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Katy Perry and The Video Editor


*the following is a work of fiction* Alright, it’s time I got this one off my chest… … I work as a video editor in L.A. I cut all kinds of stuff — commercials, movie trailers, music videos. Whatever’s available really. It’s a competitive industry and I’m just happy to have the work. It’s not always glamorous but it pays well. Lots of long hours alone in a dark room, just trying to… Read more

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"Goddess" A Short Story By Gentile --------- "From Dallas, Texas, the flash apparently official. President Kennedy died at 1 p.m. Central Standard Time, 2 o'clock Eastern Standard Time, some 38 minutes ago." --------- He'd submitted his short story to her. No request for a picture. No request for the compulsory autograph. He'd not sullied his correspondence with such request. Just the manuscript he'd labored on in a plain manila envelope. He'd expected no response. The sending of "Goddess" was his reward. It took all he had to drop the envelope in the Post Offi… Read more

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Katy Perry and The Video Editor


*the following is a work of fiction* Katy Perry and The Video Editor Alright, it’s time I got this one off my chest… … I work as a video editor in L.A. I cut all kinds of stuff — commercials, movie trailers, music videos. Whatever’s available really. It’s a competitive industry and I’m just happy to have the work. It’s not always glamorous but it pays well.… Read more

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Bayley-Patra: Goddess Beside Me - WWE Diva Fanfic


by Nikolai Blagov DCBO$$ from wrestlingffp.forumcommunity. net Another first person POV story, especially for the Bayley fans here, who would enjoy this fanfic. You watch a horror movie all alone, as suddenly Bayley comes to you. Bayley: Hey… Whatcha watching? You: Oh, just watching some Friday The 13th. Bayley: Friday the 13th…...Odd title…...wait…..this isn’t a horror movie is it? I told you before how I feel about horror movies… You: Well, it’s not really…. Bayley: It’s not? You promise? Scooch over, don’t hog the couc… Read more

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Trouble’s A Song Three Can Play.

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Trouble’s A Song Three Can Play. If someone asked her in retrospect if she regretted that night, Tori would say no in a heartbeat. However, she still couldn’t, for the love of God herself, remember why she ever thought a sleepover with both Jade and Cat would allow her to remain the same. ------------------------------ The idea came from Cat - obviously - after their graduation party, using every trick she knew to convince her two best friends that a girls sleepover was all they needed that summer before college started - Tori disagreed, they’d absolutely stay in touch, but how do… Read more

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A Gamers Podcast

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A Gamers Podcast: Elyse Forgets A Crucial Item The Funhaus crew are seated around the podcast booth and Adam introduces intros the show with the typical Funhaus wit and sarcasm, while Elyse, James, and Alannah sit in waiting. Adam: Today! Video games be gaming and women be shoppin’ all that and plus some more interesting facts on how to roleplay your favorite video game characters on today’s episode of Dude Soup. James talks over the credits making fun of Adams lackluster intro as they all laugh. The start of the show is goin… Read more

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Erotic Rumours About Musician Regine Chassagne

CelebrityFetishGroup Sex

For quite a long time now, there’s been some wild erotic rumours about incredibly beautiful lovely famous singer & multi-talented artist Regine Chassagne. With them saying things got vastly sinful & depraved, after a performance with her band Arcade Fire. As true goddess & total queen Regine demandingly invited 50-hand-picked Swedish guys from the audience, to meet her backstage, at Grona Lund, Stockholm. Giving them a much unexpected, but real happy surprise. As they went to a private hidden dressing room, where a super-horny Regine, was eagerly waiting for them. Shocking them… Read more

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Gabbie C. and Me.


The best encounters happen by accident. I had to fly to Austin TX to discuss a business decision. Lovely city. Lively music scene. Good food. Lots of beautiful women. But good things end. And I had to fly home. At the airport, going through TSA I caught sight of a very cute, well built, but much younger woman (I'm in my early 50s) ahead in the line. I tried to get a better look, but no matter which way I tried to glimpse past the other people in line, she kept escaping that better look. Oh well. She got through the scan, and I had to, as usual, go to the side to have the pat down because the a… Read more

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QVC Julia: The Affair Part 3 - The Threesome


From the view of Dale I had a call from Julia to drive down to her house. It seemed like a lifetime ago she had her sexy knickers on, and I was having annal sex at that Christmas party. I was so excited to get there, especially to her house. So was a fair bit older than me, a cougar I guess, but she was highest earner at work and had been there for 17 years. I expected her to be have a nice place. All I knew about it was that it was rented. As I drove into her driveway, I saw her sports car there. That was somewhere I wanted to shag her. That car was quite famous at work. Some of the younger… Read more

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No One Will Believe This


[ For.....I'm not really just who to dedicate this to, to be honest. Certain parts of it are 'real' (or have realistic antecedents), and certain parts are not. But, when it comes right down to it...who cares? Right? So, just enjoy the story as a story and leave it at that. So, enjoy! ] 1976. Summer. Los Angeles, CA. No one is going to believe this, I know. But, believe it, or not, I had one of the most unusual experiences of my life (then, or now) while I was living, or trying to live, in Los Angeles, CA; and trying (without success, I must ad) to get into the porn business as a porn actor… Read more

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QVC Julia: The Affair Part 4 - The Brass


From the view of Julia 2008 I could feel his gaze on my naked body as I walked back to bed and got in the covers. “That body of yours. You are so womanly, so voluptuous. You turn me on, like no other.” Dale said. I smiled and kissed him. The affair was getting on for 6 months now. My relationship with my partner had been sterile and did not fulfil me for a long time now. I had other random flings, but felt like something more, I liked Dale’s devotion and that he was a few years younger than me. We had some good times and a bit off threesome action too. But Dale; no. We looked good together… Read more

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"The Best Marine" A Short Story


"The Best Marine" A Short Story by Gentile --------- This story is dedicated to all of them; who, "scorned and covered with scars still strove with their last ounce of courage." --------- As they'd lain awake through boundless nights talking first of their hopes and dreams, then their challenges and accomplishments and finally to the house they'd aimed with the good Lord's guidance and grace to enter as the finish came into focus. Both wanted to be laid to rest in the state they'd been born. "Well, actually I don't mind joining you, Gomer." Her daddy had at one time voiced serious doubts… Read more

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"Danny Thomas, Founder" A Short Story


"Danny Thomas, Founder" A short story by Gentile --------- It'd been years since they'd ended: "Why, Donald?" "Ann." His tone slightly sliced with threat. "Is there someone else?" "Christ." He started to rise then fell back into the chair. There never had been someone else and there never would be. He'd loved one woman and would love her until he went "into the dust that was always the end." "It's the sex, isn't it?" A slight streak thru her tone. Don came back, right over the top: "What sex?" "You knew the rules, Donald. My father forbids it." That forbiddance failed to stop Donal… Read more

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"Sailing Away from Key Largo, Fast!"


"Sailing Away from Key Largo, Fast!" A Play By Gentile --------- ACT ONE: On the pier, at the first... DAD:::"Nora, Nora, Nooooooooooorahhhhhh." In a sing-song method. NORA: Screaming: "WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW, OLD MAN?" She rinses off her hands in the briny & treks up from the boat house. DAD: "Come here, Nora, my son's CO has come to visit." NORA: To herself. "Thank Christ, I thought he needed another diaper change." She arrives. DAD: "Nora, this is Frank. He was your husband's Conscientious Objector during the war." NORA: "No, no he's not, Dad, he's Humphrey Bogart and he's a ro… Read more

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"Last Date"

CelebrityFirst TimeMature

"Last Date" A short story by Gentile He'd shown up with a combination of Old Spice & Jack Daniels Old #7 emanating from his pores & breath, respectively. "Mr. Grant." She wanted to admonish him, but, in her defense, did not. "Come in." "What's for dinner, Mary?" He wanted to embrace her, but, backed away at the last. She wanted to embrace him, but, backed away at the last. "The return of Veal Prince Orloff. You'll finally have your fill, Mr. Grant." Their laughter stilted & brief. There was a gleam in his eyes she'd not seen before. "You look really nice tonight, Mary." "… Read more

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"The Last Hero"


"The Last Hero" A short story by Michael Gentile ---During the introduction to "Hogan's Heroes" there is a solemn, military press sequence that contains 6 thrusts before it is broken into a circus atmosphere upon the 7th. It is to those (6) that I dedicate this story.--- - "30 seconds. God be with you." - "Saving Private Ryan" Word had come for most via scuttlebutt, in small whispers, passed American to American, German to German. An ashen-faced Sgt. Washington had entered Colonel Hogan's afforded quarters and woken him. "Colonel, Colonel, Colonel Hogan, sir!" Hogan woke from sleep & d… Read more

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QVC Julia - The Affair Part 2-Party Spin Off Story

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From the view of a Third Person They were on two tables. By 10pm a few people had already left. Julia and Dale went early. Kathy and some of the other admin staff had left. Drinks were still flowing, and a lot of sexual tension was building. The group didn’t have youngsters within it. The people were aged 40’s to 60’s. Politics and sex was high on the agenda. “Bet you’re pissed that Julia has gone now big D. Or you are hoping for some action with some celebrity type from the main party, Carol, or Ruth. Actually, that BBW Fern.” Gobbed Stephen. He was the senior camera man. Saw himself as t… Read more

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QVC Julia: The Affair Part 2 – Christmas Party


From the view of Dale It had been a few weeks since I had fucked Julia. Since then I had not been on a similar shift with her. I took the risk of sending her flirty emails and texts, which she responded too, but I had not had the chance to see her again. It was driving me mad. I just wanted to fuck her so badly, the sex was great last time, but I knew it was just a taster. I found myself wanking off over her constantly, searching for photos or watching her live. Now I had tasted her pussy and seen her body in all its womanly glory, I just wanted Julia more and more. My wife was hassling me to… Read more

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Rothrock Investigates - Jennifer Lawrence Part 1


Most days I regret becoming a PI. Spending my life digging through the garbage of other people lives. Endlessly telling people the bad news that they already knew. Whisky doesn’t buy itself though and without I can’t do this job. Today was different though. It started just after 11 when my secretary brought a Mr Maroney. “What can I do for you Mr Maroney?” I asked. “I need you to find my wife” he replied “She’s been gone for a week, very unusual for her” This is a common story and usually the answer is s… Read more

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Dear Kim Kardashian-W 1,

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"Kanye West is a bi-sexual Male, and is the President & CEO of G.O.O.D. Music Group, and BFE Entertainment, No further questions, ,, by the way.... Baby Face Cloths and B.F.Angles Clothing will be exclusive, in Macy's, J.C.Penny, Target, Dash clothing and Outlet stores in Paris, L.A., S.J., Texas, NY, and Ireland. An in Mr. Dash clothing and Outlet stores. Kanye "Kim is my mother, my real name is Timon Kardashian Willis, I rap a little, and make dope beats, I'm only 22 years Old, did thru the wire when I was in Grammar school, literally, Capishe'." I "No more questions we out this booch."… Read more

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