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While visiting the oldest city in the US, our desires take control and we experience life, love, and lust inside the ancient walls of the fort overlooking the bay.
There you are, standing in the guard tower of Castillo de San Marcos, looking out a view port at the sailboats on the bay. I step close behind you, knowing you are wearing nothing under that soft, delicate and diaphanous calf length skirt. There is nowhere for you to go, especially as you hear a zipper. You quiver in anticipation, knowing you will give yourself to me here and now.

You sense the slow lifting of your skirt by the sides, tenderly gliding up the back of your thighs. Once over the soft and supple shape of your ass, you feel me crowd against you. My throbbing member is burning between your cheeks as my hand slowly drifts around to the suddenly steaming hot cauldron of your being.

As I gently pry your petals apart, touching the nexus that is aching, you shudder ever so faintly and push back against me. Your breath catches for but a split second, then you moan with unabashed want.

Using my fingers, I splay your lips further apart, smearing your flowing nectar around. My fingers, your lips, the inside of your thighs are soon drenched, all while your breath quickens. You tell yourself this needs to stop, but your hunger is strong and you want this as much as I do.

My middle finger searches for and finds the opening, the source of your wetness, and pushes in. Slowly. Drawing the fluids out as I press further in. Slowly, ever so slowly.

You breathe, sweat beading on your brow. You want to speak, but that would break the spell you're under. You drop your right hand to mine, trying to push my finger in deeper to satisfy that craving, that urge, that need to be filled.

"Tell me, my dear," I whisper in your ear, "what is it you wish?"

All you can do is moan and push your sweet ass back against me, pressing my member further between your cheeks. Swaying your hips ever so gently, you compress the muscles to embrace me tightly.

"Please... " you keen.

"Here? Now?" I ask.

"Y- y- yesss... h-he-heeerrre," you voice, as your breath releases.

Gathering your fluids on my fingers, I remove my member from your clenched muscles and spread the lubrication all over the head of my phallus. Reaching back for more, I spread copious amounts of your luscious trickle on and into your tight rosebud as I slip my middle finger into you.

"Here?" I whisper in your ear as I push deeper into your ass.

"O-oh God, yes. Pl-plee-pleeaassseee..."

Removing my finger, I place the helmet against your sacred opening. Pushing just enough for you to feel the pressure, but not enough to break through, I hold.

"You know what you need to do, my dear. So," I growl, "do it. Do it now!"

You do. Quickly, your hips thrust to the rear as the head of my cock spears through your star, pushing further and further into you as you push back.

"Aahhh... " escapes your mouth as I slide in.

Gripping your hips, I pull you back against me as I drive my hips forward. I want, no... I need this. I need to be inside you, embedded deeply in your ass, taking you here and now. Feeling the eternal heat of your core engulfing me, it is all I can do not to propel myself fully inside. Taking my time, I begin entering you fully. Inch after inch, I pierce the searing morass of your ass.

As my pubic bone fully seats against your sweet derrière, you gasp in joy. I cease my movements, relishing the sensation of your undulating muscles. Gripping and releasing, the indication is obvious. The feeling of fullness, the pulsing cock filling your backside, you want this as much as I do.

Being tightly crowded inside the centuries old guard tower brings us together in ways we never imagined when planning our tryst. Little did you know when you walked off that airplane earlier this morning, that you would be giving yourself to me like this. Especially in public.

As my cock begins to slowly retreat, the sensations roiling through your body and mind rush through you, exploding like fireworks.

"Oohhh God, I'mmm... "

Suddenly, I jerk your hips against me as I thrust forward. My cock splits you, driving inside your ass like a piston. I begin the ageless motion of advance and retreat, driving in and slowly withdrawing, fucking your ass as you give it to me.

"I... God... I'm cumm... " quietly escapes your lips.

You throw your hands on the ancient wall of the guard tower and fuck me back. The need to be fucked hard overrides your worries of being caught. You need and desire the cock that is alternately deep in your ass and then slipping back out.

Over and over, pulling you back and pushing my hips forward just to push your hips forward as I withdraw. It seems to go on forever, but in reality it is only a few minutes.

You open your mouth to scream but nothing emits except for your breath.

Then you feel it.

"Yesss... Oh fuck me, yesss... "

My cock expands as I feel the tingling beginning in the soles of my feet, climbing through my legs, bursting up and into my balls. I increase the power of my assault as my cock plunges into you again and again.

"Oh, fuckkk... " I gasp. "I'm cumminggg..."

With one last thrust, I embed my cock deep in your ass and explode. Pulsing time and time again, feeling your muscles tighten around me, I send rivulets of myself into your depths. Our movements cease as my cock twitches and your anal muscles clench and release. Our breathing is halted as we both explode in our carnal pleasures.

Slowly, as we gather our breath, sounds begin to creep back into our surroundings. Horns blaring on the streets outside, tourists talking loudly, school groups exploring the ramparts and walkways of the old fort, all conspire to break into our reverie. Withdrawing my cock from the heated cauldron we created, your skirt lowers into place as I tuck myself back into my pants and zip up. Leaning in to kiss your neck, I hug you tightly.

"I think it's time we find our way to the BnB," I suggest.

You silently nod in agreement.

Taking your hand in mine, I lead you out of the darkened watch tower, down the partially hidden stairway, and back out onto the upper reaches of the fort. Sunlight is glaring and we cover our eyes. Looking at each other, we share a conspiratorial smile as we head to the exit.

Walking down the street toward our destination, you lean close.

"Thank you."

"Of course."
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