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Iliafray summons a demon to protect herself against her Mother
Chapter 5 Decisions and Demons,

Iliafray awoke to the not unfamiliar sensation of a tongue lapping at her cunt, reaching down she felt Sophia’s head resting on her thighs while her tongue lapped away as a wake up call, she pressed Sophia’s head down encouraging her in her efforts. Sophia was leisurely in her efforts trying to slowly build Iliafray up to a climax licking around her labia and clitoris with slow deliberate motions finally as she felt Iliafray approaching her climax she nipped reached up and thrust three fingers of her right hand into Iliafray’s cunt pushing her over the edge. Iliafray let out a low moan of pleasure and kept the pressure on the back of Sophia’s head continuing to press her face into her cunt, anticipating Sophia placed her mouth over Iliafray’s cunt and started to gulp down the flow of her urine, she swallowed most of it , some overflow spilling down onto Iliafray. Once the flow ceased Sophia licked around iliafray’s cunt and thighs mopping up the spillage and cleaning Iliafray’s slit. Once she finished Iliafray unfastened the chain holding Sophia in place and pulled her up for a Kiss tasting her own juices and urine on Sophia’s lips.

“Thank you Sophia , that was a wonderful wake up. Now I need you to go to your room and stay there, I would love to bathe with you and spend this morning relaxing but I have things to do and you are too much of a distraction. Once you are in your room stay there no matter what you hear until I come to let you out, I am going to be carrying out a magical ritual and if you come out of your room you could be in danger, promise me you will stay there” Her tone was serious and concerned Sophia looked at her.”Yes ,my Lady I will obey. Please stay safe”. Climbing out of the bed Sophia headed out of the room. Iliafray watched her go before going to the bathroom and soaking herself in the bath removing all traces of last nights festivities, once clean she annointed herself with carefully ***********ed oils and elixirs , tracing rune’s across her body in the oils in preparation for the ritual ahead.

Then she went do the door to Sophia’s room and using a pair of scroll’s sealed the door with an Arcane lock so no one but herself could open it for a full day and hiding it behind an illusion of a wall. Entering her working chamber she began the process of preparing the summoning circle tracing out a circle with a five pointed star within it in Salt and cold iron filings, once the basis of the circle was in place she began to add detailed runes and sigils to the circle using carefully prepared pigments carefully checking and rechecking each sigil and the integrity of the summoning circle, she did not take chances before summoning a greater demon, the power of the creature she planned to summon using the scroll provided by the Matriarch was far beyond hers, if it got loose without a binding contract then death was the best she could hope for. After four hours of careful preparation she stopped content the basics were ready, she retired to the lounge to eat, review the summoning process and screw up her courage.

Returning to the working chamber she began the final preparations placing the scroll on a Lectern set inside a permanent protective circle inlaid into the floor with Silver, the final steps involved first placing the gifts she had procured for the demon to buy it’s attention and mollify it’s anger at being called forth, then using the power of her blood carefully spilled with a ritual silver athame she empowered the protective and binding runes in three layer, the first on around the entrance to Sophia’s chambers and the exits from her suite which would both seal the demon within and prevent those outside scrying on her interactions, the second layer empowered the protective circles , to contain the demon and protect her, the final layer covered Iliafray’s body in a pattern of bloody runes and would serve as a last ditch protection in case of disaster possibly buying her time to escape or try some desperate magic if all the other protections failed. The blood magic left her physically weak but mentally on edge fully alert and empowered.

Finally she was ready all her preparations were complete and there was no further reason or excuse to delay, she had long planned to seek power by bargaining with demons and prepared as well as she could, however she had not anticipated the need to call forth a demon so soon and had hoped to have a better plan and bargaining position. The demon she had chosen to call was Samilcar the Corruption yet to Come and Betrayed of Dreams, she hoped this demon would help her survive the Matriarchs plan and come out of it with power enough to survive. She had chosen Samilcar because of his mastery of the arcane arts, reputation for making long term plans with the weak and love of bringing disaster to those with power and complicated plans, of course in the long run he would always seek to bring down those he raised up delighting in their despair, she just hoped that she could secure his aid now and then find a way to survive his betrayal when that day came.

Opening the scroll she began the incantation, taking care over every syllable for one mistake could result in something unexpected answering the call against which her wards may be ineffective. The summoning circle began to crackle with dark fire running along the runes and sigils , then testing the circle looking for a gap or weakness after a few minutes as Iliafray’s incantation rose to a crescendo the fire pulled back from the edges of the circle pooling in the middle of the circle and then rising as a great pillar of fire reaching to the high arched roof of the ritual chamber. As Iliafray spoke the final words of the ritual the column of fire exploded outwards , barely contained by the circle in the place of the column of fire a great demonic figure stood revealed standing nearly twenty feet tall the creature had a great boar like head, the eyes of which burned with a malevolent intelligence, from it’s shoulders appeared laughably it’s shoulders ending in clawed three fingered clumsy looking hands, it was clearly male with a great phallus hanging between it’s legs. “What Mortal Dares to call me to this realm, give me a reason not to drag you back to the Abyss to rend your soul apart”. Iliafray managed to keep her voice level “I Iliafray of House Sandrosa have called upon you to seek your counsel and arcane knowledge, as a token of my appreciation I present to you three gifts I believe will sate your anger at my disturbance of your activities. First I present to you a Soul Stone containing the soul of Supreska the silent witch mistress of many secrets lost for many generations, the Spellbooks of the Necromancer Corgan the Animator with his centuries of magical research and finally the private diaries of Matriarch Molena of House Iphigna detailing eight centuries of schemes and secrets” The demon looked down at the tiny figure of Iliafray before grunting “Adequate, tell me of your problems and desires that I may divine a solution and tell you the price for my aid”

“Mighty Salazar I seek to take advantage of my Matriarch’s plans to secure myself power and protect me from her own plans , I shall share my knowledge of her plans” Iliafray proceded to explain the Matriarch’s plans as she had been told them and her own deductions of the real plans. The monstrous demon asked a few questions before coming to a conclusion. “Little mortal I can divine your matriarchs plans and intentions and determine what magical rituals she will use to gain her maximum power. I can place upon you a ritual enchantment which will reverse her ritual so that instead of draining power from you and sacrificing your soul to her patron , her power will flow to you and her soul will go to me. For this plan to succeed it will be necessary at the end of the ritual to wipe your knowledge of this plan from your mind as should she read your mind and discover this knowledge the plan will fail. The price will be your soul if you die in the next sixty-six years, the ownership of your body and soul from noon until the following noon on each equinox for the same time , the same for your two closest companions and each of you will bear a child of mine to serve me in the abyss during this time. All of this time to commence on the first Equinox after you survive the Matriarch’s plan” Iliafray paused for consideration and replied “My Lord I agree with two stipulations, the first being that my soul goes free if I die because of your actions, orders or plans, and two children to be born half of them to remain to serve me”. The demon responded “Our contract is sealed, release the circle so that I may complete our pact and then return to my business in the Abyss”.

Iliafray steeled herself for what would happen next, she knew the demon would make things unpleasant for her if it could and she hoped that her deal was actually binding Samilcar was a far more powerful being than she had originally planned to call, but the time pressure had caused her to be hasty something she knew to have been the death of many a more experienced demonologist than herself. She stepped out of her protective circle and then walked forward to stand before the demon, there she reached out and deliberately disturbed the ward around the demon, a flash of blue light came as the wards discharged their protective enchantment and she stood defenseless before the demon.

Samilcar reached down his great paw enfolding Iliafray’s head with the claws meeting at the back of her head, he easily pulled her into the air with a single hand, her legs dangling uselessly beneath her. “My Little Drow, I believe I have a ritual to perform. Please do scream all you want, it makes this all so much more worth while”. With that the demon swept his over arm over a sturdy work table clearing it by scattering the various arcane implements across the room to shatter and break, then hurling Iliafray onto the table landing with a crash that knocks the wind out of her.

Before Iliafray recovered her breath bands of arcane force grabed each of her limbs and pulled them towards the corners of the table leaving her spreadeagled on the table, looming over Iliafray the demon laughs at her expression of terror “If you wanted to define how I perform the ritual and how much fun I can have doing it you should have bargained more” leaning down over the table he began to run his claws over her body, gently at first until she began to relax just a little then he dug the claws into her skin cutting through the skin to produce bleeding wounds, Iliafray screamed as the demon’s claws cut her skin and in her pain it took her awhile to notice the demon was not engaging in random mutilation but instead scratching a careful ritual pattern into first her torso with runic marks cut into the sides of each of her breasts then along her arms , before returning to the torso and particular care cutting into the the flesh of her thighs and between her legs , finally continuing down her legs to the soles of her feet before finally stopping. “That’s the first half of the pattern , before the second part I need you to help me prepare the inlay for the pattern’s” with that he thrust his monstrous cock into her dry cunt, some small lubrication was provided by blood from the cuts but nowhere near enough to help. Even fully prepared and lubricated that cock would have hurt , thrust into her without warning her scream was music to the demon’s ears , Iliafray could feel her cunt tearing as the monstrous thing the length of her forearm and at least as thick as her wrist ploughed into her , the demons monstrous weight crushing down on her did not help either , the torturous rape continued for what seemed like ages and was certainly several minutes, finally the demon pulled out of her stretched and bleeding cunt before gushing great gouts of vile semen over her body , which it proceded to rub into the cuts across her body, where it burnt like acid as it formed silvery lines across her body. “Now just your back to do” the arcane bonds lifted Iliafray in the air turning her over before pulling her back to the table, it took a moment before her mind grasped the implications of the demon’s words and soon competing with the cries of pain as the demon cut it’s patterns into her flesh were her desperate plea’s for the demon not to rape her anus. The demon of course ignored her plea’s accept to savor the terror and disgust she was expressing, the tearing agony in her ass almost made the rape of her cunt seem inconsequential but eventually that agony ended as the demon came over her back , and compared to the pain of the rape the burning of her wounds was almost lost in the background. “Our Bargain is complete, I will take the memory of the bargain and the ritual leaving you with the memory of a failed summoning and rape so this will suprise your mistress when it needs to . I look forward to seeing you again when there is more time to enjoy your company and that of your little human slut. Until we meet again” The demon pressed it’s paw against her head and she passed out her memory fleeing from her.

When Iliafray awoke she felt both the agony of her body and the agony of failure , she knew that she had failed and would have to face the Matriarch’s plan with only her own wits. Still she managed to crawl over to where she kept the last of her powerful healing potions and drink it down, feeling her torn skin and ruined holes returning to normal. Then not being in the mood for company she staggered off to her bed, muttering a spell to cleanse her body before collapsing into the bed and a fitful and restless sleep as her mind spun trying to find a solution to her problems
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