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(Those Roberts Boys are back at it again! here is another chapter in the escapades of David, Johnathan's brother) David Roberts makes a discovery that allows him to fulfill a fantasy with his hottest student, and his terms, to boot.
We got out of the shower and I had Liz dry me off. She gently ran the towel over my arms, shoulders and chest, staring at my body the entire time. She moved her way down my body eventually moved to her knees.

She dried my legs and feet then moved back up and began to dry my cock and balls. I'm primarily a 'shower' so even in my flaccid state, my cock hung a good six inches between my legs.

"Mr. Roberts Sir, I can't get over how great your dick is," she said and gently ran her fingers along the dry shaft. She was exploring it out of genuine curiosity.

She stood up and dried off and I watched her the whole time. She had such an amazing body. I couldn't wait to fuck her.

Placing a collar and leash on her, I said. "Get back down on your hands and knees. I want you to crawl to the back door," I don't know if she was just doing a good job at playing the happy, submissive role to ensure I didn't turn her over to authorities or if she really enjoyed being used as a sexual object, but either way, I was reaping the benefits.

She got down on her hands and knees and started crawling, slowly and seductively, taking long strides. Her back flexed and arched, her ass moved side to side, she moved like a stalking cat. I stood and watched this perfect young girl crawl from the bathroom into my bedroom, stretching the 8 foot chain leach to it’s full length.

She looked back and said, "do you like the view?" I said “Freeze right there.” And getting the phone, I took a picture of her just like that, looking back at me & smiling

Earlier she looked perfect crawling with her clothes on, but there were no words that adequately described how she looked now. Nothing had ever looked this sexy before.

"Y-yeah," I stammered, losing my authoritative cool for a moment. I followed her out and directed her to the back door. My eyes never left her gorgeous young body.

Once there, I had her stand and we went outside, both of us completely nude. I had heated up the hot tub earlier because I knew this is one place I wanted to take her tonight. The cool Fall air was “nipply” as I like to say, but the heat emanating from the hot tub mixed with the fall temps felt wonderful as we both sunk down in the water.

She moved up close to me and we began to talk. "So, I have to know Liz, how did you ever come to start selling that crap?"

She sunk down a little and said, "oh my God, it was the dumbest thing. Do we have to talk about that?"

"Yes, I think it's important. You are too talented to make mistakes like that," I said.

"Exactly. That's exactly why. Do you know how much pressure I'm put under to be little Miss Perfect? I was so tired of it, of always having to do the right thing, to be this perfect example. To be my daddy's perfect little girl," she said.

"I was at this college party a few months ago during the summer, and there were some people doing it, so I tried it. It was amazing. A few of my friends were there and they tried it too and liked it as well. The next day,

One of the guys that gave it to us asked me if I wanted to be their hookup at my school and sell to my friends. I know it was wrong, but that's exactly why I said yes. It felt good to do something rebellious."

"Yeah, but drugs? And selling drugs? Why not just skip school for a day, date a guy your parents don't like, something like that? You know, something that isn't, oh I don't know, a felony?" I asked.

"Oh come on, don't sit here and try and lecture me Mr. Roberts," she said with a smile, "Sure, you’re a Cop on the weekends, but its not like you are all squeaky clean yourself. I do believe it is illegal for you to have sex with one of your students, even if I am consenting." She reached over and began stroking my cock under the water.

"You are of legal age, so it’s not illegal,” I replied, “but it wouldn’t one good with either gig, so touché," then added, “You keep stroking that cock, woman, if you expect to get out of this, because one of us could be on FAR more trouble than the other.”

"Not that I'm complaining, mind you, this has been so much fun," Liz began with a Cheshire grin but quickly put on a serious face, "oh, I mean, this has been such a punishment. How can you be so mean to me?" She followed up the last statement with a sad puppy dog face.

Damn she was beautiful. I just stared at her and she back at me, her hand slowly stroking me. I didn't say anything, but she spoke again.

"So, am I the first one of your students you've messed around with or have there been more?"

"Well, yes and no. I - " But she interrupted me, "oh, you are a dirty man." Her tone was playful.

“Look let’s keep the focus on your recent activities and what you are doing to get yourself out” I said, enjoying the fact that her stroking was making me quite hard.

“yes Sir” Liz replied

She leaned in and kissed me. Her soft, full lips felt so good as she did. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her body against mine. Her tits smashed against me and I placed my hands on her hips and then moved them down, grasping her beautiful ass. We made out, bodies mashed together, as she ground her wet pussy against my cock. Even in the hot water, I could tell her pussy was incredibly wet, her juices flowing.

I moved my mouth to her neck, enjoying her young flesh, then pushed her back. My hands moved from her ass to her tits and I squeezed and groped them. I began kissing and licking her perfect nipples, alternating back and forth. I kissed between her tits and as I did, she grabbed her own tits and began smashing and rubbing them against my face.

I felt like a mad man, torn between wanting to look at her and taste her flesh at the same time. I would alternate between pushing her back so I could look at her young, flawless body, my hands running all over her, and pulling her close and licking, kissing and nibbling on her neck, lips, tits and ears.

I was rock hard and she was sliding her tight pussy up and down my shaft.

“Will you please fuck me Sir? She asked.

I pushed her off of me and directed her to sit on the side of the hot tub. The air was still cool, but ‘my little head doing the thinking’ outweighed the weather by far. She sat down on the side of the hot tub and her hands back to support her. Without any delay, I shoved my face into the gorgeous cunt and got us started with a big LIIIIICK. Liz groaned loudly & threw her head back as my tongue licked and probed her succulent flesh, her taste intoxicating me. She was loudly moaning, her body quivered & shook as I enjoyed eating that pussy.

"Oh my God, Mr. Roberts, yes, eat my pussy, oh, oh, oh fuck that feels good," she moaned as I devoured her.

I concentrated on her clit and inserted a finger into her pussy. She started to rock against my face and finger. I fucked her pussy with my finger and then pulled my finger out and traced it down to her asshole. I rubbed my finger around her wonderful pucker and then, lubed with her own juices, pressed my finger into her virgin ass.

“Ooh-OOH!” Elizabeth Sierra said, “Guh-Go slowly – S-Sir…” she begged

Liz moaned as my finger penetrated her ass, but I took it slow. This wasn’t about domination, this was about training her to my needs. Her virgin ass opened up surprisingly well to my finger and soon, I was fucking her ass with my finger while I licked away at her pussy and clit. I was even using my thumb to rub the entrance to her vagina. Liz’s moans were becoming screams, neighbors be damned.

"Please, Sir, PLEASE, fuck me. Stick your dick in me. I need to feel you," she moaned as her body trembled and rocked against me.

I was going to control this, so I continued to tease her with my tongue and fuck her ass with my finger. Now I fully worked my thumb into her pussy and began fucking her ass and pussy at the same time, using a rocking motion. I removed my mouth and pulled her up and began kissing her.

"You want it, you ask for it" I said.

"Yes, oh fuck, PLEASE!" she said.

"Ask better than that," I said.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, I want you to fuck me, Sir, PLEASE!!!" Elizabeth begged said.

"Do better, I don't believe you," I said.

"Fuck, please, stick your big dick in my pussy and fuckin' fuck me. Fuck your student, teach me a lesson Mr. Roberts, do whatever you want, just please-please-please fuck me." she said.

"Who owns you now?" I said

"You do, you do, I'm yours, all yours, just fuck me, use my young, tight body however you want, I'll never say no, just fuck me, please!" she said.
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