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First Time Porn Stories

First time I met Rose

First TimeMatureVoyeur

I moved out to went to uni at 18. Bit stupid as my parents lived about three miles from the university but still I was looking forward to being a big lad, making new mates, drinking and riding all round me. Unfortunately that didn't work out he way I'd hoped. Unfortunately the only friends I made were other guys interested in sci fi and Lord of the Rings stuff. Apparently girls aren't that interested in that kind of stuff so never turned up at the groups or games nights. Who'd have thought eh? Anyway I did get friendly with a guy I shared a house with, I'll call Ian. He was 24, graduated, lo… Read more

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The Night i Became a She

First TimeGay MaleAnal

The Night i Became a She It was a busy day at work, I was trying hard to finish all my pending tasks that seemed to be endless but somehow I managed to sign the last paper and slowly moved away from my computer holding my bag low to the ground so my manager couldn't see that I was heading home. The streets were jammed with a lot of cars in both directions . It was still early in the evening but the rainy dark sky made it look like midnight.i put on some music and loosen my tie trying to relax and soothe my brain preventing it from overthinking about many things that i will till you s… Read more

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"Honeymoon" with my gorgeous mature MOM

MatureFirst TimeFetish

While you're reading this magnificent story YOU will certainly CUM multiples times, so, grab your fleshlight, lube and napkins and enjoy the SHOW that Erica & Josh displays just for you. Real and amazing love story between me (Josh Gibson) and my mom (Erica Gibson). [...] "Are you sure you guys are going to be okay?" Hal Gibson asked his wife and son. "Hal, relax. We'll be fine," Erica replied. She turned and looked at her young son, who was pushing one final box into the back of their SUV. "Besides, I'm in good hands… Read more

Posted by BimboSeeder 2 hours ago 1 766 100%

My Bi fantasy to Come True

FetishVoyeurFirst Time

My friend Mary from back in college dropped by unexpectedly and this was the beginning of some very wild happenings. She and her husband Mark where traveling through our area and decided to stop by. I asked them to stay over so they could meet my husband. After a little tugging, they agreed to postpone their travel plans. Once my husband David got home from work, we settled down with some drinks and conversation. David suggested we go out and enjoy the hot tub. Once everyone changed, we all met on the deck. I was surprised to see that Mark was very well built and I noticed the distinct large… Read more

Posted by 425olds 8 hours ago 1 993 100%

Sarah turns pro for her first gangbang - part 1

First TimeGroup SexHardcore

My name is Sarah, and I’ve never told anyone this story, but I just have to share it with someone. Keeping the secret has been driving me crazy, but none of my friends would understand, and while I’m not ashamed, I’d hate for them to judge me for it. Hell, only a half-dozen years ago I probably would have judged any of my friends for telling me a story half as crazy as what I lived. I guess I don’t care if strangers judge me, or call me a whore for what I’ve done. And actually, that’s exactly what I became during this life-changing experience. And, besides, I’ve grown to like when strangers ca… Read more

Posted by ExploreYourNaughty 8 hours ago 1 946 100%

my first cock

Shemale PornFirst TimeHardcore

i'd been going to the nearest state park for a few weeks just to get out of the house and get some sun. i still didn't go out dressed except for having my bits taped flat and in a bra and panties. i was wearing a pink lace matching bra and pantie set with a masculine shirt and jean shorts. The day was warm, sunny with a nice breeze. i had been reading in my usual spot when i heard the familiar rumble of Johns' Harley-Davidson coming up the road. We'd met about month before. i was reading as usually, just trying to get away from the computer for a while and he'd been on a ride. i was at… Read more

Posted by aubreyjane20 9 hours ago 818 80%

Fuck my brother Girl

TabooFirst TimeBDSM

My brother was older than me.His girl was 10 years younger than me. My brother used to work in the city. So his family also lived with him.His wife also used to work.Went to his brother in one day. I reached brother's house at 8 am. My brother's girl went to school at 7 in the morning. And brother and sister-in-law at 9 o'clock.So he went to the office after making me tea breakfast. And said, Somya will come at 12 o'clock. (His girl's name was at the time.)One key of the house used to be equitable. After the departure of brother and sister-in-law went to take bath.I looked in the bathroom. Sis… Read more

Posted by Harsh69garg 11 hours ago 1,002 25%

Gator Bait and Hog Food

TabooFirst TimeMature

I stood looking out the door of my new digs, It was a sliding door and the glass portion was open. I heard giggling and turned and saw three little girls walking hand in hand out on to the pool deck. The middle and largest one wore a short terry robe and had towels over her shoulders. Older sister, about 14 or 15 taking her little sisters out to play. They sat at a table near the pool and the middle one threw a ball a short distance on to the grassy area beyond the pool. The smallest one ran and got it. She tried to throw it back but it only went about half way. I decided to be a good guy and… Read more

Posted by kap007 13 hours ago 3 1,565 86%

Knicker Nookie

MatureFirst Time

My name is Mike and I live in a small block of sheltered accommodation flats in North Wales. Most of the other tenants are, like me retirees with a couple of younger disabled people. One woman that fits into both categories is my neighbour, Hazel, who lives in the flat next to mine. She's in her mid sixties and has trouble walking far, but despite her age and disability, she's still very desirable lady and the subject of some my most intense nightly hand jobs. We're good friends and often have coffee in each other's flats and whenever I'm around her I seem to have a permanent hard-on and altho… Read more

Posted by northwalescouple 14 hours ago 2 1,269 100%

Gwylan's Sensual Massage

AnalFirst TimeVoyeur

Gwylan came home, slammed the door and tossed her purse, keys and coat across the room. Muttering to herself, she went off to the kitchen, intent on making herself a cup of tea and lacing it with a whiskey. Cautiously, Jack peered around the corner, understanding that talking with Gwylan while in this state was often like baiting a bear standing only three feet away. When she had finally settled onto the bar stool along the counter, he crept into the room. "Bad day, baby?" Jack asked, sympathetic, yet still intelligent enough to keep his distance when her glare focussed on him. "You cou… Read more

Posted by kap007 14 hours ago 1 559 100%

Obedient Cock Sucking

BDSMVoyeurFirst Time

Like most truly kinky sex acts, it happened gradually. For the past few months, Selina had been carrying on a totally inappropriate relationship with her boss when she became his personal assistant and they were both single. What made this relationship especially taboo, above everything else, was the powerful submissive streak within Selina, and Mr. Hamilton's ability to embrace it, showing her the ropes of true obedience. Things took an unexpected turn when she was summoned to a different section of the large tech company. When she arrived to the more exclusive area, she saw that a small of… Read more

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Tricked into wearing a dress pt1

First Time

As a student at college I wanted a bicycle for Christmas. I hadn't past my driving test and even if I had, I couldn't afford to run one with my Saturday job wages. My parents didn't have much money so I didn't ask for an expensive model by name, anything would do. I didn't think they could go far wrong or could they? They did attempt to wrap it with some festive paper and ribbon. Unfortunately nothing could hide its bright bubble-gum pink, wicker shopping basket or step-through frame. I cringed as my parents proudly presented it to me in the garden. What could I say? It would have broken thei… Read more

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Jack's Text for Help

Gay MaleGroup SexFirst Time

Hi, I’m Steve, I have been a bi-sexual male from around the age of 20 I guess, and now I’m 50 my sexual preferences haven’t changed. I like the company and sexual relationship of a female but I also like to make a guy cum and I have taken to doing this spontaneously and in public places to enhance the excitement if I get the chance, but this was a follow up long awaited appointment with Jack. If you follow my stories you will know that on my last story, ‘Blowing a Stranger #2’ I met a guy called Jack and I got him off on the top deck of a bus. I have been going around to Jacks regular to suck… Read more

Posted by Steviemh69 16 hours ago 2 650 100%

Shortest actual date....with sex

First TimeHardcoreHumor

I met Kimberly through an online dating site in my final year of college. Like most online dating, we emailed for a couple days and agreed to meet. Surprisingly, she didn't mind having me pick her up at her apartment. So I showed up at her door just after 5pm on a Saturday night. She opened the door and motioned me inside...since she was on the phone with someone. I stood there awkwardly for several minutes as she walked around her small apartment just talking loudly and laughing. I got the impression she was checking me out and relaying the information in codes with a good friend. She smiled,… Read more

Posted by Daleharris 17 hours ago 1 809 86%

Gay Nephew Story

MatureGay MaleFirst Time

Gay Nephew Story By: Londebaaz Chohan “Uncle, please fuck me now, I need it so bad”. Sterling squealed. Since his divorce JJ had made it a point, never to argue or refuse a good offer and he wasn't about to start now. He got on his knees behind Sterling, made sure he was steady on his knees and shoulders, with his ass up in the air and positioned his cock at the opening of his ass-pussy. Jeremy Jackson was never a good student in his school but somehow he was not dumb. After almost dropping out of high school, he graduated with the bare minimum marks he could get. Having some ve… Read more

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Turned Gay

First TimeGay MaleFetish

I had just started my second semester at university and was almost 19. I had always fantasized about man to man sex but never acted on it, always too scared to admit that I liked it. I had become quite friendly with one of my professors the first semester and even though I never had him for classes the second we remained good friends. He was 45 or so, average build, thick dark hair, clean shaven and I felt, very attractive with a very large bulge in his pants. I am about 5 ft 11in 165 so thinner but decent with muscle structure, the girls in high school thought I was cute and wanted to fuck h… Read more

Posted by 425olds 21 hours ago 2 1,152 88%

trying something new

First TimeGay Male

I was working out of town and staying in a nice hotel. My work day was done and I was at my room resting. I soon got tired of sitting around and decided to take a dip in the pool. I put on my swim suit and a t-shirt and was off. As with most hotel pools, it was not very crowded, probably ten people or so, I did not count. I found a lounge chair, took off my shirt and jumped in. after a few minutes of swimming a few laps I went to the shallow end and sat on the stairs that led into the pool. I just sat there enjoying the water. Shortly another man that had been swimming came over and joined me… Read more

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Interracial SexGroup SexFirst Time

As all the stories I share are 100% true this one is no different. Now I have to confess some of the details were provided by one of my then fuckbuddies due to a few too many drinks. It was Memorial Day Weekend & we decided to fly to Florida, rent a convertible & drive down to Key West for the weekend. Once we checked in. around noon, we decided to waste no time & hit the bars. BTW yes. I gave him road head on the way over, LOL! He changes into long shorts & a tank top (loved this guy's body!) & I put on my thong bikini & a floral sarong skirt. So off we go. We sit on o… Read more

Posted by shargui 1 day ago 623 100%

Doing chores for beautiful Miss Jo-Ann

MasturbationVoyeurFirst Time

Ever since I started this job I’ve been going up to the offices every day. It’s like a sea of lovely girlieness, legginess and tight tops that makes my head spin. I go to deliver the mail and I often hear giggles as I can’t help staring at what the girls are wearing. I get a big stiffy under my overalls and as I walk round the desks it rubs against my underpants so when I’ve gone out the door I can turn round and look through the window at the girls and two strokes and cum is gushing into my underpants. I love it. Miss Jo-Ann is really lovely, and already I’m obsessed with Her. It’s really lo… Read more

Posted by gorpur 1 day ago 1,024 100%

Helping the neighbour out

First TimeAnalVoyeur

Its Friday night and my next door neighbour is out waving bye bye to her hubby, who is going on a fishing weekend with his buddies. I catch her eye "going fishing again I see" I remarked. "More likely going fucking again, he must think that I am stupid" she replied. My mouth opened ready to say something, but I didn't know what. "Dont dare to tell me he isn't" she said. "We are not really that close, so I wouldn't know" I said trying to edge away from her. "Well if you aren't that close then maybe, you would like to help me get back at him?" Gina was quite an attractive 50 something woman wit… Read more

Posted by AngelababysDaddy 1 day ago 1 3,414 93%