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This is part two of my family saga
I was at the workshop nice and early. “Morning Mr.Hobbs,” l said seeing my new boss loading some tools into a tool bag.

“Morning David, and before we start you can finish with the Mr.Hobbs bit, l feel old enough already having a young whippersnapper like you as a partner. From now on it’s Dan okay.”

“Ok Dan,” I answered, liking the idea of a relaxed relationship between us, “what do you want me to do?”

Dan explained that he was just getting some tools together then we would be driving out to the house where the job was going to be.

Ten minutes later we were in the van, heading out of town.

“How’s you’re Mum these days,” Dan enquired, “l haven’t seen her in town for a while.”

“Oh she’s fine,” I answered, “l didn’t realise you two knew each other.”

“Oh yes,” Dan replied, “known her since she was a kid, she was a good looking girl back then, a bit of a goer too in her day, broke some hearts when she married your father l can tell you.”

I was taken by surprise by Dan’s de***********ion of my mother, l had never really considered her as good looking but then when l thought back to when l was very young l remembered thinking she was pretty. I thought about how Dan had described her as a goer, l had never imagined her in that sense and was surprised that hearing of her being described like that had stirred some different thoughts about her.

“I was always surprised she didn’t go off with one of those Yanks that were stationed down the camp during the war, her and her sister were always down there especially when there was a dance on. Her sister ended up marrying one of our soldiers if l remember, they got married in a bit of a hurry towards the end of the war, haven’t seen her for a long time.”

“No she lives in Cheshire,” I replied, “what do you mean, a bit of a hurry.”

“Oh l think she must have been up the duff,” Dan added, “a lot of the girls ended up that way, quite a few ended up going off to America to live, you’re mother was always popular with the Yanks, l was surprised when she married your father, we all assumed at the time that she must have been up the duff as well but it was a few years before your sister came along so we got that wrong…good looking girl your mother, wouldn’t have minded a few nights with her l can tell you.”

I was shocked to hear about my mother being talked about like that, l had never considered her in that way, yes she was nice looking and she was always smartly dressed, she hadn’t gone to fat like a lot of women her age, in fact, once l really thought about it she didn’t have a bad figure, nothing over the top but quite nice for a woman of her age.

“Sorry,” Dan said, sensing from my silence that he had said something he shouldn’t, “l hope l didn’t offend you talking like that.”

“Oh…no,” I responded, “l’ve just never thought of her like that.”

“Oh no of course not,” Dan responded, “l‘m a bit older than your Mum, l was in the navy during the war, not that l got much further than the English Channel on D Day, spent most of my time running up and down the channel in a minesweeper. When we got back most of the decent girls had been snapped up by the Yanks, l think your mother was friendly with one but then she married your father. Mind you, l’m not saying she was free with her favours like some of the girls, she always had that bit of reserve about her, not like her sister, she was a right tart, it was no surprise when she had to get married.”

“Sounds like you were quite keen on my mother,” I found l was enjoying this conversation, l was suddenly seeing my mother in a new light.

“Oh yes l was,” Dan replied, “always had a soft spot for her, well more like a hard spot really if you know what l mean.”

We both laughed together at that but I realised that l was getting half an erection listening to my mother being spoken about like that.

We turned into a long, private drive, proceeding for about half a mile before arriving and a very impressive mansion, complete with fountains and big stone lions in front of the entrance.

“Who lives here,” I enquired, l had seen the house from a distance but always thought it was empty.

“Oh it’s recently been taken over by the National Trust,” Dan replied, “it’s been empty since it was used to billet American Officers during the war and for a few years after. They are doing a full refurbishment, l’ve won the contract to repair and replace a lot of the wood panelling and install new bookshelves in the library, it’s a good contract so we have to be on our best behaviour.”

We were met at the front entrance by a very smart looking woman, quite stern in appearance with her hair drawn back in a tight bun, her glasses giving her the appearance of a school mistress. She introduced herself as Miz. Hargreaves, saying she was the overall supervisor of the project. I helped Dan taking the measurements he needed and he told Miz.Hargreaves that he would arrange the delivery of some timber and that he would send me up to organise the unloading.

Once back in the van Dan steered it down the drive, “She looks a tough bitch,” he said, “looks like she needs a good poking to loosen her up, l bet she’s still a virgin.”

I was surprised to hear Dan talking like that but felt very relaxed about the fact that they would be working together. “I wouldn’t mind giving her one,” l said.

“And how many young beauties in this town have had the pleasure of your ramrod up their tight pussies then?.....Ah thought so,” he added when I did not answer, “still waiting for your first chance to dip your wick eh?”

“It’s not that easy,” I countered, “l’ve got a girl that will let me do it but l’ve got to get some condoms and that’s impossible in this town without my parents finding out.”

“You should try the barber,” Dan told me, “that’s where most chaps get them, l have a few spare if you want to take some today.”

“Do you mind?” I asked, “only l’m meeting her tonight.”

“Oh, no problem son, you young lads need to sow a few wild oats before you settle down, want to tell me who the lucky girl is?”

“No l can’t.”

“That’s fair enough son, not that l’m going to tell anyone, but it’s decent of you to protect her identity. I’ll tell you one thing though, you want to have a word with that sister of yours, l’ve seen her knocking about with that Rusty Lewis, he’s bad news that lad, you don’t want her mixed up with him.”

“I heard Rusty got arrested,” I replied.

“Yes,” Dan responded, “l heard he got caught robbing that scrap yard, killed the dog apparently, looks like he’s going away for a long spell, good riddance but your sister will get a reputation if she’s going round with him, wouldn’t want that, she looks like a decent girl.”

“Tell me some more about my mother and auntie,” I said as we were driving back, “l know my auntie is a bit loud and full of life but l never really thought about my mother when she was younger”

“Oh l’m not saying anything bad about your mother,” Dan replied, “as far as l remember she was very respectable, l recall she used to be friendly with a black American soldier, a lot of the girls got friendly with the black guys, we weren’t used to seeing them round here you understand so l suppose it was a bit of a novelty, of course there was always a lot of talk about them having much bigger cocks than us white men, l don’t know if that was true but l’m sure that attracted some of the girls.”

“What, you mean the girls were having sex with them, l didn’t think girls did that in those days until they were married.”

“Remember son, there was a war on,” Dan continued, “a lot of those lads were going off to France soon and maybe never coming back, they always seemed to have plenty of money and l suppose there was also the excitement element for some of the girls. I’m not saying your mother was like that, l never heard any tales about her, she always seemed very respectable.”

“Sounds like you were quite keen on her yourself Dan”

“Well l was a good bit older and married with two kids, got my missus pregnant on my first shore leave in Portsmouth, had to marry her quick, then she had the second just before l left the navy, that was when we moved back here. Yes l did fancy your mother, she was a looker, still is.”

“Really,” I laughed, “ l wouldn’t say she was a looker, l mean she’s not ugly but she’s just ordinary.”

“Are well,” Dan replied, “we all have our different view, always very smartly dressed your mother…oh yes…very smart.”

Later that day I was home, my mother wanted to know how his first day had gone.

“It was good,” I replied, “l get on very well with Dan.”

“You mean Mr.Hobbs,” my mother corrected.

“No Mum, he wants me to call him Dan, he seems like a nice bloke, l didn’t know you knew him when you were young.”

“Oh yes,” she replied, “he’s a fair bit older than me but l remember him coming home on leave from the navy, then he moved his wife and family back here.”

“He was telling me about how all the girls were attracted to the American soldiers.”

“Well there were a lot of them and their camp was the only place to go for entertainment, there was a dance there every weekend, your auntie worked on the base, l was working in the ammunitions factory, we both had to do those jobs for the war effort.”

“He told me you were friendly with a black man, what happened to him?”

“Oh, Antoinne,” she said, taking a seat at the kitchen table, “Yes, he was lovely, came from a place called Georgia.”

“That was a fancy name.”

“Yes, French,” she replied.

“Had he been a slave?”

“No, but his parents were when they were young.”

“What happened to him Mum?”

“Oh he went off to war and l never saw him again, l did enquire about him a while later and they told me he was killed in the D Day landings.”

I noticed a tear in Mum’s eye, l realised that talking about old times was upsetting her.

“Sorry Mum,” l said, “l didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Oh no son,” she replied wiping her eyes with a tissue, “it’s just he was such a lovely boy, he used to write poems, not like the other lads who only wanted one thing, no he wasn’t like that at all.”

“Dan said a lot of the girls used to…you know,”

“My word,” she replied, “he has been telling you a lot, you have to remember there was a war on, a lot of those lads were going off to die.”

“Did you….?”

“I don’t think that’s the sort of question to ask your mother,” she interrupted. “I have to get on and make the meal now your sister and father will be home soon and your Dad and l are going to the pictures tonight.”

I was in my room when Laura got home, l called to her as she passed his bedroom door, she stopped and entered my room.

“I’ve got something to show you,” l said, walking over to her and pushing her back against the wall, my one hand grabbed her breast, the other pushing between her legs.”

“David,” she protested, surprised by my forcefulness, but l could tell from her expression that it was having an effect on her.

I removed my hand from her tit and put it in my pocket, taking it out, holding half a dozen condoms that Dan had given me. I held them up before her eyes. “Mum and Dad are going out tonight,” l said triumphantly, “tonight l’m going to fuck you properly.”

“Shhhh David,” she said, as my hand went under her skirt and inside her knickers. She parted her legs slightly and gave a little moan as one of my fingers slipped inside her.

“You’re hot for me aren’t you?” I smiled, my face only inches from hers, “your cunt is hot and running with juices, you want my cock up you don’t you?”

“Stop it David,” she protested, making an effort to push me away but it was half hearted as she felt the pleasure of my fingers playing with her cunt. She gave a deep sigh as l located her clit and began to rotate my thumb over it. “Someone will catch us, stop it.”

“Tell me you want me to fuck you,” l demanded.

“Stop it David, please,” her body was reacting to me which betrayed her.

“Say it,” l said adding another finger inside her and pressing my thumb hard against her clit, l felt her knees weaken.

“Oh my god,” she whimpered, burying her face in my shoulder as she clamped her thighs together, trapping me inside her.

“Say it,” l demanded, “say you want it.”

“Okay,” she mumbled against my shirt, “l want it…l want you to fuck me…now stop David please, l can’t hold back much longer, Mum will hear, please stop.”

“You’re my slut aren’t you?” I said, pushing deeper into her, “you’re my fuck bag.”

“Yes, Oh yes,” she cried, “anything but please stop David, l’ll do anything l promise but please don’t let Mum or Dad catch us…please David.”

I finally released the pressure and withdrew my fingers, holding them in front of her face. “Suck them,” l said, “taste your own cunt juice.”

I could see the fire of passion in her eyes as she moved toward my fingers, taking them into her mouth and sucking them.

“You can go now,” l said finally removing my fingers, “but be ready as soon as they go out, you’re going to get a proper fucking tonight.”

She smiled at me, leaning forward to kiss me, “Promises,” she said as she slipped away and out of the door.

I couldn’t wait for my parents to leave, l sat opposite Laura all through the evening meal, every time l looked at her she gave me a cheeky grin. By the time my parents looked in on me in the lounge to say they were going l couldn’t risk standing up and showing my stiff cock making a tent in my trousers.

Once the front door closed behind them l waited an agonising five minutes, just in case one of them had forgotten something and turned back. Then l made his way upstairs. I went straight to Laura’s room, opening the door to be greeted by the sight of her naked on the bed.

“I thought you had changed your mind,” she said, “you took so long l started playing with myself.” She opened her legs to display the pouting lips of her cunt, glistening with her juices. “Do you want to fuck me straight away or do you want to taste my cunt.”

“I want to taste you,” I replied, frantically removing my clothes until l stood there naked. Laura spread her legs even wider, using the fingers of both hands to pull her cunt open. I threw myself between her thighs, immediately seeking her clit with my mouth then sucking on it ravenously.

“Slow down,” she said, “we’ve got all evening, slow down and let’s enjoy it.”

I tried to exercise some control but the taste and smell of her was driving me mad, l plunged my tongue into her, seeking her juices. Inserted two fingers into her cunt and started fucking her with them as l continued to suck and nibble on her clit.

“Oh yes!” She cried, clamping her thighs against my head, “Oh that is so good, make me cum David, make your big sister fill your mouth with her love juice.”

I worked my fingers harder, feeling her clit swelling in my mouth, drinking the trickle of liquid being teased out by my fingers.

Laura arched her back, her orgasm about to burst, somehow, l never knew how, one of my fingers on my other hand pressed against the tight entrance to her anus.

“Oh my god David, what are you doing?” she cried but making no effort to stop me.

As if by instinct l increased the pressure until l felt the opening give way and the tip of his finger entered her bumhole.

“Oh my god,” she yelled, holding me tighter against her cunt, “Oh my god David….stop…oh my god….oh…oh…god l’m cumming, oh my god.”

I felt the tremors passing through her, felt the muscles in her cunt contract then relax as the flood of juices flowed into my eager mouth. I lapped it up , moving my hands to her tits and pinching her nipples hard, causing a second flow of juices.

“Fuck me David,” she cried, “Fuck me, please fuck me.”

I rapidly changed position, kneeling between her thighs and placing the head of my cock against her cunt.

“No!” She yelled, “not like that, you have to wear something, you said you had some, please….please David, you have to wear something.”

I was frantic, l desperately wanted to be inside her, l scrambled off the bed and grabbed my trousers, finding the pocket l took out one of the precious packets, split the wrapping and took out the condom. Then came the problem, l had never handled a condom before, let alone put one on.

Laura saw the look on my face and immediately recognised my dilemma. “Come here,” she said, moving over on the bed and sitting on the edge, “let me show you, Rusty showed me how to do it.”

“Oh fuck!” I exclaimed, seeing my rock hard erection rapidly subsiding.

“Come here,” she said, reaching out and drawing me closer, “l’ll soon get him ready for action.” She took the condom from me, then pulling me closed she bent forward and took my cock into her mouth.

It only took seconds for my cock to be hard again, Laura had obviously learned cock sucking well in that toilet block. I had a vision of her at that hole in the wall with a huge cock pushed through the hole and Laura hungrily sucking it. “Stop,” l cried, “l’m going to cum.” But she didn’t stop, instead she began to work her mouth harder, I couldn’t stop her, didn’t want to stop her as l pushed deeper into her mouth.

My orgasm came in seconds, pumping jet after jet of spunk into her. Laura tried to swallow it all but there was too much.

Eventually my orgasm subsided, Laura releasing me then licking the residue of spunk from my shaft. “That’s better,” she said, looking up at me, “see, he’s still hard, but now when you fuck me it will take longer for him to cum so you’ll fuck me better.”

“You’re amazing,” l said as she took hold of my cock and expertly rolled the condom onto it.

“I wanted this to be special so l’ve been talking to one of the older women at college, she told me that fucking is better if you suck him off first, she says that you won’t cum too soon now.”

Laura looked at my cock, now neatly dressed and hard, ready for action. “Come on,” she said, lying back on the bed and opening for me, “I want him deep and hard, come on David, come and give me a good fucking.”

I loved the way she was talking, l was rock hard again as l got between her thighs. She reached for me, guiding me to the entrance of her cunt.

“Hard and deep David,” she said, “not gentle, hard and deep.”

I thrusted myself at her, driving my cock hard into her until my tummy met hers .

“Oh my god,” she screamed, “Oh yes…oh my god that’s good…now fuck me, don’t stop, fuck me.”

I supported my weight by placing my hands either side of her, working my hips to withdraw my cock them slam it back into her as hard as l could, flesh slapping against flesh as we came together.

“Oh yes David,” she cried, “fill me with that gorgeous cock, l’ve wanted to be fucked like this for so long, harder, ram it up me.”

“You’re a slut,” l shouted.

“Yes,” she replied, “l want to be your slut.”

“You are a slut,” l replied, grinding my pelvis into her. I was overtaken by the power of knowing that Laura wanted me to dominate her, l had read about women like that but never thought l would be in that situation, let alone with my sister. No wonder Rusty found it so easy to manipulate her, no wonder he had found it so easy to sell her mouth for the old perverts in the town to empty their balls into. “You’re my slut now, is that what you want.”

“Yes…oh yes please…drive that cock into me, oh this is so good….l’m going to cum, harder…faster.”

I moved my hands to her tits, my whole weight bearing down on her as l squeezed them, digging my fingers into the soft flesh, “Cum bitch,” l shouted at her.

I felt as if my cock was on fire, l knew l was close myself, her back arched as the flood of juices engulfed me, her hands going to my chest, her nails tracing angry red lines as she scarred me. I countered by pinching her nipples as my orgasm took over and l collapsed on top of her.

We stayed motionless, each of us struggling to catch our breath, l could still feel the inside of her cunt pulsating, similarly my cock was doing the same.

“Fuck, that was awesome,” she whispered finally, “l never imagined it could be that good, Rusty hurt me when he did it hard and you are bigger than him yet you felt wonderful, really powerful. I love you David.” She kissed the top of my head as it rested on her chest.

I felt my cock slip out of her cunt, l removed the condom, marvelling at the amount of spunk that filled the little area at the end. “What do l do with this,” l said holding it above her face.

“I don’t want it,” she replied with a giggle, “flush it down the toilet, we can’t risk Mum or Dad finding it.”

I went off to the bathroom, returning after a few minutes, climbing back on the bed and lying on my back with Laura resting her head on my chest.

“That was great,” l said, “ l want to fuck you every chance we get from now on, you have to be ready for me whenever l want you.”

“Yes Sir,” she replied sarcastically.

“I mean it,” l added sternly, “ you belong to me now.”

“Are you going to make me do the things Rusty did?”

“Not like that,” l replied, “at least not at first but if l decide that l want you to do things like that you will do them, l might even let my mates fuck you.”

“You really do want me to be your slut, don’t you?”

“Do you mind?”

“Not really,” she answered, “it will be fun. As long as you still fuck me.”

We cuddled up and relaxed for a while.

“You know Dan Hobbs, the man l’m working for?” I said.

“Yes l know him, he’s a nice man… why…was he one of the men at the toilet block?”

“Oh no,” I replied, “at least not that l know of. It’s just that he knew Mum when she was young, before she married Dad.”

“What, as a boyfriend?”

“No, not like that, he’s a few years older than Mum, but he says she used to be a bit of a goer.”

“Really,” she laughed, “Mum?’ve got to be kidding.”

“No, not from what Dan said, he said she was very friendly with an American soldier, he was black.”

“Wow,” Laura whistled, “ you mean fucking him? Can yo imagine Mum being fucked by a black man…wow…that is so sexy.”

“I don’t know if she was, l spoke to her and she never said they were lovers just that she was fond of him, he died on D Day.”

“Oh that’s sad,” she replied, tracing a finger nail lightly down my tummy to my limp cock then running her nail over the sensitive head, pleased to see my cock jerk and come to life. “It would be nice to think she gave him a good send off. I’ve heard the older women at college talking about black cocks they reckon they are all massive, l bet Mum enjoyed having that up her.”

I responded to her teasing my cock by reaching for her tit and caressing her nipple, feeling it harden at my touch. “It’s weird though,” l said, “thinking of Mum being fucked by a black man. Dan said that most of the girls were fucking the American soldiers, l know Aunt Janet ended up getting pregnant and had to get married but he was British.”

“Uncle Jack is a dirty bugger,” Laura said, “he always puts his hand on my bum when he thinks no-one is looking, he’s felt my tits too and put my hand on the front of his trousers when he was hard, he’s always very friendly with Mum, you don’t think he’s fucking her do you?”

“No…not Mum,” I replied.

“Well she goes up to Cheshire at least twice a year and spends two weeks there, she’s always looking forward to it and she’s always very happy when she comes home.”

“I can’t believe she would do that,” I said thoughtfully.

“I tell you what we should do,” she said taking hold of my cock and feeling it swell to full erection, “we should have one more fuck before they get home.”

“Can l do it different this time,” l replied, “l’ve read about doing it from behind.”

“What…doggie style you mean?” She asked.

“What do you know about that?”

“I’ve heard the women at college talking about it, they say it’s good fun.”

“Do you talk about sex much?” I asked.

“Most of the time,” she laughed, “you boys think you’re so special and we should be grateful for being fucked, you should hear some of the married ones saying how they fuck other men behind their husband’s back.”

“Get up on your knees then and let me do you like that.”

“Yes sir,” she replied with a cheeky giggle.

Laura got onto her knees opening her legs and presenting herself by resting her weight on her elbows, letting her tits hang down.

“You look like a cow,” l said, “with your tits hanging down waiting for milking,”

“Are you my bull then,” she answered, “don’t forget your condom, we have to be careful.”

“Just once won’t hurt,” l replied, kneeling behind her l held my cock against her cunt and took hold of her hips, l pushed it deep into the warm, wet tunnel.

“David no,” she cried, “it’s too dangerous, please, take it out, please David.”

“No,” l replied fired up with a lust l couldn’t control as l began driving my cock into her, pulling her onto me as l made each thrust.

“Oh god David, please,” she cried, “please David, ooh that’s good…oh please David…oh yes that’s good…oh my god.”

Laura was in turmoil, terrified at the risk we were taking but overcome by the pleasure of my cock forcing itself deep inside her, she carried on pleading with me but her body betrayed her as she began pushing back to meet each thrust. A betrayal that grew in intensity when l reached under her, grabbing both her tits and using them to pull her onto my cock.

“This is to show you you’re mine,” l said, ramming into her as the red mist of lust engulfed me.

“Oh god David, please…please don’t cum…please…oh yes that’s good…oh yes, fuck me…oh my god…oh god l’m going to cum.”

“Cum then bitch,” l yelled at her, digging my fingers into her tits, “cum, show me you want my cum inside you.”

“Oh my god David, Oh please, Oh god …..oh god l’m cumming….oh god, fuck me , yes fuck me …oh my god.”

I felt the tremors in her body as her orgasm took hold, felt the surge of hot juices surrounding my cock, l drove hard and deep into her and cried out as my own orgasm exploded, grinding myself into her as pulse after pulse pumped my spunk into her.

“Oh my god,” she cried as she felt me throbbing inside her cunt, felt the heat of my cum, felt another orgasm flow through her body.

Finally, completely spent, I collapsed onto her, forcing her face down on the bed, then rolling off her onto my back, my body heaving as l tried to recover. We lay still for a few minutes until l noticed her body quivering as she sobbed, l turned to face her, putting my arm around her, she rolled onto her side and we were facing each other, l could see the tears running down her face.

“Hey, shush,” l said, kissing her, “it’ll be okay, it’s only once, l won’t do it again, l just had to do it, l couldn’t stop.”

“I begged you to stop,” she said between sobs, “what if l catch David, how do we explain that?”

“You wanted it too, it wasn’t all me, you were pushing back on me, you wanted it, be honest, you wanted it too.”

“I wanted you inside me yes,” she replied, “but you promised you would use a condom, what if l get pregnant, l’d better go and wash it out.”

A few minutes later she came back into the bedroom, “We’d better get dressed,” she said, “they will be home soon.”

I was standing by the bed, l sensed a frostiness in her tone, “Come here,” l ordered.

“No David, l think we’ve done enough.”

“Come here,” l repeated, “l won’t tell you again, come here and kneel.”

Laura realised that this was a defining moment, if she refused it would be the end of our relationship, if she submitted she would be surrendering to me completely. As if by remote control she crossed the room, dropping to her knees in front of me.

“Suck it,” l commanded, holding my semi erect cock in front of her face, “suck the cum and cunt juice off my cock.”

She took hold of it, drawing me towards her, licking the head then travelling down my shaft, savouring the salty taste of my cum. Then she took me into her mouth, l could tell from her actions that she was thrilling at the feel of me swelling and hardening.

“See that bitch,” l said, “that’s your reward, from now on he is your master, from now on you will be his slave, tell him you want to be his slave.”

Laura didn’t say anything but removing her mouth from his cock, she looked up into my eyes, her smile saying more than a thousand words before resuming her cleaning duties.

There weren’t many opportunities for us to be together over the next couple of weeks, l did manage a quick feel of her tits whenever l thought no-one was looking, once or twice l had my hand inside her knickers, she obviously wanted me but something always seemed to happen and the moment passed.

At work, myself and Dan were busy making preparations for the big job, we were up at the house most days removing all the old wood that needed to be replaced. We were sat on the wall outside the front door, enjoying the sun as we ate our sandwiches.

“Have you fucked that girl of yours yet?” Dan asked.

“Only once,” I replied, “well twice really but it was one after the other.”

“Ah, the joys of youth,” Dan laughed, “l can just remember the days when l used to be able to do it more than once in an evening. Wouldn’t mind the opportunity to do it once let alone twice in one night, she must have enjoyed it if she let you have seconds. I take it you’re not saying who she is.”

“No chance, you randy old bugger,” I laughed, “you find your own.”

Dan and I had quickly formed a good relationship, Dan said l was a good worker, always pleasant and ready for a bit of banter.

“I’ve got no chance in this town,” Dan said, “all the decent women are married. Wouldn’t mind a session with your mother, she’s still a good looking woman, do you reckon your father is giving her what she needs?”

“I don’t know,” I replied, “it’s not something you think about is it, you know, you don’t imagine your parents having sex.”

“From what l’ve read there seems to be a lot of boys thinking of having sex with their mothers, l get a couple of magazines every month and there is at least one story or letter about it every month. Don’t tell me a randy young stud like you hasn’t thought about it.”

“What, my mother?” I replied, “no way.”

“Good looking woman your mother,” Dan continued, “l’d give her one given the chance. Hey, while we’re talking about it, have you heard anything about some tart giving blow jobs in the toilets by the park.”

I felt myself colouring up but tried to sound as normal as possible. “No, l haven’t heard anything,” l replied, “what girl?”

“Oh, l don’t know, apparently there’s a hole in the wall you stick your cock through and she sucks you off.”

“How do you know it’s a girl?” I asked.

“Well l suppose it could be a fella but he would have to be in the ladies side if he was the other side of the wall.” Dan replied.

“Sounds like you’ve been there yourself you dirty old man,” I laughed.

“Yes, well son,” Dan replied, “if you were in my situation you would as well, any option is better than having to use your hand for some relief. Talking of relief, how are you doing with the ice maiden?”

“Who?” I asked, then realised who Dan meant, “Oh Mz Hargreaves, what do you mean?”

“You know son, l’ve seen the way she looks at you when you’re not looking, she takes a lot of interest in that bulge in your trousers, l bet she’s a real hot bitch on the quiet, you want to get in there son.”

“I don’t think so Dan, she’s always very frosty with me, l don’t think she likes me much.”

“Rubbish son,” Dan replied, “you have to read the signs son, she always sticks her tits out a bit more whenever you’re around, believe me son, she’s fucking hot for you, l’ll bet she likes to be on top. Have you still got plenty of condoms?”

“Yes l have,” I said, “but l’m having my hair cut this Saturday, do l just ask him for them?”

“Yes son, don’t be embarrassed about it, just about every fella in town gets them from him, that frosty old bitch in the chemist frightens all the fellas away, l bet she only get’s her husband’s dick up her on his birthday, not that l would fuck her with yours.”

I enjoyed this sort of banter with Dan but l had noticed that Dan always made some reference to my mother. I had never thought of her in a sexual way, of course l knew she was quite pleasant looking and when she was dressed up for going out in an evening she always looked very smart but she had never stirred any sexual fantasies in me. But l had started looking at her more closely and a few evenings before she had changed into an outfit that she intended wearing to a social dinner/dance at the weekend, she had asked me what l thought and l had to admit she looked good. The dress showed off her curves more than anything else I had seen her wear and l was surprised to see that although she was not slim, she had a good figure.

On the Friday afternoon, I finished work early and as l was walking home l spotted Laura walking in the same direction. I sprinted to catch up with her.

“Hi sexy,” l said as l came up behind her.

Laura gave a start as l surprised her, then looked around to check if there was anyone near who would have heard me. “Don’t call me that,” she scolded, “what if someone hears.”

“Don’t be daft,” l replied, “l could see there was no-one around, anyway, Mum and Dad are going out tomorrow evening so l want to fuck you then.”

“David!” she glared at me, “don’t say things like that, it’s not nice.”

“Of course it’s nice,” l laughed walking beside her, “you love having my cock up your cunt, admit it.”

“David!” she said, going red with embarrassment, “you shouldn’t say things like that, those are dirty words.”

“They’re the same words you say when l’m fucking you,” l laughed, “lying there with your legs open begging me to fuck you.”

“Stop it David,” she said, desperately making sure there was no-one else within earshot.

“Why?” I replied, “is your cunt getting all wet thinking of having my cock rammed up it, l’m getting hard thinking about it…here,” l said, grabbing her hand and pulling it toward the front of my trousers, “feel how hard l am.”

“Stop it,” she shouted, pulling her hand away, “leave me alone if you can’t act properly, it’s not fair, you shouldn’t be doing this to me, we should never have done it, we have to stop it David, we mustn’t do it again.”

“No fucking chance,” I laughed, “your cunt belongs to me now or everyone is going to know what a slut you are.”

“Stop it David, please,” she said, taking a tissue from her handbag and dabbing at her eyes, “it’s not fair, you shouldn’t be treating me like this, l know now how stupid l was but it’s not fair.”

“That’s tough Laura,” l replied, “but it wasn’t me who had you sucking cocks in a toilet, and you thought it was fun, l bet you were fingering your cunt when those men stuck their cocks through that hole. I didn’t make you a slut Laura, Rusty Lewis did that and you liked it, l bet your cunt is wet now thinking about it. Well now you’re my slut and if l say l want to fuck you, you make sure you’re ready. What’s with all this regrets business anyway, you’ve been enjoying it and don’t lie.”

“We need to talk,” she replied.

“What about,” l laughed, “about how much you want my cock up you.”

“Stop it,” she cried, wiping away more tears. We were almost at the house when she suddenly ran on, leaving me behind.

“I hope you’re not in a mood as well,” my mother said as I entered the house through the kitchen door, “your sister’s just gone through here like a whirlwind, slamming doors behind her, l’m surprised you didn’t see her on your way home, you can’t have been far behind her.”

“Oh,” l replied, “no… l er went round to see a mate so l came home a different way. Do you want me to go and see what’s wrong?”

“Yes please,” Mum replied, “your father will be home in a minute and l have to get the meal ready, oh, and by the way, your father is out at a meeting this evening and l am going to a meeting at church, we won’t be late home so don’t go inviting your mates round.”

I made his way upstairs, opening Laura’s bedroom door without knocking.

Laura had just taken her dress off and undone her bra when she looked in the mirror and saw me walking in.

“Get out,” she shouted, turning to face me, holding her bra against her, “you’re supposed to knock, l could have been naked, get out!”

I smiled as l approached her, “That would have been nice,” l said, undoing my trousers and releasing my cock, “we could have had a quick fuck.”

“Stop it,” she cried, backing away from me but finding her path blocked by her bed she stumbled, falling backward and sitting on the bed.

“There,” l said triumphantly, holding my erect cock in front of her face, “that’s nice and convenient, but then, you like sucking cocks don’t you?”

“David, please,” she begged, “please don’t make me, please David.”

“Shut up and suck it,” l said, grabbing hold of her head and pushing my cock against her closed mouth, “suck it.”

Laura looked up at me, her teary eyes pleading with me as she gave way and took the head of my cock into her mouth.

“That’s better,” l said, sliding into her warm mouth, “now show me what a good cock sucker you are.”

I held her firm as l started to slowly fuck her mouth, forcing it deep into her with her face pressed against my tummy, then pulling back and feeling her sucking as if trying to draw me back in.

“That’s good,” l praised her, feeling her reacting despite her protests, then l felt her hand behind me pulling me back and forcing me deep into the back of her throat. I knew l had her completely in my power and that feeling only made me harder, she was surrendering to me completely, l had read so many stories about this sort of relationship and the overpowering feeling of excitement coursing through me made my orgasm all the more satisfying.

I moaned as my cock exploded in her mouth, forcing it deep as l pumped my spunk into her. She was pressed hard against me, unable to breathe, she gagged on me, trying to drag in air but only getting hard flesh and hot spunk.

Eventually l released her, leaving her gasping for breath, ribbons of cum that had escaped her mouth running down onto her chin. Her bra had fallen when she grabbed me and the spunk had dripped onto her tits.

“Now get yourself cleaned up and come down for tea,” l ordered, “Mum and Dad are going out this evening, we can talk then, but no more of this histrionics, you’re my slut and there’s no backing out now, anyway, admit it, you wanted me.” With that l left her bedroom, closing the door behind me.

Laura once told me that that was the time she finally realised that she was unable to control the feelings inside her when l treated her like that, she knew then that it was what she craved.

All through the meal Laura was quiet and sullen, Mum looked at me as if asking if l knew what the problem was but l just shrugged.

Later, after Mum and Dad had gone out, I was in my room listening to music when there was a knock on my door, knowing it must be Laura l called for her to come in, turning the volume down on my record player.

“We need to talk,” she said, entering the room and sitting on the end of his bed.

“Okay, let’s talk first then fuck,” l smiled.

“I’m serious,” she said, “l’m late.”

“Late for what?” I replied, “where are you going?”

“No stupid,” she shouted, “l’m late…my period is late.”

“What does that mean?”

“God David, are you thick or what, it means l could be pregnant.”

“Don’t be daft, are you sure?”

“Well not completely,” she replied, “l’m not exactly late.”

“Make up your mind,” l said, not really understanding.

“Will you shut up for a minute, what l mean is my period is due in three days and usually l’m as regular as clockwork, it’s just that l always get these little twinges in my tummy a few days before l start properly and that’s not happening.”

“So what you’re saying is that there’s nothing to worry about,” l replied.

“But what if l am pregnant David, l told you not to do it to me without a condom, you promised you would use one then you went ahead and did it without one, now l could be pregnant and you’ve ruined my life,” she started to cry.

“Hey, it’s not all my fault,” l protested, “you wanted it too, you were like a bitch in heat, you couldn’t get me up your cunt quick enough so don’t blame me…anyway, you might not be pregnant, you said yourself that it’s not due for three days.”

“But l’m never like this David, l know something is wrong, l can tell…what am l going to do?”

“Look, let’s wait and see shall we, it’s probably nothing to worry about, now get undressed, we may not have long and l’m hard again.”

“No David,” she said, still crying, “there’s something wrong l know it, how can l tell Mum and Dad that l’m having your baby.”

“You’re blowing it all up out of proportion,” l replied, “even if you are pregnant, you just have to say someone else did it, what about Rusty, you said he’d fucked you.”

“Yes but he used a condom and l’ve had a period since then, it has to be you David, there hasn’t been anyone else.”

“Well you can’t get pregnant just doing it once anyway, come on Sis, get undressed and let’s fuck, l’ll wear one this time.”

“Will you stop going on about us fucking and listen to me,” she shouted in exasperation “l could well be pregnant with your baby, what are we going to do?”

“You’ll have to get someone else to fuck you in the next couple of days, then you can blame them if you are pregnant.”

“God you’re a callous bastard,” she replied, “you don’t care do you, you’ve probably ruined my life and you don’t give a shit.”

“Don’t be so melodramatic,” l laughed, “so what if you are pregnant, we just have to find someone for you to fuck then you can blame him and he’ll have to marry you.”

“I don’t believe you’re saying this,” she replied, “you just don’t care do you?”

“Of course l care but it’s not all my fault, you said you would wash yourself out, well you obviously didn’t do a proper job, anyway, why are we even talking about this, you don’t even know if you are pregnant yet. Come on, they will be back soon, if you don’t want to get undressed just take your knickers off and open your legs,” I stood up and undid my trousers, releasing my cock, “look,” l said waving my limp cock in front of her face, “l’ve lost my hard-on now, suck it and make it hard again, we’ll have to make it a quick fuck we don’t want to get caught.”

“I’m not fucking you David so you can put that away,” she replied, “we still need to talk about this.”

“Well just suck me off first then, come on, you haven’t come near me for days, don’t fuck about, just suck me off, l’ll try to cum quick then we can talk.” I was stroking my cock right in front of her face, she could see my erection returning.

“No David, l’m not doing it until we sort out what to do.”

“Fucking hell Laura, you’re making a lot of fuss about nothing,” I shouted at her, trying to take hold of her head and pushing my cock into her face.

“Stop it David,” she cried, pushing me away, “it’s not fair, that’s all you want me for..can’t you see how upset l am.”

“Oh you women always get moody when it’s your time of the month, l’ve read plenty of letters in magazines about it.”

“What would you know about it,” she snapped, you’re just a kid.”

“I’m not a kid,” l protested, “l’ll be sixteen soon, and l’ve got a job.”

“Oh yes, and how many girls have you had sex with,” she mocked, “if it wasn’t for me you’d still be a virgin.”

“Not like you,” l sneered, “the town slut, sucking cocks in a toilet.”

“Stop it,” she cried between sobs, “why are you being so horrible to me, l only wanted to talk to you to see what we can do if l am pregnant.”

“Well l can’t marry you,” l replied, “the best thing you can do is to go to the dance tomorrow and let one of the lads take you out the back and fuck you, then, if you are pregnant you can marry him, isn’t there anyone there that fancies you.”

“Yes but they’re all stupid wasters, the only decent fella there will be John Perkins but he’s that shy he can’t even say hello without blushing, the other lads say he’s queer.”

“Is that the same family that own that big agricultural machinery place?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied, “he’s only just finished at a posh private school, he’s very nice but he’s awfully shy.”

“Well try him then,” l replied, “you’ll probably be his first fuck so you can lead him on, then if you are pregnant you can tell him it’s his, at least, when he marries you you’ll have plenty of money.”

“You make it all sound so simple,” she replied, “what if l don’t want to marry him?”

“Well you shouldn’t have got pregnant, it’s no good blaming me, you can’t expect a man to stop once he’s started, it’s different for a man, once you start fucking you have to keep going, you can’t be stopping to put condoms on at the last second, you should have thought of that.”

“I can’t believe you’re blaming me for this,” she said, still crying, “you promised that you would wear one.”

“Yeah well,” l shrugged, “it was only once and you’re probably not pregnant anyway so it’s a lot of fuss about nothing, now come on and suck my cock before they get back.”

“You’re such a pig,” she protested, but this time unable to resist me as l forced my hardening cock into her mouth, immediately holding her firm and beginning to fuck her mouth.

I was only on my second stroke when we heard the front door opening and our parents talking.

“Shit!” I David as once again Laura pushed me away. “Quick,” l said, starting to wank my cock furiously, “just open your mouth.”

“Stop it,” Laura whispered, trying to break free but unable to release my hold on her as l was using one hand to grab her hair while l wanked with the other.

We heard Mum call up the stairs, I replied that he would be down in a minute, trying to get Laura to take me into her mouth again. She was trying desperately to free herself, then suddenly she saw me go rigid and the first ribbons of cum jetted onto her face, she opened her mouth to protest, only for me to seize the opportunity and push my cock into her mouth.

As soon as l’d finished l pulled my cock out, refastening my trousers. “You need to get cleaned up then come down, l’m away all day tomorrow so do what l suggested with that lad tomorrow night, it shouldn’t be too hard to get him to fuck you.”

“Callous bastard…. just go,” she replied using tissues to wipe the cum from her face.

I didn’t see her at all on Saturday as it was late before l returned home. On Sunday morning, l lay in bed waiting to hear my parents leave to go to church. As soon as they’d gone l got out of bed and went to Laura’s room, not bothering to cover my naked body.

“Oh go away,” she said sleepily, turning to face away from me.

“How did it go?” I asked, “did he fuck you?”

“Yes he did as it happens,” she said, giving up on the idea of getting back to sleep and turning to face me, “it was horrible, l felt really cheap and he was useless, it was his first time and he has a tiny cock, l tried sucking him to see if l could get him any bigger, we tried fucking with me against the wall but he couldn’t get it in, l had to bend over one of the cars in the car park in the end and he did me from behind, then he came almost as soon as he was in me, if l end up having to marry him it will be awful.”

“It probably won’t be necessary anyway,” l said pulling the bedclothes off her, “get out of those stupid pyjamas and let’s fuck, l’ll give you a proper fucking.”

“Where’s your condom,” she said.

“There’s no point if you think you might be pregnant already, anyway they’re back in my room and l’m fed up with waiting, get naked and open your legs.”

“You’re such a pig,” she said, slowly unbuttoning her pyjama jacket.

“Come on, don’t hang about,” l said, grabbing hold of the bottom of her pyjama trousers and pulling them off, then taking hold of her ankles pushing her legs up and over her head leaving her cunt fully exposed. I put one hand on the thick mat of pubic hair on her lower belly. “This is going to have to go,” l said giving it a tug, “Dan showed me some pictures from a magazine he got on a trip to Holland, the girls in there all had their pubic hair shaved off, they looked fantastic.”

I positioned himself above her with my cock at the entrance to her cunt, then lowered myself in one movement, burying my cock deep inside her.

“Ow!” She cried, “that hurt.”

“No it didn’t,” l replied bringing my pelvis against her, “you were well oiled, admit it, you were ready for it.” I felt her cunt muscles contracting around my cock. “There,” l said with a self satisfied smile, “see how your body reacts, l don’t care what you say, your body is screaming to be fucked and fucked hard.” With that l pulled right back then slammed down on her again, watching the emotions in her face as the pleasure flowed through her body.

I reached for her tits, taking each nipple and squeezing them hard, instinctively her legs wrapped around my waist and l felt her cunt contract again.

“You like that don’t you?” I smiled, “you like being my slut.”

I could see that she was having a mental battle with herself. One part wanting to reject me but the stronger urge was forcing her to respond as l came down hard on her again, grinding my pelvis against hers. I could see her final resistance melting away and l knew from that moment that l had her completely under my control.

“Harder,” was all she could say as the emotion built inside her, my cock felt huge, a red hot bar thrust deep inside her belly, pulsating as it travelled out then slammed back in.

“You’re my slut,” l cried out, “if you’re not pregnant already, this will do the job,” and with that l lunged deep into her cunt and she felt the heat as my cum erupted from my cock.

That was enough to take her over the top and as l twisted her nipples once more she let out a high pitched wail and her orgasm shuddered through her body.

“Oh yes…please yes,” she cried as our bodies ground together flooding each other with our fluids.

It seemed to last forever as both cunt and cock pulsated, my fingers dug into the flesh of her tits, her arms went round me, clawing at my back with her nails.

Finally l collapsed onto her, rolling onto my back, she following, managing to keep me inside her as she lay on top of me.

“Do you still want me to stop,” l smiled, looking up at her.

“No,” she replied, “but you’re still a callous bastard.”

“And you’re still my slut,” l replied as she stooped to kiss me.

We lay together for a while, then Laura noticed the time, realising that our parents would be home soon, she wriggled off me and ran out to the bathroom. When she returned, I was still stretched out on her bed.

“Shift yourself,” she said, “they will be here in a minute.”

“I’ve been thinking,” l said.

“That’s something new for you,” she laughed.

“You know Dan, the man l work for, well he told me the other day that he’d heard there was a girl giving blow jobs in the toilets by the park.”

“I hope you didn’t say anything,” she replied.

“Of course l didn’t, but the thing is he was saying how difficult he was finding it to get sex…”

“Don’t even think about it,” she said, standing, hands on hips.

“Don’t be like that,” l said, “it’s not as if you haven’t done it before, at least this time you’d know who you were doing it with.”

“You cannot be serious,” she said, reaching for her clothes and starting to get dressed.

“I’m not suggesting you fuck him, l just thought you could pop round one afternoon after college and give him a blow job.”

“No!” She replied, “absolutely no.”

“That would be okay if you actually had some say in it,” l countered.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s like this,” l added, “either you do as you’re told or everyone gets to know who was giving blow jobs in a dirty old toilet. You’re my slut and you’ll do as you’re told.”

She stood staring at me for quite a while, defiance in her eyes, but slowly I could see the resignation creep in, she knew her situation was impossible, as Mum would say ‘You’ve made your bed my girl, now you have to lie in it.’

I got off the bed, walked over to her, grabbing her tits and squeezing them. “You belong to me now and you’ll fuck whoever l tell you to fuck.” With that l released her and returned to my bedroom.

The following day, Dan and I were having their coffee break.

“Do you remember what you said the other day about some girl giving blow jobs in the park toilets?” I said.

“Don’t tell me you tried it out, l was told it had stopped,” Dan replied.

“No nothing like that,” I continued, “what if l was to tell you l know who the girl is, you have to promise to keep it to yourself.”

“No problem son, l don’t gossip.”

I thought for a moment, realising the massive step l was about to take.

“It was my sister,” l said finally.

“You’re kidding,” Dan replied, “that’s not a nice thing to say about your sister son.”

“Honest,” I said, crossing my heart, “l caught her at it, Rusty Lewis had her doing it, he was charging three pounds a time, l know two men who used her, l was watching.”

“Bloody hell David,” Dan responded, “whatever made her get involved with a waster like him, she’s a decent girl your sister, good looker too, very similar to how your mother was at that age. Does she know you know?”

“Yes,” I replied, “l told her l knew all about it.”

“What did she do? She must have been upset.”

“Not as upset as she was when l told her what she had to do to keep me quiet,” I laughed.

“You are kidding,” Dan said, looking at me in amazement, “not with your sister for Christ’s sake.”

“Yep,” I smirked, “it was my first ever blow job, it was fucking mind bending Dan.”

“Well l can agree that getting sucked off is a great feeling,” Dan responded, “but not with your sister, bloody hell David that’s incest, that’s illegal.”

“Good fun though,” I laughed, “and who’s going to tell on me, certainly not her.”

“Well no, not me either,” Dan said, “well l suppose it’s not too bad if it’s only a blow job.”

I just smiled at him.

“Don’t tell me you’ve fucked her too,” Dan added.

“Well l had to lose my virginity somewhere,” I said with a smirk, “and she wasn’t a virgin anyway, Rusty had already had her but she said l was better.”

“Fucking hell David, you lucky bastard…l wish l’d had a sister like that…what’s she like?”

“It’s great Dan, we’ve done it a few times now.”

“Is that what those condoms were for?” Dan asked.

“Yes, but the main reason l’m telling you is to see if you fancied having her suck you off.”

“Yeah, well,” Dan replied, “that’s never going to happen is it, she’d never agree to that.”

“She has no choice,” I told him, “either she does as l tell her or everyone gets to know what she’s been doing, Mind you someone else already knows because her initials were written above the hole in the wall in the toilet, Rusty saw it and blacked it out but someone must have known in order to write it.”

“Any idea who?”

“Not a clue,” I replied, “l’ve been waiting for someone to say something ever since but nothing. Anyway do you want her to suck you off or not, l’ve already told her l want her to do it, she refused at first but then realised she doesn’t have the choice. Go on Dan, say you want it, it’s not as if she hasn’t done it before, she’s a good cock sucker and you can cum in her mouth.”

“Fucking hell David,” Dan responded, “l’m getting hard thinking about it.”

“Right,” I said, “l’ll tell her to come here tomorrow on her way home from college.”

For the rest of the day, it became our sole topic of conversation, I could see how excited Dan was at the prospect and when Dan said he had to pop back to his house for some things, I guessed it was so he could have a wank.

That evening, I managed to get Laura on her own for a few minutes to tell her what she had to do. She tried to protest at first but soon had to realise that she had no choice other than to follow my instructions. She didn’t admit it but l could see she was secretly excited about the whole thing, she knew how l made her feel when l became dominant with her, l guessed her cunt was creaming just thinking about it, l could tell that even though it was demeaning, the idea was turning her on. I realised how easy it must have been for Rusty to get her sucking cocks in that toilet. I had a genuine slut for a sister and l was determined to make the most of it.

The following day Dan must have asked me twenty times it it was definitely going to happen, I laughed to see how excited her was, it was as if our ages were reversed and Dan was a young teenager looking forward to his first sexual adventure.

Dan received a phone call in the afternoon telling him the wood for the big project was due for delivery the following day, he told me he would take me up to the house in the morning and l would have to stay there all day to unload and make sure it was properly stored.

Once we had finished work for the day, we were both in the workshop waiting for Laura. The was an electric atmosphere in the room, neither of us said much but we both sensed what the other was feeling. I constantly checked my watch, l knew what time Laura finished at college and guessed that she could not be far away.

A few moments later there was a knock on the workshop door, I answered it and Laura entered, very nervously walking into the room. Being summer, she was wearing a gingham dress which made her look even younger than she was. I led her by her hand, standing her in front of Dan.

“Take your clothes off,” l ordered her.

She looked at me, “You didn’t say l would have to do that,” she protested, “you said all l had to do was…”

“Suck his cock,” I finished the sentence for her, “Yeah, but l want you naked when you do it so strip off.”

I could see tears welling up in her eyes, she told me that she had nearly decided not to come. I told her it was just as well that she had turned up otherwise l would have had to tell all my mates what a slut she was.

With her eyes fixed firmly on Dan’s face she began to unbutton the front of her dress. As the last button was loosed, I reached round her from behind and removed her dress. Laura stood there in just her bra and knickers watching Dan’s eyes wander over her body.

“Very nice,” Dan said.

“Now your bra,” l ordered, “let’s see your tits.”

As l said that, l undid the back of her bra and as she slipped the straps off her shoulders l snatched the garment away. Instinctively her hands went to cover her breasts.

“Show them,” I commanded, giving her a firm slap on her bottom.

I could see the mixture of shame and excitement surging through her, she was crying with shame but at the same time l could see her nipples hardening, l knew her body was reacting. Slowly she removed her hands, revealing her breast to Dan’s stare.

“Very nice,” Dan repeated, “not fully developed yet but she’s showing signs of having nice big tits like her mother.”

“Now these,” I said, tugging at the waste-band of her knickers.

Laura obeyed, rolling down the top then pushing them down and stepping out of them.

“Sorry about all this hair Dan,” I said, taking hold of her pubic hair and tugging it, “l know you like those girls you’ve seen with shaved cunts, perhaps we can shave her sometime.”

“Can l touch her?” Dan asked, he said this was the first naked female he had seen since his wife died. He reached out and touched her breasts, stroking them gently, tracing his fingers over her nipples, feeling how hard they were. “Very, very nice,” he said.

“Why don’t you show her what she has to suck,” l said, my hand travelling down her back, over the swell of her buttocks, down the cleft of her bottom and between her legs. I could sense her losing control as her legs parted, my fingers found her labia and another shock rippled through her.

“She’s gagging for it Dan,” I said, watching Dan undo the front of his trousers, then take out his cock. He was good and hard, about the same length as me but much thicker. Dan drew back his foreskin to reveal a large, purple head, glistening with pre cum.

Dan sat back on the top of his work bench as I put one hand on her back, the other still fingering her cunt. “Start sucking,” l ordered, pushing her forward, “and make it a good one.”

Laura bent forward, taking hold of Dan’s cock as her mouth lowered toward it. She had to stretch her mouth open wide to accommodate the girth of him. Her lips touched the tip, then parted as they slid over the head, taking the head fully into her mouth.

“Oh fuck that’s good,” Dan said, feeling the heat of her mouth engulfing him. He placed his hands on her head, gently pushing her down onto his shaft. “This is the first time since my wife passed away,” he said, “she struggled to take it at first.”

Laura took him slowly into her mouth as l worked my fingers into her cunt, l could feel how wet she was. She began to move her body back as my fingers invaded her, l heard her gagging slightly as Dan’s cock filled hit the back of her throat. With my free hand l freed my cock, then l removed my fingers, stood behind her and slipped into her soaking wet cunt.

“See how easily her cunt takes me Dan,” l said, “she just loves cock and can’t get enough of of it.”

“I can’t hold out much longer,” Dan called, “God she’s good, it’s been too long David, l can’t hold it.”

“That’s fine Dan,” I replied, pushing my cock deep into her cunt, feeling her muscles contracting around me. “Just cum mate, don’t hold back, she loves the taste of spunk, just cum, give it to her.”

Dan increased the pressure on her head, forcing her down hard, his cock lodging in the back of her throat as he let out a deep sigh, his cock shooting pulse after pulse into her throat.

Laura gagged on his cock, managing to push herself back enough to be able to breathe and still take the spunk that was firing into her mouth, she swallowed hard but still couldn’t cope with it all. She gripped my cock with her cunt as her own orgasm took over, l felt the heat of her juices flowing over my cock.

“Oh fuck this is good,” Dan cried as his cock continued to pulse.

“Are you still hard mate,” I asked, “ do you want to swap places and fuck her, do you think you can cum again?”

“It’s been so long,” Dan replied, “l must have gallons of the stuff.”

“Let’s swap laces then,” I said, pulling out of her cunt.

Laura was still sucking every last drop of spunk from his cock as Dan pushed her away. He then got off the workbench and I told her to lie on it. She obeyed without hesitation. She just wanted more cock now and any position was fine as long as she had a cock inside her.

Dan stood at the end of the bench, Laura’s legs resting on his shoulders as his still erect cock rested against the lips of her cunt.

“Yes…please,” she whispered, begging for him to slide inside her.

“Don’t be gentle with her,” I told him, “fuck her deep and hard, that’s how she likes it, don’t hold back, give her everything mate, that cock of yours should fill her up.”

Dan took hold of her thighs and with one lunge he was balls deep inside her burning cunt, grinding his pelvis against her.

“Oh my god yes,” she cried, arching her back as the pleasure of that thick cock filling her belly rippled through her body. As she opened her mouth to cry out, the sound was muffled by me pushing my cock deep into her throat.

“Fucking hell David,” Dan shouted, “this is the best fuck ever.” Time after time he drove his cock into her, his belly slapping against her as they crashed together, she raising her hips to meet each thrust.

My cock invading her mouth, fucking it to meet the thrusts of Dan’s cock in her cunt. Her next orgasm was more powerful, her back arched and she cried out despite my cock in her mouth. I could hear the sound of Dan’s cock slurping back and fore as he pounded her cunt, she orgasmed again, my hands went to her tits, kneading them, pinching her nipples, causing more convulsions in her body.

My cock exploded in her mouth just as another orgasm wracked through her body, she gulped my cum down hungrily and still Dan was pounding her cunt.

“That’s good mate,” I called to Dan, “just look at how she’s loving it, give it to her mate, fill her with spunk.”

Dan’s fingers dug hard into her tits and again her back arched as another orgasm made her whole body convulse, one final deep lunge and he cried out again as his cock fired his spunk deep into her cunt.

I stood back, satisfied, as l watched the two of them humping against each other, Dan emptying his balls inside her and she desperately trying to draw more out of him.

All three of us were totally exhausted as Dan finally pulled out, watching the trickle of spunk oozing from her cunt. We both looked down at Laura, her body covered in a film of sweat, tiny bruises on her tits from the strength in both of our fingers, tiny riverlets of spunk on her chin.

“Wow that was good,” she said finally, still breathing heavily, “help me up will you, l don’t know if l can stand, l need to clean up.”

We both helped her off the bench, her legs quivering as she tried to stand.

“Let me take you through to the house,” Dan said, putting his arm around her, “you can use my bathroom.”

When Laura returned and began dressing, all three of us were quiet, understanding the significance of what they had done.

“We should make this a regular thing,” I said, “what do you reckon Dan?”

“I think that should be up to Laura,” Dan replied.

“No,” I said sternly, “it’s up to us, she’ll do as she is told, do you want to fuck her again?”

“Well yes, obviously,” Dan replied.

“Good,” I smiled, “Wednesdays are usually a good day, l reckon she should come here after college every Wednesday and we both give her a good fucking.”

Later, as Laura and l were walking home I asked her if she had enjoyed it.

“Yes,” she replied sheepishly, “l know l shouldn’t have but l can’t help it.”

“Good,” l smiled, “and now, if you are pregnant there’s three of us that could have fathered it.”

“It’s yours,” she said, “l’m sure it is.”


2020-11-20 01:41:22
Chapter 2 is a great addition; Laura is beginning to understand her position. Watch pronoun usage. Looking forward to Chapter 3.

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