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Fulfilling my Cravings - Fall 2018. I live in a rural area where almost everyone is white, including me and guys seem to be afraid to meet up. So I make a 3 hour trek to a larger city as often as I can to have some m2m fun. I have been doing this for a number of years now, so there are several guys I regularly meet up with depending on their schedules when I visit. I usually visit 5-6 times a year. I rent a room so I can host, but I will also travel. I am a small dick white guy, average looks but look younger than my 60 plus years. I am 5’10” and about 190lbs with a short cropped beard and s… Read more

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MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS: ABBY & BARB WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW … This is a story that is intend to be a part of a series grouped under MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS. Each story will be independent. The stories will ultimately cover a range of genre. These will be shorter stories of one chapter which is different from my previous efforts as a writer. I hope you enjoy them. This first story is an interracial story. This is a story about a mother, Abby Ordman and her daughter, Barb. Abby is 43 and Barb is 20. Both wom… Read more

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Coupleforfunnyc my very first BBC ever part 2 of i

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I would like to say I'm sorry in advance for my Grammer I have to be drunk to write these stories otherwise I'm too embarrassed . So picking up from part one of the craziest story of my life , I am looking at these papers and everything is negative and his name Is josh and as I am just scanning other things to be sure he breaks my concentration and says can we continue and I look up and him and Mike are in front of me and I couldn't help but to compare and Mike was thicker but josh was a lot longer . I an bad am judging as far as inches I just know they were both thick and josh was at least 3… Read more

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little cock white boys

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Mike is recently divorced, his bitch of a wife finally gone like he said during the tennis game he had been my coach and double partners for the last season ,i cant remember how many times i listen to him yell on the fone with her, married for the last 10yrs, now in his 40 We played our games and did pretty good considering the blazing sun out in the bleue sky i always leave after our games not liking the shower because of my very small cock but this time we had practice our serve at the end and no one was there except us he was closing the facility , locking the locker room behind us ''… Read more

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Lost in the wood. (Hmong)

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I and my wife Gaolee had been married for almost 10 years. We had two c***dren, a boy, and a girl. After she had our firstborn our sex life turned stale and just barely able to conceive the 2nd c***d, due to stress from work and family that partially contributed to the lack of sex. The other reason is simply I lost interest. It is not because she isn’t attractive. In fact, she is very attractive, for a Hmong woman she is what black guys call ‘thick’ in a good way, you know, like fat in the right places. big tits small waist and big round ass. Gaolee needn’t wear much makeup because sh… Read more

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Traffic Stop that goes Terribly Wrong, Part 3

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After we both came, from that very erotic, mutually pleasing 69, we rolled to our sides, cuddled and we must have drifted off to sleep. We were suddenly awakened by a voice calling out to us from the kitchen… HIS voice. “Hey you two” boomed his very deep and authoritative voice, “Were you serious about Brunch… or should I just join you both back in bed?” We both shot up in bed and looked at each other and then at the clock. It was 10:00 am! He must have used his garage opener and let himself into the house. “One Minute!” my wife yelled out. We flew out of bed, rubbing our eyes and acting l… Read more

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My black step cousin (part 1)

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It was a summer day, my parents and uncles decided to go for a trip letting me and my black step cousin at home for a whole weekend so we could help each other with cooking, cleaning and so on... We kiss our respective parents goobye and promise to be good during the whole weekend. After they go we chat for a while and each one goes do own tasks until the night. We get comfortable clothes to watch a movie before going to sleep, he says he knows a good movie which name is Kin and we should definitely watch it, I agree and we start watching the movie. He's only wearing a grey sleeveless shirt… Read more

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 39

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Out of Afrika A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf and Wunderboi ****** Chapter 39 - The Good works of the Church ******​ Our story thus far: The Church of the Black Staff was established in Hawksville in parallel with the arrival of Rhino Industries to the small town on the Eastern Seaboard. The faith and philosophy is loosely based on Pentecostal beliefs but with a difference, it is all about the superiority of the Black Man over the White. With the assistance of Rhino's technology the church promotes the belief that there is no greater lo… Read more

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Fun time with black men

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I met a black man on a site called fetlife who was local an him telling me " you a sexy white bitch an I wanna fuck you while you wore full leather" it turned me on. So I sent him pics an videos on me in my leather sucking my black dildos an dirty talking. He put on some leather he had really nice heavier biker leather, all black jacket, gloves, a pair of chaps an biker boots. His leather chaps were ass less so his ass showed fully which he showed me an on the front there was a leather pouch buttoned to his chaps which held his big black dick. He did not show me his cock but he showed me wha… Read more

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my black step cousin (part 1)

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PD.: Hi, this is my first story and English isn't my main language so please don't be too cruel if I make any mistakes and I hope you like my story. It is a real sexual fantasy I used to have already when I was a teenager. As it handles about a fictive step cousin I hope it doesn't get banned because of i****t, while we aren't the same blood, not even the same race, this is an interracial story but I wanted to stay true to my original fantasy when writing it, hope you enjoy it and let me know if you do as I have a lot more like this... --- It was a summer day, my parents and uncles decided… Read more

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Muslim Men

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My name is jenny Carter,42 im a married mother with one daughter who is 17, my husband Brian is an independent  engineer who works all over the country, and this takes him away from home  most of the time so my daughter and I are mostly alone, this is fine by me as we have a beautiful home and are financially secure, our sex life is routine id say but nothing kinky or out of the ordinary, whilst  my husband is away I take care of the home and the usual mother things so all is good in our house, until last week when my world collapsed and im at my wits end with what to… Read more

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fishing trip with daddies

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I am 18 , just turn last week, I work at National park for the whole weekend its a ice job, i go around in my golf cart helping people around I was lucky enought to be a fishing guide this summer so i get to fish and dont need to deal with garbage and cleaning of the park the group of older mixed guys in their 50s were so cool with me , I spent the day driking beer and fishing with them until it was dawn and all 4 were getting a bit drunk and weird with me slapping my little ass in my swimsuit asking me to get more beers i got back with a pack of bottle, giving one to all of them the le… Read more

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BBC Anal Orgasm For Wife

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My wife had been servicing a BBC for a while now and he was becoming a regular to our house, sometimes staying over with us sharing our bed whilst staying over. His name was Jake and the reason my wife had become a bit hooked on him was purely for the size of his massive cock. Jake had been fucking my wife for a few months now and was slowly wrecking her pussy for me! His cock was just over 12” in length when erect but the thickness of the thing was immense! My wife had been slowly learning to accommodate most of his cock in her pussy but had yet to try it up her ass yet, which brings me to… Read more

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The nightshift.

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I work shift work in a large industry. Sometimes on the night shift we run a skeleton crew. Five men tops. As the Foreman I get the guys to work and then basically have the rest of the night to myself. Sometimes I sleep,other times I'll go fishing or watch a movie. Not much exciting happens, but one night a new cleaner came in to clean the amenities. 5 foot 4, shapely body and pert little tits. Asian/ Sri Lankan descent,long dark hair and petite glasses for her light brown eyes. I was tired but seeing this gorgeous beauty I was awake and keen to engage. I said hello. She politely returned a… Read more

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Dreadlock Holiday - Day 14

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Day 14 I was pleased as I woke up knowing this was our last day here before flying home tomorrow. I just couldn’t wait to get on that plane; if they said we could go today I would have gone at once. Sally woke not long after I did, she turned to me saying, “Morning Mark,” acting like nothing had happened last night. “You were a right dirty slut last night,” I told her without any malice. She giggled, “I know, but, my god, they were fucking good.” She was shameless. I got up showered, changed and left her lying in bed. I didn’t even give her the courtesy of a glance as I passed her as I ma… Read more

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Helping a Black Friend BJ Gay

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I posted an article on some Yahoo sites, asking questions about the apparent disparity between our fantasies and the realities that I observed, and I got responses from quite a few black men who gave me some good advice, especially about my interest in the topic of white men sucking mature, black men's cocks. They said one problem was that black men did not like being objectified in that way, and would be very unlikely to respond to blatant requests for sex. That made sense to me, because everyone deserves respect for who they are as a person, and not just some perceived physical attribute. A… Read more

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My Small Cock GF Trains me to be a Cuckold

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After high school I went to college at the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned a bachelor's degree in computing and information services. At the beginning of my junior year there, I met a girl named Alyssa who is my age. She was working on her degree in psychophysiology. I was immediately attracted to that beautiful girl, who just happens to look a little like the actress Scarlett Johansson. And for some inexplicable and happy reason, she was attracted to me as well. Alyssa is five feet and eight inches tall and slim built, with perfectly shaped and firm B-cup breasts. Her hair is di… Read more

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Now Addicted to Black Meat and Cum Gay

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The job of a traveling salesman can be very lucrative, but being a road warrior can also be exhausting. This type of job is usually handled better by younger men, but I have been very successful. It is hard to give up the commissions and bonuses for a mundane desk job back home at our Minneapolis headquarters. I have been on the road an average of four days a week for the last twenty-five years. My name is Ed, and now at forty-nine years old it has taken a toll on my marriage. With me being gone so much, my wife Holly has grown apart from me emotionally. She has little or no interest in sex a… Read more

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BBC for Us Both Cuckold

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Most of us have probably had experiences in our younger years that we would just as soon forget. I had some experiences like that in my junior and senior years in high school, and they were all but forgotten until chance reared its ugly head. My name is Walter, and I'm a pretty average 62 year old married, white man at 6' tall, 185 pounds, with grey hair and beard, and hazel eyes. But I started out as a skinny k** who had a hard time defending himself. My wife Sheila is a 60 year old white woman who is 5'6" tall with brown hair and blue eyes. She weighs about 160 pounds and has nice, full 38C… Read more

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"Kitten Takes Daddy"!

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Kitten Takes Daddy! Jul 10 at 9:30 PM A ceiling fan rotates in the dimly lit room, lit candles positioned in various locations, as Daddy lies nude on a couch. His Kitten stands over him, a 6 inch dildo strapped to her waist. She smirks as, inwardly, she savors this momentous opportunity afforded her by her Dom, her loving boyfriend, her Daddy. Tonight, he offers her his virgin ass. Daddy licks his lips as he flicks his nipples, watching his Kitten as she strokes her plastic cock. He stares at it, his mouth watering, yearning for a taste. Kitten smiles, increasing the strokes. "Daddy, do y… Read more

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