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For the rest of the day, it seemed to Katie like Tyler was avoiding her. Every time she saw him, she tried to go talk to him, to tell him how much she really enjoyed what happened and hoped that maybe it would happen again. But, every time she came within sight of her brother, he left the room. This left Katie feeling hurt and confused, wondering what she had done wrong. As a result, by the time the family sat down for dinner, Katie was feeling very sullen.

"What's wrong, Katie", her father asked, noticing how quiet his normally talkative daughter was. "Nothing, I'm fine", she answered shortly, glaring at Tyler, although he refused to meet her gaze. On the other hand, her other brother, Jason, couldn't seem to stop staring at her.

Jason was four years older than her and was going to graduate high school this year. Katie knew that several of her friends, including Linda, found him attractive. And, she had to admit, he did have certain features that were pleasing. His short brown hair, always looking like he had just crawled out of bed; his piercing blue eyes, just like their father's eyes; he was tall and had a nice body, which he kept in great shape. All in all, he was a nice looking guy. Also, out of her two brothers, he had always been nicer to her. He never yelled at her or threw her out of his room. And he certainly never would have cum all over her face and then ignored her.

But Katie wasn't in the mood to consider any of those things. Because of how Tyler was acting, she felt very irritable and Jason staring at her just made it even worse. "What", she said very suddenly, looking directly at Jason. "Nothing", he said with a strange smile and turned back to his food.

Later on, while her parents watched televisions downstairs, Katie sat on her bed and relived in her mind the events of the afternoon. "What did I do wrong", she asked the empty room as tears started to well up in her eyes. Linda had promised that giving boys blowjobs would make them like her, not ignore her. And the worst part of it was that Katie had enjoyed it, discovered that she liked a boy fucking her face. She even realized that she liked the taste of a boy's cum. But now all she had was a bitter taste in her mouth.

"I'll never give a guy a blowjob again", she muttered and buried her face in her pillow, sobbing. "That's too bad", she heard and jerked up, seeing Jason enter her room, closing the door behind him. "What are you doing in here", she asked through her sobs, trying her best to wipe her tears away. "I could tell you were upset at dinner, so I wanted to check on you", Jason said as he sat on the foot of her bed.

"Why do you care", Katie asked, a bitter tone in her voice. "You never care about how I'm feeling. Neither of you do." "That's true", Jason said, surprising Katie by his admission. "Tyler and I generally care very little about you and what's going on in your life." Katie could feel the tears welling up again and she desperately tried to hold them back, determined not to cry in front of her brother.

"However", Jason continued, "that may all be about to change." He stood up and faced Katie, less than two feet away from her. Katie suddenly noticed the tent in his pants and realized that his dick was hard. Despite her vow never to suck one again, part of herself was curious about Jason's. Was it as big as Tyler's, bigger maybe? She didn't have to wait long to find out.

"Tyler told me about what happened between you two", Jason said and Katie looked up at him, mortified. "Please don't tell mom and dad", she said and he smiled, a cruel smile that meant only trouble for her. "Oh, I won't. As long as you become a proper little slut and do everything that Tyler and I say", Jason said, his hand moving to the button of his pants. He undid the button and slid the zipper down, freeing his dick.

Katie's eyes grew wide as Jason's dick sprang up before her eyes. It was even bigger than Tyler's, at least eight inches long and as thick as three of her fingers. But Jason's words scared her and, to her surprise, turned her on a little. "What are you going to do to me", she whispered and she saw that cruel smile again. "Whatever we want", he said and he grasped a handful of her dark hair. "Now open your mouth and suck my dick, you little slut", Jason said, his voice firm and commanding.

Katie couldn't do anything but obey as Jason moved her head closer to his cock. She opened her mouth and Jason slid his shaft inside. Katie could feel her lips stretch wide around his girthy shaft and she could already taste precum leaking out of his dickhead. Jason was rougher than Tyler had been and soon his dick was pressing against her throat, yet she didn't feel him stopping.

Jason moaned as he felt Katie gagging when his dickhead entered her throat. "Goddamn, you little whore, that tight throat feels good", he said as he pushed forward. Her throat fought against the intrusion, threatening to send bile rocketing up from her stomach, but Katie fought off the urge. Soon, Jason's dick was entirely buried in her mouth, several inches in her throat and Katie could feel it bulging out like Natalie's throat had earlier.

Jason stood like that for a minute, his balls resting against Katie's chin, his dick filling her mouth and making it difficult to breathe. "If you want to breathe, slut, you better do it through your nose, because I'm going to be using your mouth for awhile", he said and laughed. He then slid his dick backwards, Katie feeling a bit of relief as it exited her throat. Her relief was short lived as Jason thrust forward, ramming his shaft down her throat once more.

Katie gagged on her brother's dick as he roughly fucked her face, abusing her mouth with his cock. She could feel her pussy growing wet, much to her surprise, as Jason used her like this. What surprised her even more was that she found she didn't hate it, like perhaps she should. Quite the opposite, she enjoyed it. Jason felt so strong and had complete control of her. He could do anything he wanted to her and she was powerless to stop him. And that realization, that she was turned on by this, pushed Katie over the edge of orgasm.

She moaned and her body shook as her pussy spasmed, juices gushing from her slit and soaking the leggings she wore. The scent of her nectar wafted and rose through the air, Jason inhaling deeply when he smelled the aroma. "So, slut, you like being skull fucked", he said, pulling his dick from her mouth for a moment. Katie simply nodded in response and Jason smiled. "Then maybe I should help myself to more."

He lifted her by her hair and pushed her toward the bed. Katie let out a small yelp as Jason pulled her hair and, as she fell onto the bed, she looked up at him with a mixture of emotions. She was scared of what he might do, but she also longed for it; the part of her that was emerging wanted to be manhandled and treated roughly.

Jason grabbed his sister's leggings and pulled them down and off of her legs, exposing her panties, which had a huge damp spot in the crotch. "Looks like you really are enjoying this, you little whore", Jason said as he peeled her panties off. Katie's breath caught in her throat as she lay there, fully exposed to her brother's hungry eyes, her pussy glistening with excitement

Jason's eyes devoured his sister's cunt, his dick throbbing, then he looked up at her face. "I want to see those titties, slut." Katie hastily pulled off her shirt, followed by her bra. There was nothing hidden from view now, every imperfection laid bare. She blushed and turned her face away, but Jason snapped his fingers, drawing her attention to him.

"When I'm looking at you, slut, you don't look away. Do you understand", he growled. Katie nodded her response, unsure if she should speak. "Good. Now, be a good little fucktoy and get on your hands and knees, like a bitch in heat." Katie's cheeks burned at the degrading words, partially because they turned her on, but she did as she was told. Soon she was on her hands and knees, her ass and dripping pussy facing her brother.

Within seconds, she could feel something rubbing up and down her slit and she she looked down between her legs. She gasped as she saw Jason's dick rubbing against her pussy. "He's really going to fuck me", she thought and, somehow, it seemed right. She knew people thought it was wrong, but this felt perfect.

Just before Jason thrust forward, Katie's bedroom suddenly opened, causing her to look up with fear, fear that she had been caught being a slut for her big brother. To her surprise, Tyler slipped into the room and closed the door behind himself. "Right on time", Jason said and Katie looked back at him, hurt in her eyes. She still felt rejected by Tyler and she didn't want him here.

"What's your problem, slut", Jason said, smiling. "I told you, you're going to be a slut for both of us. We both own you now and we are both going to enjoy you." Without another word, Jason thrust forward, ramming his dick deep into Katie's pussy. She felt an explosion of pain as her hymen was obliterated by Jason's big dick. Before she could scream, Tyler grabbed her hair and shoved his dick into her mouth.

"Suck my cock, whore", he said, his tone menacing, matching Jason's. "Suck my cock while Jason wrecks your slutty cunt." At that moment, Jason thrust forward hard again, pushing Katie forward. Tyler's dick was pushed into her throat and he moaned loudly. Then, he pulled back and thrust forward, pushing Katie backward and filling her pussy with Jason's dick.

Katie couldn't help but moan as her brothers roasted her like a pig on a spit, their dicks sawing in and out of her mouth and pussy. Her twat juices flowed freely as her excitement and arousal rose with each thrust. She couldn't believe how incredibly turned on she was, feeling incredibly sexy as her brothers fucked her so roughly.

Tyler, being younger than Jason, was the first to orgasm. He shoved his cock as far down Katie's throat as he could and erupted, pumping his cum straight into her belly. Katie could taste the salty flavor as some of the cum landed on her tongue. Moments later, she felt Jason's dick twitching in her pussy. Then she felt his hot cum spurting out, filling her cunt. She could feel his seed splashing against her pussy walls and filling her to overflowing.

Jason moaned as he finished his orgasm and slipped his cock out of of Katie's twat, her hole leaking blood and cum. An unspoken signal passed between the two brothers and they switched places, Jason's big dick directly in front of Katie's mouth. She could see his cum, mixed with her own juices, coating his shaft and she wasn't sure if she wanted to taste that concoction. But she had little choice in the matter, as Jason yanked her head up and shoved his cock into her mouth.

"Clean my dick, you dirty little whore", he ordered and Katie obediently began to suck. To her surprise, she enjoyed the sweet flavor of her juices, a tangy contrast to the salty taste of Jason's cum. Just as he entered her throat, she felt her pussy fill up once more as Tyler thrust into her from behind. Katie, sucking and licking the dick in her mouth, lost herself in the pleasure of being a sex toy for her brothers.


After that first day, things changed drastically in the house, although all three siblings concealed these events from their parents. More than once, Katie woke up to one or both of her brothers sliding his dick into her mouth. It became such a common occurrence that, according to Jason, Katie began to suck the cock in her mouth even before awaking.

Every evening, after dinner, the brothers would take turns enjoying Katie's mouth and pussy. This left her a quivering mess of cum and pussy juice each night as she drifted off to sleep. Each time she would take a shower, intending to clean herself, one of her brothers would join her. He would force her to satisfy him, either with mouth or twat, before she was allowed to wash herself.

Katie slowly began to adopt a more slutty wardrobe, wearing only the tightest tops and the shortest skirts that she could get away with. She completely abandoned the idea of wearing underwear, since Jason said it just got in the way. If their parents noticed the change in Katie's wardrobe, they didn't comment on it.

Then came the day that Katie came home from school to find a surprise waiting for her. Jason was waiting there with a friend of his, someone Katie hadn't met before. "This is Terry", Jason said and Katie looked at the large boy. He stood tall at six foot, three inches and had a very large body. "He's here to fuck you in the ass."

Katie's eyes grew wide and she looked around quickly, eliciting a laugh from Jason. "Mom and dad aren't home. They're gone for the weekend. Just imagine all the fun we're going to have with you." Katie backed away until Jason snapped his fingers, halting the girl's movement. He had trained her to react this way, his snapping focusing her attention entirely on him. Tears welled in Katie's eyes as she looked from Jason to Terry. "Please, he scares me", Katie said and Jason laughed.

"He probably should. He's got quite a big cock and this is going to hurt a lot. But, you're my slut and I'll use you however I please. Now, come and kneel before him." Katie wanted to run, but the growing slut inside her compelled her to move forward. Within moments, she knelt before the large, silent man. She needed no further instructions, knowing what Jason expected.

She grabbed the hem of Terry's shorts and pulled them down, almost getting hit in the eye as the biggest dick she'd ever seen sprung free. It had to be at least ten inches long and was as thick as her wrist. Fear welled up in her, but she fought it down as she grasped Terry's huge cock and began to stroke it.

"Damn, your little slut knows how to give a good handjob", Terry said, clapping Jason on the back and handing him a hundred dollar bill. Katie eyed the exchange and realized that she had literally become a whore for Jason. He was selling her body to this boy and, she was sure, would do so in the future. For a moment, her mind filled with dread at what would become of her. And yet, the other part of her reveled in the fact that she was worth so much money.

She determined that she would be a good whore and took as much of Terry's cock into her mouth as she could. She created a vacuum seal with her mouth, as Jason had taught her to do, and bobbed her head back and forth. "Good whore", Jason said. "Make sure and get plenty of saliva on that monster, if you want any kind of lubrication when he fucks your ass."

Katie did as she was told and changed tactics, drooling all over the meat in her mouth. When she couldn't take any more in her mouth, she pulled off and ran her tongue all over the shaft, coating it with thick spit. "Enough", Terry said, his voice deep as he pointed to the sofa. Katie stood and went to the sofa, getting on all fours and presenting her ass.

She looked back and saw Terry walking toward her, hunger in his eyes. Within seconds, he stood right behind her and he grabbed the hem of her leggings, pulling them down. Her smooth cunt, glistening with arousal, was fully exposed to both Terry and Jason. Katie felt a small thrill, as she always did when one of her brothers saw her nude, because she knew that she excited them. And, judging by how hard Terry was and the lust in his eyes, she excited him too.

However, unlike her brothers, Terry had his eyes on a different hole. She gasped when he grabbed her asscheeks and spread them, exposing her virgin asshole. Her sphincter was tight and puckered, never having been touched before. Now, as Terry spat on her asshole, Katie took a deep breath, knowing that this was going to hurt.

She soon felt his large dickhead pressed against her virgin hole and she could feel him applying pressure. A sudden shock of pain burst throughout her as she felt her asshole stretching to accommodate the intruding shaft. She let out a cry of pain as he pushed forward, not caring if he hurt her, until his dickhead entered her asshole with a pop. "A good slut doesn't cry", Jason said, suddenly standing in front of her and then he slapped her.

Katie sniffed and held back more tears, fighting down another scream as Terry's cock went deeper, stretching her asshole beyond what she thought was possible. Jason freed his cock and grabbed her hair, Katie opening her mouth out of habit. Jason shoved his dick into her mouth and Katie began sucking, grateful for something to distract her from the pain in her ass.

It took almost ten minutes before Terry stretched her enough to bury his entire shaft inside her asshole. She had never felt so full, even when Jason was in her pussy. The pressure of Terry's cock in her bowels was uncomfortable, but, the longer he stayed inside her, the more the pain lessened. However, her respite was brief as Terry pulled back until just the head of his dick was inside her ass. Katie braced herself, knowing what was coming, focusing on Jason's cock ramming down her throat.

She couldn't help but scream around Jason's dick as Terry thrust forward, shoving his entire length deep inside her bowels. The explosion of pain was worse than anything she'd ever experienced and the worst part was that she knew it had just begun.

For the next fifteen minutes, Terry fucked her ass as hard as he could. During that time, Jason orgasmed, coating her face with his jizz. She loved the feeling of wearing her brother's cum, because it made her feel like a true slut. But she couldn't focus on that now, because, without Jason inside her mouth, all she could feel was the pain of Terry, hammering into her bowels. Finally, she could feel him begin to speed up and she felt his dick swelling, signaling that he was near orgasm. Then, with a loud groan, Terry erupted inside her ass. Katie moaned lewdly as she felt his hot seed filling her ass to the brim.

When Terry pulled his dick out of her ass, Katie could feel it gaping, a strange feeling for the girl. She was surprised when she felt something new pressing against her ass and she looked back to see Jason standing behind her. Without a word, he shoved his dick into her asshole. Although he wasn't as big as Terry, Katie could still feel his dick slamming against her rectal walls.

"Open wide, slut", she heard and turned to see Terry in front of her, his dick still rock hard. The idea of sucking the dick that had just been in her ass repulsed her and Katie started to shake her head, but Terry didn't let that stop him. He slapped her and, when she opened her mouth to vocalize her pain, he shoved his dick inside.

Katie nearly vomited as she tasted the flavor of her own ass, a very pungent and sour flavor. But she fought down the urge and resigned herself to what she needed to do. As she sucked and licked the acrid taste from Terry's cock, she lost herself in the wonderful feeling of being a slut. Jason's dick pounded her ass hard and, because it was smaller, produced a pleasant feeling, rather than explosive pain.

The next several hours passed like that, with the boys taking breaks as they needed them, then using Katie again when they had recuperate. When Tyler got home, he joined in on the fun, enjoying the feeling of using his sister's broken in asshole. By the time the night came to an end, Katie had passed out on the living room floor, cum leaking from her ass and pussy, with more jizz covering her face and tits.

Jason, it seemed, had struck upon a brilliant idea with selling Katie's body. With their parents gone for the weekend, he had guy after guy using her. And, by the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, he had made over three thousand dollars. Of course, Katie never saw a dime of it. But that didn't matter to her. Katie had become a true slut and whore for her brothers and she was happy, for she had discovered who she really was.

The end.


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