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My GF is 22, I'm 25, I've been wanting to show her off for awhile and finally came up with a way she felt comfortable with. We went to a hotel and got to know someone in the lounge then told them wanting to show her off. Usually they were very interested!
I’ve long had a fantasy of exposing my girlfriend to a stranger. It got to the point where I decided I had to make it a reality. When my GF and I fool around and she gets aroused her inhibitions decrease and she is open to doing a lot of things she might not otherwise do. I started bringing up the idea when I got her worked up, she wasn’t against the idea but didn’t know how to do it safely.

I thought about it and came up with the idea taking her to a downtown hotel where there are a lot of out of town business men. We could sit in the lounge and see what happens. She said OK. She wore a sexy skirt with no panties and we went to a big name hotel. When we entered there weren’t a lot of guys that were alone but we spotted this one guy in his mid to late 50s that was sitting at the bar. I pointed him out and she sat next to him with me next to her. We ordered drinks and then she casually started chatting with him, needless to say he was very responsive. Turns out he was from out of town on business, we chatted with him for about 20 minutes and he asked where we were from, at that point I told him we were locals and had a fantasy to show her off to a stranger. Would he be interested. At first he looked a little skeptical and said is this for real? I said to him lets step out into the hallway and I'll prove it to you. He said OK and we payed and left. We went into a nearby quiet hallway and I lifted her skirt and showed him her pussy. He said lets go to my room! In the elevator he said your a beautiful woman I can't wait to see more. Do you do this often? I said this is our first time but we've been talking about doing it for awhile. Once in his room we sat down and I had her stand in front of him and strip. When she removed her bra he said those are beautiful tities and I love your hard nipples. When she took her skirt off she had no panties on so was then nude. He said love that hairy pussy! I was so fucking turned on seeing her standing in front of him like that and the look of pure lust on his face, I'm hooked now. She was clearly enjoying it too, I could tell it was getting her aroused!! I had her turn around and show him her ass. He kept saying how hot she looked. I then had her lay on his bed, and told her spread your legs and let him see your charms. She opened up and he said fuck that's hot, she looks so good, look how wet she is, shure I can't touch? I was so turned on by then that I said no you can't touch but you can smell it if you want. He quickly move close to her and put his nose close to her pussy, to my great pleasure she opened up wider to accommodate him. He said she smells so fucking good I love her sexy cunt! I told her to masturbate for him and he sat back down and watched. This went on for about 5 minutes and she had a huge orgasm for him, he was rubbing his cock through his pants by then. She got dressed then went to the bathroom. He said to me that was the hottest thing I've ever seen, next time I come to town could I see her again? I gave him my contact info and said we'll see. When we left my GF was very excited, she said it really turned her on the way he was staring at her. It made her feel very sexy and special. I asked, then you want to do it again? Yes, she said.

This is a major fantasy for me that's been realized, I can't fucking wait to do it again!

she's agreed to go back to the hotel tomorrow (Fri.) night. We're going to try to find some one to watch us fuck, can't wait!

So, last night (Fri.) we went back to the same hotel as last time and went into the lounge. It was about half full, we looked around and saw a middle aged business man sitting at a table by himself. The table next to him was empty, this seemed like a good prospect so we sat at the table next to him. My GF started up a conversation with him, which of course he responded well to. We got drinks and chated with him for about a half hour. Then we told him we have a fantasy that have been wanting to do. It involves having a stranger watch us have sex. Would he be interested. Needless to say, he was very interested, not nervous like the last guy. We finished our drinks and headed up to his room. When we got there we sat down and I told my GF to strip for him so he could get a good look at her before we started. She stood in front of him and took her clothes off, he kept saying how beautiful she was. She let him get a good look as she turned to show all sides, I wanted him to see her ass as well. Then I had her lay on the bed and spread her legs for him, He loved the view and said she had a gorgeous pussy. He thanked us for sharing her, he then got out his phone and said she's so hot could I take some photos of her. I said no photos and asked him to give me his phone while we were there. He was understanding and handed it over. I had her start masturbating for him and I started kissing and sucking her tits which she responded to very well. Then I went down and started licking her pussy and clit. That got her very horny and dripping wet. I then had her show him her very aroused pussy to him and told him don't touch but you can smell it if you want. He got down very close and started smelling it. He said fuck that's a sexy pussy she's got, it smells great, I'll bet it tastes even better. While he was doing that I striped and put my cock in her mouth, she started sucking and licking it. The guy said that looks so hot, she looks like a great cock sucker, does she swallow? I said yes, but I'm going to save it for her pussy tonight! I then mounted her and entered her and started humping away, he said you two are such a sexy couple, it's so fucking hot seeing you two fuck like this. You should do this more! We were both very excited and we came shortly after that, he said to her you're a very sexy girl especially when your cuming. She said thank you to him, thanks for watching us it got me very excited, I liked you watching us. She then got up and went into the bathroom. I told him he could go in and watch her there if he wanted. He jumped up and followed her in. She sat on the toilet and spread her legs so he could watch. First a big glob of cum dripped out of her pussy, then she peed for him. Then she cleaned herself up. We went back out and got dressed. He was very appreciative and said it was by far the most sexy thing he'd ever experienced. I could tell my GF was eating it up, all I could thing was this will really get her going for the next time. That was confirmed when we got home, it really made her fell desirable and sexy, she's really starting to get off on sharing her sexuality with strangers. Can't wait for next time!

Last night, (Fri.) we went back to the hotel. We couldn't find any likely prospects. After about 20 minutes we decided to leave. There's another large big name hotel nearby, so we decided to give it a try. It was also very slow but we spotted a guy in his 40's siting by himself so we sat nearby and my GF started up a conversation with him. Same routine, after about 20- 30 minutes we told him about our kink and asked him if he'd like to watch us fuck. He said, love to, so we went up to his room. I had her get undressed in front of him and gave him a tour of her body. He said wow that's a hairy pussy, you don't see that much these days! I said, do you like it? He said I love all pussy and she has a very nice one. I had her turn around and bend over for him so he could see her ass hole and pussy from behind. He said that is a fantastic view, she is very hot. I then had her lay on the bed and spread her legs for him, she was already very wet. He noticed immediately, he said look at that wet pussy she's ready for action. She started to masturbate for him so I pulled out my cock and put it in her mouth, she started sucking me. He loved that, he said she looks so hot with a cock in her mouth, she looks like she was born to do that! Then I told her to lick my balls for him to see. At that point I took off my clothes and we did a 69 for him. He kept going from watching her suck me to watching me eat her pussy. He said I've never watched someone else do anything like this before this is fucking hot! I decided it was time to fuck for him so I had her lay down and I entered her. We were fucking for awhile when I felt something wet on my butt, I looked around and he was standing over us with his cock out and was ejaculating on us! My first thought was to feel disgust and tell him to stop. But then I thought, fuck it, let him enjoy himself so I never said anything to him. We finished up and went into the bathroom, we both had cum on us, he had pointed his jet of sperm towards the area where we were fucking so he got my butt, balls and her legs. We got dressed and he said his company was starting a branch office here so he'd be coming back here often over the next few months could he meet up with us again. I said sure and gave him my number. He was very thankful and we left. Later I asked my GF what she thought of him cuming on us, she said it was kind of a turn on. If we meet with him again I'm going to have her on top, I'm not crazy about getting cumed on!
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