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First Time

The first and only time I have acted on the spur of the moment. When I moved up north from London a few years back. Me and my mates arranged to keep in touch by having golfing weekends somewhere halfway between us. This one time it happened to be Nottingham. We were staying at a golf course that had accommodation on site. On the last night we got back from town after some food, the others wanted to call it a night but me and one pal decided to go the bar. I was there getting the drinks and while I waited got chatting to another fella Ian waiting for his drinks, he said why don't you j… Read more

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First Time Hotel Fun

First TimeInterracial SexVoyeur

I’m lying on the bed in the hotel room, watching my wife dripping wet from her shower. She looks amazing with the water droplets running down her body, over her breasts and down to her nipples. The water also runs down her stomach and to her sweet shaved pussy. I watch her dry her body as I lay there, my cock slowly starting to stir, thinking about the night ahead. We are on a weekend break away on the coast and the hotel is full. I have noticed earlier there was a conference taking place at the hotel, when I arrived and it was mostly males there, which got me excited as I knew there may be a… Read more

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First Lap Dance

VoyeurFirst TimeMature

"Damn honey, you look beautiful!" Sometimes hearing it, you still don't feel or believe it, though the compliment is well received. In this case however, Renee' did believe it as she stood looking at herself in the mirror. Tall, or at least tall for a woman, Renee' stood admiring her long shapely legs. The black skirt she was wearing short, short without being obscene, but definitely sexy. She had worn no panties, nor panty hose. She ran her fingers briefly through her short brown feathered hair, giving herself a stylish 'mussed' look, without appearing as though she'd just gotten out of be… Read more

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Labor Day

First TimeTabooVoyeur

The tears welling in my eyes blurred my vision, and I suddenly realized I didn't know how long I'd been beating the lemon curd. Where was our marriage going? Was it over between me and Mark? I'd do anything, if only... Over the grinding roar of the antiquated mixer, I heard the front door slam. "Lisa?" I hollered, expecting to hear her typical, Philly-bred, 'Hi-ya, Peg'. There was no response. A frisson tingled at my nape. I turned off the mixer and pulled my terry robe tight around me. It was the only thing I'd thrown on after my shower. The family mountain cabin had no neighbors for a hal… Read more

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First time buying panties

First TimeVoyeurTaboo

This is my story about how I got into wearing panties. One day my wife and I were talking about a couple we knew and how they should come over for drinks. She was a little cutie and worked-out with me wife. Her husband was a good looking guy and just something about him I got me excited. They came over one night and had some drinks, we ended up playing poker. His wife out of the blue on one hand added a dare, a dare for my wife to kiss her if she lost. That hand my wife in fact lost and they kissed oh it was hot. At this point the game turned into bets and dares. Well now I see my c… Read more

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From Dicks to Chicks Lesbian

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

I remember always being intrigued by the thought of touching another woman, being touched by another woman. Once I discovered how to really make myself cum, my mind would usually wander to the thought of looking down and seeing a woman's face licking my wet pussy, grabbing her hair and holding her head to my pussy, feeling her fingers sliding in and out of me, while her mouth licks my juices up and her tongue expertly laps and swirls around my clit. I would often find myself cumming to this image. Years later, in a d**g induced sex episode, I was in bed with a couple. They often liked to brin… Read more

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Sylvia and Cecil Faye

First TimeTabooInterracial Sex

Silkie leaned back against the pillow and took another puff of her cigarette. " I'm going to try to tell this part of the thing that I got into with my mom...just that part. "Tom, I've been talking a lot to you about this sex stuff with Judy and these grown men that happened when I was f******n or fifteen years old...f******n, I think. " "Holy shit, that was crazy, you know. All this fucking and weird sex when I was still in what we called Junior High? " "Tom, telling that last story to you got me horny, okay? As in H_O_R_N_Y! I want you; I've got a big old fucking itch that needs a scratch… Read more

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Wife Takes Me to All Male Review Gay

First TimeGay MaleVoyeur

"Baby, Janice invited me to an all male review on Saturday. I originally told her okay because I knew you wouldn't mind. She bought two tickets but now she can't go because Jerry is recovering from his knee surgery. I don't want to go alone and everyone is busy. Why don't you come? I promise I will make it worth your while. Besides you might learn some new moves," my sexy wife Karen teased. She had invited me to go as a joke but I have always been comfortable with my sexuality and I had no problem going so I accepted her invitation. We went out to dinner and had a few drinks with dinner. Aft… Read more

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The pool shed

First TimeAnalGroup Sex

My wife Mary got a letter in late April. Her sister asked if her twin teen aged sons could summer with us while she & her husband cruised the Alaskan coast. I was hesitant at first, but then thought of all the yard work we had planned for the summer & how helpful four more hands would be. Mary replied that as long as they were willing to earn their keep, we had no problem with it. Will is planning to study landscaping in college. Paul was going into carpentry at a Vocational Center, before attending college in structural engineering. Seems this summer's projects would fall nicely int… Read more

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Good Enough too Eat Blacken

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

I told my wife that it would be fun and sexy to see a male stripper dance for her...like at a bachelorette party. We never discussed MFM sex but she knew I was open to it from previously discussed fantasies. I went online and found a really good looking black guy who was also a masseuse. When I booked him I asked him if he'd be willing to "play." He said maybe. I sent him a couple of pictures of my wife and not only did he agree to play, he waived his fee because he found her very attractive. He mentioned that he was disease-free with recent papers to verify. We agreed that he'd feel her vibe… Read more

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Seduced by my daughters boyfriend

TabooFirst TimeMature

I was just stepping out of the shower when the doorbell rang, so still wet and dripping, I slipped on my dressing gown, wrapped a towel around my head, and went down to answer the door. When I opened it, it was my daughters boyfriend Martin. “Oh hello Mrs G” he said, “Sorry if I got you out of the shower” “That’s ok” I replied, “I had just about finished anyway; come on in and make yourself at home won’t you, I’m afraid Tracey won’t be back for a while yet” He made his way into the lounge as he had done so many times before, and made himself comfortable on the settee. “Fancy a cup of tea” I as… Read more

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TabooGay MaleFirst Time

After my brief encounter with Ken my married neighbor I realized my obsession with sex could be filled now that I was 18 , all my fantasy's , taboo lusts and needs could be satisfied . It was easier to become Kathy now that I could get away for a few days by myself . The book store an motel had quickly my sissy hide away , since no one knew me here . I'd rent a room in the back of the motel , an exit let me come and go without being noticed and the book store a 5 minute walk away . In my bag was everything I needed , lingerie , wig , makeup , one or two of my favorite outfits , I even had da… Read more

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Sylvia talks about doing her mother

TabooLesbian SexFirst Time

''That's when the thing started where I fucked my mom. And her boyfriend. And Judy. And Rachel. That is pretty personal, and I don't want to tell that story now. Maybe some other time." "That was insane. I think it was the time when I lost my mom. I thought it was going to be forever. My dad, too, when he found out, threw mom out of the house. It's for sure the point in my life when I started fucking everyone I knew and thought about whoring. Because, why not? I was the sluttiest little skank in the world. I fucked my sister. I fucked my mom at the same fucking time. And I liked it. Fuck no, I… Read more

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Great time at a ABS I stumbled on to

Gay MaleFirst TimeInterracial Sex

My buddy told me this story and its so hot I had to share! Last week I was traveling the interstate and come upon an adult video store. I pulled off and parked. There were several cars on the parking lot. I entered and paid my ticket to theaters and arcade. Entering I heard both sounds of video sex and real sex. I made my way to the very back where the booths were. I noticed a black guy probably 30 standing halfway seen at the edge of wall. He was clean cut. He was looking. I entered booth and dropped my dress pants to the floor and got on my knees. I was so fucking horny. In the booth on o… Read more

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My Anniversary Present Lesbian

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

My husband has always been fascinated by my desire to make love to a woman. I am relationship straight, but sexually bi-curious. I've always wanted to feel the soft lips of a woman against mine, the feel of smooth skin caressing my body, making her way to my soaking wet pussy. My husband fully supports my desires. He likes watching me make myself cum to videos of lesbians sliding their pussies across each other, fucking myself with my rabbit on full speed, cumming in time with them. We came up with sexual bucket lists a while back and my list, of course, included my ultimate fantasy of being w… Read more

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Slippery Smooth.

Gay MaleFirst Time

After the episode in the shower I really didn't know what to think about Mr Calvert. I had enjoyed our fun but couldn't help thinking about all the roumours at my elder brothers prep school about some priest who had been dismissed for "encounters" my brother had said with another student. I avoided him deliberately as much as I could until a few weeks later. We had a cross country run Saturday after lunch. We had to attend lessons Saturday morning but had a free afternoon on Tuesday's for some reason I never understood. The run started out well and I made sure I was in front. I was pacing myse… Read more

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What A Gym Lesbian

First TimeFetishLesbian Sex

We got to the high school gym just as the night weight lifting class was getting out. Working for the police department gave me access to the key to the gym, and its weight room. It was the high school's way of thanking us for providing security at all their games and dances. Wendy and I stood upstairs and watched as the class left for the night. I particularly noticed a cute redhead, with a well-toned bottom and long, curly hair. She looked adorably cute in her white weight lifting shoes and her sweats and gray T-shirt with the neck and arms cut out. "What are you looking at?" Wendy asked me.… Read more

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First time for three - English version

First TimeFetishTaboo

Sorry, our mother tongue is not english. We hope that the story will be understood anyway. First time for three - English version This story was reconstructed based on our diary notes from August 19, 1978. These events were written together by us (Katharine + Peter). Katharine and I have been a couple since we were young. Thanks to the great understanding of our parents, this was not a problem. Katharine is 18 and I 19 when we moved into a flat. Kathi had lost her virginity to me a long time ago. Our love life was still wild. A lot was tried out at that time. Katharine and I hav… Read more

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Cheating bbw coworker

First TimeHardcore

I recently took a job in a small office after leaving my previous job. It was a small office, myself and three other women. I was given my own office in a new building and started working full time. The women werent my type, two were too old and one was a bit bigger than I like. I was there for a few weeks when I noticed the bigger girl J would lean over the desk talking to me with her tits hanging down. She had long blonde hair and was about 25, curvy but not too fat with maybe F cups. The type of big girl were most of it is in her chest. We exchange numbers because we had to for work and sh… Read more

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Stevens Park, Lye 80's first sexual encounter

First TimeGroup SexVoyeur

This true story was related to me, during one of our sex days away by Angie B, my Fuckbuddy. It is the story of her sexual awakening...... Walking home from sc***l one afternoon Angie took her usual route across Stevens Park, between Pedmore and Lye in the U.K. West Midlands. It would have been in the early 80's, and as a young girl her body was developing well with breasts any woman would have been proud of and any guy would have desired; but apart from her own furtive fingers, alone in her bed at night, nothing else had penetrated her virgin pussy. As she walked through the park she noticed… Read more

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