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This is the full story of Nephew's Casual Sex with aunty - from the moment we discovered our sexual desire for each other, until nephew got to shoot a load into Aunty's asshole.
For the past five years, I’ve been consistently laying down the pipe for my aunty Ellen. I’m currently 25, and she’s currently 55. Despite that 30-year age difference, we have some pretty good sex – nice amount of kink to it now as opposed to when we first started fucking - my cock is comfortable with her holes after having had so much sex with Auntie Ellen.

Ellen is my Dad’s younger sister, and boy she’s a big boned, voluptuous woman… she’s about 5 foot 8, 170 pounds, got a fat ass, huge titties with a slight gut. She’s a super pale Greek with brown hair that she commonly dyes orange. The color of her nipples, vagina and asshole change with the season, but she’s usually pink through and through.

Her fat ass is the best, it aged well as she’s got some slight sag to it, but it sags into a perfect mozzarella bubble butt. I love nothing more than laying her on her stomach, spreading that butt and eating that asshole out after a long day of wear and tear.

I was close with Aunty Ellen my entire life. She lived one state over from me, so when I was younger, I used to spend some weekends at her house, maybe five or six times per year. My parents would drop me off and I’d stay with her and her husband for the weekend and spend time with them in the woods where they lived.

Ellen had divorced her husband and lived alone by the time I was a teenager. As the years flew by, we remained very close and I still would come up and spend a few weekends at her house, and a whole week during the summer. At some point along the way, I became sexually attracted to Aunt Ellen, and was rather infatuated with her.

When I was 18, I spent a weekend at her house and was bored and horny. Aunty Ellen was out of the house for a while and I had the brilliant idea of exploring her room when she went out the grocery store. Lacking creativity, I went into her drawer and took out a clean thong.

I was intrigued and hard as a rock; I had no idea Aunt Ellen only owned thongs - there wasn’t a single pair of panties in her drawer, only thongs and G-strings. I smelled it, licked it, put it on my head, and probably even got naked and put it on myself. I then beat one off before taking a shower and I took that first one home and used it as a cum rag for the weeks until I next visited her.

I loved having her thong around, but I always wished it had the scent of her vagina and asshole on it to bask in her womanhood– so I planned for next time to take a used one from her dirty hamper. I was excited about the next time for weeks, I always asked her if I could come over but had to wait for my parents to take me up since I didn’t have a car yet.

Sure enough, I eventually came up for another weekend, and I even asked her if she could pick up some sort of food from a restaurant for an excuse to go through her room. She obliged, and I immediately ran into her room and checked her dirty hamper, but it was empty the first time I checked. I was very disappointed.

The next day, she went out of the house, but this time her dirty underwear and jeans from yesterday were in the hamper. My penis shot up to a rock the second I saw that black thong in there. I took it out of her jeans, dropped my pants, and laid down on her bed – I was ready to change my life and become intoxicated by my aunt’s musk.

I remember taking that little thong, spreading it to the pussy and asshole string, and giving it a good inspection. The pussy cover was slightly solidified from being plastered to her pussy and asshole all day – and the thought of it made my young cock hard as a rock. I spread it wide and slowly inhaled all the way from the top of the vagina cover all the way down past where her asshole rested all day long the previous day.

My god I was drunk from the smell. My cock was oozing precum sniffing up her crotch string, as I breathed in right where her vagina rested an entire day. When I made my way to where her thong was wedged directly between her ass cheeks on that butthole, I got the pleasant smell of vagina sweat mixed with the Mexican food with extra beans we ate the previous night.

I inhaled my aunt’s musk string and masturbated like a madman for five minutes straight before I realized that she probably wouldn’t be out long. I got my cum sock ready and stuck my cock inside it to contain the massive pumps of sperm that were about to come. It was time to eat. I spread the thong to the vagina cover and started to lick and suck the juices out of every square inch of the crotch parts of her thong before pumping out the goop.

I started orgasming the second my brain processed the taste of Aunt Ellen’s womanhood. I wasn’t even able to make it to the asshole; the taste of her vagina was just too much to handle after everything my cock had already been through. In hindsight, the first thong wasn’t even close to some of her most stinky and musky … for the first time, as a young man, simply a slight taste of my aunt’s vagina immediately ripped the cum out of my ballsack. It was so salty and sweaty, mixed with that fucking delicious vagina musk; I savored the taste as pump after pump was shot into my filled up cum rag.

After her intoxicating crotch scent pulled out my nut, I put the saliva dampened thong back in the hamper, brushed my teeth, took a shower, and spent the rest of the day with Aunt Ellen, knowing exactly what a tiny cloth string stuck to her pussy and asshole for the entirety of the previous day smelled and tasted like. Eating Mexican food with her made me hard ever since that moment.

The next time I came over was for an entire week during the summer while Aunt Ellen was still working - so the house was totally empty during the weekdays. Also, I learned that she started a new early morning routine 2-mile jog before showering and going to work at 8:00. That week at her house was a pure musk fest. Monday-Friday, I’d wake up in the morning as she’s ready to leave and tells me goodbye. I’d eat the breakfast she left me, then head right to her room for the first cock beating of the day.

Her post jog thongs were the best. Different one every day, same amazing stink of pure vagina and asshole mixed with sweat into a perfect musk concoction; inhalation of which got me high as a kite. The post-jog thongs were so powerful, way more stinky and danker than the average thong she had plastered to her holes all day. They were a pure embodiment of the scent of her primal womanhood and I was literally addicted to the stink.

Her post-jog thongs were still damp with sweat by the time I got to them; I was able to literally suck her sweat and juices out of the parts of the thong literally right on her asshole and pussy. By the end of that week I knew exactly what it would’ve been like to take Aunt Ellen after a 30 minute session on the treadmill, immediately proceeding into doggy style, sticking her ass directly into the air; removing leggings and thong and spreading that shit wide to reveal the womanhood; and literally smelling and sucking the life out of her holes.

I literally masturbated all day long to the sweaty thongs she’d leave behind after her runs.

Every single day they were so strong and sweaty and fucking delicious; I couldn’t resist pocketing at least a few of them. During the workweek, Aunt Ellen had two of the five thongs she put into her hamper magically vanish into thin air. I wondered for quite some time whether she ever though to herself, hmm, where the hell did my thongs go? Maybe when she was folding her laundry, she’d ask how the hell she had only three thongs. Either way, no proof and I didn’t regret taking those babies home one bit. The thongs I took were super basic, simply black thongs that she probably couldn’t specifically remember. Plus, those things kept the scent of her holes on them for like literally three years before I sniffed it all away.

Until I turned 20, this was the extent of my sexual relationship with Aunt Ellen. Whenever I’d come over, I’d help myself to her pussy and asshole musk from her dirty hamper and take the occasional pair home with me, so I always had something with her musk plastered to it at home. It seems like lifetimes ago stealing her panties from her hamper to get a nut – especially since, nowadays, if I want her thong, I can peel one fresh from her doggystyle holes before smelling and tasting them as I stick my cock into her. But that level of sexual comfort with Ellen took a while to develop, as you will soon discover.

Once college started, I started seeing aunty Ellen less frequently, stopped spending nights and only spent a few hours on a visit if anything. I also was having sex with women my age, and life was just moving on. Even though I only had limited time available to see her, we still stayed close and kept in touch through text messages and played Minecraft together. I still wished I could eat her asshole and vagina before fucking the daylight out of her, and masturbated to thoughts of doing so all the time with her stinky paraphernalia, but I was definitely never considered the thought could become a reality.

During the summer of my junior year of college, I was almost 21 and she just turned 50. We planned for my parents to drive out to her house so I could spend a week there before the fall semester began. We ended up picking a week in the middle of July as her company was closed that Friday. She used her time off for Tuesday-Thursday so she could hang out with me all week.

On that Monday morning I learned that she continued to do her morning run before going into the office - she hadn’t broken the routine after more than two years. That thong was all mine the second she left for work. It was so nice getting another pair of super fresh panties right off her sweat drenched crotch – I emptied my sack and sucked the tiny pussy and asshole string clean all day long before she got home. By the time I was finished with it, the thong wasn’t even stinky anymore, I sucked all the stinky musk right out of it before putting it back in her hamper.

Since she was off from work for the rest of the week, and because she moved her home office into her bedroom, I couldn’t get any of her panties for the rest of the week. After she went on her morning runs, she took a shower in the bathroom connected to her room and never left me an opportunity to suck any of her sweat-drenched, stinky post-jog thongs clean. By Friday, I simply couldn’t take it – for whatever reason, I just couldn’t resist smelling her sweaty vagina and asshole.

I had the extremely reckless idea of sneaking into her room once she turned the water on in her bathroom to take a shower after her morning jog. While she would be showering, I’d take the fresh post-jog thong out of her hamper or wherever she leaves it, lay on her bed with my nut-sock ready, and proceeding to use her thong to beat out a super-fast nut. Then, after the nut has been planted, I’d put the thong back where I found it, escaping without making a sound. Let’s just say that it could’ve been the worst decision of my life but has since played out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

My plan was reckless, but it was going to work out fine… the floors in her bedroom were newly redone tiles, no need to worry about creaky floors as I crept in. I wouldn’t go in until her shower started and I knew that she normally had her shower on for about ten minutes each morning after her run. I needed her musky thong so bad that I knew 2 minutes with her pussy and asshole juices in my face was all I’d need for my nut – plenty of time to get in and out.

After contemplating whether to do it, I figured fuck it and decided to give it a shot when she got home from her run – if any negative signs popped up when I opened the door to her room, I’d just leave.

Shortly after, she came home from her run absolutely drenched in sweat. It was a super-hot day. She took off her t-shirt and was in a sports bra and tight black leggings. I literally licked my lips as I watched her move around when she got home and saw sweat glistening on her pale white skin. We chatted a bit and ate breakfast together, allowing the post-jog sweat on her crotch to really soak into her thong for that stinky-musky goodness. Her juices were allowed to marinate her thong for literally 30 to 40 minutes while we hung out, I knew it was about to be so ripe and couldn’t wait.

Shortly after breakfast, she headed to her room and got undressed for her shower. I waited until I heard her open her bathroom door and was thrilled to hear it close behind her. It was way less likely that she would hear anything outside the bathroom whatsoever with the door closed. After about two minutes passed, I decided it was time to make my move and get that nut. The door to her bedroom didn’t even make a peep as I opened it to slide in. I had my socks on, so I slipped across the room to her hamper to get the goods. I was already hard as a rock by the time I made the move into the room. My adrenaline levels were out of control as I was about to risk it all.

But my god, on that particular day the thong was the dankest musk I’ve ever experienced, the marination of the thong by post-workout asshole and vagina made the thong unimaginably musky. I was able to smell the musk by simply standing next to the hamper, before even getting into her pants. I could feel that the thong was warm and wet with crotch marination when I grabbed it – nice and fresh from her holes, just how I liked my musky sniff toys. I silently climbed onto her bed, pulled my rock-solid cock from my shorts, and got my cum sock ready to do its job.

That thong was absolutely scrumptious – the purest scent of her pussy and asshole I could get. It wouldn’t have been any different from putting her on her knees after her jog, sticking her naked ass high up into the air, and directly breathing in and eating her post-jog vagina and butthole at the source.

The plan was going great, I started stroking my diamond-solid cock after I put the asshole string into my mouth with the vagina cover right over my nose for the tri-sensory experience of taste, smell, and feel. I was high as fuck from her musk and the thought of masturbating so close to her made my eight inches stand straight up without assistance from my hands. I was stroking my penis like a mad man, sucking the sweat out of her asshole, and smelling my aunt’s vagina marination, all while she was less than ten feet away from me in the shower.

Halfway into beating off, vagina part of her sweaty thong on my nose and asshole in my mouth, cock hard as a diamond stone - out of absolutely nowhere, the bathroom door shoots open. My heart sank into the deepest crevice of my chest, I hadn’t been so nervous, embarrassed, and startled in my entire life. There was absolutely no hiding what I was doing at this point. I was exposed, my parents would find out that I’m sucking the underwear of my dad’s sister after she works out; I thought it was over for me.

Aunt Ellen had the water running the entire time, but she hadn’t entered the shower yet … she was doing something else in the bathroom the entire time I was in there. She didn’t seem to hear me because she was as shocked as I was when she walked out. She walked out of the room butt-naked and literally jumped in the air, startled to see me sprawled out on her bed, my cock hard as a rock and her thong in my face. Her voluptuous breasts bounced as gravity pulled her back to the earth. An expression of nervousness and worry filled my face and neither of us could even speak a word.

What occurred after this might’ve been the greatest moment of my life. Rather than flipping out, asking me what I’m doing, demanding an explanation, Aunty Ellen smiled, locked eyes with mine, approached the bed, and tugged my boxers and shorts off until I was butt naked other than my socks. My cock was hard as a rock in my hand, her stinky thong still in my mouth, and I must’ve had an overwhelming expression of nervousness in my eyes. With that, she got onto the bed, got low, spread my legs wide and I could see her eyes looking straight into her nephew’s fully erect eight-inch dick and ballsack that was just inches from her face.

Without a word, she got right up onto my crotch, took my hand off of my cock, grabbed it at the base and gave my ballsack a good squeeze before quickly and delicately giving the tip a quick lick. After that quick lick, she got down low and started sniffing my balls and I just couldn’t believe she was also a bottom feeder. Amazed, I must’ve shot a pump of pre-cum out of my cock. I remember thinking to myself, “How the fuck am I alive right now?” My aunt was legit smelling my ballsack and licked the tip of my completely erect penis. I am literally caught with her thong in my mouth and this is what happens?!

Before I was totally aware that I was alive, she licked my rod all the way from the tippy tip, down past my ball sack and literally grazed her tongue over my asshole and swirled it around before proceeding to suck the shit out of my sweaty balls. Left and right testicle were sucked into her mouth one after another with just enough pressure to feel the squeeze as her tongue lathered them up. Like I mentioned before, it was hot as hell that summer day and my balls must’ve been a swamp, but she visibly loved sucking the swamp straight off my big, brown balls. I discovered that my aunt was a certified freak and I was more excited than I had ever been in my life.

At that, she let my balls free from her mouth and what was about to follow would absolutely blow my mind out the back of my skull. I subconsciously moaned “oh my fuuuuuck” as my aunt wrapped her lips around my tip and proceeded to swallow my whole dick. I was moaning like a primate as she rhythmically forced my cock to the depths of her throat and back up to her lips, lathering my cock with her tongue and making eye contact with me the entire time. I’d never had such good dome at this point in my life – she was straight up throat fucking my cock and I couldn’t do anything but moan like a crippled monkey, ooze pre-cum and stare at the scene in disbelief.

After about two minutes of sloppy throat fucking dome from aunty Ellen, she stopped without saying a word, got to her knees, turned around, got into a squad, stuck her butt way out and lowered that pale white ass right onto my unprotected cock. She grabbed it and rubbed my tip all over her prickly vagina for ten seconds before spitting in her hand, lubing up her vagina hole, and slipping my iron cock right into her warm, moist, love canal. From my perspective, I just watched my aunt deep squat right onto my cock and slide her vagina to the base of my shaft. Never mind how fucking awesome it felt, I couldn’t believe that I just watched my aunt’s vagina envelope my dick. I literally saw her asshole; I was just still in such disbelief.

Once the tip was in, aunty Ellen absolutely went to town on my solid cock. She fucked me as if she hadn’t fucked in years, which probably was the case! She hadn’t been married for over eight years and hadn’t really had many relationships since then - she probably wanted this more than I did. She was practically screaming from the pleasure of riding my cock, feeling the pre-cum ooze into her, and getting me as hard as possible.

Me, on the other hand, I was personally in absolute paradise. Laying back as I watched my aunt expertly bounce up and down on my cock, moaning in sheer pleasure, waving her asshole in the air for me. Her vagina like a tight, silky, slippery glove gripping the fucking shit out of my dick. It massaged my dick with ease, it was like it was built to please a dick of my length and girth.

The icing on the cake? While she was riding me, I grabbed that stinky ass post-workout thong I’d been sucking when she caught me. I stuck the asshole part right back into my mouth to suck it clean. So, there I was; my aunt’s vagina massaging every single drop of semen from my shaft with her vicious reverse cowgirl riding as I stared right at her asshole while her vagina was milking me. With all that, sucking the asshole sweat from her stinky thong as well? Heaven on earth.

After about 90 seconds of Aunt Ellen’s masterful vaginal canal milking of my cock, couldn’t take it anymore. Even in the prime age for sex, I couldn’t handle more than 90 seconds of her 50-year-old pussy. Her vagina was so tight and wet, it massaged my dick so well, her pussy felt absolutely glued to my cock like a suction cup. We hadn’t said a word up to this point (other than our primal gorilla sex grunts) and I definitely wasn’t going to be the first to speak and say I’m going to cum… I knew damn well that I was going to plant my nut deep into the depths of her vagina.

As I got closer and closer to coming, she could feel my cock getting harder and rode faster and faster. Before I knew it, I was pumping shot after shot of thick semen straight into my aunt’s love canal with each pulse of my orgasming cock. She let out an “ahhhh” as if she was refreshed when she felt her nephew’s pool of warm seed filling her up. After my nut was in her, she just sat there squatted over for a few seconds, giving me a good final look at her asshole and my cock filling her pussy up. “Holy shit, that was amazing Ellen!” I said as I let her dirty thong fall out of my mouth.

*Pllluuurrppp* was the sound that was emitted when she got up from her squat and my cock slipped out of her pussy. After my cock was out, I stared into her still squatting, semi-gaping, vagina; watching my semen pour out into a massive cloudy white puddle forming on my stomach. That was a massive nut, and probably the best of my life other than the nut I busted when I first got to pleasure my cock with her rectum and anal canal.

Without saying a word, she smiled at me, used my boxers to wipe the pool of cum from my stomach, and proceeded to take the shower she originally intended to take. Our relationship was never the same after those few minutes of love making.

After Aunty Ellen rode the nut out of my cock, I was just in a haze. Still not quite sure how I was alive, living my wildest dreams I never imagined possible. I just laid there sprawled out, butt naked, staring at the wall as she took her shower. I was in a dream-like state, reflecting on Ellen absolutely slobbering on my cock; the warmth, wetness and texture of her vagina canal tightly wrapped around my cock; and just about how into the sex she was. I just simply couldn’t believe that my aunt milked a massive nut out of me while I sucked the musk from her thong that she had just marinated in crotch sweat. Her moans from the pleasure that riding her young adult nephew’s rock-solid cock were stuck in my head.

However long later, Aunt Ellen turned the shower off, dried herself and rejoined me on her bed. I was still in the exact spot I was when I busted my nut as she walked out of the bathroom in her bathrobe. My legs were spread, and my cock was flaccid at this point, but I felt the blood surge right back into it as I saw her smiling face looking at me. She looked beautiful with her wet hair down and her white bathrobe slightly opened up.

“You have no idea how much I’ve needed that,” she told me as she dropped the robe to the ground and got up on the bed next to me butt naked. She let out a sigh as she laid down and turned on her side facing me. She asked me how I enjoyed it as her hand found its way to my rapidly hardening cock and balls. I explained to her that it was like my greatest dream come true as she was gently squeezing my balls and waving my flaccid cock meat around. I became hard as a rock as she started kissing my ear and neck, jerking the cock off as I started to run my hands all over her soft white skin.

I hadn’t actually squished her butt when we had sex, so my cock was pre-cumming as I started to really squish the shit out of her big bubble while she was running her hands all over my junk, feeling all that her new toy had to offer her. It was also at this time that we shared our first passionate kiss to the lips with tongue sucking. While we made out, I kept feeling up her bubble booty and running my hands all over her body, feeling every crevice of my new sex partner.

At that point she started absolutely seducing me, getting my cock as solid as she could by whispering naughty instructions into my ear. She commanded me to “absolutely ravage my pussy with your huge and sexy magic stick that Aunty loves so, so sooo, much until your balls put another big load right up in me.” I didn’t think my day could get any better, but not even 20 minutes later I was getting round two – this time, I was the one who was going to do the fucking, I was so hype to fuck the living shit out of my Aunty in doggy.

After about a minute of this touchy feely cuddling, we were flat out masturbating each other, getting ready for the second fuck of the hour. I had sex quite a few times by the time this happened, so I knew how to masturbate a woman’s clitoris and I was absolutely going to town on her box as I sucked her neck and alternated between breathing in her scent and gluing our tongues together. She was going crazy with lust, practically begging for the dick as she enjoyed it in her hands. She asked me how I wanted to fuck her, and of course I said, “get into doggy Aunty Ellen.” I wanted to spread her ass cheeks, stare right into her pink little asshole and stick that sweaty thong back into my mouth to watch the full length of my dick go to town.

She immediately complied, getting to her knees with her big butt facing me, and arching the fuck out of her back with her face buried into the bed. I even verbally said holy fuck as I got into position to ram cock up her pussy. She was so arched back that I could see her asshole without even spreading her cheeks – and that’s saying a lot considering how thick her butt is. I grabbed both of her ass cheeks really hard, spread them wide to reveal the entirety of her bootyhole and opened vagina before I slowly guided my dick head in.

Moans from both of us filled the room as my tip worked its way deeper inside. Her canal felt even better in doggy, staring straight into her beautiful slightly hairy asshole. Before I knew it, my legs were on autopilot, putting all eight inches of my shaft in before pulling it out to the end of the tip. This whole time, I continued to enjoy the sweaty asshole string and what was occurring me made me lose control. I couldn’t resist but to take my thumb and rhythmically and systemically rub her asshole as I fucked away.

I must’ve been moaning and grunting like an alpha male guerilla impregnating his mate. I loved the way her moans intensified as I rubbed her sexy butthole, the fact that she liked it made me go wild because I knew I’d be going for that hole soon to fulfill my perverted dream of dumping a load into her shitter.

After intensely pounding my aunt doggy for about three minutes, I couldn’t resist the temptation to stick my thumb up her asshole. I dropped her thong from my mouth, gathered all the saliva in my mouth and spit right onto her butt crack above her asshole. I spread the cheeks wide while I watched it drip down onto the asshole before I stopped it with my thumb and lathered it around the hole.

She let out an “ahhhh fuck” as I rammed my whole thumb right up her butthole while pounding her pussy really hard. I could feel my thumb in her ass through her pussy, and it made her canal even tighter on my dick as I pounded away.

Her butthole was super tight, and she was absolutely loving the thumb rhythmically going in and out in conjunction with my dick putting in the work in the other hole. I would’ve changed up the position, but I was just having too much fun and knew that my nut was going into her doggystyle – it just felt too good and the sight was too sexy to give up. With that, I grabbed on tight, used my thumb in her asshole to get some extra grip, and started going ape shit on her vagina.

By the time I pumped my load into her depths, we were both practically screaming. After a few seconds of breathing heavy, sitting there with my cock still in her, I fell backwards, and she fell forward to lay on her stomach. We were both panting like we ran a marathon. The cum was pouring out of her vagina onto her bedsheets, and I went to grab her bathrobe and she stopped me, saying “leave it, I’ll just put on new bedsheets.”

It was after our second fuck that I really learned how much of a freak Aunt Ellen actually was. She let me know that she “fucking loved that dicking down” and that she was expecting at least another one that evening. It was already Friday, and there was no way I was going home Sunday without giving her plenty of dick each day, she informed me.

After we got our breath back and were done with the fuck, she went back into the bathroom and told me that she was shaving her crotch spotless for me – which got me hyped up. She didn’t have a massive bush or anything that morning, but she had a good bit of fuzz on her pussy and even some small hairs around her asshole – so I was so excited to get that bald pussy and stare into that bald asshole as I laid down the pipe the rest of the weekend.

Later in the day, we talked a little bit about what happened and how we felt about sex with each other before she caught me eating her stinky thong. I was embarrassed when she said she noticed how I was absolutely loving her dirty thong – it was probably the first time I’ve been questioned about one of my fetishes, let alone by my dad’s sister. I told her that I didn’t know what to say, I just loved thongs with her musk, I love asshole and I love feet.

She told me that she had a suspicion that I was sniffing her thongs because she noticed a few missing from her hamper – she said that one day she noticed that only her pants and shirt were in the hamper and knew that the thong had to have been removed. She also said that she did her laundry after I took a shower one day and felt that one of her thongs was soaking wet by her vagina and asshole and knew that it wasn’t from her sweat. While embarrassed, I admitted that I had been pleasuring myself to her taste and scent for a while now, and that I loved it most when it was really musky after her runs.

She told me that she found the thought of me sucking her filthy thongs clean super sexy, and that she has masturbated to the thought since she first discovered her thong to be missing. She also told me that over the years, she’s actually stolen a pair of my boxers from my suitcase to smell the scent of my sweaty balls. I had no idea that she liked the smell of a sweaty ballsack, and she told me too that she liked it really sweaty and stinking of ballsack. I said that maybe we could go for a run together tomorrow morning so we could help each other out, and she thought that it was a great idea.

By the time evening came around, we ate dinner and we were both ready to get at each other for some more sex. We got drunk as shit together at dinner, and she instructed me that her vagina was going to be my desert since she shaved it nice and clean for me and wanted me to suck the life out of it. I told her I’d have no problem with that and that I wanted my desert right now, so we stumbled to her bedroom and turned the lights on bright so I could see it all.

In the bedroom, we dropped our pants and took off our shirts, so we were only in our underwear by the time we hit the bed. She laid down on her back and spread her legs wide for me to have an easy time sticking my head right in there and I was ready for my feast. I hadn’t actually had a good look at her vagina when we were having sex, so I was already rock solid at the thought of a good inspection of her crotch. The entire day had passed since we had the back to back fuck and she showered, so I would soon discover that she built up a little musk by the time the evening came around.

I kissed the inside of her thighs near her crotch as I crawled my way right on up to her vagina. When I was in position, I pushed my face right into her thong where her vagina was and deeply inhaled. She was moaning just from the thought of me worshipping her holes, I had barely even made contact with her. I pushed my nose into her pussy hard as I breathed in her pure vagina scent deep – I was in heaven, dry humping the bed in anticipation for that pussy.

When it was time for a taste, I spread her legs wide so there was nothing in my way of the pussy other than her sexy little pink thong. Her pussy lips left a fat imprint on the other side of the thong, and I fit her lips in my mouth through her thong and began squishing them with my lips and sucking them with a lot of tongue punches to get her super horny. It was time to inspect and eat that bald pussy and I just yanked that tiny thong to the side, closed my eyes, and wouldn’t open them for a few seconds to enjoy the build-up.

When I opened my eyes, there it was. The perfect, delicate purely pink pussy lips that I have grown so comfortable with and have used so frequently throughout the years. I didn’t waste a moment before giving it a full lick from the base, right on up to the clit before I sucked it all up into my mouth. It tasted delicious and I was again in a trance as my tongue and lips worked their magic on her clitoris and the entirety of her vagina. I was even fingering her too as I rhythmically rotated my tongue clockwise and counterclockwise around her clit.

She even hooked me up and pulled her legs back while resting on her back like a baby getting a pamper change so I could smell and eat her asshole – and that I did. It was so fun eating her asshole like that – I had only ever eaten asshole when a woman was on her stomach or in doggy, so being able to lick straight up from the asshole to her vagina and alternate between the two was fantastic.

After sucking the shit out of both holes, she was so wet I was literally sucking out the secretions straight from her bald vagina - she was ready for the dick and I was ready to give it to her. Before I could fuck her, she told me she wanted to suck my dick to get it lubed up and hard as a rock. Unfortunately for her, it was already harder than a rock, so I straddled her neck with my legs and let her lather my cock up with some of her saliva. After that, I dropped back down to give her that cock in missionary.

The sex was great – we fucked longer than both previous times here, probably because I had been drinking and my cock couldn’t feel as much of her perfect tight vagina as I could sober in the morning. I think I gave her more than twenty minutes of dick this time, but to finish me off she said that she wanted to suck the nut out. I had no problem with that, so I laid back, spread the legs and let her absolutely worship my rod and balls until the semen came out.

She was smelling my ballsack, deep throating my cock and sucking the balls all at the same time … somehow. She probably did them at different times, but in the moment it all felt like it was happening at once. Before I knew it, I had an unbelievable orgasm that made my whole-body shake. My cock thrusted pump after pump after pump of the good stuff into her mouth where her she let it pool up before swallowing it with a gulp. It was legit a mouthful of semen that I poured into her mouth after I ate her womanhood and gave her half an hour of hard cock. With that, it was time for bed, and we spent our first night sleeping together, butt-ass naked, right after our incestual sex.

Tomorrow when we woke up, I knew that the sex was going to get kinkier. It was Saturday, and I was going home the next day, so I knew I was in for a good day. Ellen woke me up at seven. “Did you forget that we were going to go for a run together to get our genitals nice and sweaty?” I told her that I didn’t forget and that I was more than down. I hadn’t run in a while, so the two-mile jog kind of killed me but I told myself if my 50-year-old aunt could do it, my 21-year-old self was able to do it too. It was hot out too, so by the time we got back we were both drenched in sweat.

When we got home, we made breakfast to eat and let the sweat dry to let the musk kick in and marinate. It was crazy helping my aunt cook breakfast while getting the occasional kiss on the lips, giving her ass the occasional smack, and getting my dick grabbed through my shorts every now and then. I was hard even cooking breakfast with her, checking out her body which was so fucking sexy in her leggings, I just wanted to fuck her on the spot.

Soon enough, it was time for the first fuck of the day, and I knew it was going to be a good one with all the sexual tension in the air. We were both dying to fuck sloppy like some primates. When we made it to the bedroom, she let me know that it was her turn to worship first. I obliged, dropped my pants, and laid on the bed with my back to the bedrest. She got to her knees and basically rammed her head into my dick.

Through my boxers, just like I did with her vagina the night before, she began sniffing and stroking my dick and balls before pulling them down to let my hard dick free. My balls were sweaty, and I didn’t shower, but she nevertheless sucked those sperm makers clean. Again, it was an Aunty Ellen blowjob that I’ve learned to expect – perfect sloppy deep throating that puts me on the verge of busting a nut. I had to stop her before I actually did bust that nut and told her that it was my turn.

I had her lay down on her stomach and knew that I was going to absolutely worship her asshole since that was my favorite part of her post-jog thong musk. I told her to keep everything on besides the top, she was topless in her tight, black, sweaty spandex leggings, socks, and (presumably) the thong that she was wearing for the run. I then had her lay down flat on her stomach on the bed, so her ass was nice and exposed.

When she was laying down on her stomach, I crawled up behind her, starting with her feet and sweaty socks. I rubbed them and smelled them as I took her socks off and started sucking her toes. My cock was oozing precum knowing that I was about to experience the post-jog thongs at the source – which just two days ago were all I could have ever expected of Aunt Ellen’s holes.

When I was satisfied with her sweaty feet, I pushed them together to form a little hole for my cock before plunging my face directly into her bubble butt in the leggings. I started to suffocate myself in her ass cheeks, grabbing her ass really hard and spreading the cheeks wide to inhale the spot by her asshole. All the while, I was pumping my dick through her foot hole like an absolute madman. I was able to smell her bootyhole musk through her pants, so I knew that the source would be dank.

After a minute of the leggings, I decided that it was time for them to go and pulled them right off her butt and threw them onto the ground. I put my cock right back into her foot hole as I took in her pale white thighs and bubble butt from behind, laying there perfectly for me to eat for dinner. She was only wearing a tight little black g-string. With that, I got right up close to her ass and plunged my head face first into her bare bubble butt. I palmed each ass cheek and spread the cheeks as wide as I could to see her clean-shaven pink bootyhole wrinkles peeking through her little black g-string.

I absolutely lost it - my cock was pumping her feet as I kept those ass cheeks spread wide. I put my nose directly onto the part of her thong that struggled to cover her post-jog sweaty asshole and inhaled that booty hole through the thong. I let out a deep “ahhhhhhhh” in satisfaction after breathing in my aunt’s musky butthole. Again, my cock was on out pilot going absolutely crazy fucking her feet as I inhaled and kissed her asshole through the thong.

I wasn’t able to resist busting my nut if I kept it up for much longer, but I couldn’t resist eating her bare, sweaty, butthole. With that, and my face being a few inches from the asshole, I spread the thong all the way to the side and spread her ass cheeks even harder than both times. I was staring directly into my Aunt’s pink shit hole with her feet wrapped around my cock before I gave it the deepest inhale I ever took in my life – “fucking delicious,” I exclaimed after breathing it in. Aunt Ellen was absolutely loving the asshole worship, as she was moaning even from the sensation of my lips directly kissing her asshole wrinkles.

Aunt Ellen screwed up once her thong was out of the question and I was directly worshipping her asshole. She made the fatal error of commanding me to “eat Aunty’s stinky asshole baby.” I absolutely lost it hearing those words from my aunt right after inhaling her sweaty stinkhole. My tongue immediately covered up the entirety of her asshole as I began sucking it clean and pounding my cock through her feet. It was fucking delicious: all I could do was grunt like a gorilla in pleasure with each slobbery lick of her sweaty butthole. Before I knew it, pump after pump of super sticky semen was all over her bedsheets between her legs.

“Awwwww,” she moaned when she realized the nasty talk about her butthole pulled the nut from my sack. I apologized and told her that I couldn’t hold back anymore as I was in heaven. She said that it was okay, but that I needed to be ready to give her dick within the next ten minutes as I watched her masturbate with her dildo. With that, she got set up, grabbed her vibrator, put it on high and I got a front row seat to watching her pleasure her vagina. We had sex the rest of the day, but it wasn’t until the next time I came over that she let my cock enjoy her asshole.

Unfortunately for me, it turned out to be almost half a year before I got to witness the tip of my rock-solid, lubed-up cock force its way into her puckered asshole. Each time I saw her between our first fuck and our first anal were brief one day encounters.

She visited my family for Christmas about five months after our last fuck, and she didn’t even spend the night. I wouldn’t have been able to use her holes at my house even if I wanted to, no way would she risk fucking with my parents at home. I was horny as fuck for her musk and I even tried to convince her to get a hotel room nearby so I could come fuck her brains out, but she told me that I would just have to be a good boy and wait for aunty so we can have a proper love-making weekend.

However, as a treat for me, when she came over, she brought the stinky, sweaty, musky thong she wore all day which included her run on the treadmill that morning. During dinner, she left the table for the bathroom, texted me to go in the same bathroom five minutes later and check under the sink. After she returned and I excused myself, there was a nice and stinky thong waiting for me to be my desert of the evening. I sniffed and slobbered it up, busted a really fat nut, and used some mouthwash before going back to the table. She went home commando that night since she didn’t bring a replacement and was kind enough to give me the thong off her holes. It wasn’t until like a month after that where I got to spend a night at her house and share her bed.

I was excited as fuck to be going to her house after all that time without her. I was going to visit her with my family and spend the weekend with her alone before heading home. It was going to be a sex fest and I absolutely couldn’t wait, and she was making it worse by teasing me. She told me that I wasn’t allowed to even touch my dick whatsoever until after her tongue licked it clean. She wanted my ballsack filled to the brim so I could give her proper, thick loads of sperm all weekend.

I texted her one day at work that I wanted to put a load into her asshole that weekend. She replied, “of course you want to put a load into my asshole” – “I obviously know my asshole is your favorite thing in the world … I’m sure your cock will bust a gigantic load into it when it pounds it out this weekend ?” My cock shot the fuck up when she told me her asshole was all mine that weekend – she told me she had been planning to give it to me this weekend and had been using a butt plug the past two weeks to stretch it out for me. She told me it was over 25 years since she had cock in her asshole, since before I was born, and that she missed the sensation of having it pounded hard. Even though she told me not to cum at all until that weekend, I had to bust a quick nut right there.

By the time my parents and I were driving to her house, my cock absolutely couldn’t handle waiting anymore. I texted her the entire car ride about the sex we were about to have. We planned on going for a run together the next morning for a sweaty crotch eating morning sex-session like we did last time. And of-course we discussed the anal sex we were about to engage in that night. She told me that she predicted that my cock wasn’t going to last a single minute in her shitter before nutting – and although I couldn’t disagree (she pulls nuts out of me so fast), I credited that to her having made me refrain from nutting while at the same time telling me about how her rectum was about to suck nuts out of my balls.

We got there around noon and I absolutely could not wait for like six hours to go by so my parents would leave and I could literally drop my pants and sprint to the bedroom to fuck like bunnies with Aunt Ellen. Literally being in her presence, hearing her voice, and looking at her body was getting me hard throughout the day. I’ve gotten better at hiding my physical attraction to her over the years, but boy was I risky back then…

About four hours into our time there, I just couldn’t take it. While my parents were in the living room watching tv, I went downstairs to the basement where her ex-husband had a little woodworking shop that I used to spend some time in and work on projects. I texted her, asking her to come downstairs since I just couldn’t wait to feel her. Her washer and dryer were downstairs, so she told my parents she’d be right back and brought a load of laundry downstairs. In the basement there was a door that had a lock separating the workshop from the general area, so I knew we’d have a few minutes of privacy.

I hugged her with one arm, grabbed her butt hard with another, and we kissed passionately when she came downstairs. “I just need to take in some of that musk from the source right now, a stinky thong won’t do.” She laughed and told me I was a horny boy but that she’d oblige me as long as I was really fast and that no matter what, my cock wasn’t coming out until later that night. I agreed, and she immediately started unbuttoning her jeans.

She had me lay down on my back on the middle of the shop and quickly stepped out of her jeans. She was in her tiniest black g-string that I was very familiar with by that point – “you wore my favorite one, I see,” I told her as I got into position. “You know that your auntie knows exactly how to treat you,” she told me as she walked right above my face. I looked straight up at that bubble butt and crotch directly above me.

My cock pulsed pre-cum as she started to squat that ass down until it was directly in front of my face. To add icing on top, when she was all the way down, she grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide after she pulled her thong to the side – revealing her bare asshole like two-inches away from my face. I put my nose right up on her clean-shaven butthole and inhaled super deep. It had been hours since she showered, and that shit was ripe and musky – it was absolutely delectable as I took each nostril-hair-burning whiff of my aunt’s asshole while my parents were upstairs.

The musk of her bare asshole squatting like that was so powerful and scrumptious, I couldn’t resist running my tongue all over it after five or six deep inhales of the stink. I only managed to lick it up for a second before she sprung up, said “HEY! Too much for now!” as she used something in her laundry to wipe the saliva off her asshole before putting her pants back on, doing the laundry and going upstairs to continue entertaining my parents. I stayed there, laying on the floor for like five minutes after she left in a state of bliss. It took everything in me to not beat out a nut right there, but before I knew it I was saying goodbye to my parents and the sex was about to begin.

My cock got hard as a rock the second my parents left the door, knowing just how close I was to getting that asshole. I immediately went up to Aunt Ellen to embrace her and feel up her body. My pants were off before we even reached the bedroom, laughing as we kissed, stumbling out of our clothes, and plopping onto her temperpedic.

I wasted no time and told her “get on those knees and give me that stinky butthole, I’m gaping it out right away.” “Let’s see how long you last,” she teased, as she stuck her breasts all the way to the bed, arching her back to stick that practically naked butt up as high as possible. I wasted no time pulling her thong to the side, I didn’t even smell it or tease myself. Within seconds I was looking into her brown star, spreading her ass cheeks wide, ready to please my cock like it never was pleased before.

First, like usual, I ate my dinner. Aunt Ellen’s asshole was a little bit stinky after a long day of wear-and-tear; farting out the chicken burrito bowl with extra beans and guacamole that she ate the night before all day long. After about a minute of eating, my tongue had cleaned it spotless, sucking the pleasant stink away. It was time to get the cock lubed up in into her bunghole!

She told me that even though her butt was loosened by the training she did, that it would still be super-duper tight and hard to get my thick dick in, so that we needed to be slow and steady. I grabbed the lube and put an absolute ton of it all over my solid dick. I lathered up the extra lube all over my fingers and jammed two right up her asshole. For about a minute I finger fucked her shitter, eventually reaching 3 fingers up her butt at once, applying plenty of lube. With that, she told me she was ready and was begging me to ram my hard love-stick into her stinky asshole and to fill it to the brim with my goop.

She wasn’t able to gape her asshole back then, but I’ll never forget when I watched Aunt Ellen spread her doggy-style cheeks wide for me, absolutely hungry for my dick to use her asshole for pleasure. I was mesmerized and almost in a trance like state guiding my slippery iron dick-tip right up to her unobstructed asshole. I rubbed the tip all over the ridges of her asshole before giving it a hard push to work its way inside. My first few thrusts weren’t hard enough to break on in, but I grabbed my rod and thrusted hard as I guided it right to the center of her cheeks as she spread them wider.

Holy fuck the feeling was insane as her tight anus ring immediately slid over my whole tip and about an inch of the shaft. “Hoooooo ohhhhh fuuuck,” I moaned after finding my cock absolutely engulfed by the walls of her asshole. I literally stood still for at least five seconds with my boner pulsing like crazy, stuck about a third of the way into my aunt’s asshole. I had asshole before, but my god the tightness of her anus as my dick slid deeper and deeper in, and the texture of her asshole was absolutely out of this world. To this day, her asshole is my absolute favorite; it’s filled with bumps and ridges and textures and it simply massages the dick with each thrust in and out.

She was absolutely loving feeling my dick at maximum hardness, living out its dream. She was moaning at the top of her lungs any time my dick moved at all, and just going out of this world crazy with the sex talk. Her mouth was spewing the nastiest of the nasty, begging her nephew to “push that thing as far up Auntie’s booty as you can baby,” “enjoy your asshole baby, it’s all yours but you need to pound it right now and give me a gigantic nut.” For the first 30 seconds I was just massaging the tip of my dick with her tight rectum, just blown away by how fucking heavenly it felt to fuck that asshole rim while staring at my dick tip going in and out and in and out.

Out of nowhere, something took over me and I just pushed the dick in as hard as I could and, because it was so lubed up, my cock flew to balls-deep in her shithole. “HOLY FUCK,” she screamed as all 8 inches of my thick cock was rammed to the depths of her anal canal, “START POUNDING, DON’T STOP!” she commanded. I sat there for about 3 seconds, pushing my dick to her deepest depths and feeling the entirety of her asshole glued to my dick, before I went to what I call gorilla town.

I was in a dream-like state as I pounded the entirety of my huge and diamond solid dick from the exact tip of my cock to the exact spot where my balls connected to my shaft. All eight inches, in and out in rhythmic, full length, asshole thrusts. Her butt-plug practice paid off, but she was screaming “ahhhhhhhhhh,” as if she was in pain as I pounded her in silverback gorilla mode. She was groaning screams of simultaneous pain and pleasure getting her anal cavity absolutely demolished by her nephew as I stared at my dick performing full deep dives into her asshole. I couldn’t even feel my dick, it was just in a constant state of a pleasure it was if I tripping on DMT and the energy of the entire universe was being concentrated into my cock.

Before I knew it, I grabbed both of her big ass cheeks, spread them as wide as I could, pulled my dick entirely out of her doggy booty (making a *pllluurrppp* suction cup sound as it was ripped out), stared into her dime sized black hole gape for the first time, shot a pump of precum seeing my aunt gape as a result of my thick dick, rammed it right back up that small gape and unloaded the most bountiful nut of my entire life. With that deep thrust, I sat there for literally ten seconds, balls-deep in that asshole, as my cock pulsed pump after pump after pump of cum into her until I was done orgasming. It literally took ten whole seconds for my dick to stop pumping her asshole with stream after stream of high-quality seed.

We literally were both just frozen in place; panting, moaning, and trying to catch our breath like lunatics after that mind-altering orgasm. After like a minute of silence, we both discovered how much we loved anal and laughed about how the entirety of our fuck was a little over a minute and a half. We fucked like lovers the rest of the weekend before she drove me home, and our relationship was forever changed after that experience. I never had sex with her again without exploiting the depths of her asshole.

I guess I could say that getting caught smelling my aunt’s thong was the greatest thing to happen to our relationship, and nearly 5-years later, perhaps the best thing to happen in my life.


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Such a great, sexy, freaky, story. You and your aunt have a great relationship

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