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“Would you like to visit me in my hotel suite at four on Friday?

“I have been here for two weeks on business from London.

“I fly out late tomorrow and would love to have a local man pleasure me, and me pleasure him before I leave, Jacinta tells me in her plummy English accent.
Some time ago one older lady convinced me to set up a web page with contact details and a bio so I could offer my services. She even measured my cock with a tape measure she ‘just happened to have handy’ while I had a full erection, while she was sucking me. Her girlfriend was watching and wrote down the measurements. “Wow, incredible, eight and a half inches long, and seven inches in circumference. That’s almost two inches in diameter.”

After a wide range of experiences as a gigolo, I developed a preference for a certain type of client: elegant, sophisticated women aged around forty-five years old, with bodies anywhere between size ten to fourteen and not overweight. They were often a long way from home on business. Almost without exception these women would be very good communicators, uninhibited and able to articulate their sexual preferences. And if they enjoyed what I had to offer and recommended me to others that was an added bonus.

She makes some small talk regarding star signs and tells me her Taurus and my Virgo make a dynamite combination.

When I arrive I Jacinta is very effusive, “You are a very attractive man. Just my type I think on first impressions.”

She is tall, sun tanned, with short blond curly hair, very voluptuous and I guess a full size 14 body.

I note her stiletto heels as I take in what she is wearing for me.

Her full-length diaphanous see-through pink negligee is almost touching her feet.

As she moves I note that it is split at the sides way up past the tops of her brilliant long legs and wonderful thighs to the level of her elbows, teasing me with lots of bare flesh.

And I can see her large erect nipples and trimmed black pubic hair through her negligee.

“I had the hotel staff give me an all over spray tan this morning for you.

“I don’t think the poor boy has ever been asked to do that for a female guest before.

“His hands were shaking and I could see he had an instant erection when I got naked for him to spray me.

“And when I asked him to use his hands on my ass as I told him I was having a tan to please a new man who was going to give me sexual pleasure later that day,” he really was excited.

“After all that are you pleased to see me?

“Do you like what you see?

“I am past fifty and almost old enough to be your mother."

“You are a very exciting and sexy woman for me Jacinta.

“And I love the slits up the sides of your negligee and the way it highlights your gorgeous legs.”

“Good, get naked and show me what you have for me.

“Let me help.

“You are not wearing much more than me,” she smiles as she has my loafers, shirt and trousers off in a flash.

“Your cock is way too big for your skimpy black briefs, it is bulging out of them.”

I place my hands on my hips to flaunt my cock as Jacinta tugs my briefs over my erection.

“Can I take those home to London with me as a souvenir?”

She audibly gasps, “Wow, magnificent, that is huge. You are hung like a horse, incredible, just as advertised, eight and a half inches long, and very thick.”

“Lift up the back of my negligee for me and check my ass to see if the hotel boy got the tan right?” she teases as she parts her legs and kneels on her elbows on a table.

I love a good ass and this one is exceptional.

“Like that baby?

“Forty-three inches and beautifully proportioned my lovers of both sexes tell me.

“I have had it photographed many times by both males and females in a wide range of circumstances and situations.”

She is correct, beautifully proportioned and dimple free.

“Take my negligee off for me and pay homage to my ass, kiss and lick it for me.

“Like my ass baby?”

“Just magnificent, to die for.”

“I love you licking and kissing it.

“Now lick my nipples for me.”

I do and they are very long, and rock hard on her very good 36D tits.

“Now tease my clit and lick my cunt lips,’ she instructs as I kneel in front of her with my hands holding her ass while she sits on the settee.

“You are very good.

“I am multi-orgasmic, give me two orgasms with your tongue, then I will suck your cock,” she tells me as she puts her legs over my shoulders and wraps her lavish thighs against my ears.

After the first orgasm she tells me to ‘put your finger in me', then ‘two fingers’.

I have the tip of her very engorged clitorus dancing on my tongue and I can sense Jacinta tensing as she nears orgasm.

“That is so fucking good, so fucking good,” she almost screams as I lick her clit and slide two fingers up to the second knuckle into her very wet cunt.”

Determined to heighten her pleasure and tease her I stop.

“I want that glorious ass in my hands, while I finish licking you to orgasm,” I tell her as lift her ass off the chair and resume licking.

“Love your glorious ass cheeks in my hands while I am licking your very wet cunt.”

“So do I, you are very good.”

“Not yet baby,” I tease as I stop licking again and dig my fingernails into her ass cheeks.

“Pleasure and pain, love it,” she whispers as I lick along her cunt lips.

“Do it harder, harder, so fucking good,” she groans as she shudders and has a very wet orgasm.

“Now you, lay on the bed on your back.

“My past lovers thought I was very good at giving head.

“And your cock outranks all of them,” she says as she licks the full length of my cock, then licks and kisses the very tip.

“Like that baby?”

“Exquisite,” I mumble as she takes half the length of my cock into her mouth.

I can feel her lips teasing me as she uses her tongue to perfection by licking and sucking at the same time.

“Which way would you like to fuck me?” Jacinta teases.

“I want you to lean over the table again so I can fuck you from behind with your glorious ass cheeks in my hands.

“Would you like that?”

“I was hoping you would say that.

“Lets do it.

“But lick and kiss my ass again before you start while I hold your cock.

I do as she asks and I can hardly wait to have her and slide my very erect cock into her.

“You are rock hard for me baby, rock hard.”

“Your brilliant long legs in heels and those magic thighs, then that big naked ass are an absolute turn on for me,” I tell her as I slowly slide my cock into her very wet cunt with my hands grasping her big ass cheeks.

“My first fuck in your country,” she moans as I build up a rhythm and slide the full length of my cock into her.

“I love the noise we are making as you slap into me.

“My cunt is so wet for you,” she almost screams as I feel her squirting.

“You are magnificent, my cunt loves it, my whole body loves it."

I increase my rhythm and the sight of her big naked ass in my hands with my cock slapping it has me close to orgasm.

“My cunt is so wet for you, so wet,” she screams again as I feel her squirting even stronger than before.

“Cum with me baby, fuck me harder,” Jacinta urges as I rub her pubic area with the fingers of one hand.

“Cum with me baby,” she screams and I do in unison with her as I grasp her glorious ass.

“If you are not in a hurry we can have a bath together, Jacinta smiles in the afterglow.

“Then I can order dinner from room service in my suite. And after that we can fuck some more. Would you like that? I would.”

In the bath she tells me about her life in London and the three husbands she has had.

“I love to tease men and women and the reaction I get.”

“You told me you have had your ass photographed many times by both males and females in a wide range of circumstances and situations.

“I am intrigued, would you like to tell me about some of those circumstances and situations.”

“Several of my girlfriends have watched their partners fuck me and taken photos.

“And some of my girlfriends have had sex with me while their men watched and took photos.

“And then had there turn with me while their partner watched.

“Then there times when I sat on a girlfriends face and had my photo taken by her man, and in some cases her lady.

“Why not take some photos on your phone as a momento?”

“While we are in the bath, how about a golden shower? We can drain the bath and I can kneel over you while you lay down.

As the bath is draining I feel excited at what this lady from London with a wonderful plummy accent has in store for me.

“We make a good couple,” she smiles at me as she kneels over me and straddles my body with her hands on her hips and I enjoy looking at her naked body in that position.

“You like what I like and I have a full bladder for you, very full.

“Are you ready, I am going to enjoy this and aim for your cock.

“Count to three for me, slowly,” she instructs as she teases the sides of her cunt lips with two fingers

On three, I watch fascinated as she starts squirting slowly at first, then comes a torrent. As the warm, yellow fluid hits my cock it becomes erect immediately.

She really does have a full bladder and I am loving watching her squirt all over my groin as stops then starts again.

“Did you like that baby? I thought you would,” she tells me as we shower together afterwards.

“I am going to flaunt myself to room service and tease them when they bring our meal. What should I wear when I open the door?

“I want to turn both you and room service on.

“And what would you like me to wear for you to turn you on before we fuck again?”

“A big turn on for me is a voluptuous lady in heels, black stockings and a garter belt, and maybe some lipstick on her nipples. Nothing more, though perhaps a floppy black hat.”

“And so I will”, she smiles, “as long as you apply the lipstick, never ever had that before. Sounds good.”

When room service arrives Jacinta is determined to make an impression on the boy delivering it and me as well.

I had to talk her out of wearing her garter belt outfit, “A little too risqué, save it for me. Why not your full-length diaphanous see-through pink negligee again? That has some at least some decorum when dealing with the hotel staff.”

“Okay, and you can wear my short silk dressing gown and answer the door to let room service in.”

As I open the door Jacinta is sitting in full view on a chair with her legs crossed exposing lots of gorgeous thigh.

Room service are delivering two trollies, one for food and plates and another for champagne and glasses.

“Aren’t you the boy who helped me this morning,” Jacinta teases as she recrosses her legs.

“What did you tell your helper about me?

“Let me help you,” she offers as she stands and walks around to tease the boy some more, flashing copious amounts of bare flesh.

“Would you like to check the suntan on my ass again?

“Would you like to show her helper what you did for me?” Jacinta teases as she signs the chit.

“I added a $50 tip for you.

“And here is a very special tip for both of you,” she teases as shrugs out of her negligee and circles around them so they both can drink in her naked body.

I can see both of the wide eyed and red-faced boys have an obvious erection under their uniforms.

“Pity you are not older, or you could watch us fuck after we eat the meal you delivered,” she teases as she lets them out.

“Like that little performance baby? I gave three men an erection.”

“You really are something, a very sexy and exciting woman.

“And the way you say the word fuck has a delicious inflection to it.”

“Help me put my negligee back on and we will eat dinner.

“Oysters, smoked salmon entrée, then lobster washed down by French champagne, is that to your taste?”

“You chose very well, and I love the way you are teasing me exposing your legs for me.”

“Would you like to come to London and stay with me for a while. I have a luxurious lifestyle and my girlfriends would enjoy having you. As long as I can watch though.

“I am looking forward to changing into my black stockings, garter belt, and floppy black hat for you with just one other accessory as a surprise for you to highlight that look.

“And I am looking forward to you applying some lipstick to my nipples.

“But I expect you tease them first to make them bigger.

“Let’s do the lipstick part first, then I will go and get dressed for you.

“Take my negligee off, lick my nipples and use this lipstick."

As I lick one nipple I squeeze the other with the tips of two fingers.

“That hurts but I like it. Look at the size of nipples I have for you.

“Love the way you piling on the lipstick on my erect nipples.

“Are you going to lick it off later?

“How are you going to fuck me this time?

“No need to think about it, because I am going to have my way with you and fuck you to please both of us.

“Now, stay where you are while I get dressed for you.”

Some minutes later Jacinta emerges dressed in a white knee length coat with very sexy stiletto heels, black stockings and a black floppy hat.

“Like my shoes baby?” she teases as she undoes the buttons on the coat.

“Want to see what I have for you baby.

“This is your special request.

“I want to give you a fresh rock hard erection when I open my coat.

“Like that baby?” she asks rhetorically as she flashes the coat open and holds it open for me.

“Silk garter belt and stocking from Harrods. Never worn them before.

“Take my coat off for me.”

As I remove her coat I ogle her almost naked body framed in just a garter belt and stockings.

“You have the perfect body for that outfit. Lots of brilliant well formed thigh showing above the stockings and I love the way your hairy cunt is framed by the garter belt.

“What about my ass? How does that look in my garter belt?” she asks as she turns around and flaunts it for me.

“Fucking sensational, look at my erection,” I answer as I lick and kiss it.

“Fucking sensational, I can’t get enough of it, I mutter as she struts around the room flaunting her body.”

“The way your ass jiggles while you strut around is poetry in motion.”

“Lay on your back on the bed. I am going to sit on your cock and pleasure both of us.”

“Magnificent, just magnificent. Long and thick, and fucking it for the second time today,” she purrs as she slowly lowers and slides it into her wet cunt.

“Relax and let me have my way with you,” she tells me as she takes my hands into hers.

“Can you feel my cunt muscles on your thick cock?” she asks as leans over me.

“Lick the lipstick off my nipples, slowly, slowly.

“I love that while I am riding your cock.

“Do you like my cunt muscles working your thick cock?"

“I do,” I reply as Jacinta leans on her elbows and licks her lipstick off my lips while she tongue kisses me.

“I am close to cumming, very close,” she whispers.

“What else would you like me to do to pleasure you, or you pleasure me?

“Your wish is my command.”

“I want you to sit on my cock the other way around so I can look at your ass while you are riding my cock.

“And I want to hold it at the same time.”

“And so you shall, so you shall,” she promises.

“I am close to cumming, so very close,” she whispers as she clenches her cunt muscles even tighter on my cock.

“I love fucking a younger man, a very well hung one as well.

“Do you like me fucking you?

“That is so fucking good,” she almost screams as she shudders and has a very wet orgasm.

“Want to kiss and lick my ass again before I mount you the other way around to please you?”

“Yes please, lean over the table again.

“Your ass is sensational hanging out of that silk garter belt, my cock loves it, and so do I, and those legs!” I tell her as savor it while I lick and kiss it.

“Back on the bed and you can watch my ass while I ride your cock.”

My cock is even harder from the turn on of licking and kissing her ass and I wonder how much longer I can hold out for as she slowly and expertly lowers and slides her cunt onto my erection while supporting herself on her hands.

Her big ass in that position is a huge visual turn on as I manipulate it with my hands and match her rhythm and the feel of it in my hands is very exciting as I lift and lower it.

“Like that baby? You are a very exciting man.

“And a very good fuck with your big cock.

“Extremely good.

“My cunt is so wet for you.

“I love your hands on my ass, love it,” she almost screams as I feel her squirting.

“Pinch my ass, hurt me, I love it, I am cumming again,” she growls as I feel her squirting again.

“Come and sit in front of that big mirror.

“And masturbate for me while you kiss and lick my ass while I watch in the mirror.

Standing in front of the mirror with her hands on her hips and legs apart Jacinta looks sensational in her heels, garter belt and stockings.

“Your cock is magnificent baby, I love watching you tease it for me with your fingers.

“Are you nearly there baby?

“I think so.

“Would you like me to count to ten for you?

“Then you can cum on my ass.

“….seven, eight, nine, cum for me baby, ten, cum for me!’

And I did, right on the count of ten.

“See you in London baby,” Jacinta tease on the way out.

“We could fuck every day, and you could have one of girlfriends on Saturdays.

“As long as I can watch and join in.”
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