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My wife's wanton needs.
My wife wants to give herself to a dog. Although concerned I agree to her want. It turned out she enjoyed her introduction.

Marie remained kneeling on the floor with her body rest of the couch. It was obvious that she wanted more. Angela pressed her for an answer. “Goldie will mount you again honey but I need to know if you want it”. Marie turned her head around and looked at Angela. “Yes I want it Angela. As soon as he is ready I want him to fuck me again”. Angela smiled and I looked shocked. Marie had obviously enjoyed it so much she wanted it again. It was long before Goldie started looking at Marie bent ready for him. No encouragement needed as Marie patted her behind and Goldie leaped into action. I wish I could be ready so soon. His cock was already half extended as he mounted her. A squeal and then primeval grunts as once again Goldie pounded her pussy.

“Oh God so big” screamed Marie and I could see she had reached down and was rubbing her clit as Goldie humped her mercilessly. “Yes Goldie darling fuck your bitch” yelled Marie as once again his knot grew and finally was imbedded deep in her sex. It was again several minutes of moans and groans as he attempted to withdraw. Finally he was successful and again a flood of doggy cum spilled on the floor. This time Goldie slumped on the floor exhausted. Marie was the same, puffing and panting. Angela attached Goldie’s lead again. “Take care of her Trent” she said “it always takes me a while to regain my breath”. I looked at her and realised she was training the dogs herself. “How many do you have” I asked as we walked to the front door. “Two labs, a Doberman and a Great Dane” she replied “just let us know when you want to see us again”. I think, after Marie’s response it was obvious we would see them again.

I walked back into the lounge and helped Marie to her feet. She gave me a weak smile but I could see her nipples were erect and her crotch was swollen. “Oh God Trent that was better than I could imagine. I love every minute of it”. Doggy cum was still leaking from her pussy and running down her thighs. “I think you need a shower sweetheart” I said “we can talk later”. She waddled off, holding the cum soaked towel between her legs. She was gone for about 15 minutes before she came back wearing a bathrobe. I was sitting in a lounge chair and she knelt in front of me. “Please don’t be upset with me darling” she said softly “I just felt I wanted to try it. Let me do something for you. Let me suck your cock to show nothing has changed”. But of course things had changed. I had seen my wife engage in animal sex. But I had helped set it up so I couldn’t really admonish her. Instead I unzipped my pants. She smiled and immediately sucked me off. “I am too sore for sex right now” she explained “so let me suck you dry” and she did.

Sunday morning and it was time to reflect on the previous night’s adventure. Marie was still buzzing about her coupling with Goldie. I admitted that I was turned on watching her being ravaged by a dog. She assured me that she had enjoyed it even though the actual humping had been quite short. Once the dog had tied with her he didn’t move. She said that is what she liked about me. I would pound away for 15 or 20 minutes. Still, she would certainly do it again. She did mention interest in the Doberman and/or the Great Dane. She imagined they would be more powerful and bigger. She didn’t need to explain that last part. I knew full well what she meant.

Into the week things basically got back to normal but her interest in doing it with a dog again remained in the air. Finally, on Thursday, she got me to ring Vern again and inquire about Saturday night and what dog was available. When he said the Doberman was available her eyes sparkled. She talked about being a slave to his desires. Then it hit me. She wanted to be dominated. The sex was secondary. The real turn on for her was being used by an animal who just wanted to mate with a bitch. If that bitch was human, well that didn’t matter. The dog got his rocks off no matter who.

That night we went to bed and this time I deliberately took charge. First I ordered her to masturbate with the dildo she bought. Then I ordered her to suck my cock. Finally I took her into the lounge, made her kneel down like she had with Goldie and I mounted and fucked her as vigorously as I could. She was squealing and shouting obscenities as I did you best to duplicate what the dog had done – without the knot of course. Afterwards she cuddled up to me and told me she wanted it like that more often. I decided I had better get fitter as I was puffing and panting.

I made an appointment with Vern for the following Saturday night and he would bring the Doberman. “Angela told me your wife was a natural” he said “she told me that she had taken to it like a duck to water. Of course Berny (the Doberman) as larger in every way. I assured him it was Marie’s choice to have the Doberman. The deal done I told Marie it had been arranged. She hugged me. “Thank you darling” she said excitedly. “Vern did say he was big in every way” I told her and the smile on her face stretched from ear to ear. I just hoped she could handle him. Then again, that was the point. She couldn’t handle him. He would handle her and she would love it.

Again, the Saturday shopping trip was of little interest to her as she pondered what lie ahead. I prepared lunch while she sat in the lounge, her mind racing. After lunch she admitted she was tingling all over. “Please fuck me Trent” she moaned. How could I refuse such a request? She seemed more turned on than usual and begged me to ravage her. I was more than happy to do as she asked. First I abused her clit until she came twice and then mounted her missionary position and while I pounded her I called a doggy slut and a dog bitch. She lapped it up. To finish I pulled out and shot cum over her face. She was glowing.

Again, we had dinner early and Marie went off to get ready. She came back into the lounge wearing a T-shirt and no bra and the short skirt from last week. Heels too. She loves heels. Her hair was pulled back in a pony-tail and she had made her face. It looked like she was ready to go out but we both knew she was staying in. She had a hot date with a Doberman. She sat on the couch and smiled at me. I took all my powers of control not to pounce on her then and there. She looked so hot. Her nipples were rock hard as she waited for the doorbell to go. Even though we were expecting it we still jumped. I went to the door and there was Vern with this huge dog. “Hi Trent. This is Berny. I looked at him and my cock got even harder. “Oh mate, my wife is going to love this beast”. Vern laughed “and I am sure he is going to love her”.

We walked into the lounge room and Marie gasped. She stared at the dog and licked her lips. My sweet wife was lusting after her new doggy lover already. Vern looked at Marie and grinned. “My my, you are lovely” he said “I am jealous of Berny. He gets all the breaks”. Marie chuckled and moved forward in the couch. Lifting her skirt she patted her pussy. As expected Berny recognised the signal and immediately padded up and buried his nose in her crotch. Marie squealed as the dog’s broad, rough tongue worked hard. “Oh yes” she moaned as his tongue seemed to be sliding into her opening. “Good boy Berny” she muttered “you and I are going to have some fun tonight”.


2020-11-30 16:15:14
I still think the chapters are too short.


2020-11-22 19:26:54
Wow... I'm just dying to read more. Thank-you!!


2020-11-21 13:13:19
I hope the next chapter is soon. Great story.

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