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Cd crossdresser caught and blackmailed

TabooFirst Time

I have been cross-dressing since puberty. My friends and I lived near a college, and one day we found a pair of panties on the ground near a dormitory. My friends tossed them around and made up stories about how they got there. The stories they made up had my young mind on fire with fantasies. Later that evening, I returned to where we had left the panties, I pretended to walk along and I casually picked them up and put them in my pocket. I was terrified that someone would see me touching a woman’s panties. When I got home I was overwhelmed by the desire to examine them. When I pulled them out… Read more

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Visit to Aunt Vicky Ch. 5

First TimeTabooMature

It was nearing the end of the summer and also the end of my stay with aunt Vicky. Soon my parents would be returning from their trip to Europe, and that would mean that I would have to go back home again. But more importantly, I wouldn’t be able to screw my aunt and cousin Brigette just about every day. Fucking my mom had just about always been my ultimate fantasy, but lately, getting both Vicky and Brigette together in a three-some had become my main goal. Now, Vicky and Brigette both wanted me as their own I guess, but somehow I had managed to maintain steady sexual relations with both of t… Read more

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Blow and Go Gay

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

My job requires me to travel on a regular basis and I get bored at times when out of town by myself. Once again, I found myself in a hotel room after a day of meetings not knowing what to do for the evening. Dinner and a couple of beers would kill a couple hours but the routine was getting to me, kind of like the rest of my routine life. After more than 20 years of marriage, life seemed like one big rut that had me stuck in place. My thoughts turned to my wilder, younger days filled with parties, d**gs, alcohol and women. I had a few bi experiences with some buddies when we were stoned and hor… Read more

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The newspaper advertisement - Part 3

First TimeGroup SexMasturbation

The newspaper advertisement (Part 3) Foreword Hello dear readers. My story "Die Zeitungsannonce" now appears with its 3rd part. Parts 1 and 2 previously appeared on in November and December 2018. If you do not already know Nadine's story, you may want to read the first two parts first, because then you're probably in a better position to delve into the third part of the story. I wish all others much fun and lust while reading. The author. Introduction This story tells the dark, sexual experiences of the teen Nadine, which she experienced abou… Read more

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Gay Priest Story

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Gay Priest Story Londebaaz Chohan Actually, this priest; Father Keith was appointed here in this small church located in our trifling town by a very powerful missionary organization, which had its regional office in the neighboring country. The political situation amid our country and the neighboring country was very unsettled and it was said that Father Keith was posted and sent to our country and town by the ruling leaders of the neighboring country, who influenced the high brass leadership of the missionary establishment to do this. My father being a very devout Christian and an ex… Read more

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I loaned my Wife to an old friend

First TimeHardcoreVoyeur

I have a friend who I have known since school. He is a really great guy with a great job, but he had a bad relationship that ended in divorce when he was twenty. Since then, he has not seriously dated or been involved in any romantic relationship. He lives alone, spending most of his time working. Both my wife and I think he leads a pretty dull existence. We have been able to get him to cut loose on a few incidents, but those occasions are rare. My wife has tried to get Dave turned-on, but he does not appear to have much of a sex drive nor any interest in pursuing any forbidden pleasures. An… Read more

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For a Potential Daddy

BDSMHardcoreFirst Time

(this was written for someone who wanted to know how I imagined our first meeting based on our talks it is done and dusted now but this story was one I wanted to share) She looked in the mirror, adjusted her outfit… made sure her bows were straight. She frowned unsure if she had picked the right outfit, the right underwear, was her make up ok? Would he enjoy the pink colour she had painted onto her lips. Would he like her hair in pigtails? She took a deep breath, and another and another she was vibrating with nerves and excitement, she was not sure if she was feeling sick or just the… Read more

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The father and daughters while vacation

BDSMFirst TimeGroup Sex

As with the rest of the story. All characters are adults in this story line and are freely experimenting with their fetishes and fantasies. The father and daughters Wilde vacation **Cadey and her father left over three days ago on their vacation. Their mother insisted they go even though she had to leave and go be with her sister at the hospital. They were just entering Georgia. With the traffic starting to back up. A cop stopped him and told him to follow the detours signs. The cop said that there had been a major accident and both lanes are closed. John smiled at the cop then looked a… Read more

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Confession to Mom

First TimeMature

After 15 years of lusting and fantasizing about my Mom I had made up my mind to finally tell her how I felt. I guess I had reached the point in my life where I knew it was now or never. I thought for a long time about how to tell her. I didn't think I could do it over the phone, and I didn't want the evidence floating around that would have been left by an email. So the only option was to do it in person. That was tricky because it meant that I would have to be alone with Mom, and preferably a situation where we were together for at least a couple of days. I knew that perfect situation would b… Read more

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Aunt Tillie

First TimeMature

Aunt Tillie This is a fantasy based on actual events in my earlier years. There was an “Aunt Tillie” whom I lusted after, but since she was mom’s best friend......… This took place in an established old, very religious northern city (read: prudish). Extremely conservative. Tillie, or Matilda was her birth name, was my moms best friend all through high school. Both of them married a year or so after HS, but remained close friends. Tillie was sort of an “Aunt” to me, as she came to our home at least twice a week. Tillie wanted c***dren and her husband, Hank, did not. So the ensuing fights led t… Read more

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Coupleforfunnyc my very first BBC ever part 2 of i

First TimeInterracial SexHardcore

I would like to say I'm sorry in advance for my Grammer I have to be drunk to write these stories otherwise I'm too embarrassed . So picking up from part one of the craziest story of my life , I am looking at these papers and everything is negative and his name Is josh and as I am just scanning other things to be sure he breaks my concentration and says can we continue and I look up and him and Mike are in front of me and I couldn't help but to compare and Mike was thicker but josh was a lot longer . I an bad am judging as far as inches I just know they were both thick and josh was at least 3… Read more

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Lost in the wood. (Hmong)

Interracial SexFirst TimeVoyeur

I and my wife Gaolee had been married for almost 10 years. We had two c***dren, a boy, and a girl. After she had our firstborn our sex life turned stale and just barely able to conceive the 2nd c***d, due to stress from work and family that partially contributed to the lack of sex. The other reason is simply I lost interest. It is not because she isn’t attractive. In fact, she is very attractive, for a Hmong woman she is what black guys call ‘thick’ in a good way, you know, like fat in the right places. big tits small waist and big round ass. Gaolee needn’t wear much makeup because sh… Read more

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Tale of a Bengali Teen

TabooFirst TimeMature

That hot summer afternoon, Joginder was sitting on his couch, staring at the TV, his mind somewhere else. He was thinking about the steamy, hot sex session from the last night. His twin daughters were extra-willing and extra-adventurous. God knows what took over the two of them. They literally wore him down. He was so spent that he couldn't wake up in the morning. And when he did wake up, he found two mouths wrapped around his hard cock. According to him, it was a miracle that he was hard once again. His last thought before passing out was that his cock was dead, for ever! His sex life's ove… Read more

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Pakistani Daughter

VoyeurHardcoreFirst Time

Ayesha was shopping locally with her mother, getting to know the new area. She hoped not to run into anyone from the new school while wearing traditional Pakistani clothes. Although, while wearing an abbaya and head scarf, there wasn't much chance she would be recognised. The clothing completely covered her, leaving just her face partially bare to the outside world. If she saw anyone she knew, the scarf could be used to cover her face. Not that it mattered much, as she hadn't started in the new school yet. Not starting until Monday meant no one knew her there, but she didn't want to make a b… Read more

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My Sweet Mama

First TimeTabooHardcore

At the age of 8 I faced an incident that no c***d should experience in his c***dhood. Both of my parents died in a car crash. I was devastated for weeks and it was my Aunt Clair and my grandparents who took care of me. Since my grandparents were old, Aunt Clair had decided that it was better if she adopted me. My Grandparents also supported her decision. So her home became my home since that day. Aunt Clair was a single mother with a son who was one year older than me. But she loved me, her sister's c***d like her own son and gradually I started to call her "Mama." She was so happy about it a… Read more

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A college ball player's secret

First TimeGay MaleAnal

Ever since I can remember I have been drawn toward the taboo side of the sexual world. As a youngster I found myself in my sister's room trying on her swim suits and clothing. I learned to explore myself physically and years went on and discovered my affinity with anal play. I would spend hours searching the house for my next risky anal adventure and loved my alone time in my room or in the shower. I kept all of these thought hidden well away from my family or friends. I grew up in a small town with less than 10 thousand people. I was blessed to have a gift in the world of athletics, which b… Read more

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Motherhood - A Tale of Love

TabooMatureFirst Time

Preetha's eyes went heavy as she was leafing through the pages of the newly arrived magazine. It is happening to her often these days, a side effect of having too many valiums for sleep. She can't sleep at night, and throughout the day, a spell of gloom and drowsiness hangs heavy over her like a shroud. Her cell phone was buzzing with vibration on the table beside the bed, it must have been Sayani from her office. She has been calling so many times, don't they realize she won't be going back to work? Preetha was thinking about sending the resignation letter to the H.R, but such ennui afflict… Read more

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Lesbian Turned Whore –2

Group SexLesbian SexFirst Time

Hemal’s brother, Hemant was staying in my hotel as Hemal was not in town. I reached Hemant’s room at around 8:15 pm. We had the dinner together and then we sat for a little chit chat. While we were talking, he was continuously looking at the TV screen. He just looked at me for a few seconds in between. I was irritated with his behavior. He stopped me for chatting and now he was engaged with TV,… Read more

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My first sexual experience

First TimeGay MaleTaboo

This is a story about my very first sexual experience when I was in high school, some of its real and some is fantasy….. My mother was really good friends with one of the neighbours, she used to pop round to her house quite often for a cup of tea and a chat. I really don’t know why she liked her company as she was a miserable old bitch. Always moaning at me anytime my football went in her garden. The neighbour had two k**s, a daughter the same age as my sister and a son who was about to leave for university, always seemed a little strange to me. As the woman’s daughter was the same age as m… Read more

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The 6 Emotional Stages of Accepting Who You Are

Lesbian SexGay MaleFirst Time

Coming out as gay, lesbian bisexual or transgendered is a process that for many, is experienced in stages of change. While there are different models and theories about coming out, the six-step process (The Model of Homosexuality Identity Formation) was created by psychological theorist Vivienne Cass in 1979 and is still an accepted model for understanding the experience. While many will not experience these steps in a linear course, the following steps capture essential components of the coming out process. These steps are not necessarily mutually exclusive and can be experienced simultaneous… Read more

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