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I'm not like that! Don't worry I am Lesb

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

Laura and Jackie had been hanging out a lot over the past few weeks. They met at a local club. Laura had recognized Jackie, barely, but she couldn't think of where she remembered her from. Laura sat on Jackie's bed crying over how her boyfriend had left her. "Thanks for letting me come over," Laura said. "No problem." Jackie grabbed Laura a box of tissue. "I can't believe he left me," Laura sniffled. "For some other bitch." "Fuck men." "Yeah. Fucking slut she had to be." "I guess what goes around comes around." Laura looked at Jackie confused and hurt. "What?" "Yeah," said Jackie wit… Read more

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I'm not like that! PT2 Lesbian

FetishLesbian Sex

Laura was still tied naked to the bed as Jackie grabbed one of her legs and lifted it over her shoulder. She licked Laura's wet pussy a few more times tasting her cum. Laura squirmed and moaned. Jackie held Laura's leg over her shoulder as she eased her pussy towards Laura's. Jackie pushed their pussies together. They moaned from the hot wetness as their pussies kissed. Jackie started to grind her pussy on Laura's and it wasn't long before Laura started to grind back. "Oooh," moaned Laura. "You like that bitch?" "Yeah." "Fuck me like you fuck those cocks. Yeah, yeah bitch. MMmmmmmmm grind… Read more

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Joe's Ball Busting

BDSMLesbian SexFetish

I had been out shopping for a good part of the day and when I came home and didn't see Joe, I walked towards the study where I heard some noises coming from and quietly moved up to the door and peeked in. There was Joe sitting at the computer watching a video of a woman sounding a man's cock with her high heel. I could see Joe jerking off his hard cock and thought to myself he needed to be taught a lesson. I quietly moved to our bedroom and put on a pair of pointy toed ankle strapped stiletto heels and picked up the phone and called Ruth, telling her to come up and bring Cyndi make sure they b… Read more

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call boy fucking married women of Hyderabad


Hi readers, this is yashwanth again with another hot story with a married lady whom I met online chat room. One day morning I was looking for client in a chat room. As soon as I entered I received message from a women ID. I was first doubt it may be fake. Because now a days guys are cheating like this in chat rooms. Let’s assume her name Rekha. Age 27 from Hyderabad. I told her that I am a call boy and do you like to have my service. She asked about my services and tariff which I told her. Then we added each other in chat room started to chat private. She was very happy about with her husb… Read more

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Finally we meet part 5

First TimeAnalFetish

This had to be the longest hour ever as the clock appeared not to move. Once an the time came for our pizza girl to show the excitement level between us was at such a high level I wasn't sure either of us were going to be able to contain our excitement. Still with no sign of our playmate we were about to give up hope and about to get out of our clothes which we put on after showering so we could use stripping as a part of foreplay. Then finally a knock on the door and just to be sure it wasn't a neighbor I looked through the peep hole and saw this cute little face staring back at me. Opening a… Read more

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My First Filipina


As a disclaimer, let me say that this story is 100% true. I will include a photo of my X but remove the head and identifiers – and change her name to “SANDY” for the remainder of the story. I will also change the locations and some identifying nouns such as the names of the friends I mention. My time with Sandy began a few years ago online. I met her on Facebook. Apparently she was searching for another friend but noticed my photo and then searched my profile and decided to contact me and start a chat relationship. Sandy was a 30 year old Filipina living in Philippines and I’m an American. I… Read more

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Seduction by Carol


This is fiction – that means IT NEVER HAPPENED – but I sure wish it had, hope you enjoy. See note at the end about the source for these beautiful pictures. I will begin with a quotation from the movie “Christmas Story” in which Ralphie spoke of his father in this way. “My father worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium, a master.” I will change that now rather famous line to the following: “Carol works in seduction the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It is h… Read more

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There I was as an English Grammar assistant checking tests at my boss's office, when somebody knocked at the door. It was a student who asked: "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I am looking for some help. I need to translate these papers into Spanish in order to study for an exam next week." Our mother tongue is Spanish, so ou could imagine in what a juicy apple trouble he was. Give me 5 minutes, I said and I'll see what I can do. When I was done with the tests, he showed me the papers. They were about biology and contagious diseases. About 120 pages. The guy studied to become a medical doctor in… Read more

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A Girlfriend is Caned


It was the end of another week, Friday 6th June 1969 to be precise, as Debbie Abbott and her new boyfriend Martyn Wetherby headed towards the main door of the school on their way home. Hand in hand, they made their way through the large and imposing arched doorway and out into the summer sunshine, smiling at each other at every opportunity. With her parents on holiday in Spain, and her elder sister away at university, Debbie had invited Martyn to spend the weekend at her house, their first real opportunity to spend true, intimate time together since becoming an item just three short weeks ear… Read more

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Ross writes for Lynn again


We drove the thirty odd miles to the photographer's studio in silence. Nerves were apparent, but on arrival calmness came over Lynn and I found it was me who was trembling. Of course Lynn had nothing to be worried about, she posses an excellent figure. Although she is 32 years old, her skin glows like that of an 18-year-old. She has shoulder length brunette hair, the most gorgeous natural pout that is always the recipient of comments. Her breasts, although smallish, exhibit a natural firmness that always ensures they appear prominent - added to the way she carries her small frame - her straigh… Read more

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Finally we meet part 4

AnalFirst TimeFetish

We did in fact finally reach the shower feeling very satisfied from hours and hours of great sex, fantasies fulfilled, and a nice high. In the shower we talked a lot and other than at brunch a few hours ago we hardly talked at all since we were too busy pleasing each other and trying to get as much sex in as we could in the short visit that was planned. We talked about how we actually did what we said we were going to do and both were completely happy with how things were working out. The time frame was from 12:30 pm Saturday until 10am Monday which only gave us 45 and a half actual hours and… Read more

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BDSMFetishGroup Sex

I tried to book slot as volunteer in Golden Shower Club from many days. Finally I got confirmation. As per time slot, I moved to there. The venue was a farm house. The guard asked me password phrase for entry which I received on email. There were lot of guys who drank beers and cocktails. After sometime, I entered the common room. Lot of guys masked their faces and naked inside. There was a dry pool under covered roof. I removed my clothes and entered the pool. One another plastic pool was there also. There were too many guys, some were standing inside pool and some were watching from poolsi… Read more

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Finally we meet part 3

First TimeMasturbationFetish

With both of us exhausted much needed sleep only lasted maybe 4 to 5 hours tops and almost simultaneously our eyes opened together as a devious looking smile was on her face. My lips found hers and we were once again embracing and exploring each others bodies. In not time at all my erect cock was pressing against her stomach and as she reached to take me in her hands my hands found their way to an already wet pussy. We kissed and masturbated each other leading us to more intense sensations. She broke our kiss to tell me she wanted us in a 69 position which was a perfect start to another day wi… Read more

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A LITTLE pet play

FetishGroup SexTaboo

Please note that this story is entirely fictional and the product of two kinky minds,mine and my lovely friend who goes by RingRoad (please go check him out he’s amazing) this story was shaped of an ERP we shared and a I loved so much I had to expand on it.And without him this lovely story wouldn’t be a thing.This story is written from the daddies point of view and includes themes of hypnosis of a willing person,humiliation.FFM,pet play,and littling (the use of this is achieved via the use of objects such as a pacifier),and a slight fetish for feet.This story is part of a… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: The Party

Group SexMatureFetish

First of all, let me apologize for not adhering to the current social distancing guidelines. After being home bound for several months everyone was happy to get out of the house and actually interact with other people. Our annual Memorial Day Weekend lingerie and sex toy party came at just the right time. Veronica was gracious enough to host our sexy get together at her house again, and she reminded everyone that we were free to carry on as we always have. Anyone that had concerns didn’t have to attend. All in all I thought… Read more

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Finally we meet part 2

First TimeMasturbationFetish

I wrote and sent part 2 but apparently it never published so I will give it another attempt. We continued to kiss as if we had done this many times before. I think we both were surprised how comfortable we were since we never actually met in person. I suppose the many sessions we had playing on the computer made the transition so easy.Our excitement level was through the roof as both our hands roamed and explored each other as we began taking each others clothes off. Her light sweater was off first allowing me to see just how perfect her breasts were. A very thin tank top like shirt was making… Read more

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I'm not a Lesbian. I'm not well maybe?

First TimeFetishLesbian Sex

I need to say something right up front: I'm not a lesbian. I am open minded. I'll try almost anything once. That's why I joined the sex club at my university. But I'm not a lesbian. It wasn't actually called 'The Sex Club' of course. The official name was The Sorority Sisters Sex Education Club, SSSEC. Everyone called it 'The Sex Club'. The club's purpose was to promote healthy attitudes and lifestyles for women with regard to sex. I was proud of that. We had subgroups for everything from alternative lifestyles to domestic v******e. We did good work and helped a lot of people. There were… Read more

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my crazy chick

FetishGay MaleGroup Sex

i was surprised when you asked me if we could ride over your amauter pornstar girlfriends house for a threesome you never showed much intrest in other chicks, i even asked if you were trying to have another dude join us while your friend watched, i told you it was cool and if it makes you happy then im down for that cause, if its my girls lifetime dream to watch me lose my booty cherry while she rides my face and eggs the guy to go faster and harder then im down because youve brought me back from death so we go in and you get in your dominatrix mode, more bratty than mean but in control as you… Read more

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Two for One Deal

FetishFirst TimeVoyeur

For a long time now, I've loved the idea of eating my wife's pussy right after I cum inside her. I fantasize about it practically every time we have sex, but unfortunately, as soon as I cum I lose interest completely. In fact, after I cum the idea repels me. I've mentioned this fantasy to Pam, and much to my surprise it turned her on at least as much as it does me. She even tried to force the issue, sitting on my face and trying to make me lick her clean. I went into a sort of panic, almost bit her to get her off me, and she decided that wasn't going to work. I thought that was the end of it,… Read more

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Caught using My Wife's Black Dildo

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

Sharon and I have been married close to seven years now, and for the most part it's been great. The sex isn't as plentiful or varied as it was at first, but I gather that's par for the course. I've never felt the need to have sex with anyone else, unless you count Bruno. I consider myself completely straight, but a while back I bought a black dildo (that's Bruno) and got it for my wife. Even that had purely heterosexual origins. When we were first married, Sharon gave me blowjobs all the time. Once or twice a week was pretty standard, sometimes more. A few times she used her vibrator on me, a… Read more

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