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This is a fantasy not a true story.
Girlfriend’s little sister

I will never forget when I started dating Tami in High school. She was shy, sweet, and innocent. After a few dates she said her parents wanted to get to know me, so they thought having a game night would be perfect. I loved games but was not that competitive so I was hoping I wouldn’t lose ever game. How embarrassing would that be, right?

When I arrived Tami’s little sister answered the door like, she always did. She was such a cutie. She had long blond hair in ponytails. She was on the shy side as well, but you could tell she was full of energy. Tami seemed to love on her and didn’t get irritated when Bella pushed her way in between us when we were going to sit at the table for pizza. I didn’t mind since Tami was not much of a talker and Bella gave me someone to talk to besides her parents.

Once we started playing dominos Bella went to watch a movie on the tv in the same room. Every time a commercial came on, she headed over to our game to check on how things were going. Bella would stand next to my seat and lean on me, looking at my tiles like she was judging my strategy. She placed her little hand on my thigh and her other arm on the table and could barely see over the table. I started playing with her pony tails during those times, which she seemed to enjoy. They were so smooth and fun to twirl around my finger. Bella enjoyed me joking with her and asking her advice on which tile to play. When the commercial was over, she would go back to her movie.

Once the Movie was over, she came back to my side. I asked her if she wanted to help me and she got all excited. I offered her to sit on my lap so she could see. Bella about knocked over everyone’s tiles, bumping into the table as I helped her up. Her parents laughed at her and Tami smiled at her cute little sister and told her to be nice. Bella just giggled and made herself comfortable on my lap by spreading her legs out on both sides of my lap. I held her on with one hand as I continued to play.

Bella would wiggle around at times, and I noticed when her little butt bumped against my cock. I ignored it and tried to keep her still by tightening my hold and talking to her more about what to play next. It seemed to work, but she got tired and put her arms on the table and leaned forward to rest her head on her arms. This pushed her little tushy against my cock, nice and firm. I could feel my cock hardening against the pressure and warmth of her bottom. Bella’s parents asked if she was getting to heavy and if I wanted to get her off. My mind was saying yes, but my cock was yelling to leave her there. I of course listened to my cock.

Bella's butt would push back against me when she would squirm a little. It was almost like she knew she was messing with my cock. I tried hard to concentrate on the game, but I definitely lost that hand. Bella’s mom finally said it was Bellas bedtime and Bella tried to protest and so did my cock. But I tried to help her mom by encouraging Bella to go with her mom. As she lifted Bella off my lap I scooted closer to the table hoping no one saw my hard cock. I was so glad I had worn jeans and not my shorts that night.

I had gone home that night and couldn’t get Bella’s tiny butt off my mind. How could a little thing like that get my cock so worked up? Every time Tami texted me the next day, my mind would think of Bella. I tried to just shrug it off, thinking my teenage horny self is finally awakening.

I took Tami to a movie on Sunday afternoon and couldn’t wait to hold her close. My body needed female contact. As we were in line for the tickets, I would put my arms around her and pull her close to my body. She would giggle and move away, so I played along like I was just teasing her. Inside, my body was not happy. I know she is shy, but does she really just want to hold hands and not let me hold her? My mind just told me to slow down and let her go at her own pace.

After the movie, we had gone to taco bell. Where we mostly talked about school and friends. She asked me if I wanted to come back over to the house and play dominos again. I remember my body screaming yes please!

When we walked in the door, Bella was so excited and I bent down to give her a hug. Tami’s parents even seemed happy that we came back to the house for another game. I must have passed the test on Friday night.

Bell skipped the movie tonight and went right to sitting on my lap. Tami and her parents laughed and said I had a friend for life now. I just laughed and gave Bella a big hug, which brought her tushy right against my cock and OOOOHH how my cock liked that. She had a cute dress on tonight and I had shorts on. So tonight was extra hard to concentrate between her bumping against my semi hard cock and her smooth legs gliding against my bare legs. I remember trying very hard to focus on the game so my cock would not get fully stiff.

After the second game I was full horny teen. Whenever I would do good in the game, I wrapped my arms around her and pull her against me for my cock to get a nice firm rub. She helped with squirming and giggling each time. I was rock hard by now and she had to feel it.....didn’t she?

I let my hand relax from her waist to her bare legs and HOLY SHIT! They were so soft. My heart was beating so fast. I looked around wondering if anyone could read my thoughts, which were ‘what does her pussy feel like.’ I know I shocked myself with those thoughts but couldn’t stop myself. I let my fingers glide over her upper bare legs and she seemed to relax against me after a few minutes. I gave her leg a little squeeze, and she grinned up at me. That grin told me she liked my caress. I looked over at Tami and wonder if she would enjoy being caressed on her bare leg. Probably not, I thought. I gave Bella a big hug to give my cock some attention again. When I knew it was the last game tonight because of it being a school night, I asked Bella to get me another glass of water. I needed her off my lap so I could try to calm my cock down before I stood up. I remember trying to think of every gross thing I could to bring my body back to normal. I think back and laugh at how horny I was.

I went home that night and had a great jack off session in the shower. From then on I tried to find excuses to do things at her house or to have Bella come with us on dates. Tami was more than happy to let Bella come along. I think Tami was more comfortable knowing she didn’t have to hold a conversation the whole time.

When we would be at the movies, Bella would always want to be on my lap. I started bringing a lightweight coat with me even when it was warm out so I could put it over mine and Bella’s lap. I would say it was so Bella would not be cold in the air conditioner. I spent the entire hour and a half caressing her inner thighs. After a couple weeks of this, I got bolder and let my thumb glide up against her panties. She stiffened at first from the touch, and I pulled just a little away. A couple minutes later, I tried again. Slowly slide it up and down. She squirmed a little but didn’t push my hand away. So I kept doing it every so often. Towards the end of the movie, I took my hand out from under the coat and pulled her into a hug to rub her against my cock a few times. She even tried to put my hand back under the coat, but I whispered in her ear that the movie was almost over. I gave her another hug and whispered she was my favorite girl, and she giggled and squirmed against my hard cock. It was a good thing I had my coat to hold in front of me or the whole theater would have seen my bulge.

When we would go out to eat Tami made Bella sit on her own seat so I could eat. I would wink at her and say sorry, Bell. But as soon as I finished, she was on my lap. Tami would laugh and shrug. I would play with Bella’s hair while she finished eating. I do not remember what Tami and I talked about on our dates. No doubt it was nothing deep and personal.

Watching movies at Tami’s house at night was the best. We would watch shows for Bella because she always wanted to be with us. I would sit with my legs crossed on the couch next to Tami. Bella knew to grab a blanket when she came to sit on my lap. But with my legs cross it was hard for me to get to her inner thigh. When Tami went to the kitchen to get popcorn, I told her to cross her legs like mine and she gladly did it. From then on, she knew what position to be in to let me make her feel good. So with her back against my hard cock, I could have my right hand under the blanket and my left hand eating popcorn from the bowl on Tami’s lap.

The second time I was over, I knew I wanted more of Bella. Bella had fallen asleep on my lap, so I went for it. I let my thumb go under her panties and felt her little puffy lips. Bella didn’t wake up, so I pushed her panties aside so my fingers could explore her more. When I slid my fingers into her slit, my heart was pounding out of my chest. I thought for sure she would wake up from feeling my heart. I slowly slid my finger up and down until I had enough nerve to go to her hole. OH MY GOD.....when I first touched it I wanted to push into her, but I knew that would be wrong. I finally had to pull away and huge her against my cock. It was throbbing so hard in my pants and my mouth was so dry. I asked Tami for some water. Once she was out of the room, I reached between Bella and me and gave my cock a couple tugs, which if I remember right it just made it my cock want more. I could hear Tami talking to her mom in the kitchen so I quickly got my finger very wet and wet back to playing with Bellas Puffy lips. I pressed a little on her hole and she squirmed away from my finger and her hands pushed my hand away. That sobered me up enough that when Tami came back in the room, I was coming back to my senses. I put my feet on the floor and layed Bella beside me with her head on my lap. I played with her hair until the movie was over.

The next opportunity I had to touch Bella was at the movies. I put the coat over us and she straddled my legs. I started slow and halfway through the movies I slid my thumb under her panties. She squirmed a bit, but I held her with my other arm and whispered, ‘Shhhh it’s ok.’ I crept my thumb up and down her puffy lips and she started to relax. I whispered, ‘does that feel good?’ and to my surprise she nodded her head and said yes. Bell even opened up her legs more for me. I kissed her ear and told her she was such a good girl. I pushed her panties to the side again and whenever she squirmed I whispered ‘Shhhh’ and kissed her ear softly. I could get her to let me move my fingertip over her tiny hole and up and down her slit, so slow. She even pushed onto my finger when I touched her hole. I got close to her ear and moaned ‘mmmm baby girl, you feel so good’. she leaned her head to my lips for me to kiss her ear.

My cock was throbbing and ready to cum by the end of the movie. I do not understand how I walked out of there.

I remember the next week during school I got a note from Tami and she wanted to break up. My heart dropped. I would never see Bella again.

A couple weeks later Tami told me that Bella was very mad at her for breaking up with me. I laughed and said I do love that crazy kid. I got to see Bella now and then through the next couple years. The first couple of times she ran up to me and jumped in my arms for a big hug and ask me to come back. I would hold her tight and tell her I was sorry, and I missed her.

I still think back about Bella and what would have happened if her sister never broke up with me.


2020-11-23 00:43:00
Of course we don't know how old Bella is, but she can always run into him again in a few years.
Tami will be out of the way by then & let the fucking begin..
I would definitely read a 2nd chapter.


2020-11-22 07:32:53
If this is supposed to be a fantasy then you have more of the story to tell. Write a second chapter where these two meet years later, when she is older or of age to consent to sex. Have things pick up where they left off before the breakup. You set up a nice seduction so follow thru with it.


2020-11-21 15:31:00
You know, I realise this is fiction, but there is something called the necessity of the reader being able to suspend disbelief, and good story fails completely in that regard.


2020-11-21 11:36:07
Not blievable
•Bella not complaining about Tami's flirting
•One sentence breakup
•Parent's not complaining about the lap sitting.
•The break-up with Bella ended regular seeing if Tanmi.


2020-11-21 04:32:41
I hope there will or is a second part to this story!

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