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In The Woods 12

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I met her online. Sharon was a self confessed dirty slut and a nympho. She said she’s turned on by scruffy hard men, and loves to be gangbanged. She said she’s a good looking girl of 18 with long blonde hair and a sexy face that seems to get men ogling her and their cocks straining to get out of their jeans. She said she fucks loads of men and women every day and sometimes she gets paid for it. She’s a dirty slut and doesn’t do it for the money but just for the hell of it cos she’s addicted to sex. The money is just a bonus. We’d arranged to meet in the local woods last Saturday evening. She… Read more

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He said he was Snipped! Pregnant


I had only intended to stop at the bar for a drink on the way home that Friday. Well, you know what Huxley said about good intentions; Hell isn't merely paved with good intentions, it is walled and roofed with them as well. I'd merely settled myself at the bar and ordered my neat scotch when Jorg sauntered up. I didn't know that was his name then, but it wasn't long until I did. 'A lady drinking scotch; you've gotta be a lawyer, CEO or something like that!' He winked at me. 'Not quite that flash. Just a District Manager.' 'Sexy all the same. Care for some company?' 'Well, I'm not staying… Read more

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Our night out.

Interracial Sex

The wife and I have not been out for quite a while. Last night we finally had some free time and decided to go out to a nearby downtown area in Johnson city. We were having a good time listening to music and just going from bar to bar enjoying the different atmospheres. We went to one bar and the wife noticed a tall black man looking at her so naturally she showed off just a little. We left that bar shortly after. We were at another bar when she noticed the same guy walking in. It didn't take long for him to notice she was there and started checking her out again. I asked her if she was up to… Read more

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Cock Slave Now Gay

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I started sucking cock years ago and got pretty good at it. I still blow several of those guys I started with to this day. I sometimes picked up strangers at bars when I went out and I would blow them in their car or we would get a motel room. Then one night a few years ago I was extremely horny. It was a rare that I didn't have a cock at all that day. I went out to a bar with one thing on my mind, find a guy and blow him. That night I met Clark, we started talking and after a while I got up the nerve to ask him what I was there for. Nervously I asked, "Would you like a blowjob?" "Sure, I w… Read more

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Extra Clean with a Happy Glow


I will tell you a story of something that happened to me recently. The following is a completely, 100% true story. I have always been skeptical about women masturbating with streams of water, though I have known for a long time that it's quite possible, just not common. I mean, I don't get off humping a pillow either, but some girls do. However, a few years ago I spent a couple of nights in a San Francisco hotel and it had a detachable shower head and good water pressure. I tried it, and it worked. I enjoyed it, really found it pleasurable. I was surprised. I haven't tried it since until thi… Read more

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Francine's Plot

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He was home early, 24 hours early. The trip ended successfully with a signed contract for over 8 million dollars and he was feeling on top of the world. He didn’t tell Francine he was coming home, he caught the last flight out of LA to Tampa, it was the red eye that would get him home while the sun still warmed the opposite side of the world. The cab let him off about 5 in the morning so he took his shoes off before he opened the door. Silent, on stocking padded feet he eased through the house to his bedroom. The door was partially open and he could see his wife Francine in the middle of it,… Read more

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It Only takes Once Hooked on BBC Blacken

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Sarah is a 23 year old blonde babe. She has C cup breasts, a slim waist and a dynamite ass. He dancer legs are world class. She has been married for two years. She married Joey for his money. Her husband, Joey, is a college graduate and makes good money. He is 5ft 8 in tall, 165 lbs and has a 5 inch cock. He loves Sarah with all his heart. She is his first and only woman. He was a virgin when they met. He is all but useless in bed, but she puts up with him He provides with all the money she can spend and she lets him fuck her about once every two or three weeks just to keep him around. She ha… Read more

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Big Black Cock in the Flesh Blacken

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My wife Holly and I were having our friends Jenna and Tom over for the fight on pay per view. I also invited over a friend from work, Tyrone his black. Tom and I work with Tyrone. He's a fun guy to hang out with. He's single and is always dating different girls mostly white girls. He often shows us pictures on his phone of him with his massive dick fucking or getting sucked off by some random girls. He takes pride in it. Of course we as married guys love seeing the pictures and envy Tyrone. Holly and I have been married five years and our sex life is very vanilla. I know I have a smaller tha… Read more

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A New Taste Part 31 (Woodland Voyeur)

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The next day was a Saturday and for once I didn't have a strong longing for cock. I was still satiated from the previous days exertions. I had hired a van to pick up some furniture from a friend near Wembley Park. It was boiling hot and as soon as I had left my friends place I found myself stuck in traffic with my mind mulling over my cock sucking adventures. My tongue worked its way around my mouth and before long I found myself planning who I might contact for some relief. Then it occurred to me that I must be near Gabriel's house. He lives near Harrow after all. I sent him a message just in… Read more

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Helmut and Michael

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Helmut was my work colleague, a man in his thirties, light brown hair, blue eyes, with a well-trimmed beard. We immediately got along very well, having the same way of working and, according to our first exchanges, having enough points in common. I had not paid too much attention to his private life, only knowing that from time to time a slightly younger man was waiting for him on the way out of work, accompanied by a Bulldog. A dog that looked ferocious but actually sweet as a sheep, because the only thing you could be afraid of was being licked to death. It was during one of our interviews… Read more

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A lot of time has passed, I am jumping from last September to current year July. A lot has changed, including my wife having a somewhat serious accident, that resulted in me having a reset in my thinking about her (emotional reset). If enough are interested to hear about it I will post, but it is a zero sex event. The result was months of recovery and then me suddenly becoming monogamous. Sex with wife is great, but nothing to write on here about. All the babies have been born healthy and Deb has had the baby factory turned off, she and Mike feel 3 is enough, 2 Girls and 1 boy. Mike for… Read more

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My filthy sister in law


My wife Jane was a slut, I knew and accepted that, but I didn't know her sister was too. Paula, Jane's sister is 4 years younger and about 22 when she stayed with us for a week. We never saw her much as she worked abroad on cruise ships. She's a nice looking girl but not as pretty as Jane and has long brown hair as opposed to Jane being blonde but, really has an amazing body. She's quite tall and slim with a cute ass and huge tits, and I mean huge natural tits! So, she came for a night out with us and it amused me watching all the guys eye her up. She didn't wear anything sexy or revealing,… Read more

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Aunty Jeans Stockings


Aunty Jean was really a friend of my Mother, not a real Aunt but someone who visited once a week and her and my Mum used to go shopping together, visit the local Womens Institute meetings and also go out as a foursome at weekends together. Jean was a school secretary at the local college and was a bubbly and vivacious type of woman. She was about 5 7" tall with a very small waist and some would say large round bottom and full thighs. Not fat at all I might add, good shaped calves but her thighs and bottom were definitely on the fuller side. Her bust was small, she tended to wear blouses or t… Read more

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Fine Arts Theatre in Asheville, NC

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When I was young, barely eighteen, a co-worker and I hit some of the bars in Asheville. After we'd had a few drinks and got bored with the bar scene we decided to check out the Fine Arts theatre. It was a seedy porno theatre, the kind of place you didn't want to be seen walking into by anyone you knew. As we sat there watching low quality porn flicks I started noticing that guys kept walking up and down the aisles way more than usual, especially considering there was no concession stand. I also noticed that some of them seemed to be looking at me and glancing from my eyes to my crotch. I was p… Read more

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Our First Date

First Time

I was in my mid twenties, and a bit of a player. I didn't care about anyone really, especially how they felt. All I wanted was sex, and lots of it. I had a rotation of six girls, but over time they all fell off. I didn't bother replacing them as they did. I was beginning to settle down. I wanted one good slut to satisfy me. I didn't know it then, but I was about to find her. I used to rate girls on a website called hotornot. It was a 1-10 scale, but it also had a "meet" option. That's where I ran across her pictures. From the pictures I could see she had a pretty face and smile, curly hair, a… Read more

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My First Time as Cock Whore Gay

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I grew up in a fairly big city. Was fortunate enough be good looking, and as a result, have had my fair share of attractive women... most of them crazy. But for some reason, whenever I watch or see porn, my eyes are always drawn to the cocks. Recently, I've started to even work them into my fantasies. Watching them fuck my girlfriend at the time, or even having them attached to a dominant male who somehow makes me swallow his load. But this has always been just that, a series of fantasies. I started surfing through different story sites, and different chat rooms, when I came across the perso… Read more

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Emily and her father


He was waiting when she got home. It was dark. The house was full of shadows as Emily crept along the long hallway towards the stairs. Anxious, she had just started to relax, thinking she’d gotten away with it when she heard, “Where the fuck have you been?” Emily gasped and yelped out a startled, “Oh fuck!” “Get in here, you dirty little bitch,” he growled. Emily’s guts turned to water. She was caught. Properly busted. “It isn’t what you think,” Emily warbled. “I said to get in here,” she heard him snarl… Read more

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Wild Coastal Romp


Well I just went out for a swim at the beach and A well she said she was going to stay in the apartment and go out for some sunbaking later in the afternoon. It was a very warm late Summer afternoon and when I was out in the water I saw A walking down to sunbake and watch the surfers including myself. She got out her towel and unwrapped her sarong and she still had a tank top on but her ass and legs were on show and I noticed some young latin blokes stopped near her and sat down. Knowing she had some young blokes near by she took off her tanktop and revealed her bikini top with her nice litt… Read more

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It was a day when I felt a little excited. Since the morning I had like a desire in the lower abdomen that extended to the anus, the desire to be a woman, to wear a dress or skirt with nothing underneath. But I still had a lot to do, especially go shopping. I could not concentrate, always with the idea of ​​being a woman, trying to imagine what you feel when a man puts his hand on the breasts or on the buttocks. What do you feel when he puts his hand on the pussy ? When gently stroking the clitoris ? When a finger slowly sinks into the vagina ? So I started to touch me a little, stroking m… Read more

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The Bar

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I decided to go out this Saturday night to change my mind and not stay home alone. I had been to this neighborhood, which has a good affluence on weekends, offering different pubs and clubs. I was a little disappointed because until now I had not found what I was looking for: either too crowded, too noisy, or almost desert ... It was getting boring when I found this club a little out of the way and that seemed to me nice. I went in and the decor got me right away, with good background music, not too many people and a smiling and friendly Barmaid. I had just placed my order when a man entered,… Read more

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