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    My Stepsister Hailey P8

    MatureTabooGroup Sex

    I was enjoying a lazy Monday morning in bed, it was the middle of the summer, collage didn't start for another few weeks, and I didn't have a care in the world! Until I realised this happy warm feeling I was experiencing wasn't just my good summer feeling, but something else, something physical in a area lower down on my body, and as I opened my eyes to see what was causing it, I saw to my surprise my slim brunette stepsister lying between my open legs, gripping my morning boner in her soft warm hand, while she eagerly licked it with her tongue, like it was a lollipop. "Morning!" she grinned u… Read more

    Posted by bighornycock123 53 minutes ago 256 100%

    My wife's story


    This is a true story as told to me by wife.   My wife and a friend were out drinking and listening to music one night. Both of their husbands were out of town. Her friend was driving so she was only drinking sodas. They were having a great time and my wife was really getting pretty drunk when her husband’s step nephew showed up. I’ll call him Jimmy. They all sat and drank and got up and danced every once in awhile and after a few hours my wife’s friend got a phone call and had to leave. So my wife and Jimmy were left there and continued to drink until almost midnight. My wife was to d… Read more

    Posted by eaglefree 53 minutes ago 642 100%

    A crossdressers first time fantasy

    First TimeVoyeur

    Im not an author in any way but I would like to tell you about my latest crossdressing adventures. I have been crossdressing for many years but maybe only twice in a year when the mood took my fancy and only ever indoors, the feel off nylon on my legs would get me very aroused and looking at my self in the mirror wearing high heels and a very short skirt had my cock pumping and I always had an intense orgasm, but over the last few years it has became more frequent and not confined to indoors and also where as before I never thought about men my curiosity started working overtime, I started to… Read more

    Posted by Alfonso131313 53 minutes ago 73 100%

    Boss's Wife takes it out on Cheating Bitch!

    Lesbian SexFirst TimeFetish

    As we all know Lacey loves cock and will take it anyway she can get it, in her mouth, her pussy an ass. Because of that she had been fucking her boss at the bar she worked at for about 3 months now. It had been a secret that they thought was between them but as with all work places people gossip and secrets are never kept very well. But one day the secret got out to her boss's wife and this is what happened... Lacey had been on the late shift that night and was the last one out. She was just about to leave and lock up when her boss's wife, Elaine, came crashing through the doors. She looked e… Read more

    Posted by 425olds 1 hour ago 577 100%

    Strange Fetish

    FetishMasturbationInterracial Sex

    I suppose my fetish with underwear and fun with crossdressers really started when l was in my teens, l had a friend Jay who liked dressing in his mothers underwear and we would role play which always involved us on the bed with him in knickers and bra stuffed with socks and me on top, my cock would be up one of the knicker legs so our cocks were sandwiched between us, l would be sliding myself up and down as if l was fucking him, when we climaxed the spunk l shot was a mear teaspoon compared to what Jay shot he could fill an eggcup to the brim. Sometimes if Jay went to the shops l would go to… Read more

    Posted by davtru 1 hour ago 165

    The Life of Giving : Chapter 5 : Obligations

    Gay MaleHardcoreInterracial Sex

    After the great drama and even greater reconciliation, we‘ve continued our life in a weird loop of personal respect and disrespectful sex. Samer taught me a lot about his culture, history and religion. He also started to open up about his religion, the mysterious Islam and the way of life it prescribed. To my surprise, Muslims and Christians have a lot of things in common. Angels, personas and also some saints. But we are different way more than we are alike. The life that we shared was very satisfying and really laid back. It was Sunday, some few weeks after he decided to prolong his reside… Read more

    Posted by Islamiccock 1 hour ago 1 32 100%

    The Life of Giving : Chapter 4 : Flowers and Butte

    Gay MaleHardcoreInterracial Sex

    Days have gone by, maybe weeks even, and our sex drive wasn’t slowing down or even showing signs of slowing down in the future. I‘m still going regularly to church, but I don’t repent my sins. There is no sense to repent something that I don’t plan on stop doing, or if don’t feel sorry about it at all. The entire point of view when it comes to sins and sinning seems pretty different nowadays. Probably because the stuff that‘s happening right now is, well, a big fucking sin. It seems to me that this entire situation didn’t affect him at all. He seems so sure of himself and his religion, acts a… Read more

    Posted by Islamiccock 2 hours ago 84

    The Life of Giving : Chapter 3 : What’s For Lunch?

    Gay MaleHardcoreInterracial Sex

    What just happened? Is it a dream? Or maybe a nightmare. I wasn’t fully prepared for what happened, even though I wanted it to happen. But maybe not like this. Did I even consent on this or was I just ****d by the man who will be living in my apartment? And if it was ****, how is it possible that it turns me on so much? My thoughts were, as always, my greatest enemy. He zoned out completely and later fell asleep, as if I wasn’t still there and as if he hasn’t (ab)used me the way he did. I went out to my Church and did a confession to the priest who reluctantly granted me my absolution. I’ve s… Read more

    Posted by Islamiccock 2 hours ago 77

    The Life of Giving : Chapter 2 : Just The Beginnin

    Gay MaleHardcoreInterracial Sex

    After a long sleepless night, mostly thinking about Samer and getting frustrated because he had no WhatsApp profile photo and I could only vaguely remember what he looks like, finally the morning came and brought more frustrations. What to wear? Does it even matter? What if he’s married? What if he’s gay? What if he’s a terrorist? Is it ok for a Catholic to kiss a Muslim? What if he hates the gays? But still, with every question that came into my mind, I just tried to focus on drinking that damn coffee and definitely not fall asleep during the 200km drive to his refugee camp. The drive seemed… Read more

    Posted by Islamiccock 2 hours ago 53

    The Life of Giving : Chapter 1 : The Refugee

    Gay MaleHardcoreInterracial Sex

    Ever since I remember my name, I remember being gay. But, I was a religious guy, a devoted Christian, I was in my mid 20’s when this Syrian / Iraqi crisis got more and more serious. The waves of refugees started really slow at the first few weeks, but then it got much worse. All those people, arriving in my country, most of them not even wanting to stay here, just to continue as quickly as possible to the old EU countries. But my country didn’t care about them. They mistreated many of them and the housing that the state provided was very bad. This is why my local church community started to g… Read more

    Posted by Islamiccock 3 hours ago 195

    Jen and the Gloryhole

    TabooHardcoreInterracial Sex

    Jen and the Gloryhole My wife and I are the types of people willing to try new things. We are each other’s first time, and since then, we have been willing to experiment with new things. I spent the first year of marriage in Iraq, where on a whim, she would buy porn DVDs and mags and send them to me. What really threw me off was that the movies were almost always opened. When I asked her about it, she said she had to make sure there wasn’t anything too freaky, and then tell me which scene I should watch first. Fast forward twelve years, and she still has that same adventurous streak. While h… Read more

    Posted by sexnoveller 3 hours ago 1,000 100%

    Camping trip

    AnalGay Male

    It was the summer of 86 I had just turned 21 living in a small town so I had to keep my sexuality a secret from my family and friends. Every year a group of us would get away and go camping it's usually 10 to 15 of us and it was always great fun drinking and fishing, I was really looking forward to this years trip because there was an old friend (Bobby) of ours that nobody seen in a few years. Now it's time for the trip we arrived at the campground set up camp and began drinking as I was setting my tent up Bobby asked if he could stay with me in my tent I said sure no problem. Bobby was real… Read more

    Posted by bottomboy775 3 hours ago 925 100%

    Unexpectedly Blacked last night

    Interracial SexGay MaleShemale Porn

    It has been a while since I done anything with another man and was not really looking to but when the chance happened I jumped. I was driving back from Knoxville last night and stopped for gas. As I was filling up I saw a car with the hood up and a nice looking black man standing there working on it. I walked by him to go in and pay and casually ask what was wrong. He said he had no idea that it had just stopped running. I ask if he needed help, he said it was his buddies car and he was just going to leave it there and walk home. I offered to give him a lift since I was in no hurry. He was ha… Read more

    Posted by jennintenn 4 hours ago 2 827 92%

    White Supplement — The medical seduction


    Mr. X, that’s what he was called by the nurses in the hospital. He did have a name, but only Dr. Stephanie knows it. She is the one who referred him to the hospital laboratory. He is the supplier of the white supplement called CUM. Yes, if you have thought about what it is. And he is the only supplier to this hospital. Because he was the only match when Doctor was doing a medical camp in a rural town 2 years ago. Stephanie asked for gentlemen to come as volunteers to bring the supplement to test for a possible medicine she was working at that time. Only 3 gentlemen came forward. And Mr. X wa… Read more

    Posted by ivanturnerstories 4 hours ago 1 468 100%

    Visit to see a hypnotist on stage got me in troubl

    FetishGay MaleTaboo

    I do admit to my love of wearing panties and stockings, or tights (pantihose) under my suits for work, gives me a real turn on. As a gay guy, looking at other men and wondering what they are like under their clothes, well hung, cut etc keeps me really horny. A few nights ago, one of my pals whom I have some great fun with, said he had tickets for a great Hypnotist would I like to go? Of course, I agreed and off we went. Shit, the show was awful. He picked on me as one of the last clients, should I say. He dragged me on stage (no pun intended) and tried to put me under. I knew he didn't succe… Read more

    Posted by fishnettghts 4 hours ago 394 100%

    Fist To The Heart

    Gay MaleAnal

    Chapter One – I Always Win He walked through the crowd of shouting men, focused on the task ahead. That was something he chose to ignore, every time - the stench of those places. It was a rubbery smell mixed with male sweat and the excitement rising for the bloody fight ahead. If he were to inhale too much, he was bound to get dizzy. Maybe overcome with rage. In a way, he was doing this to himself, if he were fair. But Johnny Bryne was not known to be fair, the least of all people to himself. That was maybe the reason why he was fighting these matches made in hell. Or perhaps he just loved to… Read more

    Posted by LauraSFox 5 hours ago 164 100%

    BBC what your Husband Can't Blacken

    FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

    Sarah is a 23 year old blonde babe. She has D cup breasts, a slim waist and a dynamite ass. He dancer legs are world class. She has been married for two years. She married Joey for his money. Her husband, Joey, is a college graduate and makes good money. He is 5ft 8 in tall, 165 lbs and has a 5 inch cock. He loves Sarah with all his heart. She is his first and only woman. He was a virgin when they met. He is all but useless in bed, but she puts up with him He provides with all the money she can spend and she lets him fuck her about once every two or three weeks just to keep him around. She ha… Read more

    Posted by 425olds 5 hours ago 779 50%

    The Swimming Pool Incident


    It was during the School Holidays, a heatwave and was starting to get a keen interest in girls. My parents had gone on a two week holiday and I had been palmed off onto a friend of my Mum for the duration of their holiday. I wasn't complaining as not only did my mum's friend Sarah, have an outdoor swimming pool, but she had two daughters Claire who was the same age as me and her older sister Gemma, who was two years older at s*******n. Both very slim and attractive, although I was quite shy to make any kind of move on either of them, though they were both probably out of my league anyway. My f… Read more

    Posted by ernieboy 5 hours ago 2 2,826 93%

    Bullied: Then & Now

    Gay MaleFirst TimeShemale Porn

    “He got sugar in his tank,” ridiculed the ring leader. Another member of the pack pushed down the small, artsy, sepia-toned k**. “Stop,” whined the victim. “Please stop!” The group leader bowed up and hovered over the squealing boy. He spat on the punk. “You ain’t worth it! Let’s go y’all.” The five hooligans walked away laughing. Erick Sherman willed himself not to cry. He picked himself up and dusted off. He grabbed his bicycle and rode home. He knew he would not tell his mom or dad about what had just happened. They would have wanted him to go back out there and fight those evil bullie… Read more

    Posted by faggyboi 6 hours ago 401 75%

    My school days


    After writing in the about me section in this profile, I started thinking about my life and things and I couldnt fit it all in there, so I decided to write some accounts of my life that I hope people will like, this first one is about my school days. I was a shy boy and spent much time alone and was bullied quite regularly by a number of different boys at school and out. My nickname was toad, or variations, fat toad, smelly toad, slimy toad and so on. I was overweight and did sweat a lot especially in the summer. I'd get pushed around, get my stuff hidden things like that. There was one lad… Read more

    Posted by NudieBrian 6 hours ago 480 100%