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(Those Roberts Boys are back at it again! here is another chapter in the escapades of David, Johnathan's brother) David Roberts makes a discovery that allows him to fulfill a fantasy with his hottest student, and his terms, to boot. David enjoys himself. Elizabeth "Liz" Sierra worships David's cock
I pulled back and told her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. She complied and I sat there looking at her. She was so beautiful.

With my cock still in my hand, I pushed forward and guided my cock into her waiting mouth. As soon as the hard, mushroom head of my cock was in her mouth, she clamped down with her soft lips and her tongue went to exploring it. It felt heavenly.

I'm sure this girl gives a great, tender blowjob and I might have to get one from her, but this one was about dominance, submission and punishment. Tender and soft were not n this evening’s equation.

With my cock in her hot mouth, she began to bob up and down on my cock, but I had other plans. I grabbed her head and started thrusting into her mouth. Working quickly to the back. I was using deep, slow strokes and feeding her about half of my cock.

I pushed deeper and deeper and I got to her throat. When I made contact, she pulled back and coughed, but I grabbed her head harder and pushed in deeper. She did a better job of breathing and my my cock entered her throat. I pulled out a little, pushed back in and went deeper.

Liz was a trooper, I’ll giver that. She was choking and gagging as I explored her throat, going a little deeper each time. Saliva was pouring freely and as I thrust into her mouth, I kept saying, "that's it, take it all slut. You choke on your teachers cock. This is what rule breakers get. Choke on it. That's it. You look so good with my big cock in your mouth."

I continued the thrust and push and finally got all of my cock into her mouth and throat. She was truly a talented girl, and looking over, I could see that all this was still n frame of the phone.. Was there anything she wasn't good at?

For torture I grabbed her hair tightly, then held my cock in her mouth and throat until she began to struggle as I had cut off her ability to breathe. As she really started to squirm, I pulled out. She gasped loudly for air. I responded by doing it again. And again. And AGAIN.

In between, as she gasped I would pull my cock all the way out & slapped it a few times on her face and then shoved back in. Again, I held it there waiting for her to squirm. When she did, I held it there again and then pulled out.

She was getting the hang of it now though, and was able to old it for a good bit of time, so I pushed in and once I was fully in, I removed her blindfold and told her to look at me. After a moment, I pointed at the phone. Seeing it, she looked back up at me, with a bit of fear in her eyes.

I told her to look down at my crotch and when she did, I slowly pulled my big cock from her mouth. Her first look at my cock was as it was being removed from her. I did it slowly and it must have seemed to her that it was never going to end. Inch by inch of rock-hard, saliva covered cock was pulled from her mouth till I was fully out.

"Oh my God, Mr. Roberts, your dick is so big."

I said nothing and then pushed back in again and sank my cock fully. I did this twice more and she looked up at me, smiling with her eyes. I pulled out and guided her head to my balls. I pushed her forward and her tongue and mouth lathered my balls. She licked them, kissed them and took them into her mouth. I rubbed my cock on her face as she did this. My slut had done well so far.

It was time to change things up and teach my slut something new. I repositioned slightly, and grabbed her head with both of my hands and began to thrust semi-quickly into her mouth, feeding her about three-quarters of my fat dick with each thrust. I was power-fucking the mouth of my 20 year old student/fucking slut-toy, and she was taking it

She would occasionally make choking and gagging sounds as I hit certain parts of her throat, but I never let up. She kept her mouth locked on my cock and I picked up the pace. Now I was roughly thrusting into her willing mouth and I felt that glorious feeling that I was close to cumming. I picked up the pace and really started fucking her throat.

Right before I came, I pulled out and with a few furious strokes, I unloaded a huge load of cum across Elizabeth Sierra’s perfect face. She was drenched and I immediately put my cock back in her mouth. She hungrily cleaned my cock, eating the remaining cum. I let her suck me sweetly for a bit and then began scooping large globs of cum off her face with the head of my cock and fed it to her. She gladly accepted it, the tawdry slut.

When she was mostly cleaned of cum, I walked behind her and helped her up. She was saying how hot that was. I led her into the bathroom and over to the large walk in shower. I told her to get on her knees in the shower.

"Fuck Mr. Roberts, use me however you want. I want to make you happy," she said.

I turned the water on and even though I turned it to hot, the initial cascade was cold. She shrieked and tried to move away from the water. It eventually warmed up and I just stared at her magnificent drenched body.

Her outfit was soaked and clung to her body. She was still kneeling in the shower and I left the bathroom and headed into my bedroom. I came back and undid her handcuffs, but told her to stay kneeling. Her wet hair and clinging clothes made her look even more erotic than before. I was still standing outside of the shower, my cock, while not erect, hung heavy between my legs.

"Strip. Slowly," I told her. She stood up under the hot, steamy water and slowly untied her white top. She looked seductively at me the entire time. She removed the top leaving just the small triangles of her bikini to conceal her perfect breasts. They were round, perky and had a great curve under the bottom. The inside curves touched ever so slightly as they hung firm on her frame. I could see her nipples were hard under the material.

She reached down and unzipped the side of the skirt and then let it fall to the wet ground below. The string of her panties hugged her tiny waist. The small piece of fabric that covered her pussy was wet and had formed up to her yummy looking pussy lips. Elizabeth Sierra had quite a lot of pubic hair, and I was going to fix that.

She reached behind her and untied the bikini top and let it go. The wet material clung to her nipples as the strings hung loose. She brought her tiny hands up and cupped her breasts, squeezing them together. Like her ass did when squeezed it, her fingers compressed the flesh and I could tell there was firm resistance underneath. She removed her hands and removed the bikini top at the same time. Her perfect nipples came into view. Perfectly round, beautiful brown areolas and hard, tiny nipples that were a few shades darker than her tanned skin beckoned to me.

She smiled and turned around and slowly pulled the g-string down. Once past the bottom of her ass, she bent over to guide them the rest of the way down. I could see her tiny pucker and beautiful pussy lips as she did. I was going to fuck both.

When she was completely nude, I stepped into the shower and ran my hands over her wet body, feeling every inch. I reached her pussy and dipped a finger in, eliciting a moan from her. I pulled my finger out and placed it in her mouth. She sucked on my finger and lapped up her own juices.

I pulled some body wash off the counter in the shower, put it in my hands and began rubbing every inch of her body. I can't even begin to describe how good her wet, soapy, young body felt in my hands.

I reached her ass and turned her around. I pressed a soapy finger against her pucker and pushed in. She tightened up, but I told her to relax. I did this some more and finally buried a finger in her tight ass. I slowly fucked her with my finger and I felt her body respond. She pushed back as I continued to violate this virgin territory, enjoying the frown on her face.

I removed my finger and turned her around. "I want you to wash me now," I said. She smiled a mischievous smile and simply said, "yes sir."

She took some body wash in her hands and started at my shoulders. She washed them and ran down each arm to my hands where she would hold them up and slide her fingers between mine, washing me thoroughly. She returned to my shoulders then moved to my chest. She lathered up my chest and moved to my abs. Her tiny, soapy hands felt amazing. She turned me around and went to work on my back.

She washed and massaged her way down and reached my ass. She grabbed more wash and went back to cleaning my ass. She knelt down and rubbed and caressed my ass. I run & swim, so I'm in really good condition and I do have a firm, athletic body, my ass included.

She rubbed all over my ass and massaged it. Her tiny hands explored by cheeks and even spread them several times. She then moved her hands down and rubbed my legs and then finally my feet. She pushed on my legs and motioned for me to turn around. I did as she wanted and she was level with my cock. She ran her hands up and down my legs and as she leaned forward to get my lower legs, her head brushed against my cock.

She ran her hands back up my legs and then removed her hands and took more body wash into her hands. She reached up and placed her left hand on my balls and her right hand on my cock. She lathered me up and slowly, sensually, stroked me and caressed me. I quickly became hard again as she manipulated my cock and balls.

I let her slowly and sensually massage my groin for a good five minutes. She never took her eyes off of my cock save a few times to look up at me. The hot water cascaded down on me and I let it rinse the soap from my body. Once removed, I presented my cock to her and told her to slowly suck my cock.

She took me in her mouth and slowly bobbed up and down on my cock. She massaged my balls as she pleasured me with her mouth. It was heavenly. I let her take charge this time. She savored my cock as she slid her mouth over it.

She took me in her mouth, her head bobbing like a fucking machine. She started bobbing faster, her fingers massaging my balls, like she had a hunger in her actions. She wanted to please me but at the same time I could tell she was enjoying this as well. She moaned around my cock as she lovingly blew me. I had not intended on cumming again, not yet at least, but her mouth and hands felt so good. I knew I could get it up at least one more time, maybe two, so I wasn't worried. I had great stamina and recovery and the excitement and taboo if everything was sure to add to that.

Her lips ran up and down my cock, her longing for my pleasure was apparent, and I felt my orgasm pending. Her finger fucked my ass and her hand loving caressed my balls. Her face was quickly moving up and down on me, her full lips locked down and dragging across my length. My orgasm built and I felt it was close. Normally I would warn a girl, but I just let her go.

My cum shot from my cock into her gaping mouth and she never slowed , just kept bobbing, sucking up my cum as it shot. She moaned loudly as my cum filled her mouth. Looking up, she opened her mouth, showing her tongue wiggling on my cum-load, then in a gulp swallowed it down, again showing me her empty mouth.

She continued sucking me, slower now, making sure I was clean. She looked up at me as she did, her eyes sparkling as she loved on my cock. "Sir, this girl just loves the taste of your cum," she said as she continued to clean me.

"That was amazing," I said to her, "but don't think you are going to get by with just blowing me. I am not even close to being done, you slut. Lets get out and move to the patio. I want to go sit in the hot tub for awhile and then, I want you to give me a full body massage."

She was still rubbing my balls and sweetly sucking my deflating cock and she just smiled with her eyes. "Sounds good to me Mr. Roberts," she said and kissed my cock.

She stood up and I pulled her to me and kissed her. The night was still young and I had already cum twice with this girl and knew I had a lot more that I wanted to do. I was going to fuck my student.
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