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Good Enough too Eat Blacken

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

I told my wife that it would be fun and sexy to see a male stripper dance for her...like at a bachelorette party. We never discussed MFM sex but she knew I was open to it from previously discussed fantasies. I went online and found a really good looking black guy who was also a masseuse. When I booked him I asked him if he'd be willing to "play." He said maybe. I sent him a couple of pictures of my wife and not only did he agree to play, he waived his fee because he found her very attractive. He mentioned that he was disease-free with recent papers to verify. We agreed that he'd feel her vibe… Read more

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Male Stripper Change's Team's PT2 Gay

FetishGroup SexGay Male

At that, the crowd erupted in hurrahs, and began to gather around me. However, I excused myself to retire to the bathroom for just a minute to pee and prepare myself, while Curt passed the hat to collect my money. In the bathroom, after I peed, I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered what I'd gotten myself into. I was about to become a real-life whore, a paid sex provider, and the prospect was a little intimidating. But I had told them I'd do it, and frankly I got a thrill out of the thought that I had so aroused them that they were gladly willing to pay me a lot of money to relieve the… Read more

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The Way It Was


"Where IS she?" Gerry moaned...It's been forty-five minutes... My dick hurts, I can't stand it! ************************************************* Danielle, owner of the salon where Helen was a stylist often remarked that her star employee sounded like an art historian and dressed like Joan Jett..."Must be the cute young lawyer who rents from you, huh?" Dani k**ded...Helen looked great today outside the coffee shop, spiky red hair, tank top (no bra) and tiny leather miniskirt. Her new fishnet stockings looked great too...Gerry had hooked the garters that morning, trembling...It's great that I s… Read more

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Mrs Fields, her paddle, my tender bottom!


I have had a few requests to continue my story “Good old fashioned school spanking”. To fully help everyone understand, I will describe the important players in my story. Mrs Fields: My teacher! She is a classic beauty in her early 30’s. She is tall & lean, with ample breasts. Her body has wonderful curves. She had long brunette hair and blue eyes. She wore glasses, they made her look very sexy. She always smelled wonderful. She is a vey smooth and classy lady. I would consider her caring, helpful, and loving. She was also a no nonsense teacher. She expected her students to learn and sho… Read more

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Skeletons in my Closet part 15


Skeletons in my Closet part 15 The She-Devil appears and return to the Glory Hole. On Sunday morning Michelle and I awoke at the same time around 930 am John was not in bed between us. We both ran to the bedroom bathroom. She beat me to the toilet. She sat down and peed while I brushed my teeth. Between running water for brushing my teeth and Michelle pissing like a racehorse. I was doing that pp dance women do. Michelle was still pissing. ”Hurry up Michelle or your going to get a golden shower, ” I said to her. We swapped places with me peeing and her brushing her teeth. I saw she had her… Read more

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My Anniversary Present Lesbian

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

My husband has always been fascinated by my desire to make love to a woman. I am relationship straight, but sexually bi-curious. I've always wanted to feel the soft lips of a woman against mine, the feel of smooth skin caressing my body, making her way to my soaking wet pussy. My husband fully supports my desires. He likes watching me make myself cum to videos of lesbians sliding their pussies across each other, fucking myself with my rabbit on full speed, cumming in time with them. We came up with sexual bucket lists a while back and my list, of course, included my ultimate fantasy of being w… Read more

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What A Gym Lesbian

First TimeFetishLesbian Sex

We got to the high school gym just as the night weight lifting class was getting out. Working for the police department gave me access to the key to the gym, and its weight room. It was the high school's way of thanking us for providing security at all their games and dances. Wendy and I stood upstairs and watched as the class left for the night. I particularly noticed a cute redhead, with a well-toned bottom and long, curly hair. She looked adorably cute in her white weight lifting shoes and her sweats and gray T-shirt with the neck and arms cut out. "What are you looking at?" Wendy asked me.… Read more

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First time for three - English version

First TimeFetishTaboo

Sorry, our mother tongue is not english. We hope that the story will be understood anyway. First time for three - English version This story was reconstructed based on our diary notes from August 19, 1978. These events were written together by us (Katharine + Peter). Katharine and I have been a couple since we were young. Thanks to the great understanding of our parents, this was not a problem. Katharine is 18 and I 19 when we moved into a flat. Kathi had lost her virginity to me a long time ago. Our love life was still wild. A lot was tried out at that time. Katharine and I hav… Read more

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An IMpossible Dream


A complete work of fiction with no reality except the yearning for a time long past. We met quite by accident. I was taking a lunch break at a little old fashioned diner near work. It was one of those long narrow diners with a counter and a row of booths that were suited for two people. As I moved through the crowd weaving in and out of those leaving after their lunch I stopped as a woman cut in front of me and my hand bumped her butt. Yes, it was by accident but what happened after that was no accident, I th… Read more

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Brye was fascinated by his lover's relationship with her husband. He'd dealt with jealous husbands much of his life, being a handsome young guy who didn't like to commit, and then there had been the open marriages. But this was so different. Brye and Treva were enjoying glasses of Chardonnay on the couch, and Treva's husband, a doctor by profession, was bringing in little snacks for them. Brye sincerely hoped that he wouldn't be poisoned by Dr. Shep! "So he likes to watch?" Brye said, as he enjoyed Treva's head in the crook of a muscled arm. He was the neighborhood pool cleaner, among oth… Read more

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The train ride to kinky elderly couple


In the early sixties aged 18 I was training in the RAF up in sleepy Norfolk and I used to catch the early afternoon train from London on Sundays when I went home for weekends. Those were the days of single compartment carriages with a corridor. It was one of those boring trains that stopped at virtually every town and village and on Sundays was hardly ever busy. On this one summer Sunday I was alone reading and about halfway through the journey an old lady (well I thought she was old but in hindsight she could only have been in her mid-fifties), walked into my compartment. She appeared to be… Read more

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FetishGay MaleHardcore

PAINTER LOVES PANTYHOSE SEX When I was sixteen my parents hired a painter to paint rooms on the first floor of our house. The night before he was to paint I had gotten an insane migraine. The next morning, at 6:00 a.m., when I should be getting up for school, Mom told me to stay home and rest because I still looked a little off. I rolled over and fell into a deep sleep. I didn’t hear my parents leave or let the painter in. I’m not sure when the painter arrived but at approximately 9:45–10:00 a.m. I woke up hungry. Mom had forgotten to tell me the painter was coming. I slipped on a pai… Read more

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One night stand in the bar


She was ecstatic it was finally happening. The moment they have both been waiting for. He gazed in her eyes, then kisses her quickly and forcefully. She moans in pleasure, turning him on more. She knows this and is caressing his chest while moving her hand down. Down to where she knows he needs attention. He allows it. He has one thing on his mind, to push his hands in her pants and push his hand through her panties to her favorite place. But he is resisting right now, allowing her to explore and caress. She moves her hands in his pants and grabs his dick immediately. He was already hard, b… Read more

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Essay Erotic 9: Valentine 5 - Erica 1


Erotic Essay 9 is Fifth in its Sub-series 'Valentine' - on occasion of recent V-Day 2020. Erotic Essay 9 is on Erica. My other Valentine 'flame of fame' from my real life in A'dam. Erotic Essay 9 tells I how meet her casually almost every Tuesday evening. A local bar. Erotic Essay 9 tells you her looks. Why I am attracted & fascinated by her inner beauties. Erotic Essay 9 relates our friendly social rituals so far. How I had missed her recently. Two weeks. Erotic Essay 9 relates how I use last Tuesday the occ… Read more

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I couldn't Loose Fun Lesbian Game

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

As I walked into the dimly lit room, I could smell the heat in the air. The note had said, "Room 469, 1:00pm. Wear something easily removed." It had been typed, but when it had been delivered with a dozen white and fuchsia gladiolas, I knew it was from one or the other of them. Maybe both. Also, It didn't say which hotel, so I assumed it would be the one place the 3 of us had rendezvoused several times before. The key attached to the note did not have a tag, and the only marking was the room number etched on the top of one side. So here I stood, proven correct in my assumptions about the loca… Read more

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Done with Dicks Lesbian

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

Why do people save themselves for marriage? There should be a rule that you have to have sex before you get married just to make sure that it's what both people want and can live with for the rest of their lives. That is what marriage is supposed to be, right? Eternal, loving, committed, enjoyable? No matter what a marriage is supposed to be, I know what mine is not. There is love there, but I can't say that I'm in love, maybe I never was. Maybe I was just in lust, and thought the sex would bring out the love. Maybe it would if the sex were any good. My husband, Jay, and I have been married… Read more

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My Arranged Marriage (slave sale) FRENCH MAID CONS


PREPARATION OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE Cast: Clarrise L. Thorne Clarrise Thorne / Well bred & trained Member of the Church of Transformative Sexuality Enlightened Princess - Sissy French Maid Named Clarrise by Mistress Amanda Wildfyre over 25 years ago and Thorne to honor my all time crush on the infamous Dyanne Thorne of Ilsa She Wolf of the SS & Wanda the Wicked Warden fame. A woman I would actually consider giving my testicles to, for a promise of lifetime personal French Maid servitude in her private boudoir...Advanced stages of Feminization Therapy at the secret Stalag.… Read more

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Old Joan joins escort agency


June was a good-looking, and what she would call, comfortably cuddly lady of 72 years and had kept herself in reasonable shape. The trouble was that she had not had sex for a least 10 years and was desperate for a big hard cock up her hairy cunt. More to the point she was having trouble making ends meet. There was no way she wanted to give up her nice bungalow or her lifestyle. The trouble with getting a big hard cock was the fact that not any suitable man her age group could not k get an erection and as for money she was not… Read more

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The hookup


Nora Gennaioli smiled at the sweet guy across the table from her as she absent mindedly drummed her long nails on what was left of her egg roll. It was fascinating about Alpha males and Beta males, she thought. Alphas were good in the sack, and Betas were good at nearly everything else that you needed... Most women had to make a choice, like her friend Libby Owen, who'd been impregnated by Santos Stuciano right before his skull was crushed by a rival gang member wearing a garbage can and wielding a steel Louisville Slugger. So Lib married Marlin Quiggle, the nice bookkeeper at the Imbert fu… Read more

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Good old fashioned school spanking!!!


I have always had an infatuation with spanking. There is a certain amount of eroticism and intimacy that goes with it. When you totally submit your bottom to an authority figure, to be spanked or paddled, it is quite a feeling. I think that's why I now enjoy some light spanking in the bedroom as foreplay. Every school I went to, growing up, used spanking as a form of punishment. If you disrupted class or did anything they deemed as “hindering the educational process”, you would get your bottom swatted. Depending on the teacher, these spanking sessions normally involved the offending student to… Read more

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