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Interracial Sex Porn Stories

Good Enough too Eat Blacken

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I told my wife that it would be fun and sexy to see a male stripper dance for her...like at a bachelorette party. We never discussed MFM sex but she knew I was open to it from previously discussed fantasies. I went online and found a really good looking black guy who was also a masseuse. When I booked him I asked him if he'd be willing to "play." He said maybe. I sent him a couple of pictures of my wife and not only did he agree to play, he waived his fee because he found her very attractive. He mentioned that he was disease-free with recent papers to verify. We agreed that he'd feel her vibe… Read more

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Addicted to Big Black Cock

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I'm sitting in my apartment waiting for you to come and dominate my mouth. My cock slowly grows inside my pants, stiffening with the prospect of your arrival. A sudden knock at my door, jolting me out of my silent fantasizing, sends me scrambling to the door. I confirm it is you with a peek through the peep hole, open the door and you walk right in without a moment’s hesitation. I close the door and turn to you. I feel I am shrinking right there as you tower over me like a mountain of pure alpha stud muscle, sending my stomach into dips and flips; my little white dicklette rages and throbs i… Read more

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Reggie's Tale

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Jada had always been Reggie’s best sex. The cosmetologist was stacked and also his ex-wife’s second cousin. The five-foot-teen, huskular, man with deep brown skin met the gorgeous chick at a family reunion some twenty years ago. One thing led to another and he ended up in her hotel room. He recalled her dark yellow-brown rounded, honey-soft, side-set breasts bouncing as she rode his abundantly thick dick. He could close his eyes and see her squeezing her tits together to mask the wide space between them before he made her set them free. It had gone something like this: “Let them titties go b… Read more

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KK's hot bbc

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A TG friend on line here shared a wonderful story with me about her lusty adventures with a gurl like her...she loved the gorgeous huge BBC and so do I so I shared this with her... BTW also had a great experience with a hot hard young bbc...a few years 3-4 back I hooked up on line with a gay couple that wanted another guy to hook up for a 4 some...Mike was Hispanic 59sish like me, so was Pepper his boi friend in his late 20s, the third guy kind of a turd don't know why...so we smoke my aphrodisiac. I love 4 the for the odor 2 to hit my n0se. The wonderful affect sensual hot sk… Read more

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I was just through the second full week of med school, and already there were problems. Reese had gotten accepted at a different school than I did, so I was on my own at a new college, I had no friends yet and my car was acting up. The car was the reason I had the nickname “Wheels”. A 69 Porsche 912. I loved the car, but it was temperamental and usually picked the absolute worst times to break down. Today was no exception. I was trying to go home after classes, and fired up the Porsche. It was sputtering and backfiring, requiring immediate attention, and just for good measure, it was r… Read more

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Mirror, mirror

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Mirror, Mirror Went down to "The Hole" again. Nice name, tells all you need to know about the place. I was on the prowl for something new on the menu. I burst through the front doors with attitude, tonight I would play the alpha. Grabbed a no band whisky from barkeep and surveyed the sheep. Nice flock, plenty of fluffy gurls tonight, T-girls that is. I like that. Shorties with a good supply of hip, tit and booty, probably more than willing to let a real man like me take over and take whatever I want. I slammed the shot glass down hard, smacked my lips and set my sights on a blonde cutie wi… Read more

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Great time at a ABS I stumbled on to

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My buddy told me this story and its so hot I had to share! Last week I was traveling the interstate and come upon an adult video store. I pulled off and parked. There were several cars on the parking lot. I entered and paid my ticket to theaters and arcade. Entering I heard both sounds of video sex and real sex. I made my way to the very back where the booths were. I noticed a black guy probably 30 standing halfway seen at the edge of wall. He was clean cut. He was looking. I entered booth and dropped my dress pants to the floor and got on my knees. I was so fucking horny. In the booth on o… Read more

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Morocco Breeding Vacation (3)

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[ For A & T. And for all those who believe that interracial harmony and justice, can only be obtained biologically, rather than through the court system, or laws.] I have such vivid memories of when my wife Hanna and I were in Rabat (now five months ago). We both really enjoyed our time there, and sight-seeing the first few days. The atmosphere was so different than Poland in October; warm, but because of the close proximity to the ocean, not uncomfortable by any means. The narrow streets were like from Casablanca, the old Humphrey Bogart film from the 1940's, and yet, modernized, but no… Read more

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Grandpas fuck black whore

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Bill, John, Jeff and I, I'm Paul, all live in the same retirement apartment complex here in San Diego. Over the past year or so we have all become good friends. Jeff and I are widowers, Bill was several times divorced and John had never been married. Now we spend a lot of time together. We eat together in the dining room, we play cards, we go on many of the group bus trips, we talk about the 'good old days' and a lot of the time we talk about the sex that we have had. John loves to tell stories about the hundreds of little asian girls he had fucked when he was stationed in Thailand in the serv… Read more

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My friend was right

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''No one will know i promise'' ''you are serious? Mike im not gay....'' ''me neither, its just fun between friends, like stef and marie , they have fin they said remember'' ''they are girls, its not the same'' ''yes it is'' ''common lets go in the shower, you can stroke me and i stroke you'' i was not believing him, he really wanted us to have ''bro fun'' ''why you scared we been friend forever'' his bbc bulging in his sweatpants looking at him i knew he was way bigger he my 6inch i was feeling shy and ....lesser ''i cant do this....'' ''yes we can , we are friends it is ok bro'' ''… Read more

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Dirty Dreams

Interracial SexMature

Master and I have spoken in months, but he keeps coming to haunt my dreams. Today I went to the gym as usual, came home and took a hot shower. When I got out I decided to lie down for a few minutes before I had to get up to run some errands. I must have fallen asleep pretty quickly, because the next thing I knew I was in a room watching my master fuck another woman. They hadn't seen me, but I could clearly see his thick black dick pushing in and out of her asshole. I heard her moaning, and his deep voice talking nasty, telling her to take it. I must have moaned in my dream because he turned ar… Read more

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Awakening to The Dark Side - Part One

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My name is Tracey and I’d managed to get to 52 years old living what now seems to be a very innocent reserved life. I’ve been happily married to Steve since I was 20, he’s a few years older, but we’ve brought up 2 k**s, now at University and had a very happy, easy going life. Things changed for me dramatically recently. My friend Ashley had arranged a special thing for her 50th birthday, feeling that she didn’t want the event to pass without making something of it, she rounded up seven of us to go to Prague for a long, boozy weekend. We are all of similar ages, all married, and within reason… Read more

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Wanda, Ebony co-worker, pt.2

Interracial Sex

Wanda and I returned to work as usual. She helped me finish the special project ahead of time. My boss was very happy and he rewarded me with a bonus. I took 40% of it and placed the cash in an envelope for Wanda. I had my assistant give it to her along with a note from me. In the note, I explained how her hard work and dedication had been integral to the success of the project and this was her cut of the bonus money. The letter also stated a limo would be picking her up Saturday afternoon and she would be taken to luxury hotel located on the river-front. Needless to say, I had something else… Read more

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A wild experience for Victor

AnalInterracial SexGay Male

The next morning, after surrounding my eager cunt to Landon, I woke up in the Jamaican resort very, very sore. I could barely walk straight; but the recall of the night before really aroused me again and I felt my pussy tingling and getting wet… Victor was there on the bed close by my side. He was snoring with a smile painted in his lips. Today was his birthday; so I decided to give my beloved hubby a nice present… After having breakfast, I told Victor I would go to make some workout at the resort’s gym. But instead of that; I went directly to meet Landon; the huge black guy who had given me… Read more

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A Teaching Moment

Interracial SexTaboo

How I chose a career in teaching is a mystery to me at times. I was never a very good student; I was too occupied with pot, pills and pricks to pay much attention to school work and my reputation for being promiscuous was well known around the school. Yet I was able to avoid getting pregnant or busted and graduated with my class. Though my grades and SAT scores weren’t the best they were good enough to get me into a state college where I immediately picked up where I had left off with the partying and the indiscriminate sex. But eventually I had to declare a major and having three months off… Read more

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The best anal in thailand!

AnalInterracial SexHardcore

So here is another story,this time about the best anal sex i ever had in thailand.This happened about 3 years ago while i was staying in jomtien beach.I was on a 2 month stay at the time and had a week left before having to fly out the country,now anyone who has been to pattaya will know jomtien is just down the road and is the much more subdued part of the area with a much more laid back attitude and not so much rammed down your throat as pattaya is! I was starting to get jaded with the full on pattaya areas as i do from time to time,i call it pattaya burn out as having to much of a good time… Read more

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The Alpha gang

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There is nothing we can do iam sorry miss, i trully am... was the answer from the Local cops ''O know he is there why dont you go get my little boy please please beg you'' ''walk with me i want to show you something'' at the precinct following the chief officer ''i warn you its not easy to accept but it is what it is'' he got her to a viewing room and she sat as the chief started the screen a young girl getting interrofate by him ''we want to help you get out, your parents are crazy worried , all you need to say is you name and that you need help'' ''iam cindy , i dont need help i want… Read more

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Moroccan Breeding Vacation-2

Interracial SexVoyeurTaboo

[ ] Setting across from Kristian and Hanna, his wife, I admit that I found it difficult to think of anything else but fucking her. As we sat outside at the small bistro, sipping sweetened tea, Hanna was showing me pictures she had taken of some of their sight-seeing around Rabat. I tried to concentrate on the images she showed me, and to listen to her enthusiastic appraisals of the architectural details of the various places they'd gone to, but whenever I looked up into her face, the only thing that registered, truthfully, was how much I ached to fuck her! I kept being amazed at how relaxe… Read more

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Carmen and the black lady boss

Lesbian SexInterracial Sex

There are times when I am sent to another department to either help out or fix a problem and this was one of those days. I had been told a boss in another area was having trouble fixing an account and when I went over to the office and knocked on the door, I heard a female voice answer back. As I entered I saw before me a black female sitting behind her desk as I went in she motioned for me to sit down. After explaining her problem I got up and went over next to her and looked at her computer to see what I could do. I was able to spot the problem and in a minute had it fixed. She invited me to… Read more

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big cocks need tight holes

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I never ever thought they were speaking the truth after we lost the game and they teased me i would be better as a cheerleader i told them i knew how to be a goalie but after a 6-1 game they were angry at me teasing about being cheer for the club instead this is when I should have went home and never again tried to be the goaler yet i was back 2 days later this time only loosing 4-2 but still wasnt that good I should have run they were not k**ding about it the cheer costume out and looking both at me out off the shower , in boxers telling me its time to become a cheer too strong for me… Read more

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