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My wife needs sex all the time.
Having introduced Ruth to anal sex she returns the favour. But her ultimate plan rocks me to the core.

I sat on the couch in a state of shock. Before was my wife Ruth naked and next to her was Willow, also naked, with large breasts and a stiff cock. The silence in the room was deafening. Ruth broke the silence. “I have told Willow that you like me pegging you so she is here to help”. I was so shocked that I was speechless. “Willow honey, why don’t we get my husband in the mood” and they advanced on me. Pulling my robe open they dropped to their knees. “Oh Ruth what a lovely big cock he has” Willow exclaimed and immediately wrapped her hand around my cock. Ruth looked up at me with an evil smile. She didn’t need to speak. I knew what this was all about.

They both began to lick and suck my cock and fondle my balls. My dismay began to dissolve but in the back of my mind I knew where this was headed. The games Ruth had played with the anal toys started to make sense. It was a set-up. I knew what was going to happen to me but what was her involvement. While I pondered this I moaned as two eager tongues and two thirsty mouths continued to pleasure me. Finally Ruth sat back. “Let’s take this into the bedroom” she said excitedly “I want to see you fuck him Willow”. For her part Willow smiled and in a deep voice said “Yes Ruth and maybe I will fuck you too later”. Ruth chuckled “I hoped you would say that”.

Ruth and Willow stood up and dragged me to my feet. “Come on darling. Come and let’s play” Willow said seductively. I had been set-up by my wife and I realised there was no escape. In the bedroom I took off the robe. “Sit on the end of the bed darling” said Willow, and I did “now suck my cock”. I hesitated. “Suck her cock baby” chimed in Ruth “suck it like you enjoy me doing it”. Willow moved forward and I opened my mouth. 7” of shemale cock pushed forward and I took a couple of inches. She moaned and pushed forward again. "Yes darling suck my cock. It feels so good” Willow moaned. I did my best and Ruth cheered me on. “Oh honey that is so erotic” Ruth said “I can’t quite believe what I am seeing”.

I could sense Willow was getting more excited. She tapped me on the head. “Stop honey it is time for me to peg you” she said “missionary or doggy?” Ruth jumped in “doggy, do him doggy” she squealed. I guessed I don’t have a choice and so I climbed onto the bed and got on hands and knees. Ruth handed her the KY and seconds later Willow was consummating our relationship by thrusting her cock in my arse. I moaned as she opened me up. Obviously she had done this many times and knew how to move. Slowly at first and then increased the tempo. Meanwhile Ruth climbed on to the bed. “Lick my pussy honey while I watch you get used” Ruth said. What a scene.

Willow wasn’t using a condom and I wondered when she would stop and what would happen when she did. I was groaning now as her hips pressed against my arse cheeks as she rammed her cock into me constantly. Then grabbing my hips she squealed as she unloaded deep in my anal canal. “Oh yes” she cried “yes so good, so fucking good”. Ruth grabbed my head and yelled as she too orgasmed. Willow withdrew and patted my bum. “I enjoyed that so much” she purred “roll over and I will jerk you off”. “No don’t do that Willow. He can wait until later” said Ruth “come on let’s have a shower” and they headed into the ensuite. My bum hole was leaking and so I went to the other bathroom and “flushed”. I went into the lounge room still naked and contemplated what had just happened.

It was maybe 15 minutes later when Ruth and Willow came out into the lounge. Still naked my mind still could not compute that this beautiful woman had a cock. It was just so weird but at the same time exciting. After time in the shower her cock was being to grow stiff again. “Ruth tells me that you are very open minded about her extra activities” Willow said “would you mind sharing her with me?” I could tell by the lustful look in Ruth’s eyes that they had already discussed it. “No” I said “I would love to watch her with you Willow”. She laughed “I think we can arrange for all of us to enjoy it” and they turned back to the bedroom with me following along behind.

This time it was Ruth sitting on the end of the bed. Willow didn’t need to ask as Ruth reached out, grabbed her cock and pulled her close. Within seconds she was sucking Willow’s cock. My own cock was twitching as I knew what an accomplished cock sucker my wife was. Willow moaned and pulled her head tighter into her. Willow was rocking back and forth and now they both moaned. “Yes Ruth that is so nice” Willow moaned “but now I want to fuck you baby”. Ruth quickly got on her back and in an instant Willow mounted her. One thrust and she was balls deep in my wife. Willow looked over her shoulder and told me to join them.

Willow moaned “oh Ruth honey your pussy feels so nice”. “Yes honey and I love your cock fucking me” replied Ruth. I hated to interrupt this love fest but my cock was hard and my balls were aching. I moved up the bed and offered my cock to them. Willow was too intent of pounding Ruth so my wife took the offer and began to suck my cock. She made strange noises trying to moan with a mouthful of my manhood. Now I was moaning as the complete scene unfolded before my very eyes. My wife on her back, her pussy being pounded by a shemale while sucking on my cock. It doesn’t get any better that that.

I never warned Ruth that I was about to cum. I groaned and she gagged. “Oh darling suck his balls dry” Willow yelled. “Yes suck me dry your horny slut” I mumbled. She didn’t falter and took my full load with relish. Meanwhile Willow was obviously getting close. Having already unloaded in my arse it had taken some time. Ruth realised she was close. “I want to suck you” Ruth said, her voice breaking with emotion. Willow didn’t hesitate. She pulled out and slid up the bed. “Yes Ruth you bad girl. Suck my cock” Willow squealed and seconds later she yelped and groaned as Ruth took a second load down her throat. Willow sat back and Ruth licked her lips. “Delicious” was all she said.

Once untangled Willow and Ruth went into the ensuite and had a shower together. I stood at the doorway watching them. My brain was buzzing, my cock was drained and my arse was tender and I could not have been happier. “Make me cum” pleaded Ruth and Willow fingered her until she came. By the time I had me shower both Ruth and Willow were dressed. “Get dressed honey” said Ruth “we are taking Willow to celebrate”.

We sat in a bar near home. Guys kept looking at Willow with lust in their eyes. Little did they know what pleasures she was hiding in her panties. But I knew and I hoped that there would another opportunity to partake in those pleasures. Of course once Ruth and I got home we were both horny. “You aren’t mad I tricked you” asked Ruth, seemingly concerned. “Oh no honey. But of course you will have to be extra nice to me for the next week to apologise” I said and grinned.
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