the edge of fierce passion was reduced by this intercourse, he became aware of an unusual projection of belly below him, and also he bethought him of the ease with which he had entered what he expected to find in virgin tightness. He moved off her, and on feeling her belly discovered that she was at least six months gone with child.

He taxed her with it, and there was an appearance of innocent surprise as she asked him what he meant.

'I mean that someone else has already been doing to you what I have just done?'

'Oh, yes, Papa has always done that ever, But, you know, Papas has a right to do so.'

'The devil they have! And were you the only one he did it to?'

'Oh, no, both my sisters and I slept with Papa in turns when he did not wish to have two or all.'

On hearing this explicit explanation, there was no course left to the poor husband but to rise and quit her at once and forever. He told her to remain in bed, that he must go at once to his sister, and would send for her. He felt that the poor creature, brought up in the innocence of any crime in what had occurred between her and her fond sire, was more to be pitied than scorned; that all the blame was due to the father.

All the same, he must and would be free of so horrible a treachery to him as to marry her to him in such a state.

He retired, dressed, took a post-chaise, and drove to his sister, who lived within a dozen miles of where he then was. She had been at the marriage, but he knew she would drive home after he had left. He arrived between twelve and one o'clock after all had retired, but he knocked them up and desired them to go and tell his sister that he was there, and must-see her immediately; she need not rise, he would come up to her when she was ready.

Accordingly, he was shortly ushered into her room. His pale and haggard look alarmed her greatly, and she at first thought some frightful accident had happened. He told her not to be alarmed, though it was something much more serious than an accident. He took a chair and sat by her bedside, while he recounted the dreadful secret he had gained possession of.

She was perfectly horrified and asked what he meant to do in such a dreadful case.

'I shall go post-haste to London tonight, and shall immediately put the matter into my lawyer's hands and, if possible, punish that hoary villain, as well as sue for instant divorce, and have the bastard prevented from inheriting any property of mine. I have loved that girl, and the horrors of the night have nearly upset my reason. But, at any cost, an end must be put to my awful position. She has been brought up to think it was all right, and it would be cruel to leave her where she is. I have therefore come to you, my dear sister, to beg you to drive over early in the morning. Tell her, without mincing your words, of the dreadful position she is in, and see her put into a carriage and sent back to her incestuous home. Tell her that I can never see her again.'

He drove up to town. The sister went the next morning and found the poor girl in a dreadful way. She had never closed her eyes, and was pale and haggard with apprehension, although she had not at all realized the terrible position in which she was placed. So long and so early had she been accustomed to the parental incest that she thought it quite natural. So that when the sister explained all and told her she would never see Thompson again, the poor thing, who was really in love with him, fell into hysterical fainting fits, which eventually brought on an abortion with such serious symptoms that, compounded by her despair, also carried her off, and so put an end to any further publication of the event. It also freed her husband, who went abroad and did not return for years after.

The father, who had quickly heard of the event, suddenly disappeared with his other daughters, and it was never known where he had fled to until his death, which occurred in an obscure village in Holland.

The two now elderly and rich daughters returned and resided in Kent. They engaged a butler who soon won one of them and induced her to marry him. He built a new house on the property, and when last I heard of them the unmarried sister was living with them, and, doubtless, as they had been brought up to share Papa, they now shared the butler, who was not above increasing his wealth by favoring both. But this was all fair fucking, if somewhat incestuous.

You remember I kept for some time a girl called Polly, although you were out of the country at the time. This girl was the daughter of a watchmaker. You know the delight I take in ferreting out the early history of all girls I come near, and the tact I have in gaining their full confidence and confession.

Well, Polly told me she had been fucked first by her father, shortly after the death of her mother. Of course, once getting a taste of the sugar-stick, her lips longed for variety. She, in turn, seduced her father's young apprentice, who slept in an attic. One day he was fucking her when the father's voice was heard, so the youth got under the sofa, and was a witness to the father's incestuous intercourse. He was foolishly and jealously sulky after Papa's departure, but Polly knew how to tame the young bear, and a delicious fuck completely reconciled him to the event.

So, telling him in future to watch for her father leaving her about midnight, and then to come to her arms, she enabled the delighted youth to pass every night with her, although he had to leave her before six in the morning.

There was also an elderly lodger on the first floor who had paid her attention, and of course, had her. After this she always slipped down to his floor, locking her door outside for fear of accident.

Thus the young hussy gratified her lust with three pricks almost every night. She also initiated her younger brother as soon as he attained age.

I parted from her after living with her for several months in consequence of her violent temper and extravagance and finding out that she lavished her money on a low fellow. Long after, I met her accidentally and found her well kept by a high-ranking official, whose duties left her much freedom. She said that she had really liked me, and so earnestly begged for a fuck that I could not refuse her, and often saw her as a friend.

Polly used to make me laugh in telling me how she used to deceive me, and that often she had had lovers in the house when I lived with her and that when she had at times retired under the pretense of her stomach being out of order, it was only to get a fresh fuck. It was then she told me of her brother fucking her. Her present keeper allowed him to reside in the house out of regard for her so that he had her at every disengaged moment.

On hearing this I asked if he was at home, to which she replied that he was.

'Then go and get fucked and come back to me filled with his sperm,' I said.

She gladly did so, for nothing pleased her so much as a rapid succession of pricks, and I had the most delicious fuck in her dripping cunt on her return. After this, I soon introduced the subject of our fucking in common, and doubly with her; for I forgot to tell you that her father had taught her that pleasure had two entrances into her charming person.

She was uncommonly fond of every excess and sucked a prick to perfection. She afterward put her younger sister into my hands, who was even hotter than herself. She was a little short but beautifully formed, and so sensitive that she would immediately spend upon even the contact of a finger in her cunt. I have known her to spend violently and with excessive excitement at the mere touch of my prick's point on her cunt's lips.

She was a loving and delicious fuck, clinging to me with a closer embrace than I ever experienced, and dying away in excessive delight which is seldom seen. She lent herself to every vagary of my lasciviousness and was altogether a bijou of a loving creature. Alas! She died early.

I had Polly's third sister, too, who was worth having but did not equal either of the other two. She is now married to a baronet.

You may also remember my telling you that I once had an intrigue with a very fine, tall, superb woman, kept by a noble lord, and who had taken a fancy to me, and as is usual when such is the case, did it all for love, repudiating all pecuniary reward. Her history was as follows: she was one of three equally fine sisters and they had two handsome young brothers. Their father has left a widower in their younger years, and had initiated all the daughters in love's ways. They, of course, imparted their knowledge to their younger brothers, and they became a most attached and loving family, but all in the way of fair fucking. Only once had her father penetrated by the back door, but he had given her such agony and made her bleed, and she had been so very sore for some time after, that she never again allowed that sacred grove to be invaded. Once the ice was fairly broken, they became a happy, united, family sometimes having a general orgy, but more often taking it in turns to change partners each night.

I once found her young brother at her house, and as I knew all about him, I winked at her. She took the hint and asked me to come and help her to write a difficult letter. We retired.

'Fuck me at once, dear Harry, my brother has this moment done so. Feel how I am inundated with his spunk.'

She threw herself back on the bed as she drew up her clothes, and her cunt was indeed all awash with fuck, so exciting, that I stooped, licked it all up, made her spend again, and then, furious with desire, I rammed my prick home to her heart's content.

After this, her brother and I became great friends and we slept together with his sister, and had one or two delicious orgies.

I shall give you one more instance out of many others that have come under my own observation.

I used to fuck the most delicious, voluptuous young lady, a school companion of a niece, who spent the holidays with my sister when I too was staying in the house. She looked so lewd that I took the opportunity, while swinging her, to lay hold of her full bottom, and compliment her upon its freshness and firmness.

She laughed and took it so much as a matter of course that in helping her down I slipped my hand up to her bare bottom to test its reality. Instead of repulsing me, she said she hoped I was satisfied.

'So much so,' said I, 'that I must feel if the front corresponds to so admirable a posterior.'

There was no resistance and no prudery. I found all deliciously moist, it was evident she was excited. So, striking while the iron was hot, I led her into the dense shrubbery, and, she nothing loath, I fucked her al fresco. There was no difficulty, for the ground had evidently been plowed before, and she showed her knowledge and common sense by imploring me not to spend inside.

So, taking the bull by the horns, I said I could only do so by depositing my treasure in the vault of the neighboring grotto.

Not the slightest objection was made. Therefore, asking her to turn on her side, I introduced my glowing prick into a rosiest and tight little bottom-hole and, after a momentary grimace of pain, I found her as ready as with her cunt, and we had a most delicious spend.

I wanted a second fuck in the exquisite aperture in which I found myself so unexpectedly a welcome guest, but my young friend had prudence as well as passion, saying it was in too exposed a place and we that would more than probably be discovered, but we could now easily arrange for more convenient opportunities. And so we did; and we slept together almost every night for nearly the whole month that the delightful visit lasted.

But, to come to our subject matter. I wormed out of her in our close intimacy the secret of her readiness and aptitude. Her father had not only fucked her, but also three other daughters, and was in the habit of depositing his seed in the chamber in which it could not fructify, hence her complete initiation and loving-kindness for the sugar-stick. Of course, once fully initiated, like all the rest of her sex, there was no resting until she had tried what other pricks were like; and she owned the first liking for me, and her determination to let me have her if I tried.

In another instance, an Italian, whom I knew, fucked his mother and got her with child, and seventeen years after, when I saw him in Italy, that sister-daughter was then, for the second time, under accouchement with a child begotten by him.

A similar thing occurred at Dieppe between a mother and son at a hotel where I was myself a visitor. Someone entered the room by mistake and found the happy incestuous couple hard at work. They had unfortunately left the door unlocked. You may easily imagine the scandal that followed. The imprudent pair were forced to beat a retreat.

I could mention others, but you must be content with the budget I send.




1. During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, diaries, and notes in the treasure which contained classic, Age-old, Erotic books, Novels, and Magazines probably collected by my Ancestors. They are all timeless and precious. They are a must-read for all erotica lovers.

2. The Original Authors of these Stories/Letters or Articles are long dead or Anonymous.

3. Out of the aforesaid collection, presenting an amazing account which was first published 1874 of a sexually omnivorous photographer on the prowl in Paris (probably the first such book).

4. The letters were written by a friend, Mr. Harry from Paris. Harry Hargrove, photographer. Young, beautiful women come to Harry's studio to have their portrait taken, but while there, one thing leads to another, and randy Harry's life becomes one big Parisian orgy. Before internet porn, before porn videos, before porn movies, people lusting for raunchy, X-rated entertainment read pornographic books and magazines. Victorian and Edwardian England had its own adult entertainment industry - countless erotic novels were put out by shady publishers, some books were printed by the authors themselves, and most of the writers were anonymous. Many of these 19th-century books are surprisingly kinky, and some of them may be quite offensive to modern-day readers - in more ways than one. The anonymously written "Letters from a Friend in Paris" was first published in 1874. This novel in the form of letters is a great example of classic Victorian erotica.

5 All characters be read as of more than age of 18 years.

6. My sincere apologies to the author of the Novel and readers for editing, or modifying the underage content, if any, to make it suitable for publishing in Modern times.

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