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The best kid of rehab part 3

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After giving June a mind blowing orgasm from eating her, now she ready to fuck and so am I. I climb on top of her like before and start rubbing the head of my dick against her clit causing her to moan loud. She asked me to stop teasing her and I acted like I didn't hear her and kept going , she is so fucking wet. I start sliding my cock into her slow and she is really going crazy. When I finally get balls deep in her, June is squeezing my cock with her pussy and telling me how big an hard I am. I am tired of teasing her and start fucking her with all I got. Every time I slam into her, she gasp… Read more

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Sexy Talk at Leo's Cabin: Silkie, Leo and Tom

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I couldn't take my eyes off Silkie: ''You're like an Italian movie star.." (Then I thought my god, what a stupid thing to say.) Silkie laughed. "That's what Joe said. Do you know what my name was before? Sylvia Greenburg. Isn't that right from Brooklyn or the lower east side?" Holding up her breasts: "Leo Rabinowitz, meet Sylvia Greenburg. Yeah, I guess you could call me Jewish, but my grandparents on both sides, my parents, my brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, all non-practicing Jewish atheists. Italian? I think these big boobs started growing on the women in my family when we wer… Read more

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Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Pt. 1


Disclaimer: This isn't my own story, it's one I used to read on Literotica and happened to be one of my favorite series. I am just posting the story here. I do not own this work, it belongs to BlewWater69 from Literotica and the date this story was first written per the site was 5/14/2007. If nothing goes wrong with this post, I will post the other parts (looks to be 8 parts/chapters). Hope everyone enjoys this story as much as I did! 'Shit, I got to get an A in this advanced chemistry class,' Stephanie Wallace thought as she drove her new car home from high school. Stephanie was a gradua… Read more

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Of the Realm on Colby Drive


In a split level woodframed castle there dwelt an Afro American family of royals of most import. They reigned the mixed 'hood with heavy hands, tits, mouths, pussys, cocks and asses. There was not an orafice in the fiefdom not subject to their muses. None residing in the realm of Colby Drive, be they subjects, soldiers, servants or slaves, were spared sexual exploit irrespective of depravity. Such treatment was likewise past down through the non court hierarchy: Male, female, alt gender of either royalty or not, it mattered not. The sole exception were the ragtag horde of separatists perched u… Read more

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Passionate Sex With Friend’s Mom


About me, I’m a 23-year-old male from a South Indian city from a Muslim family. I’m fair, well-groomed, like only decent sex with fine women and many of my colleagues say I’m the perfect bachelor out there. Now coming to this story which is about one my friend Santosh’s mom Poornima aged 40. To describe her a bit, she’s nothing short of being angelic. Nobody, not even those who know her can… Read more

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THIS IS A HOT STORY. "A Favourite Uncle" I always loved staying with my Uncle Bob because he always liked to pleasure me by playing with my dick. I was nineteen and studying to be a doctor and Uncle Bob's flat was really close to the university so he said I could stay with him whenever I wanted. He was my dad's brother and in his fifties and though he always gave the impression to people that he was a womanizer basically he liked cock. I remember my first morning in the bathroom. I'd cleaned my teeth and was actually washing my cock in the sink after a piss. Of course the soap on my dick and… Read more

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First Cottage Experience

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When I was younger there was a local toilet that was notorious for cruising. I went in there innocently for a piss when I was in the park playing with friends. I was taking a piss and was reading the graffiti on the toilet walls by the urinals. The usual stuff: "I have a 9" cock, meet you here at 2pm everyday" etc. Although, i have to say i was very curious. The two friends I was with were completely disinterested, but I wanted to meet this guy. I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do, but was horny at the thought. I went back on another occaision, it was a saturday. I was in the park and agai… Read more

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Humiliating and Hot Side of Sharing Your Wife


Also read my other true Stories of our swinging get together's with other men. Although I was both stag and cuckold during our sessions there always were moments that lent on the side of some humiliation for both myself and wife. Even though the times were over the top hot you really can't get away with that fact so, I'm going to tell of the humiliating side of sharing my wife for all those years. Our discretion was paramount, if friends and family found out what we got up to would have been the biggest embarrassment of our lives hence hooking up with married men who wanted to play outside t… Read more

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My holiday to Remember


I got back from a holiday in Spain two months ago that I went on by myself’ It was one that I wont forget in a hurry or want too as I got the fucking of my life! I’m a School head mistress & have been now for 6 years’ 51 years old but still quite fit as go to the gym quite a lot & run lots’ It was on the second day of my holiday that I had gone on all by myself that I noticed a group of young looking lads that seemed to be getting a good eye full of me as I was lying on the beach ! I had on my red bikini that show off my quite big boobs so thought that must be it & carried on s… Read more

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Cuckoldry Descent in Older Age. Chapter 3


Story so far: Over the last few years, my wife Mandy had become increasingly disenchanted with the carnal aspects of our marriage. Her changing attitude reflected, in no small part, the self-serving interests of her close friend Xena, whose libido reportedly exceeded even that of my wife. Mandy had for many years been more than accepting of our coital incompatibility – small penis, large vaginal cavity – and the use of prosthetic substitutes. But this tolerance has been gradually whittled away by exposure to Xena’s libertine approach to sexual opportunism. More recently, Mandy had be… Read more

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A great time with bigboldbellend and his mate

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Busty36DD meets James and William ! Got to new Love Xhamster corn all the fun and meet ups but most merabel was one of The first times when I had the pleasure of having an invite to the Hotel room of Busty36DD... Me and my good friend William arrived at the Hotel bar and there she was, sitting at the bar drinking a cocktails with her low cut top revealing her enormous knockers which even the barman could not stop looking at! It was a casual and fun next hour or so as we chatted and I introduced her to my friend William and we got on great having afew drinks both of us sitting on either side o… Read more

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Meeting Bigboldbellend & his mate for a fantas

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Busty36DD meets James and William ! Got to new Love Xhamster corn all the fun and meet ups but most merabel was one of The first times when I had the pleasure of having an invite to the Hotel room of Busty36DD... Me and my good friend William arrived at the Hotel bar and there she was, sitting at the bar drinking a cocktails with her low cut top revealing her enormous knockers which even the barman could not stop looking at! It was a casual and fun next hour or so as we chatted and I introduced her to my friend William and we got on great having afew drinks both of us sitting on either side o… Read more

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First Time Hotel Fun

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I’m lying on the bed in the hotel room, watching my wife dripping wet from her shower. She looks amazing with the water droplets running down her body, over her breasts and down to her nipples. The water also runs down her stomach and to her sweet shaved pussy. I watch her dry her body as I lay there, my cock slowly starting to stir, thinking about the night ahead. We are on a weekend break away on the coast and the hotel is full. I have noticed earlier there was a conference taking place at the hotel, when I arrived and it was mostly males there, which got me excited as I knew there may be a… Read more

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First Time

The first and only time I have acted on the spur of the moment. When I moved up north from London a few years back. Me and my mates arranged to keep in touch by having golfing weekends somewhere halfway between us. This one time it happened to be Nottingham. We were staying at a golf course that had accommodation on site. On the last night we got back from town after some food, the others wanted to call it a night but me and one pal decided to go the bar. I was there getting the drinks and while I waited got chatting to another fella Ian waiting for his drinks, he said why don't you j… Read more

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First time with Agnes


Agnes is currently studying to become a hairdresser, and she is an apprentice at the salon where I usually go. The first time I met her, she sent me a beaming smile as I walked in. I was attracted to her right from the start. She has a very nice pair of boobs and a cute body. She has a beautiful face and a sweet smile. But what immediately attracted my attention was her butt - it is perfectly shaped with a luscious pair of butt cheeks. I started fantasizing about doing her from behind the minute I saw her. As I was seated in a chair, she started washing my hair. I loved feeling her fingers ag… Read more

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Late Night Phone Calls

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There is one thing I truly hate about my job and that is getting a late night phone call. When a call like that comes in, it means only one thing...murder. I've been a Homicide Detective for over 20 years and have seen the worse that a supposed civilized man can do to another. My years in the Marines before I became a cop were less bloody. Sure, it was war and we killed each other, but here, stateside, among our own people is where I find the true cruelty of man. I'm coming up on mandatory retirement in less than two weeks and I will embrace it like I do my wife every night. My wife. She i… Read more

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Labor Day

First TimeTabooVoyeur

The tears welling in my eyes blurred my vision, and I suddenly realized I didn't know how long I'd been beating the lemon curd. Where was our marriage going? Was it over between me and Mark? I'd do anything, if only... Over the grinding roar of the antiquated mixer, I heard the front door slam. "Lisa?" I hollered, expecting to hear her typical, Philly-bred, 'Hi-ya, Peg'. There was no response. A frisson tingled at my nape. I turned off the mixer and pulled my terry robe tight around me. It was the only thing I'd thrown on after my shower. The family mountain cabin had no neighbors for a hal… Read more

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First Lap Dance

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"Damn honey, you look beautiful!" Sometimes hearing it, you still don't feel or believe it, though the compliment is well received. In this case however, Renee' did believe it as she stood looking at herself in the mirror. Tall, or at least tall for a woman, Renee' stood admiring her long shapely legs. The black skirt she was wearing short, short without being obscene, but definitely sexy. She had worn no panties, nor panty hose. She ran her fingers briefly through her short brown feathered hair, giving herself a stylish 'mussed' look, without appearing as though she'd just gotten out of be… Read more

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Just Gimme Friday!

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Just Gimme Friday The next Friday comes at last, Joe's invitation in the clover field that day still fresh in our minds. We'd decided by email the other day that we'd make a night of it, heading home Saturday morning. So our overnight bag includes a change of cloths and toiletries, besides our usual bag of tricks. Showering and dressing to look good, We give the boys some cash for supper tonight, heading out to the car. I'm glad I waxed my lil Rio Red tuner and cleaned it up inside and out. As a gear head, I wanna be at the ready for some stylin' & profilin' on weekends. Getting in, I fi… Read more

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If You Want To Really Be A Cuckold!


A lot of us Men have the fantasy of our Wives fucking other guys. That happens in reality, but does that really make them a true Cuckold? This following information I have collected from various websites, and in taking with others that I know have an “Open Marriage” and He is a real Cuckold. So, there are lots of variations in how this works, but if you’re considering asking your Wife to make you a Cuckold, consider these things. First let’s start with the definition of what a Cuckold really is… Definition From The Oxford Dictionary; Cuckold noun 1. a man whose wife is sexually unf… Read more

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