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Larry Meets Two Lesbians

Lesbian SexTaboo

Just a short little fantasy, nothing in this happened but wouldn’t it be wonderful to be Larry in this situation? “This may be wrong in so many ways,” I said as I saw my sister between her best friend Pamala’s legs and finger fucking her with Pam’s panties pulled aside. Both were still fully clothed and their sexual contact occurred with Carol still wearing her panties, girdle, and stockings. Like previous times I had spied on the two of them engaged in their lesbian love making my cock went from soft to rock… Read more

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Dirty Dreams

Interracial SexMature

Master and I have spoken in months, but he keeps coming to haunt my dreams. Today I went to the gym as usual, came home and took a hot shower. When I got out I decided to lie down for a few minutes before I had to get up to run some errands. I must have fallen asleep pretty quickly, because the next thing I knew I was in a room watching my master fuck another woman. They hadn't seen me, but I could clearly see his thick black dick pushing in and out of her asshole. I heard her moaning, and his deep voice talking nasty, telling her to take it. I must have moaned in my dream because he turned ar… Read more

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448 Mallow Manor Part 6


448 Mallow Manor Part 6 The following Tuesday the ladies forwent the afternoon together it being Marys wedding, as was the local custom a wedding meant a drink or three for the villagers most of whom worked for or were linked to the manor directly or indirectly in some way, so after a simple ceremony in the afternoon, attended by the few who were not busy working, the couple returned to the manor, as man and wife to dine royally at the manor table, a rare privilege, After the evening meal the pony and trap driven by Hodges took the couple and the cook to the village hall, where a barrel had… Read more

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447 mallow manor pt5


Part5 He went on, “tonight you will be walked through this great old building so the ghosts of our ancestors can see your body and know you are going to be chastised voluntarily, our first place of chastisement will be the kitchen, where I will hold you over the table and Barry and I will take you hard, before we go up to the room where you will take Bessy`s place this time, and she will hang in yours. Understand?” she nodded, then with a tug on her lead she was led through the gloomy old house down the long cool familiar corridors, her exposed nipples reacting to the air, her heels tapping on… Read more

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Carla's wild initiation,,,

Lesbian SexMasturbationVoyeur

When living in Savannah, I used to attend my girlfriend Shelley’s lingerie party meetings. We had become a very nice group of bitches. Sometimes a new girl could be invited; but she could be considered part of the group after passing an initiation… When Shelley invited me for the next meeting, she warned me that Carla would be there for her very first time. Carla was a nice young babe in her early twenties; she was Shelley coworker and the girl was hot. She had been addressed some lines about having to pass an initiation to be invited for a second time. But this naïve brunette said she was w… Read more

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Sheena's wild brutal punishment

AnalLesbian SexVoyeur

Friday afternoon I joined Camilla at Laura’s home. Our good girlfriend had invited us to have tea and to kiss and tell for a while. There we found Sheena, a blonde bimbo with perfect curves and a very slutty smiling face. We were all around our late thirties; but the stupid bimbo was just barely legal. After having some drinks, the whole conversation centered around sex toys and sexy outfits or anything that had to do with sex. A week ago Laura and me had done some good purchase at the mall, picking up all kind of revealing underwear and lingerie along with several sex toys. I saw the dumb b… Read more

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Awakening to The Dark Side - Part One

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My name is Tracey and I’d managed to get to 52 years old living what now seems to be a very innocent reserved life. I’ve been happily married to Steve since I was 20, he’s a few years older, but we’ve brought up 2 k**s, now at University and had a very happy, easy going life. Things changed for me dramatically recently. My friend Ashley had arranged a special thing for her 50th birthday, feeling that she didn’t want the event to pass without making something of it, she rounded up seven of us to go to Prague for a long, boozy weekend. We are all of similar ages, all married, and within reason… Read more

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Hotties Top 5: Monica Roccaforte

MasturbationHardcoreGroup Sex

Second post about a porn actress that I like, where I'll show you the 5 best clips (in my opinion) available on xhamster where she appears. This time we'll get a closer look at Monica Roccaforte, an actress from East Europe that got pretty famous in Italy. Another brunette, another natural big titted beauty, what I like most about Monica is her glamorous charm contrasted with her pretty "girl next door" face. She's a bit cold and not that passionate on the screen when compared to some american actresses, but her scenes are still more than worth a look. 5 – During and after the peep show[/b… Read more

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Wanda, Ebony co-worker, pt.2

Interracial Sex

Wanda and I returned to work as usual. She helped me finish the special project ahead of time. My boss was very happy and he rewarded me with a bonus. I took 40% of it and placed the cash in an envelope for Wanda. I had my assistant give it to her along with a note from me. In the note, I explained how her hard work and dedication had been integral to the success of the project and this was her cut of the bonus money. The letter also stated a limo would be picking her up Saturday afternoon and she would be taken to luxury hotel located on the river-front. Needless to say, I had something else… Read more

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Hotties Top 5: Gianna Michaels


I wanted to share with you some of my tastes in porn actresses, so I'm going to make a bunch of posts with the top 5 clips you can find on Xhamster that I like most where the "actress of the day" appears. Let's start strong with Gianna Micheals. I doubt anyone of you doesn't know her, but if you are so unlucky you're going to be amazed by what you are about to see. She's got the best natural tits of all imho, and she's also like a raw force of nature who really gives off a joyful vibe when she's fucking. Also, she a top tier dirty talker and screamer. The only thing I kind of dislike about her… Read more

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Done with Dicks Lesbian

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

Why do people save themselves for marriage? There should be a rule that you have to have sex before you get married just to make sure that it's what both people want and can live with for the rest of their lives. That is what marriage is supposed to be, right? Eternal, loving, committed, enjoyable? No matter what a marriage is supposed to be, I know what mine is not. There is love there, but I can't say that I'm in love, maybe I never was. Maybe I was just in lust, and thought the sex would bring out the love. Maybe it would if the sex were any good. My husband, Jay, and I have been married… Read more

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Graduating from High school

Gay Male

Graduating from H.S This is a true story that happened just before my graduation. Just a little background for the past two or three years I have been getting my mouth and ass used by my friend Mark and my cousin Paul. I was home with my dad one evening watching the baseball game, feeling down and depressed that school had ended and I'd be working full-time not seeing my friends much and going off to school after that. My friend Mark walks in through the back door and I yell I'm in the living room watching TV with my dad. I didn't want coming in with his cock hanging out. He comes in and he's… Read more

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My Arranged Marriage (slave sale) FRENCH MAID CONS


PREPARATION OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE Cast: Clarrise L. Thorne Clarrise Thorne / Well bred & trained Member of the Church of Transformative Sexuality Enlightened Princess - Sissy French Maid Named Clarrise by Mistress Amanda Wildfyre over 25 years ago and Thorne to honor my all time crush on the infamous Dyanne Thorne of Ilsa She Wolf of the SS & Wanda the Wicked Warden fame. A woman I would actually consider giving my testicles to, for a promise of lifetime personal French Maid servitude in her private boudoir...Advanced stages of Feminization Therapy at the secret Stalag.… Read more

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The Lodger

VoyeurFirst Time

Since the k**s have grown up and left home, as much as I love them, it has been bliss. No competing for the bathroom. No heaps of abandoned washing up appearing by the kitchen sink. But the biggest benefit for me has been the fact that, come the warmer months, I can abandon the tyranny of clothing and spend much of my time as nature intended around the house and, much more importantly, out in the garden. Our garden is reasonably private. The neighbours either can’t see, haven’t noticed, or just don’t care, as I’ve been naked in the garden for many years now. Mrs M, my Wife is always brazenly t… Read more

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Old Joan joins escort agency


June was a good-looking, and what she would call, comfortably cuddly lady of 72 years and had kept herself in reasonable shape. The trouble was that she had not had sex for a least 10 years and was desperate for a big hard cock up her hairy cunt. More to the point she was having trouble making ends meet. There was no way she wanted to give up her nice bungalow or her lifestyle. The trouble with getting a big hard cock was the fact that not any suitable man her age group could not k get an erection and as for money she was not… Read more

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My giving me a birthday present for a king

TabooFirst TimeMasturbation

I woke up and she said that its my birthday I can have any thing I want then she lifted up the blanket and her daughter was naked and she said she gave her something to sleep and then she moved her so she was laying next to me and she opened her legs wider so I could see her fanny and she said that she has to go out and get stuff ready for tonight so she left and I packed a pipe and smoked it and I was looking at her fanny and I rubbed it and opened her lips and stuck my tongue in her fanny and she was still out cold so I spred her legs wider and squeezed her boob's and got her very wet and I… Read more

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Allowing a young man to pick me up...


My Bosses sent me to a quick to Chicago, where I should train some junior employees at one of the newest offices of our firm. This time my beloved hubby drove me to the airport and when he kissed me goodbye, Victor recommended me to behave like a good girl. I smiled and kissed him back, saying I would be a very, very bad girl… After my first day in Chicago I felt so tired; but I enjoyed a last drink at the lobby hotel before going to bed. I was there sipping a nice margarita; when a young man approached and said if I would mind some company. The guy was very handsome, so we shared some chatt… Read more

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A wild experience for Victor

AnalInterracial SexGay Male

The next morning, after surrounding my eager cunt to Landon, I woke up in the Jamaican resort very, very sore. I could barely walk straight; but the recall of the night before really aroused me again and I felt my pussy tingling and getting wet… Victor was there on the bed close by my side. He was snoring with a smile painted in his lips. Today was his birthday; so I decided to give my beloved hubby a nice present… After having breakfast, I told Victor I would go to make some workout at the resort’s gym. But instead of that; I went directly to meet Landon; the huge black guy who had given me… Read more

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The hookup


Nora Gennaioli smiled at the sweet guy across the table from her as she absent mindedly drummed her long nails on what was left of her egg roll. It was fascinating about Alpha males and Beta males, she thought. Alphas were good in the sack, and Betas were good at nearly everything else that you needed... Most women had to make a choice, like her friend Libby Owen, who'd been impregnated by Santos Stuciano right before his skull was crushed by a rival gang member wearing a garbage can and wielding a steel Louisville Slugger. So Lib married Marlin Quiggle, the nice bookkeeper at the Imbert fu… Read more

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Sylvia dreams she is Edith Piaf

CelebrityGroup SexHardcore

This is a little bit about Sylvia, and how she builds her character and her personality from dreams she carries around in her head. She is sure she is going to become one of the most famous singers in the world, and the people who don't approve of her because of her kinks and outrageous appetite for sex will have to get over it! At s*******n, she goes out into the twisted world of Los Angeles to whore for Al Lombardi. He doesn't think she should do it, but she insists, and he is not above making money from her. I was hired as the "talent" for a party. My particular "talent" was to pretend I w… Read more

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