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Walt and me in front of Ruth


I had stopped by to drop off some papers to Walt when I found him sitting in the large lounge chair and Ruth over by the fireplace in her rocking chair. I climbed onto the arm rest of the chair next to Walt, put my arm around the back of his shoulders, gave him the papers which he briefly looked at, them and then tossed them onto the coffee table. It was a rather warm day and I had on a top with no bra underneath and a pair of shorts, no panties under them as well. I could see Walt was more interested in staring at my top and the outline of my tits than the papers and before too long he star… Read more

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This recollection is not about me or my daughter as my wife is still very much alive, but a good friend who liked to confess over a few strong whiskeys. Why he confessed to me I can only guess because I,m a good listener and yes from time to time I had an affair with my daughter Christina though that was some while ago and she is now happily married and has c***dren of her own. I,ll call my friend John though of course that,s not his real name. None of the names I used are real names for obvious reasons though the events certainly happened. I,ll now carry on for John: “So the big night had arr… Read more

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Uber Driving Slut Mom meets a Porn Producer


Hey Y’all, Thanks for all the encouragement to finish the story of the guy I met while driving for Uber and blew outside the old Candlestick Park in San Francisco. After that dominant fun, he asked if I’d like to join him back at his place for even more fun. I was so horned up that I wasn’t about to resist. He had a nice walk up condo close by and he didn’t waste any time once I walked into his place to get back to business. He was ordering me to lean over a desk with my boobs pressed flat against its surface. Telling me to spread my feet wide apart. I'm sure he arranged me that way to full… Read more

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Julie takes control (part 7)

TabooGroup SexHardcore

Hi, this is part 7 of my story. Currently the last chapter. Hope you've had as much joy as I have writing and re-reading the whole series. Thank for stopping by. As we all got dressed, I kept wanting to touch both Julie and Sarah. I watched both of them put their pantyhose back on, without anything underneath. They both put tops on, Julie didn't bother with a bra but Sarah did. Both of them put short skirts on. I just sat and watched them, my cock was too weak to do anything but my mind was racing. I finally got dressed, they both watched me as I did. We went downstairs for some lunch. As t… Read more

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The Breeding of Kris Jenner


[Contains: M/Mature F, Celebrity Breeding, Impregnation & Babymaking] * A snapshot into Kris Jenner's desire to breed, and scenario on how she conceives black babies * Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kylie, and Kendall were present for this "special" occasion as their mom Kris was bent over a bench and ready to be taken from behind. Kris reached out with both hands, and her daughters grasped them and held them in support for what was about to happen. They watched and smiled as homeless black men, one by one, drove their hard cocks deep into their mother's tight, mature vagina bareback. After pum… Read more

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Group SexHardcoreVoyeur

CHAPTER 7: PREPARATION Several days later I was back at the medical unit for a checkup by Danna. She had to certify that I was fit for combat. My unit was scheduled for the first mission I would be on and the time was getting close. I wasn’t going if Danna didn’t approve me. In the same room I always seem to be assigned to, I removed my clothes and I was thoroughly prodded and inspected. She was pleased with my healing and certified that I should be fully recovered by mission time. While this was going on, I asked her, “Danna. You think you understand my physiology pretty well to know… Read more

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From Boring To Very Exciting 2


From Boring To So Very Exciting #2 ------------------------------------Mark's Side------------------------------------ Sunday * About 2 months before the wedding we talked about not fucking or even playing with each other as much to make our wedding night special. It had been a long time since Traci had her pussy special like I loved it and I gave up trying to figure out how to get it that way. Her tiny pussy was tight as ever and the night we talked about cutting down sex Traci told me she even tried to make her pussy like I wanted it. She had even tried using her litt… Read more

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HardcoreInterracial Sex

I was just through the second full week of med school, and already there were problems. Reese had gotten accepted at a different school than I did, so I was on my own at a new college, I had no friends yet and my car was acting up. The car was the reason I had the nickname “Wheels”. A 69 Porsche 912. I loved the car, but it was temperamental and usually picked the absolute worst times to break down. Today was no exception. I was trying to go home after classes, and fired up the Porsche. It was sputtering and backfiring, requiring immediate attention, and just for good measure, it was r… Read more

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Skeletons in my Closet part 15


Skeletons in my Closet part 15 The She-Devil appears and return to the Glory Hole. On Sunday morning Michelle and I awoke at the same time around 930 am John was not in bed between us. We both ran to the bedroom bathroom. She beat me to the toilet. She sat down and peed while I brushed my teeth. Between running water for brushing my teeth and Michelle pissing like a racehorse. I was doing that pp dance women do. Michelle was still pissing. ”Hurry up Michelle or your going to get a golden shower, ” I said to her. We swapped places with me peeing and her brushing her teeth. I saw she had her… Read more

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Biggest cock I ever had

Group SexMatureHardcore

The Biggest Cock I Ever Had I have a short video on my profile page (Fishwatcher 2) that shows me being fucked by a bloody big black sheathed cock. The vid is the most watched on my page and I get dozens of questions asking when, how and what it was like etc. First off, a correction, the vid explanation says the event occurred in the late 1960’s, but that is a mistake. It was, we now think, during the mid 1980’s, as Paul and I weren’t married in the late 60’s, in fact we hadn’t even met, and I was just a strip of a girl! However, whenever it was, we were on a trip to New York City and it start… Read more

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Cheating bbw coworker

First TimeHardcore

I recently took a job in a small office after leaving my previous job. It was a small office, myself and three other women. I was given my own office in a new building and started working full time. The women werent my type, two were too old and one was a bit bigger than I like. I was there for a few weeks when I noticed the bigger girl J would lean over the desk talking to me with her tits hanging down. She had long blonde hair and was about 25, curvy but not too fat with maybe F cups. The type of big girl were most of it is in her chest. We exchange numbers because we had to for work and sh… Read more

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The train ride to kinky elderly couple


In the early sixties aged 18 I was training in the RAF up in sleepy Norfolk and I used to catch the early afternoon train from London on Sundays when I went home for weekends. Those were the days of single compartment carriages with a corridor. It was one of those boring trains that stopped at virtually every town and village and on Sundays was hardly ever busy. On this one summer Sunday I was alone reading and about halfway through the journey an old lady (well I thought she was old but in hindsight she could only have been in her mid-fifties), walked into my compartment. She appeared to be… Read more

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HardcoreVoyeurGroup Sex

Between Tishomingo and Oxford is a rural/small town part of Mississippi. Most of the people, Black and White, live a conservative lifestyle, work hard, and have limited vices. But of course some others are like me and are backsliders, degenerates, hypocrites, and too lusty for words. In the greater area where the Wizard of the Saddle, Nathan Bedford Forrest, won a great victory over the invaders at Brice’s Crossroads, there are a couple of overlapping groups that party naked and where the girls often fail to keep “both legs in o… Read more

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FetishGay MaleHardcore

PAINTER LOVES PANTYHOSE SEX When I was sixteen my parents hired a painter to paint rooms on the first floor of our house. The night before he was to paint I had gotten an insane migraine. The next morning, at 6:00 a.m., when I should be getting up for school, Mom told me to stay home and rest because I still looked a little off. I rolled over and fell into a deep sleep. I didn’t hear my parents leave or let the painter in. I’m not sure when the painter arrived but at approximately 9:45–10:00 a.m. I woke up hungry. Mom had forgotten to tell me the painter was coming. I slipped on a pai… Read more

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One night stand in the bar


She was ecstatic it was finally happening. The moment they have both been waiting for. He gazed in her eyes, then kisses her quickly and forcefully. She moans in pleasure, turning him on more. She knows this and is caressing his chest while moving her hand down. Down to where she knows he needs attention. He allows it. He has one thing on his mind, to push his hands in her pants and push his hand through her panties to her favorite place. But he is resisting right now, allowing her to explore and caress. She moves her hands in his pants and grabs his dick immediately. He was already hard, b… Read more

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Paid gay sex in a hotel

Gay MaleHardcoreAnal

Coworker and I were told to drive out of town to pick up some things that were needed. We didn't want to go of course, thinking it wasn't really our job but we also couldn't really say no. After a drive that felt like forever we picked up some things from the given location and started to head back. Thinking it was over, we were wrong as when we got to the highway heading back, we were told it would be closed until tomorrow, due to repairs. There really was no way back. Going the other way meant literally adding another 2 hours to our already long drive. After much debating we called our boss… Read more

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The Life of an Anal Sex Slave


It's a typical day of sexual service at Sir Greg's house. I'm dressed in my usual uniform, stockings, garter, ankle and wrist cuffs, collar, large clear butt plug that keeps my ass relaxed and ready, and just the sheerest of robes. Sir Greg is seated in His favorite chair, Mike and I are seated on our cushions at His feet when the doorbell rings. Sir Greg informs me that it is His associate and I should answer the door and bring him into the living room. I rise, open the door, and lead our guest into the living room. Before I can return to my cushion, Sir Greg orders me to "strip". I pul… Read more

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Fucking coworkers bitch


I was invited to my coworkers place often. Just to hang out, drink beer, and play video games. All that other stuff. He lived with his gf in an apt and she'd hang out with us from time to time. She was a big girl. Used to play volley ball but after a few years of not playing , she had put on some weight. She still had a nice big fat ass though. She'd walk around in her shorts and of course I would not be able to help but stare. I tried to not make it obvious of course. Everything with them seemed to go fine until one day he told me that they were having problems. Apparently she had been sleepi… Read more

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Bigtitslut4u dirty lil cockslut!!


rJust so you know this story isn't true is a story I'm posting for a friend!! Well the story began' s with Laura out shopping for sex toys and she's looking around the place trying to find just the right toy to fit her needs but is having a hard time deciding on which one will do the trick when out of no where comes the sales person of which Laura becomes mesmerized with as soon as she hears him speak as his a very handsome man with a body that looks as if he works out a lot!! He's 5'6 and brown hair ,hazel eyes and very muscular of which the main thing Laura notices is that he has a bulge in… Read more

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448 Mallow Manor Part 6


448 Mallow Manor Part 6 The following Tuesday the ladies forwent the afternoon together it being Marys wedding, as was the local custom a wedding meant a drink or three for the villagers most of whom worked for or were linked to the manor directly or indirectly in some way, so after a simple ceremony in the afternoon, attended by the few who were not busy working, the couple returned to the manor, as man and wife to dine royally at the manor table, a rare privilege, After the evening meal the pony and trap driven by Hodges took the couple and the cook to the village hall, where a barrel had… Read more

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