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I spent a few years in the south and a few of the women I met sure knew what they wanted and were not afraid to say it
Dar and I fell asleep about four am after having some great sex together for the first time. I woke up feeling her laying beside with her butt pressing against my morning wood. As it was light outside I was able to get a better look at her firm body without her seeing me when I lifted the sheet. I would say her breasts were at least a 36 d, firm with dark areola's and protruding nipples that grew when she gets aroused.

Her body was firm ,no fat anywhere it appears to me she must work out. Her skin tone was dark with no blemishes or scars and her face showed no signs of any makeup.She looked so pretty I didn’t know how she wasn’t married ,she should be.

I moved slowly away from her and went to the bathroom when I came back she had rolled over on her back. Most large breasts would be laying off to the side ,but her breasts stood firm. I slowly got on the bed and carefully moved the sheet from her to where her pussy was exposed . “Okay that's enough” I said to myself I got to have this,then leaned in and placed my mouth on her slit.

I adjusted myself to where I was between her legs and could easily lick up and down on her lips. I knew this would wake her ,and hoped she would enjoy it like I do when I am woken with a warm mouth on my cock . I felt her stir and spread her legs a little wider allowing my face to move in deeper.She moved a little letting me slide my arms under her legs ,she moaned as my hands ran through her pubic hair finding her clit.

I felt her hand move down running her fingers through my hair,she was waking up .Next question is how will she feel about me doing this to wake her up .So I continued licking up her slit , looking up while my tongue played with her clit. I watched her head move from side to side slowly with her eyes still closed and her mouth open. She appeared to be taking a deep breath and exhaling with the words “yes oh yes” then clenching her teeth

She was liking it, I thought to myself and began sliding two fingers along her pussy spreading her lips and opening up her little more. I could taste her juices that were seeping out of her while her muscles flexed releasing more. Several different times our eyes would meet to which she would smile and blow me a kiss. I knew I was pleasing her but I still haven't reached that oh my god orgasm from her.

I continued to lick and suck until finally she removed her hand from my head and stretched them over her head.”Come here “she said motioning me with her finger “come her and give me a kiss”.She spread her legs wide so I could move up then laid them flat while her hands pulled me closer.”I was suppose to wake you up like that” she then kissed me “maybe next time “she said after the kiss.

Then she smiled and gave me another kiss, “I have to use the bathroom “she said then giggled as she rolled out from under me. “God, you're beautiful “ I said to her as she stood up beside the bed . She blew me a kiss then turned and walked out of the room leaving me to only watch her firm butt walking away.I did notice that she had a nice spread between those thighs,that I couldn’t or didn’t notice last night.

I was hard as a rock as I waited for that fox to come back,not wanting her to see it, I pulled the sheet over me.When she returned she quickly laid flat down on her belly hiding her big breasts from me. “Why aren't you married “I said, “some one as beautiful as you must have had many offers. How do you know I am not”she quickly came back with ,tilting her head.I lifted her arm up “because if you were my wife there would be a ring and a lot of gold bracelets here”. I then kissed her hand “besides Tina said you just broke up with a guy”.

When I set her hand down it landed on my hard cock”well maybe I have never had a guy that knew how to use this”she said giving it a squeeze.”The last one could use it but thought he could use it with any one he wanted.She then kissed me removing her hand from my hard on and run her fingers past my lips.”Very few knew how to use these” she said “none have woke me up like you just did”.

She lifted the sheet up then smiled letting it fall “aren't you going to push my head down or tell me you want a blow job? That is what most guys want in the morning isn’t it” I put my hand on her cheek”only if you want to “I said .”I always want to ,I just don’t want to be forced and I only do it to those that deserve one”she said then lifted the sheet again.

She laid her head on my chest smiling at me while her hand pushed my cock straight up. “Damn that thing is big”she said as she let it fall back down then cupped my balls. “I feel like I am playing with my little brother's cock again” she said, I am so much older than you'' .I calculated our age’s in my head 30 minus 23 ,”only seven years” I said “no”she said. “ Where did you come up with that number”she said “I am 35,try 12 years unless your 26 but are you”?

“Well you don’t even look 30” I said “but what is age anyways” she smiled “your sweet”she said then began to stroke my cock . She kissed me then began kissing down my body again saying how big it is under her breath. She gave the head a kiss and then began to tell me what she didn’t want me to do.

“Keep your hands off my head”she said “there is no way I could deep throat you,don’t pull my hair either ''.She licked around on the tip”don’t try and hold back I can’t do this forever especially one this size”.She sucked me in side her mouth about two inches but not much more while stroking my cock.”

You don’t have to tell me when you're cumming just lay back and enjoy and let it go “she said .“I swallow if it tastes okay and don’t think I like facials because I don’t” taking me deeper inside her mouth.So I laid my head back and was thinking about what she said about her little brother wondering if she had done him before.

She was doing a good job and by the way she was stroking me and pulling on my balls was getting me close. I wanted to move her long hair away so I could see her face better but I didn’t dare too. I wanted to last a lot longer but with her oral talent it was going to be hard too.

She didn’t want to know when I was going to cum so I didn’t tell her . I waited to see if she would spit or swallow when I began to cum. Could she take it all I was thinking watching her cheeks puffing out waiting to see if she was going to swallow. She kept a slow stoke on my cock until there was no more cum .

She continued to stroke my cock while letting some of my cum spill out lubricating my shaft . Still with a mouth full she continued using my cum making her hand slide easier up and down. She was smiling as she kept my cock hard then swallowed , opened her mouth to show me it was gone.

“Still hard I see , no wonder Tina loves this” she said as she kissed up and down my shaft.”How long can you stay hard “she asked “how long until I can feel you cumming in me”. With that she began moving up and stopped where I could kiss and suck on her breasts.

“These are nice” I said between nipples “This is nice”she came back when sitting down on my cock.Her long hair was draping down was making it hard to see her eyes when I looked up at her hovering over me. I had my hands on her hips as she rode at a steady pace, “Just think I have an hour of this before you're ready to cum,that is if you really last that long. You sure feel good anyway if you can't”Dar said “do you think you can handle this old woman”.

She started riding me faster leaning back and sliding along my shaft flipping her hair back so she could see me.”I like being on top,this way I can control you”she said with an evil grin.”Whip me ,slap me, tie me up “I said”your the sexiest woman I know, I am all yours “I said . “Really “ she said lifting off my cock then sitting back between my legs “anything hmmm”.

She had both hands on my cock squeezing it hard then started slapping it back and forth. She was hitting it pretty hard one way chuckling as it came back to where she could slap it again.I was surprised the slaps only sounded like it hurt “is that all you got “ I said before she grabbed my balls. “Is that all I got”she said then laughed pulling down on my balls ,I got these“. As she held my balls tight she returned to slapping on my cock again then made a fist and punched it .

I had to admit it still didn’t hurt, It only made me more aroused and laughing.She was punching it like a punching bag then lowered her head spitting on it.She ran her hand through her saliva and stroked me hard for a few minutes .”You know you can lube it better if you slide it inside you”I said.

“All right wise guy”she said pulling my legs up around her shoulders then leaned forward as far as she could. Eye to eye she smiled at me then let a stream of saliva drip out over her chin. She placed her hand on my cheek opening my mouth to catch her spit, and I did.”Just a warning don’t ever piss me off or I will blow you then give your cum back just like that” she said . “Know you're getting pretty kinky “ I said as she laughed “being kinky can be fun though”.

I wonder what she had up her sleeve next since she likes handling my hard member.She kept my legs to her shoulder then slid down capturing my cock along the way. She could only get half of my cock inside her but that was all she needed and began fucking me.She was maneuvering herself where she could push a little farther and a little harder.

“How’s that feel now”she said pushing my legs up on my chest this time she was hitting on my balls as her juices seeped out on them. “That’s it baby fuck me harder ,if only you had a cock “ I said “ I would know what it feels like when I am doing you”. I don’t know why I said that and I certainly hope she didn’t catch that remark. I watched her look around hoping that she didn't see something to put in my ass, she didn’t. “You're lucky” she said “or you would know” then said “that's something else I don’t do .

Now ropes well that along with blind folds is fun” she said”I would do that”.I quickly said “really you would let me do that to you” yes she said”but I was thinking more of you. I bet Tina would take a ride, and I might even have a few girlfriends that would as well. Tie you to the bed, blind fold you ,turn the lights off and let the rodeo begin,we can take bets on who breaks the bull”.

She slid away letting my legs lay flat “now let's get to the good stuff eat me “she said and turned around straddling my head.She continued to squeeze and slap my cock around as she sat firmly on my face.?Do me right and I will let you soak this big thing inside me”she said then sucked me .

“Are you getting close yet?”she asked as it appeared that she was by how wet she was becoming. I dared not to say if I was until she asked again and eased up off of me “you told me not to say”I mumbled. “Smart ass “she said sitting back “we have been going at it for an hour now”then shook her head . “Okay well lets get at it”she said then turned around on her knees telling me to fuck her now .“Fuck me hard”she said I want to feel that big cock and your warm load inside me “.

Well how could I refuse that request so I stood up and positioned myself behind her . I held her hips tight and started giving her what she wanted.I started watching the clock it was now two in the afternoon and I was trying to last over an hour. I began thinking about anything I could to take my mind off cumming,but hearing her moan was making it hard.

She told me not to pull her hair but the way she was moving her head from side to side I had to collect it in a ponytail to see her face. Well she doesn't look made I said to myself seeing her eyes closed and her mouth open as I continued to push deeper. Each thrust was pushing her up the bed to where she had to move her arms up to avoid bouncing her head off the head board.

I pulled out several times to pull her back ,giving her wet slit a few good licks until she finally laid down flat on the bed. I moved back in kissing her neck ,I whispered when I entered her again “cum on my cock”I said. I slowed my rhythm down going slower in and out of her then fast for a few more times. I was urging her on to cum,”I am not going to cum until you do “I said “lets cum together.

Now her hands were clenching the sheets while she began fucking me a little harder”that’s it cum on my cock”I said . Finally I heard her take a deep breath and her muscles grip my cock “that’s it yes let’s do this together”. Shot after shot filled her pussy until we both laid still ,”very nice “I said then kissed her cheek.

After we both regained our composure I moved off of Dar getting up off of the bed and got dressed. I laid a pair of my clean boxers and a shirt on the bed “I will get breakfast “ I said looking at the clock that was now showing three thirty .

I had the coffee going and was making egg;s and toast when her hands reached around my waist. Dar gave me a kiss on the neck then snuggled against my back “thank you last night and today has been wonderful”. I poured her coffee “more than wonderful it has been fantastic,but I don’t think we will be going to your parents”.

We had a great time over breakfast , I wanted to go back to bed but she claimed she needed to go home.She thanked me for the great time vowing to come back again before she left
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