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My wife wants to experience dog sex.
Coming home early I catch my wife looking at Bestiality porn. It triggers better sex for both of us but will she be satisfied with just looking…….

Marie had told me she wanted me to ring the dog man. I must admit I hesitated. All day I stared at the phone, almost picking it up and then changing my mind. That night I again asked if she wanted me to ring. No longer shy she said a resounding “yes”. I kissed her, took a deep breath and dialled the number. A woman answered, which threw me a bit. “Vern is here right now. Can I help? I am his wife Angela” she said. I almost huge up. Then she said “were you answering our ad?” Their ad? So she was aware of the ad. I cleared my throat. “Yes” I said “Vern said I should make an appointment”. “Vern is out on a job at the moment but I have the appointment book in front of me. We just had a cancellation on Saturday night. How does that suit?” I said Saturday night perhaps 8pm. She said that would be perfect. I gave her our details as Marie squeezed my arm.

I hung up and turned to see Marie wide eyed. “Well sweetheart” I said “the booking is Saturday night. I hope you are sure about this. She kissed me and her tongue went halfway down my throat. “I am sure honey” she said. She laughed when I told her my cock was hard. “We have to have dinner first” she said laughing “but I promise to say thank you later”. We hurried through the meal and the washing up. Grabbing my hand she led me back into the bedroom. Clothes were shed and she told me to lie on the bed. She began to suck my cock. It felt so nice. “OK honey I think you should stop now” I said. She looked up and gave me the sexiest grin. “I said I was going to thank you” and she resumed sucking me. “I am so close baby. Time to stop” but she squeezed my balls and sucked harder. I couldn’t hold out any longer and shot her mouth full of cum. She swallowed several times and coughed. She looked up and grinned again. “Thank you darling” she purred.

The rest of the week was crazy. She was so turned on. From just looking at bestiality sites to doing it for real had her in a constant state of excitement. The sex just got better as Saturday drew closed. I had half expected her to tell me to cancel but she didn’t seem fazed by what might happen. I thought about her with a dog and a stranger watching. I was both fearful and aroused. Friday I again sked if she was sure. She looked a bit annoyed. “You keep asking. Yes I am sure Trent. It will be fun I think. As long as his dog is better trained than some in that video”. I knew what she meant. If I was going to pay she would have to get my money’s worth. The subject was dropped.

Saturday morning we did the weekly shopping but Marie wasn’t really concentrating. I didn’t ask again if she had changed her mind. If she did she would tell me. I admit that I was having second thoughts though. Could I handle having a stranger watch my wife with a dog? How had it come to this? I had approached the task of finding Vern as a sort of research project but now it was very real. But Marie showed no signs of backing out. In fact, after lunch, she was so turned on she practical raped me in the lounge room. We had an early dinner and she went to get ready. She came out in a top, skirt and heels. She made sure I knew she wasn’t wearing knickers. I might not have been ready but she certainly was.

Right on 8pm the doorbell went. Although expecting it we both jumped. I got up and opened the door. Expecting to see Vern I was surprised to see Angela. “Hi Trent. Vern got called away so I am filling in. This is Goldie” she said. Goldie turned out to be a Golden Labrador. “Come in” I said and we walked into the lounge. Marie was sitting on the couch and stood up and Shook Angela’s hand. She looked down at the Lab and smiled. I could see she was excited. “Vern tells me this is your first time” said Angela “maybe I should explain a few things”. Marie smiled “I know a bit” she replied “about the knot and stuff”. Angela nodded “I see you have done your research honey. Are you ready to start?”

Marie sat back on the couch. Angela took the lead off Goldie. “Lift your skirt and pat your pussy. He knows the signals” said Angela. Marie did as she was told. Marie had always trimmed her pubic hair but I could see she had shaved totally while getting ready. It looked so sexy. She patted her pussy and Goldie immediately advanced and began licking her. “That is the signal I want to be licked” Angela said. I am not sure Marie was listening as she first gave a yelp and then moaned. She leaned back and closed her eyes. “Oh yes. So nice” she muttered. I looked over at Angela and she was smiling. She glanced my way and winked. By this time my cock was twitching.

After several minutes Angela suggested I get a towel. When I came back she told me to put it on the floor and for Marie to knee on it and rest her body on the couch. “He is quite heavy honey so that will support you” she said. Marie got in position. Goldie was panting and his tongue was out. “Now pat yourself on the bum” said Angela “that is his signal to mount you”. Marie hesitated and then did as she was told. Goldie immediately reacted and climbed on Marie’s back. He began thrusting and after a couple of misses Marie squealed. Once Goldie found the target he went to work. Marie told me later that with each thrust his cock grew larger. Her squeals soon changed to moans and groans. “Good boy” she moaned “oh yes so good”. She began to push back as he thrust forward. He was hammering her like crazy and the moans and groans grew louder.

Again Marie squealed which signalled Goldie’s efforts to bury his knot into her pussy. It took several attempts and finally he slowed and then stopped moving. Marie continued to moan as his knot had sealed her tight. Her eyes were shut, her mouth open and she gripped the seat of the couch. “Oh yes I feel you cumming” she muttered as Goldie flinched. Marie swears she felt him cum three times. Shortly after she yelled as Goldie attempted to withdraw. Obviously his knot had not shrunk. Several more attempts was tried before he finally was able to pull away. As his cock slid out of Marie’s pussy a stream of cum began seeping out and onto the towel. Goldie licked Marie’s pussy a couple of times and then the puddle on the towel. He then laid down and began to lick himself. I was shocked when I saw the size of his cock. Bugger me, it was as big as mine.

Marie gave a deep, satisfied sigh and looked over at me. She mouthed the words “thank you” and closed her eyes again. Angela patted Goldie “good boy. Did you like your new bitch” she said. Goldie was panting madly. “Was that all that you thought it would be honey” Angela said and Marie, still in a state of euphoria nodded madly. “If we wait a few minutes he will do it again” said Angela “he has great recovery. Would you like that honey?’


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I think the chapters should be longer.

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