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My first filipino slut I met pt1

First TimeInterracial Sex

One night a friend that I met through another friend hit me up to go over to his place cause he’s throwing a kickback party. I’d just gotten off of work and wasn’t that far from his place too so I decided to head out to his place after work. As I arrived, a few people already went home and there were a handful of people left and about two females. A black chick and a filipino chick. Now the filipino chick was average size but damn she has the nicest smile I’ve ever seen. After a couple hours, we all went home and I found her on facebook, added her and messaged her. We kicked it off pretty go… Read more

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Sarah comes to visit. Part 3

FetishGroup SexInterracial Sex

The third day was pretty normal, Eric came over to play some video games with us as is the routine every weekend at our house. To describe the house you have me and my sister, who are very sexy Scandinavians, originally from a part of the country where very few minorities live because it is so cold. My husband and Eric are both hispanic, however Eric is bi racial and my husband is white. My husband is cooking dinner this night as is the routine as well on the weekends. I get a grocery list down for the evening and I head to the store leaving Sarah with Eric and my husband. Before I left Sara… Read more

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Twin's Birthday Gift That Keeps On Coming. (3

Lesbian SexTaboo

Chapter 3 The next evening, Hannah hears Samantha's vehicle pulling into the driveway. She lights a couple of scented candles in the bedroom and turns on a bedside lamp for dimmed lighting. She hears a door close as she rushes down and into the kitchen and pops the cork of a bottle of champagne. Samantha softly kicks the door with her hands full of her luggage. Hannah opens the door and takes one of the suit cases out of Samantha's hands. When Samantha sits the suit case down on the floor, Hannah grabs Samantha's hips and forcefully pulls her body toward herself. Samantha moans softly when… Read more

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First Time on Stage

First TimeHardcore

The music was pounding faster and faster in time to her own heartbeat. Standing off to the side of the stage, Vickie was waiting her turn, feeling nervous and a little scared, but excited—very excited at the thought of all the men in the club watching her take off her clothes. And she loved the idea of making every one of them want her in the worst—or best—way possible. As a Girl Scout, babysitter, and honor roll student, everyone knew her as a nice girl—and she is nice—but she also had a wild streak that needed exploring. And what better way to do that than by auditioning at a strip club in… Read more

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Dare I fuck you? Dare I reach out and, in the blatant audacity of my love, take my cock and press it into your body? You taunt me with your wetness, the ease at which you slide over me, the power with which you grasp me within you. And yet I dare to thrust and withdraw, filling you and then retreat, only to fill you again. My strength lifts you from the bed and yet when you finish with me it fails you, slipping limp from your depth as you wait for more, something more. Imagine yourself Helen of Troy, a woman so beautiful that men will risk their lives, will risk entire nations just to look at… Read more

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Dare I fuck you? Dare I reach out and, in the blatant audacity of my love, take my cock and press it into your body? You taunt me with your wetness, the ease at which you slide over me, the power with which you grasp me within you. And yet I dare to thrust and withdraw, filling you and then retreat, only to fill you again. My strength lifts you from the bed and yet when you finish with me it fails you, slipping limp from your depth as you wait for more, something more. Imagine yourself Helen of Troy, a woman so beautiful that men will risk their lives, will risk entire nations just to look at… Read more

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Fingering My Neighbor Friend In The Woods

MasturbationFirst TimeTaboo

My fingers slid up and down the warm, slippery skin between my neighborhood friend Julie's legs as I sat awkwardly next to her in the woods behind my house. She made soft moaning and huffing noises as I felt around the flaps of sensitive flesh just below the hairy patch visible below the large hem of her green sweatshirt. I had no idea what I was doing, having never touched a girl like this before. So, I just explored her, feeling around the mysterious details between her legs with a sense of wonder. She was a few years older and lived in my neighborhood, really more the friend of my older sis… Read more

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The BDSM Institute


(this is unreal .. just fanstam of course ... ) The BDSM institute is a special school where girls, wifes, learn the pleasures of BDSM lifestyle ... After her admission to the institute, the subject passes her first test ... See how she learn her obligation : Experienced Masters teach them to obey: Daily sessions teach them total submission: [video class="blog-video size-large align-center"]100… Read more

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Uber Sucking Time in Candlestick


Hi Y’all, Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written. The move to Fairfield, CA, my husband’s new job at Travis AFB, getting the k**s back in school and figuring out how to drive for Uber again in California took much longer than expected. With the k**s back in school last week I was free at 9AM and didn’t have to pick them up until 3PM so I turned on my Uber app to see who needed a ride. It turned out having a pass to get in and out of Travis was beneficial as I was soon inside the gates and headed to the Westwind Inn, an on base hotel of sorts, to pick up my first ride. It turned out to be… Read more

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Group SexHardcoreVoyeur

CHAPTER 4: WARRIOR TRAINING We had already gone through 3 days of training and I was being patient. These days were filled with training on standard weapons of the Predators. They were also introducing me to their style of fighting with the hand-to-hand weapons including the lance. It wasn’t just me because they need to hone their skills, also, for the upcoming competition. There are five of us so they give me movements to practice with the lance and other weapons and they spend time sparring. Finally, I get frustrated. Otton comes to me asks what is wrong. The others also come, it is… Read more

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Self Possession…

Group Sex

Since Andres and I had unexpectedly spit roasted Lisa that night, we’d had a few more visits to her place. He and I would go over and both treat her, very much as she wanted, roughly. We’d spend a few hours fucking and leave her cum-soaked and grateful on the floor of her lounge. A previous housemate, Australian Graham, had returned to the UK for a week on business in Winchester and asked if I wanted to go out for a few pints. Graham was a trusted mate. Well, trusted as in…. If I lent him £10k and he said he’d pay me back next week, then he’d pay on that date. However, I’d never tell him I w… Read more

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Colleague in the woods


I'vs worked in an office for a number of years, despite both having partners there was always a flirty banter between me and my colleague. She was around 10 years older that me, a curvy lady with a pretty smile and amazing tits! We'd regularly flirt, a knowing glance, her telling me my trousers fitted well. Or me commenting on the pretty colour of her bra I could see through her blouse. But it had definitely started to increase its naughtiness. My college we'll call her brandy seemed to be wearing lower cut tops, and would frequently be bending over in front of my desk and finding excuse to… Read more

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Super Bowl Party

MatureGroup SexHardcore

Well my wife and I were invited to a Super Bowl for the Chefs and 49er's game. We got ready loaded our beer and a few dishes to take over to Kim's and Ricks house Sunday morning. We wanted to get there early to help them get everything set up for the party. We arrived to find that Kim and Rick had it all under control but seemed to be glad to see us there early. My wife and Kim went into the kitchen to finish up some of the cooking while myself and Rick went to finish setting up tables on the patio. Once everything was done we all sat down and had a beer and talked. Just within a few minutes s… Read more

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My path from Bisexual middle. To being a complete

Interracial SexGay Male

I've always been what you could call gay. I've lost my virginity to a guy. Most of my sexually partners have been guys. M<span style="font-size: 16px;">ost of my relationships have been with guys. There's been a few women here and there over the years, but easily 90% have been male. And of those guys most of the time I've been a bottom. Not a bottom in the sissy girly way (I really am happy I was born a boy) More I'm just more comfortable and able to be the bottom. Of course, there's been quite a few times I've topped, or been the more masculine of the two in the relationship. </span><div>Of c… Read more

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Making Out With Mom


I have to tell somebody about this, and I can't tell anybody I know, so I guess it's gonna be you. My name is Rick, I'm 18, and I'm in my last year of high school. I live with my mom in a two bedroom apartment on the outskirts of downtown Chicago. Mom cuts hair and does facials and waxing for a living. Every morning at 6:00 AM sharp she comes into my room with a cup of coffee and wakes me up for school. She always puts the coffee on my nightstand and then sits down on the side of the bed. "Hey Big Guy, up and at 'em. Time to rise and shine!" Same time, same routine every morning. "Hey Mom."… Read more

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Just One Kiss Switching Teams Lesbian

First TimeLesbian SexFetish

A kiss! What is a kiss? It seems so innocent and yet! We do it all the time, we kiss our c***dren; or parents; our siblings; family members; friends; even work colleagues, sometimes we can even kiss strangers when greeting them. A kiss is something innocent, a form of greeting, a simple brushing of your lips against another persons, or against their cheek, that is the innocent kiss, but there is another sort. The kiss between two lovers. Or the kiss that starts a love affair. A kiss that presages pure lust; an invitation to sex; the beginnings of sex between you; part of sexual abandon and l… Read more

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Anim laborum Quibus

Shemale Porn

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi placerat, purus id placerat rutrum, tellus velit tempor nisi, ac fermentum augue dui vel erat. Duis quis augue sit amet erat gravida iaculis ac id sapien. Nulla ultricies scelerisque tempor. Donec sit amet magna leo. Vivamus neque turpis, feugiat eu sollicitudin nec, laoreet ac velit. In scelerisque sit amet felis eget aliquet. Curabitur tellus justo, sagittis et massa porttitor, gravida facilisis odio. Integer sed turpis neque. Morbi ut quam condimentum, varius magna quis, facilisis sapien. Curabitur vel turpis et magna convallis… Read more

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Helping Mum with her tights


A few days before Mum and I were due to go away to a hotel for a family wedding we were having breakfast just in our bathrobes. Mum suggested we get our packing done so both went to our bedrooms to do this. When I’d finished, I went into Mums bedroom and she was still finishing hers with a few items laid on the bed including a couple of dresses and some panties still to be put in her case. ‘I thought you didn’t wear panties now Mum’ I said ‘I’ve not seen you in them for a while and prefer you not to wear them. And what about the red dress I said you needed to wear, where’s that?’ ‘Oh, please S… Read more

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I got caught

AnalGroup SexInterracial Sex

I was still working in the restaurant with Johnny and his friends. I had been working there about 2 weeks and was starting to get used to the way things was. I didn't exactly like my situation but the sex was so great I couldn't stop. I was serving a customer when my husband came in and sit down in my section. I was glad that Johnny and the guys hadn't took their turns on me yet But that was soon to change. I walked up to my husband and gave him a kiss and said hi honey. I didn't notice that Johnny was watching me. I took my husbands order and put it in the window and was going in the kitchen… Read more

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Hmong Pah lee

First Time

I used to do long distance relationship with this girl name pah lee from IA. She is a short brown skin thick hmong girl who has boobs size 36c. I didnt realized that she already had a boyfriend name kee who's living with her and yet she still talk to me as friend when Her boyfriend goes to work. We did tons of phonesex and exchanged tons of nude pictures while her boyfriend kee is at work. She told me crazy stuff such as, my boyfriend only last 30 seconds, my boyfriend has small cock, my boyfriend is very short temp, my boyfriend is boring... etc This one day I was texting her and asked her… Read more

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