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A Life Of Ease

Katherine has lost her job and her apartment. She becomes desperate and turns to me for help. I’ve become her friend and confidante, her only male companion in whom she can trust. She is afraid to admit how badly off she is to her female friends.

I tell her everything will be OK. She can have a life of ease. She is grateful but curious. How will this be possible when she has tried everything she can to get a job? I say it is simple. She is wise. She is beautiful in a mature way. All she need do is remove her clothing.

She is stunned. She demands to know what I mean. I tell her to think for a moment. She was successfully married long ago. She is desirable to men. She is a trained counsellor who can provide emotional support. Wealthy and powerful men need release from the pressures of their corporate lives both emotionally and sexually. They will treat her well and pay her well.

She demands details. I lay out how a video session would go, private video for members only, not for sale on the Internet. I emphasize the immense financial rewards: free food and lodging plus several months’ wages for a single session. The men would be courteous and clean and without sperm in their semen.

She protests that she hasn’t had a man in years, doesn’t think she could do it. I tell her we can test that easily. I will be her mentor. She reluctantly agrees.

I take her to my bedroom and strip her. I run my hands over her naked body. I feel her breasts and run my finger into her vulva slit. I put her hand on my naked penis and make her stroke it upright. I lay her on her back on my bed and spread her legs. I taste her vagina. I rise and mount her. I rub the head of my penis up and down her vulva and into the soft warmth of her vagina. I push my penis into her vagina and begin thrusting.

She responds, slowly but strongly. Her first orgasm washes over her as I knead her breasts and continue thrusting my penis deep into her vagina. She wants to know why I pause from time to time to look down at the conjunction of our sex organs. I explain that men like to watch sex happening. She must learn to display herself to men. She must learn to submit to their desires.

She has another, stronger orgasm. I tell her how good it is that she responds sexually and enjoys intercourse. I explain that my powerful friends have already rented her a spacious loft near the university where she took her degree. It is now fully furnished and ready for her to occupy. Her lodgings occupy fully half the fourth floor. The other half has also been rented. It has been fitted as a sexual playroom for her sessions with men.

I thrust my penis harder and faster into the depths of her vagina. Foam from her sex lubricant appears in flecks on the lips of her vulva. I feel my crisis approaching. I feel my desire for her. I look deeply into Katherine’s hazel eyes and make her feel my lust as I pound my pubes into hers and grind my pubic hair into hers. She stiffens. I stiffen. We begin to orgasm together. She cries and screams lustily as she abandons herself to a full body orgasm. I feel my glans penis shooting jet after jet of semen deep into her vagina.

Katherine moves into her new lodging. I am invited to join in the first sex session. The men gather and strip her. They put her on her back on the big bed and begin to mount her, one at a time. The video camera records their big penises thrusting into her vagina. The bed has restraints, but they do not use them, not yet. Other equipment lies waiting in closets. In much later sessions, she will be tied and tortured before being fucked orally and vaginally and anally. It will take time. The men will be patient. She is worth it.
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