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Heviya loses her innocence

After the ugly pirate had had his way with her, he left Heviya naked and on her knees. He stooped down and collected the girls scattered clothing, walked over to what seemed to be a trash container close to the hatch and dumped everything inside it except for her panties. Those he tucked under the bedding of what seemed to be his bunk, judging by the worn state of the lower layer sagging in the middle.

Can't imagine that you will be wearing any clothes around here any more, Cor's words echoed in her mind. The young woman's cheeks blushed as she thought about the shame of being naked and on display for anybody who would walk in. Heviya was always annoyed when her body did this to her under normal circumstances, she absolutely detested it now after just being orally raped.

Raped...Her train of thoughts followed this to the comment of the wicked woman, Roja she recalled, that Yankinn would have her first. Have her first, how right that had been. She was about to have sex for the first time in her life. With a complete stranger. And after that Cor, that revolting bastard, would probably force himself upon her as well. The bleakness of her situation hit her as brutally as Hus' fist had hit her stomach earlier on the Penelope.

She did not want this! What could she do to prevent it ? Her mind ran in circles and desperation set in. She started sobbing and just wanted to be back on Earth in her parents house on the outskirts of Berlin, back to her boring, uneventful life which she had so much wanted to break away from.

"Will you stop that crying fit for fucks sake." Cor shot at her from his seat at the control console after a while. "If you don't stop it right now, I swear I will put those cable straps back on, make em real tight this time and fucking gag you as well." He growled something unintelligible, as Heviya tried harder to control her hysterical crying.

During the next hour or so Heviyas emotions shifted between desperation and determinedness. Despite all her mental efforts she nearly got an heart attack when the moment she had dreaded finally came. With a loud creak the hatch opened and that Yankinn guy swaggered in. He was a small man, not that much taller than the captive herself. Everything about his body looked hard edged but what intimidated her most was the merciless look in his eyes.

"Hey Cor, pity that the waiting didn't kill you." He greeted his crewmate

"Nah, you know me, I always make the best of a bad job." Cor countered with a smug smile on his face.

"Anyway, that whore belongs to me now, will you kindly fuck off and be like...anywhere but here?"

Cor's smile widened as he seemed to have expected this request. "Well, buddy, we are still in system. Never know what happens until we cross that sweet DM-line and sail into hyperspace. Since I am such a dutiful guy, you know, I will have to stay here at the launchers."

As Yankinn just glared at him he added: "If you can't get your tiny dick up while I am watching, I suppose you can always come back later ?"

"Fine, if it turns you on so much to see my ass, while I bang this cunt, be my guest you faggot son of a bitch." with that the half-Asian turned to his real target "Up". Heviya struggled to her feet while blanketing her chest with her right arm and covering her delicate pussy with the left hand. Another glance at the malice in his eyes quickly convinced her that pleading with this devil was out of the question.

"Now, get your ass on that bunk" he gestured at the second bedding to her right. Heviya pussyfooted her way towards the lower bunk, trying desperately to protract the inevitable for just some seconds longer. She was rapidly breathing and shivered slightly, despite the hotness in the compartment, as she sat down on the edge of the mattress.

Yankinn was now stripping quickly in front of her. When his underpants came off she caught a glimpse at his penis, which was already fully erect and framed by felted pubic hair. Her lower lip quivered a little as she turned her head away overwhelmed by anxiety.

She sensed the half-Asian sit next to her and immediately felt the possessive touch of his hands on her shoulders as he pressed her down into the dirty linen. Once he had her on her back she mechanically pressed her legs together. The only thing that maneuver yielded was a direct hit from his fist next to her eye socket. "Auuuuuuuuhhhaaa" flashy lines appeared in her vision as the pain from the blow registered into her brain and her arms shot up defensively to protect her face from a follow up assault. Instead of hitting her some more Yankinn brutally grasped the highly sensitive nipple of her left breast and began to twist it painfully between his bony fingers.

"Listen, enough of this bullshit. I will fuck you now, it's your decision how painful it has to be." The matter-of-fact tone in which he said this together with the pain she felt in her tit and temple convinced the young woman to cease her defense for now. "Please...stop hurting me, I... I will do what you want," she solicited.

Heviya held her breath as Yankinn opened her legs and put the tip of his cock against her virgin pussy. Then, without any further warning he began pumping his hard shaft into her dry and unprepared vagina. She howled in pain from the mistreatment and instinctively reached for the hips of her rapist to slow down his onslaught.

But Yankinn would not have any of it. He panted lustfully as he grabbed her arms and pinned them next to her head without effort. Despite his shortness he seemed to be much stronger than Cor with whom she had wrestled earlier. In addition he had a high dexterity and was in total control of his body. And now of Heviyas as well. "GOD! Please this hurts, please can you stop, PLEASE?" she desperately beseeched him. This only motivated the pirate to fuck her even more rapidly.

For poor Heviya every minute of it was an absolute ordeal. Normally the body of a woman would react to such penetration, despite being taken against her will. Unfortunately the strain and stress she had been exposed to during the last hours coupled with the virgins inexperience let her body deny her the small mercy of getting wet.

The scumbag fucked her relentlessly with altering pace for fifteen horrible minutes. Heviya screamed at the top of her lungs for one half of her rape and begged Yankinn to have mercy for the other, but he was visibly intent to enjoy the redheads tight pussy for as long as possible. Finally her inner labia were so torn by the assault that the bleeding at least caused some amount of lubrication. At the end she stopped any struggling or squirming and just let him take her without resistance as hard as he wanted.

At last the Half-Asian stopped his thrusts, burying his cock balls-deep inside her aching orifice. He roared like an enraged animal as he shot his cum deep inside a helpless womans womb for the first time in seven months. Heviya cried out for one more time as the bastard leaned into her and roughly bit her neck before he withdrew his softening member.

The raped girl distantly heard the clapping of fleshy hands and Cor's mischievous voice, "Wow chinky-eyes, I still can't decide whom of you two did the more girlish screaming, reeeespect!" Yankinn ignored his fat antagonist and instead stared at his cock incredulously. "What the hell you dumb cunt! Look at this fucking mess you made!" he slapped his increasingly distant victim in the face and decidedly grabbed her head to force her to look between his legs. His crotch and balls were soiled with a mixture of blood, sweat and cum. There was even a little bit dripping down his balls. "Letting me fuck you while you are on your period, shit!" he yelled at her furiously. "For that you will pay, cunt, I promise. Now lick this shit off me before I bash your skull in like you would deserve it."

"W-What..." was the only thing the troubled girl could stammer. It was completely beyond her how any living being in the universe could be that unbelievably cruel. Despite everything which had happened Heviya couldn't force herself to execute the horrid command, no matter how much more that could anger her tormentor.

Yankinn slapped her again rigorously and quickly jammed his thumbs into her mouth fish-hooking her. Then he mercilessly forced the girl's head on his limp dick and began wiping his crotch and soiled pubic her with her red bangs. As the crude smell and taste of coppery blood entered her mouth she began to gargle and retch. She had trouble breathing as the bastard continuously pressed her nose into his sweaty lap.

Finally he let go giving her head a hard shove with his flat hand on her forehead. This made her pitch backwards on the bunk. Freed from his grip at last the abused girl crouched in a fetal position and feebly tried to cover herself with the dirty blanket she was laying on.

"Have fun fishing around my cum, fag princess." Yankinn shot at Cor while doning his clothes.

"Well, fuck you very much" the fat man replied with a snicker. Without any further comment the half-Asian strutted out of the room.

Heviya desperately clawed into the linen. She could not imagine to endure another brutal rape, least of all by that hideous slob who had used her mouth as his personal fucktoy just earlier. Was it not the case that men could not get hard for some time after they had ejaculated ? She had heard something like this before.

That little glimmer of hope was quenched instantly. As the sheet was ripped away from her and thrown on the ground she spotted his ready dick sticking out below his overhanging, tattooed belly. The tattoo covered the whole of his bulge and showed two women in obscene poses holding a planet between them. This was Carthage,she registered completely out of context, a world only recently claimed by the Solarian Confederation close to the Havar'An Clans borders.

"You should get the hang of it by now, sweetie. Spread those Earther stumps for me and get ready for a real banger." he commanded with a bright smile.

Heviya hated herself for the next words but she knew she could not stand another rape of her injured pussy. "Please, Cor, I can not take another... I can not have sex..., I promise, I will be good and give you... I mean I will ... blow you really good I swear."

"I...I...I..." he imitated her nervous patter. "No chance sweetie, making out with you has really gotten me horny and cumming down your throat did not quite take the edge off. Plus it was a real torture for me waiting on that gook bitch to finally finish."

Cor climbed on the bunk, wrestled the broken girl down with ease and she moaned in pain as the obese pirate smothered her petite body under his full weight. He clumsily fondled his cock in position and began humping her.

"Yeah...god that feels awesome, sweetie!" he exclaimed "That cunt was just made to be wrapped around my cock!" With each thrust she felt more and more air getting pressed out of her lungs. "Please...I...I..., can't ...breathe," she squeezed out some words.

Without any heads-up she felt the fingers of his coarse right hand squeeze around her throat cutting off any oxygen. "No, silly. This is how it feels like if you can't breathe. So I suggest you think twice before whining next time, no ?"

She began to flail at his arm and threshed her legs helplessly around his hips. "YEEEAH, seems we finally found something funny to get some fire into you again, eh? Keep up that struggling, sweetie, your cunt feels great when you milk me like that"

Cor, choked her for more than a minute and the wretched girls resistance withered away more and more. She could hear the blood singing in her ears and when dots of blackness appeared in her vision Heviya was convinced that the ogre was going to kill her. Before she passed out the squeeze around her neck suddenly came off and her small body heaved, instantly sucking in as much air as possible.

This went on for an agonizing 20 minutes. Cor humped her hurting pussy, only to stop from time to time to choke her and to enjoy the feeling of the poor girl squirming in mortal fear. When Heviya arched her back, pressed aganist his chest with all the force she could muster and he saw how her eyes widened by desperation and panic he finally could not hold back his orgasm any longer. He filled her burning pussy with his cum and collapsed atop of her. Her muffled screams against his saggy tits were music to his ears. "God, sweetie, that was the best fuck I had in quite a while. We are going to have so much more fun together, promise!" The pirate grabbed a fistful of her red mane to wipe some muck off his flaccid, sticky penis before leaving her alone eventually.

It was over at last. Heviya felt as if a boulder was removed from her tiny frame when Cor finally got up. The poor maiden was on the brink of madness and she could not fathom how she had been able to survive through two consecutive rapes from this inhumane beasts. Her world consisted only of the burning sensation deep in her pussy as her rapists cum and a little blood leaked out of the torn orifice and kept soiling the dirty bedding further. Her throat felt inflamed and parched from the suffocation she had endured and she absently scratched herself with the fingernails of her left hand, finally able to breathe again freely.

One thought manifested in her mind as a glimmer of hope while she rested on the bed in total limpness. I have made it through, the worst is over now, I am still alive.


"Looks like Corrado literally fucked this ones brains out right?" said Alexander Merkel jokingly to his crony Ctirad. The other man shrugged. "That's still one phat little fuckdoll thou. I don't mind if my sluts are lifeless. Who gets her quim first ?" They did what any gentleman in their situation would do and played 3 rounds of rock-paper-scissors which Alex won.

"Congrats, friend." Ctirad complimented him, "Do you mind if I fuck her trap while you are at it ?"

"Not at all, please."

Heviya was roughly dragged out of her catatonic state as she felt somebody grabbing her hair and saw a sizable cock dangle in front of her face while another pair of hands parted her legs. Again! The only resistance the deflowered Earther could still muster was a pathetic whimper as another stranger drove himself into her broken abdomen.


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