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Submissive to Master

BDSMHardcoreFirst Time

There once was a girl named Jenni, She loved to be naughty and to be submissive to one master only. But the problem she had was finding a master who could do that for her. Then one day she found a glorious master who knew what she wanted. He knew that Jenni loved being controlled and he knew that she loved to please him. And one day she told him about a fantasy of hers. And he told her “play out your fantasy for me Jenni, like a good girl.” She did as she was told, she got on her knees and stripped naked for her master. She crawled over to him on her hands and knees, then said “master I’ve bee… Read more

Posted by DirtyHari69 60 minutes ago 83

To my Daddy: The safe word is red

BDSMFirst TimeHardcore

I want to defy being submissive to you, because you have to make me your good girl. I want you to force me on to my knees by wrapping my hair around your fist. Then force my face down in to the bed. Show me your my daddy and I must submit to you. Pull my hands behind me and hancuff them, then spank my ass with a whip, smack my pussy too. Then put the vibrator on my clit until I’m just about to cum and stop. Pull my face up from the bed, then force your cock in my mouth. Fuck my face and make me gag on your big fat cock. Smack my face while you fuck it, smack my breasts too. Pull me away from y… Read more

Posted by DirtyHari69 60 minutes ago 106

Cowboy in Arcade

Gay Male

I grew up in Norman, Oklahoma and it was only natural that I would attend the University of Oklahoma. Just 20 minutes to the North is Oklahoma City. There is an adult video store there I had heard about. When I was 19 and a Freshman at OU, It is where I sucked my first cock. The store was located in a seedy, industrial part of town. I did not realize how many men went there. When I went in I was overwhelmed by the adult toys and video displays. A mature handsome man in his 50s approached me. He muscular with salt and pepper hair and dressed like a rancher or cowboy. He asked me: “First time… Read more

Posted by gloryhole73071 60 minutes ago 167

What position would you prefer?

Gay Male

It begins with an that I will come over to visit and instruct you to leave your front door unlocked. You will be lying face down on your bed and you will hear me enter your home, walking to the kitchen the sound of the microwave runs for a few seconds. Upon entering your bedroom I the close the d****s and return to admire your form, you had been instructed not to speak and informed there would be consequences should you do so. I begin to undress and your first feeling are my hands spreading your legs wider to allow me to kneel between your legs. Without warning you feel a warm liquid trickle… Read more

Posted by 2415boxers 1 hour ago 154

My wife, her brother and his friends PART 3

VoyeurMasturbationFirst Time

Hi everybody; just got some time to continue the story about my wife from many years ago. I must tell you that I was really shocked when she first told it to me in full; I did actually feel sick at the thoughts of what had taken place, and although I can accept it more now, it is still helpful to me to put it down on paper, and to receive other people's comments and to see their reactions; one of the reasons I persuaded Carole to pose for sexy pics, then post them on various sites years ago, and actually have sexy sessions with different guys, is to help me to see what she did then as just a s… Read more

Posted by carplatt 1 hour ago 319 100%

Vacation planning with Melissa & Camryn

Interracial SexGroup SexLesbian Sex

Please enjoy the story, please note that this is only fiction. A couple months after Camryn's trip in the truck with Melissa & I, I'm back out on the road alone. Melissa is back home, and I'm pretty sure she's with Camryn as well, but I've been looking forward to getting home. The past few days of this run have been absolute hell, either mix up's with shippers, or having issues with my truck. The latest being the most costly, as I was driving down the road, I picked up a bolt or piece of metal in one of the tires, and it… Read more

Posted by Billy57103 1 hour ago 158 100%

Our journey to cuckoldum - our first 3some meet

Interracial SexFirst TimeGroup Sex

Hi, Im G and my partner is R. I'm 42, 39 at the time, and have been swinging for a number of years both with other partners and as a single male. R is 26, 23 at the time, and very new to the scene, having only have one sexual partner prior to me. I met R a few years ago and have slowly bought her into the scene, starting with fantasy talk during sex, sex toys, restraints, sex outside, dogging (although we were never approached), and then a meet. the fantasy talk was always about us with extra people, men, women, couples, swinging, orgies, mfm, mff, mfmf, mmmf, ect. Some of the mfm scenarios w… Read more

Posted by gpc77 2 hours ago 1 235 100%

My Fluffy Sister

TabooFirst TimeMasturbation

My sister and I lived together while we were going to college in Seattle. About a year after we took the two bedroom apartment we had attended a party and both of us got fucked up enough that our morals were rendered lifeless by a flood of alcohol and a handful of meds. I'm not sure how we got home but I vaguely remember watching her pull her skin tight jeans off while complaining about spilling something on them. My sister doesn't have a model's body, she tends to be a little thick around the middle with a big round, bouncy ass. She fills a 36 D bra to overflowing, her tits always did attrac… Read more

Posted by Tunisien1230 2 hours ago 1 1,772 92%

Cheating slut girlfriend


Before I tell you what happened, I need to tell you about Sarah. Sarah is my girlfriend, 5'9",; pale white skin, as white as snow, everyone says. She has big green eyes and long, bright red natural hair. Her perfectly curvy body is round in all the right places. On her perfect pale tits lie two perfect pink nipples. Her pussy is pink and tidy but she has a shock of ginger pubic hair surrounding her sex, She's the ultimate girl next door. She's a stunning ginger. She's a real hottie. And she's mine. Sarah and I had been dating for quite a while. One night, I had been away for work and I was… Read more

Posted by Red_Ink 2 hours ago 532 100%

Gay as Fuck - Part III

Gay MaleInterracial SexShemale Porn

Trent made his way through the security checkpoint. He flirted with the light-skinned TSA agent. He found the gate for the Lufthansa flight departing Charlotte for Munich. He spotted the dark chocolate sissy fag sitting there waiting. “I like that hair,” he said plopping his massive body into a seat one over from De’Shane. “Them French braids look good as fuck! You Pocahontas faggot!” De’Shane giggled. “Thank you! You don’t think they’re too long.” “Hell naw! They all the way down yo’ back. I’ma be pullin’ them shits later.” “Yes, sir!” “I been thinking,” the blue-gray eyed man shared. “You s… Read more

Posted by faggyboi 3 hours ago 112

Tenancy Inspection


“Hello Mr English” the voice said on the other end of the phone, “My name is Sally Rice and I am the new property manager for your tenancy” she continued, “I would like to pop round for your annual inspection, are you free this afternoon? She asked and although I hate these annual inspections I realise it has to be done, I agreed to her popping round and just hoped and prayed that she was better than the last woman they sent round, she was a real battle axe and picked holes in everything. I decided to do a quick clean up and a shower before she arrived which would hopefully eliminate the issu… Read more

Posted by britguy 3 hours ago 674 100%

Sethy - Part 13 BFF

Interracial SexMature

AUTHOR’S NOTE – This story is partly fantasy, partly true. For best effect, read parts 1-12 before this part. My apologies for the long interval of time between part 12 and this chapter. The artistic process runs on its own time. The main characters, Sethy and Shinny, are based upon the real women who are active members of the XHamster community, and much of these characters reflect the true women. The photos included in this story of Sethy and Shinny are of the real women and are here with their permission. This story is the property of the author and cannot be copied or used in part or in… Read more

Posted by zamm14 3 hours ago 51

Emma Watson's After Party

CelebrityGroup SexAnal

Emma was at the final party for the Harry Potter movies. It was as boring as usual. At least Dan didn’t have a lampshade on his head! Everyone was there. Hence the boring tone. “Heh Emma! I’m the one chosen to invite you to the After Party. It’s very exclusive but really need to have you there! We can’t have the party without you. Your attendance is absolutely essential!” said Tom (Felton). “Where will it be held?” Emma asked. “Because of the number of people expected, we’ve rented an entire floor at the Kimpton Fitzroy. There are quite a few rooms so if anyone tires of the entertainment, t… Read more

Posted by dstarr97 4 hours ago 1 234 100%

My mothers best friend

First TimeMatureAnal

I had been sent to stay with my Aunty whilst my parents were away abroad on business for a couple of weeks. I say Auntie, but in reality, she was in no way related to us, just mums best friend really. I remember once when she had stopped over at our house once after a late night out with my parents, that in the morning when passing the bathroom, I had glimpsed her naked body through the door which was slightly ajar. She had a very hairy bush, and great big pendulous tits, that memory has been engraved in my memory ever since, and I spent many a night wanking myself silly just thinking about it… Read more

Posted by azara19 4 hours ago 1,465 100%

Stepmom - Stacy

First TimeMatureTaboo

This isn't my step-mom, Stacy, but she looks like her...Just setting the stage...She raised me since I was younger than I can remember...Her name is Stacy, but since she raised me from infant/toddler - I always call her "Mom." Just saying this so there's no issues... So I was on Thanksgiving break from college. Since I, along with some of my buddies, were home from college, we decided it would be good idea to go out on Wednesday (the day before turkey day) and have a drink...Being totally truthful, we were able, and all… Read more

Posted by boxersquire 4 hours ago 909 50%

Stepmom Stacy


Step-Mom This isn't my step-mom, Stacy, but she looks like her...Just setting the stage... She raised me since I was younger than I can remember...Her name is Stacy, but since she raised me from infant/toddler - I always call her "Mom." Just saying this because xHamster might ban this if I just say it's my mother... So I was on Thanksgiving break from college. Since I, along with some of my buddies, were home from college, we decided it would be good idea to go out on Wednesday (the day before turkey… Read more

Posted by boxersquire 5 hours ago 985 89%

Sylvia Makes Amends at Donnie''s House

First TimeMasturbationHumor

Ida "Weren't you supposed to get the secret formula?" "Secret formula?" "You said Amy was going to give you the secret formula about how to make semen taste like guava nectar?" I realized, though I had brought along my fifty-page report on Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, I left the piece of paper I had written it on in the bathroom of that boy's house..."You left it at his house?"Oh shit, Sylvia, that was dumb. Every woman and gay man want that formula. I want that formula. Amy's not coming back for a while either...Can you remember it? C'mon this is important!!"' There was a big ACTransit bus that to… Read more

Posted by BettyBStanky 5 hours ago 126

Mom’s time out with Dad’s Friend

Group SexTabooMature

Let me introduce myself first. I’m Priyansh, today I am going to present such incident that is much more interesting. This is just a story but you can relate it with me and my family or even your family. Now with out wasting more time let me switch over to story. My mom who is good looking aged 43yrs but looks like 35 or 38 having big ass 36 sized boobs and slim waist. She is very much fond of sex and this thing I came to know when I saw her satisfying he… Read more

Posted by mydick4milfs 5 hours ago 303

Hubby and Wife reach an Fuck Agreement

First TimeHardcoreMasturbation

I am a white American male 44 years old. My wife is Indian and she is 36. We have been married for 10 years. I recently found out she has been having an affair with an older man. He is 50. It turns out she has been fucking him since she was 18 and he was 31. This of course was in secret. Because he was married, eventually it started to leak and she soon moved to the US. This is where I met her, she was 25 or 26 and we got married soon after. A few years lat… Read more

Posted by mydick4milfs 6 hours ago 753

Recent AMP visits in Jersey City


Addicted to AMPs: Blue Sea (Jersey City – Tina) It was raining today, October 30th. Isn’t it always raining when I do my AMP visits. I texted the Beach street basement spot and asked who was available, and was told new Chinese girl named Coco. This could be the Coco from Blue Sea, or the Coco from Jewel Spa, and if it was, well, good CIM BBJ, but not sure I was in the mood for price haggling. It if was the former, man, I missed out. So, I also texted Thai Style on Summit avenue, but got no reply… so much for that. I went with my gut instinct and got Blue Sea on the phone. Linda the MMS answer… Read more

Posted by Spectre123 6 hours ago 205