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Morgan, a teen home from college is abuse by father and daughter. She befriends next door neighbor but relationship becomes abusive.
Continued from Morgan - Girl Next Door : Morgan - Girl/Slut Next Door Morgan ; Girl Next Door The Bitch is Mine ; Morgan Girl Next Door - Sharing a Teen and Morgan - Girl Next Door Paying the Bills -

Morgan returned from college to be abused by father and brother. She befriends Bob next door who she did not realize was secretly photographing her. Bob along with his friend Josh continue abuse of the girl. Bob gives Morgan slut clothes and takes her to a garage where she helps to pay the Bill. Now outside in a bad neighborhood her troubles continue.


Morgan was a mess, red in the face, cum, spit in her hair, on her face, vomit down her blouse. She followed me out to the parking lot. It was a creepy neighborhood and there was a group of guys hanging around the parking lot. “Fuck, looks like the bitch had a workout.” “Hey man, why don’t we swing around behind the garage, show this cunt a little more of a good time. I smile, sounded good to me, a little more fun.

Back of the garage was a fenced storage area with old cars, parts, tires. Morgan struglesd but the guys pulled her into the yard. “Stop this, I can’t take any more.” The lowlife’s laughed. Morgan looked at me, pleading for help. I just took out my camera and started filming. The half dozen guys pushed her back and forth between them. The little teen slut stumbled back and forth. A leg stuck out and sent her sprawling to the ground.

Morgan lay on the dirty ground, in a ball, arms over her head while the men formed around her. “Dirty little whore. Slut. White Whore” “Let’s clean the slut up a little.” Morgan felt a stream of hot piss on her head, then another.” The men were laughing. “AGGGHHH” Morgan let out a scream as she was jerked up to her knees by her hair. “Open your mouth bitch.” A boot gave her a jolt. “Open up.” Morgan’s mouth was wide open as a steam of yellow splashed in her mouth running down her chin and on to her chest.

A crazy looking guy with piercing was next. “Open that fucking mouth wide.” He shot a small stream of piss into her mouth. “Swallow, that’s it, no open wide.” He kept it up while the helpless teen choked and gagged. Piss hit her from behind her head and the side. The crazy looking guy grabbed a water hose. “Wash down this piss whore before we fuck her.” Morgan yelled as the cold water stream washed her down. Two guys pulled her up and held her legs apart. Morgan screamed as the water hit between her legs.


A siren sounded next to the storage area. Two burly security cops, rough looking white cop and an even rougher looking black cop, came in to see Morgan being pissed on. “ WTF – going on here.” “We are just washing down this Hoe for some fun. It’s all good fun” The cops looked around the storage lot. “Turn around honey.” “I see you guys getting ready for a little gangbang. “ “Girl, is this what you want to do?” “No Sir, No Sir.” “Sweetie, you look like you ready for a bunch of dicks.” “No NO NO.” Morgan could only wish she stayed in college.

“Ok, you guys get out of here.” The group of guys scattered, I stayed just outside the lot not knowing what to do, waiting to see what happens.

Morgan looked so relieved. “Thank You Sir, they were terrible.” “Thank You.” “Girlie, were not done with you yet.” What you’re doing is illegal.” “Sir I didn’t…” “Shut up. Look how your dressed, hardly any clothes.” “Sir, it is not the way it looks.” “Looks to me you came down here to Fuck for Money.” “Sir.. Please let me explain” “Shut the fuck up unless I ask you a question.”

“Get up against the fence.” Morgan looked shocked. “Grab the fucking fence.” “Move that tight ass.” Trembling Morgan grabbed the fence with her hands. “Lean forward, spread your legs.” “Why do you want me to do this?” “Shut the fuck up.”

Leaning against the fence Morgan felt rough hands on her shoulders. “Please don’t do this. I didn’t do anything wrong.” “Shut up whore.” Morgan couldn’t believe what was happening. The hands moved around to her tit mounds. Morgan pulled back from the fence. “Uggh.” A fist punched in her lower back. “Grab the fence.” She was forced against the fence while black hands groped her tits, the other cop grabbed her mouth. “You a good little cock sucker.?” “Bitch, you like to suck cock.?” “Please don’t do this. Please.”

“You sure one sweet piece of ASS.” “You shouldn’t do this!” cried Morgan. “HA. We do what we want.”

The black guard behind pulled her arms toward him behind her back and cuffed her wrists. “What are you doing, why did you cuff me?” He ripped off Morgan’s flimsy blouse. “Shut the fuck up and move your slut ass over to the tires.”

Standing against the tires, Morgan cried out. “No, What are you doing.” “Stop Stop.”

“TASER THE BITCH.” Yelled the black guy.

The white guy fired hitting Morgan just above the groin. With no clothes the barbs buried deep.” Moran screeched in pain and doubled over falling to the ground getting a full 5 second dose. “Fuck yea.” “Great shot man, she’ll feel that in her pussy.” The two dropped their slacks and shorts revealing they were very ready. The barbs were yanked brutally from Morgan’s tender belly.

Morgan was crying, shaking, quivering. “Get the Fuck UP.” “I can’t, please, it is hard to move.” There were dull thumps as they kicked the helpless teen. “Get Up Now.” Morgan struggles to her feet.

The white guy piled up some tires to the right height and the black guy threw the teen girl over the tires face down, her butt in the air her head hanging down. “AGGHHH.” The white guy pulled the bitch by her cuffed arms toward her head. “What’s you name slut?” “Morgan Sir.” Replied Morgan barely able to speak “Morgan, you are going to treat my cock real good or I am going to taser you right in your cunt.” “Lick that head with the tip of your tongue.”

Sobbing, Morgan began to lick cock, the black man on the other side was running his hands over her butt. “Nice tight ass on this bitch. Going to like riding her.” “Some sweet young pussy.” “One hot bitch.” chimed in the white guy. Reminds me of my daughter in college. The black guy pulled off her slut shorts and panties.

Morgan felt the black cock rubbing her teen pussy. The white cock was deeper in her mouth. “Suck it Bitch.” The black cock inched into her cunt. His rough black hands held her ass cheeks. Slowly he slipped his cock into her already juicy cunt.

The men facing each other smiled. They reached forward and grasped hands. “I haven’t had young pussy like this for a long time.” “Bitch remind me of my daughter when she came home from school, I really wanted to do her.” These middle age guys were have a great time with the teen, what a great lunch break. Young fuck meat is the best.

I watched from the gate of the lot in amazement.

The teen bitch had her mouth and cunt filled with cock. They rocked her back and forth. Hands tightened on her ass cheeks as the black guy pulled her tighter. They brutalized the bitch’s mouth and cunt for what must have seemed forever for Morgan. The white guy pulled her head toward hm shoving his cock as deep down her throat as he could. Morgan’s face turned red, cum and vomit spurted from her mouth. The white cock pulled from her mouth, cock slapping her face.

The black guy thrust as fast and hard as he could filling Morgan with even more Jizz. Morgan fell dazed to the ground. The guys laughed and grasped hands. “Wish we had time to do her again."

Seeing me watching from the gate. “Dude, you with this slut.” “Yea she came to the garage with me.” I will take her home. “Did you like what you saw.” “Yea was pretty fucking intense. You guys did her good.”

“Bitch, get up against the fence.” “God, no more, no more…..” “Get up against the fence facing us.” Morgan resisted so the white guy pulled her up off the ground and pushed her facing us against the fence. “Morgan’s arms were still cuffed behind her.” “What are you going to do?” “NO not again, NO.”

The black guard gave me his taser. “Aim for the groin.”

“Taser the Fucking Bitch.!”

“My shot missed her groin but hit the top of the thigh. Morgan collapsed again. “Dude, that is going to sting there.” We stood over Morgan laughing. We joked as the teen squirmed on the ground.

The guard gave me a key. “These are off the record cuffs. Better keep her cuffed, she is probably gonna try to run after this.” We grasped hands. "Great Show guys, fucked her good." "Yea, thanks for bringing her down, some great young shit."

The guards were off. I couldn’t resist, I kicked Morgan again and again. Listening to her groan in pain was intoxicating.

To Be Continued
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