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After a sudden end to their last encounter, what will happen between our main character and his prey?
I hadn’t seen either of them in over a month. Time was never on my side and maybe I didn’t deserve it after the things I had done, and the things I still planned to do. Fate finally came knocking on a fateful Friday evening when I was invited over for a friend’s birthday. The party itself was rather uneventful, save one interesting moment when I first locked eyes with her.

She froze, and her eyes widened as a deer caught in the headlights. She stopped dead in her tracks while her boyfriend continued to greet me. She continued to stare with her mouth agape and stood still while we talked. Her boyfriend brought her back to her senses and realized she’d been staring at me dumbfounded and hadn’t even said hello. She contritely extended her arms towards me and I took the opportunity to hold her tight toward my chest and squeeze her by her lower back. She had no choice but to accept my embrace as I gently whispered how much I missed her into her ear. She looked away as we exited our quick but full embrace and I was walked inside. I wondered whether she was looking away in acceptance or in disgust. Perhaps it was disgust that I never let her finish. I arrived quite earlier than most of the guests so that I could have some time to pregame and reminisce with my inner circle before the bulk of the guests arrived. Several mojitos and shots later, the nature of the conversation quickly turned sexual. My friend had the oddest habit of discussing and lamenting his sex life with her openly whenever he had a few drinks. Looking back, this may have guided me to claim her as my own. I really had no right…

“…. And she just took so long I eventually just gave up and stuck it in.” My friend was sadly admitting to his own deficiencies right in front of the one whom had so easily conquered her. Her juices ran so heavily down her legs that she had to change the last time that I saw her. Her orgasm was my plaything. I looked directly at her as he described their sexcapades in full detail and she blushed as she finally met my gaze and understood the same thing that I did. We smiled in unison as he spoke of struggling to do what I was so easily able to do to her. It brought a chuckle out of me that I’d done dirty things to her that he hadn’t even gotten to do. I’d tasted her sweet hole and her sour hole. I made her beg for relief, and today I was going to finally give it to her, on my terms…

“But sometimes we’re just both too shy to do it like that… she’d never go for that… That ass though... I’m not really like that.” Over and over again I would hear excuse after excuse for why their sex life wasn’t as great as he wanted it to be. Apparently it’s not as easy as they make it look in porn. Eventually she cut him off right before he could reveal some secret that even I wasn’t allowed to hear. It didn’t really matter at that point, I had already made up my mind to do every single thing that he was never able to do with her. I’d make her want it. I’d make her love it. Before I could hatch any type of plan though, the guests started to arrive and I quickly lost focus and had to mingle.

All throughout the night, I actively avoided her, but I could feel her eyes on me. Every time I would look in her direction, her eyes would dash away after quickly meeting mine. She clearly had something to say, but I decided to let her wait and build up some anxiety. Her opportunity came in the form of a restroom break, something of a patented move at this point. I walked outside of the door and I saw her standing there waiting to drag me into another room to talk.

“So I guess you haven’t cum in a while huh”, I slurred as she closed the door behind her. She responded by walking up to me and attempting to slap me in the face. Luckily I caught her hand in between chuckles and told her to answer the question. I held her tightly as she stared blankly into my eyes and said nothing. I lowered my face slowly towards hers and gave her a peck on the cheek. “I think he’s wrong, I think you do like role play. That’s why you pretend you don’t like it huh”. I whispered slowly into her ear and breathed slowly on the nape of her neck. She pushed away from me and I let her go. She remained silent as if waiting to hear something specific from me. As I finally got a good look at her, I realized that she actually had quite the nice outfit on. Her black dress clung heavily off of every curve of her body. She had perfectly straightened her auburn hair and her bangs ran down slightly over her right eye. Her hazel eyes glared at me as usual. Before I could continue my advances, she finally broke her silence.

“I don’t know who the hell you think you are okay? I didn’t want any of that shit that you did to me and you basically just forced me to do it so I just wanted to come in here and tell you to just leave stop doing these things to me and just leave me alone!” She practically spat out at me as she began her rant. “We all used to be so close, you were always like an older brother to me! I can’t believe you’d do that to your little sister!” But sadly I was prepared.

“So why’d you beg me to make you cum last time I was here sweet sister? Is that something you should say to your big brother while your boyfriend is sleeping right next to you?” I started walking towards her as my questions pierced through what she thought were iron defenses. “Should you be this close to cumming from your big brother’s tongue on your clit? Or with his fingers in your ass? I thought you didn’t like it back there sweetie, you were dripping like a faucet for me!” As I continued to challenge her, I got closer and closer until I was right in front of her. I stood a full foot taller than her 5’1 frame. She stared up at me as I reached out to bring her close to me. “Mmm”, I groaned lightly into her ear as I held her close to me and grabbed her directly by her rear. She half moaned and half winced as she allowed me to explore her behind. She knew she shouldn’t be letting me. She knew I had no right. “He’s always so proud of this ass isn’t he? Dat ass this, and dat ass that. Does he even know how to handle it? I wonder.” She squealed suddenly as a pick her up by her rump and carried her over to her bed. She struggled slightly as I laid her down. “Don’t worry little sister I’d never do anything you don’t want, I said as I licked her ear. She relaxed slightly under me as she looked up at me.

“You can’t do this shit to us ok? It’s not right for us to be like this. I don’t want to feel like this anymore!” She tried to push me off of her slightly but I held myself and asked her how it made her feel directly into her ear as I kissed it lightly. “It makes me feel like I shouldn’t. It’s wrong what we did!”

“Does it make you feel wet? Does it make you want to cum? Didn’t you love the feeling right before I stopped? When you thought you were going to cum all over my tongue? Doesn’t it make you wet right now remembering how good I made you feel?” As I continued to plague her with questions, I slowly reached my hands into the hems of her dress and hiked it up to her waist to reveal her bright red Minnie Mouse thong. “What a sweet slutty thing for you to wear” I said as I kissed directly where her clit was through the thin fabric. I slipped it to the side and marveled at her beauty. Her lips were practically glistening with desire. Her objections until now became a clear attempt to avoid revealing her true nature, she was already mine. As I slowly kissed and licked at her outer lips and moved towards her clit, she resumed her weak protest. Before she could even get a full word out though, I entered her with my right pointer finger. She moaned and groaned as my finger slowly pierced deeper inside of her. As she accepted me inside of her, I lapped and licked at her clit slowly in tune with my finger. The faster the speed of my tongue grew, the tighter her folds gripped and squeezed onto my finger. Her body was clearly honest and accepted that it wanted me, but her body and her words didn’t match. She quickly started to leak her love juices all over my tongue. As she got wetter, I added my middle finger, and her hips began to buck slightly towards my hungry tongue and plunging fingers. Slowly but surely, deep moans started to escape her lips. Guttural moans begging for release that was unavailable without me. I felt her reaching the point of no return, but I had other plans. I stopped my tongue lashing, and slowed my fingers to a small vibration. “Do you like when I tease you like my little sister?” I said as I slightly quickened my pace. “Didn’t you love it when I stuck my tongue in your ass sweetie? Tell me the truth!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about okay! It feels good but we shouldn’t! He’s the one who should be making me feel like this! Oh…“ She cut off as I slowly started lapping at her and slowly vibrating along her g-spot with the tip of my finger. I told her to just answer the question as I continued my slow assault. I kept giving her pleasure, but I wouldn’t let her cum.

“I’ll make you feel really good if you tell me the truth. Does it make you wet when I call you my little sister? Does it make you wet when my tongue goes deep inside all of your holes? Tell me the truth and I’ll give you what he can’t give you. He’s already tried so many times hasn’t he? Let me take care of you before someone comes in here and finds us!” She continued to struggle even as I riled her up more and more and eventually she gave me what I wanted.

“It felt really weird when you put your tongue in me, but it made me really wet and I wanted you to keep going. I’ve kept asking him to do it but he thinks it’s gross to go down there.” She moaned as I quickened the pace of my tongue movements. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back as I brought her ever so close to release. She must have thought I forgot, but she was wrong. I slowed down and stopped and her eyes shot open. “Why won’t you let me? Why won’t you ever let me cum?!” I told her she has to answer my questions and then I take full care of her. After hearing this, she finally gave up. “It’s weird as fuck that you like doing this to me even though I’m like your little sister! But when you call me that it makes me feel really weird and wet okay just let me cum already!”

“Good girl, I’m a man of my word” I said as I began my true assault. I started to lap rings around her clit as I fingered her tight insides. I used my thumb to slowly rub and pressure her tight rear hole. She tightened around my fingers and moaned loudly until I covered her mouth with my other hand. My tongued continued to lash and circle around her slit until it became hard and tight. I slowly sucked and nibbled at it to tease her one more time before giving her the ultimate pleasure. She let out a moan of contest before realizing that I had no intention of stopping again. Her hips slowly started raising and bucking off of her bed, she ground her hips into my face and squeezed tightly around my head with her hips as she screamed and gyrated off of the bed.

“I’m FUCKING CUMMING!!” She screamed into my hand loudly enough that I knew I didn’t have much time. Before leaving her to revel in the feeling as I closed the door behind me and left to the bathroom, I kissed her lightly on the lips and whispered in her ear.

“You’re all mine now. I’ll take care of you whenever you need it little sister” I snickered as I left.
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