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Heviyas ordeal continues

Heviya stared blankly at Nadines corpse and the pool of blood expanding beneath it. The kind woman had made her feel welcome aboard the Penelope right off the bat. She had never really understood why. At the start of their voyage to Asterion 14 months ago Heviya had been an unexperienced newcomer to space travel, constantly worried to do something wrong. She had been trained as a wireless operator during her compulsory service in the confederate army, but apart from that she only had an aborted hyperlane navigation studies to show for. If her uncle had not pulled some strings with someone he knew from HR at Elysium Interstellar she was certain that she would never have gotten the job.

And yet Nadine treated her as an equal from the first day after they had left the orbit around Earth. She had always taken the time to answer any of Heviyas numerous and probably stupid questions. When she had made mistakes Nadine had calmly pointed them out to the young operator and helped her out with hints until Heviya had corrected them herself. Over the weeks they realized that despite their difference in age they liked the same music and also shared an interest in early 22nd century sci-fi movies. Especially the early works of Amy Emmerich that dealt with a first contact between humans and aliens long before Savko Guerlaine invented his DM-Sails and humanity had actually met other civilisations among the stars.

Over the time they had become friends. And now her friend was dead. Tears were streaming down the young womans cheeks and clouded her vision.

If only she had listened to her fathers advice to bite through her studies. Or to her mother who was totally against any of Heviyas plans about pursuing a career in space and away from the Solar System. She was still bemoaning the decisions which brought her here when a series of barked commands from the metal faced woman who had shot Nadine brought her back to the here and now.

"Break is over pendejos, time to move over to your new pen. You, you, you," she pointed her rifle at Aleksey, Captain Lestrange and Heviya, "get up you will go first." One of her gang members cut the restraints on the captives legs and ankles and they were hurried over to the airlock which connected the Penelope with the Helldriver. Heviya tried to get her jacket back over her shoulders to cover herself but she didn't manage to do so while her Hands were still bound behind her back. Aleksey was the first to make the transfer, directly followed by his pirate watchdog.

"Move it girl" she heard the command of the guard behind her and felt his gun poking into her bare back. She steadied herself and looked through the connecting tube of the airlock. The open hatch of the pirate ship was about 6 meters away. She bend her knees took aim and jumped, leaving the influence of Penelopes Gravwire.

Heviya was not used to Zero-G. In one moment she jumped upright into the tunnel and in the next she felt like falling head first down a shaft. Her paddling legs let her do an uncontrolled turn and she yelled as her falling Body passed the invisible barrier of the other ships gravitational field and landed clumsily on her butt. Her guard chuckled as he evaded her with ease and landed deftly on his feet.

This entry was greeted with resounding laughter. "There, there I think we got ourselves a ground hugger here." The voice belonged to an obnoxious, adipose man with a greasy beard whose whole body seemed to be covered with tatoos. Another yell escaped her throat as the hideous pirate grabbed her hair, jerked her to a crawling position and directed her away from the airlock to make room for the other incoming captives and their escorts. "Sit" came the command as she was shoved next to Aleksey.

As they waited for the rest of both groups to transfer over Heviya looked around. Something in the back of her head told her to be vigilant, to memorize everything about her new surroundings. The room was about 15 meters long and 3 meters wide. She counted 5 two-storied bunk beds on either side of the hull to her right. There were storage compartements above, similar to those you would see in a commercial spacecraft which she had often traveled on for short trips between Earth and Luna.

Down the corridor between the bunks was a hatch which was currently closed. To her left were two massive tubes extending into the inner hull of the ship and protruding about 2 meters into the room. A control station of some kind was arranged between those and she recognized Cyrillic letters on the monitor. Cables and conduits were running alongside the right wall and the ceiling.

While more and more of her shipmates and their captors arrived she realized how hot it was aboard this ship. Despite being stripped from her waist up she started to sweat.

Metal Face was the last to come aboard after the perforation of Penelopes hull had been sealed. The airlock-tube was retracted and the hatch got closed.

The shorter bald man who had boarded their ship with the second group began to speak. "Good work over there Roja, now take Alex and Tik and lock up the hostages. Yankinn," he addressed a slightly Asian looking man, "get Ctirad and see to it that we get this ship in tow. Ugonna," he turned to a tall and muscular black man, "Get the DM-Sails ready, I want to hyperspace out of here as soon as we cross the system line."

Penelopes crew was formed into a line with Heviya somewhere in the middle when the fat, tattooed pirate cleared his throat." Ehm...Hoff. Can I keep this one here and have a little fun with her?"

Heviyas heart skipped a beat and she stared at Hoff. After what had happened to her earlier at the hands of that demented brute she could imagine only too well, what this "fun" would encompass.

"Sure, why not," he agreed, which triggered an expectant grin from the revolting pirate.

"Ey, that's not fair, why is Cor going first? He was not part of the boarding party!" Yankinn complained.

"Calm down Chinky Eyes that bitch has enough fucking in her for all of us. Now get that prize in tow like the boss has ordered. I will try, that I don't stretch her holes too much in the meantime," Cor shot back maliciously.

Yankinn clenched his fist, but before the situation could escalate any further Roja stepped in. "Jesus, what is it with you pichas. Yankinn, get that job done or I will chop your balls off. Let's see how good you fuck without those, hm?"

Cor smirked:"There you heard the chief, now be..." He was cut off by an infuriated Roja. "Cor, you keep that puta here and watch her. If you fuck her before Yankinn had his go, I swear I will cut your cock off and deepthroat you with it until you die. DID I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?"

The fat man visibly swallowed. "Absolutely chief."


Heviya watched in terror as her crewmates were herded down the narrow corridor between the bunks. Matheo locked eyes with her for one last time before he was forced out of the room. The other pirates exited shortly after and she was left alone with Cor who sat down at the console between the two tubes.

After some time had passed the obese prized himself up and lazily stomped over to open one of the storages above the third bunk bed on the right. As he turned his back to Heviya she weighted if she should make a move to surprise and attack him. How could she do it with her hands behind her back? What would she do if she was able to overpower him? As she was still weighting her options her guard was coming back towards her with a small pocket knife in hand. Heviya cursed her indecisiveness in her thoughts. Nadine, she was certain, would have taken that chance.

He motioned her to turn around, which she ungrudgingly did. At least that got her breasts out of his lecherous sight. Cor cut the wire strap from her wrists and removed the tangled uniform jacket from her as well. She grimaced as she saw blood from were the wire had cut through her skin and began massaging some life back into her joints. "Thank you" she mumbled between gritted teeth as she turned around and crossed her arms before her naked chest.

"Yeah, well not much to hide there anyway I guess." the gross pirate grumbled. Heviya just avoided looking at him and concentrated on the tips of her shoes again. Her captor sighed as he squatted down on his seat which he pulled over from the work console.

"Let's see if your cunt is any better than those tits, eh." As the girl in front of him didn't react he added. "That means take those pants off, I want to see your cunt." He raised his voice threateningly as Heviya still did not show any signs to comply with his demand. "Are you an idiot or something. You do speak English right ?"

"Yes, I do." Heviya glanced up nervously, deciding it would be better not to enrage him any further

"So, what's the problem ? You better get used to showing your holes. Can't imagine that you will be wearing any clothes around here any more."

"Please, you don't have to do this. My company will be paying ransom money for me, for all of us from the Penelope in fact. Please, Sir, just lock me up together with the rest of my crew." Heviya stated meekly, more trying to stall than believing to be able to reason with this slob.

"Don't worry about that, I am sure the bosses gonna collect that just fine. Unless you work for some religious weirdos your value shouldn't drop by getting fucked, right ? To be totally honest with you, grinding those holes around cock around the clock will be the only thing you are doing in the near future. Nobody on this barge got laid for the past 6 months. Can't speak for all of us of course, but I am really exited to get a good cuntfuck. And now show me that twat, I want a preview of what I am getting later."

Heviya could not believe how this fat swine was talking with her. There must be some kind of way out of here, she thought to herself.

As the miserable girl still did not start to undress Cor finally had enough. He darted out of his chair, tackled her to the metal floor and started attacking the fasteners of her trousers. The little bitch had more fight in her than he would have given her credit for. She screamed, she kicked, she scratched, even bit his forearm and hands a couple of times until he finally managed to get her pants and undies off.

"Nooo!" Heviya yelled as she lost the fight. She intuitively stopped her struggling and tried to curl into a ball pressing her legs together as strongly as possible. "Wow, you are a real fighter girl. I like it." Cor breathed heavily from the effort of subduing her and blobs of sweat hit her naked body, hair and face from the human meat ball above her. "Promise to save some of that energy for me after that gook bitch Yankinn is done with you, sweetie! And now spread em wide for me!"

"Don't touch me, get your hands off me" Heviya freaked out as she felt a sweaty, fleshy hand probing through her untrimmed public hair. She cried out in defeat and exasperation as the thumb of her tormentor untenderly rubbed her delicate clitoris. "Yeah, you like that sweetie don't ya" he taunted her.

As she felt him wedge his right knee between her thighs she started to resist again with renewed vigor to fight him off. One time she managed to thrust up her leg with full force but she only hit his fat and wettish belly instead of his balls which she had aimed for. "Oh yeah, now that is what I am talking about!" he roared triumphantly as he finally pried her legs apart. "That is a cunt made for fucking, nice tidy lips you got down there!"

Then without any further warning he rammed his middle finger down her dry pussy ham-handedly fingering her inside. Heviya squealed and squirmed as she was violated by the bastard. This was not how the 24 year old had imagined her first intimate encounter with a man at all. She had always dreamed about falling in love with a nice guy, who would treat her gently. Someone with a little more experience whom she could laugh with and who would make love with her and care for her pleasure as much as his own.

But instead of her loving guy she now got a laughing, ugly reject who was probably double her age hurting her unprepared and resisting inner labia.

"God, sweetie, you are unbelievably tight down there. We are going to have so much fun together, this is heaven!" her rapist exclaimed excitedly.

Cor grunted as he finally let go of his victim and collapsed back on his chair. Heviya immediately turned her back to him and pressed her small hands between her legs. A silent wailing escaped her throat as she heard a zipper opening behind her. "Well I don't know the chiefs exact policy about fucking. What's your female perspective on a blowjob ? Does that count, what do you think."

Heviya could not believe what her life was turning into. "Leave me alone, god please just leave me alone," came her feeble reply.

"You are golden. Keep begging for me." She heard sloppy sounds and the rustling of clothes as the man behind her started to jack off to the image of her misery.

Heviya was crying silently as Cor finally grabbed her neck and forced the defeated girl to look at him again. "I figure it will be alright for the chief if I save those holes for Yankinn and the others you can start blowing now."

Nothing in the universe could have motivated Heviya to actively suck this horrid reject. She had never been a violent person, but this man?! She wanted him to die so much right now. Cor seemed mildly disappointed as she did not comply with his command, but as he was horny as hell and she did not struggle or resist either as he parted her lips with his cock, he let this slide for now.

He did not facefuck her as brutally as Hus had done back on the Penelope but it took him over fifteen minutes to climax. This felt like ages for the inexperienced cocksucker and she felt utterly humiliated as he put his stinking hands on his dick to jerk himself off inside her soft mouth. "Whooaaaa swallow it bitch," he joyfully screamed as he started shooting down torrents of cum into her mouth and down her throat.

This was the first cum poor Heviya had ever tasted. She was shocked by the bile taste and the furry texture she felt expanding on her tongue and in the back of her throat. The retching and coughing came momentarily and she spit out as much of the appalling seed as she could.

As she heard her rapists clangorous laughter, felt strands of cum dripping from the corner of her mouth and saw them gather in a disgusting, creamy puddle in front of her she wondered how much worse this nightmare would actually get.
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