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'Aunt' Rose - Part 2 (with images)


From Part 1 … She lifted herself up and extended her arms towards me. My rock hard member was inches from her face; my shiny glans bulging and tacky with pre-cum. ‘Oh you beautiful boy … come to your Aunt Rose’… … Aunt Rose placed both hands on my erect shaft, lent forward and slowly licked the leaking head. She teasingly encircled the tip with her tongue … ‘mmmm I can taste you darling’ she whispered before taking my fleshy lance into her eager mouth. She sucked my stiff pole and swirled her tongue around the swollen tip then released her grip, reached round to grasp my buttocks and began r… Read more

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Visit to Aunt Vicky Ch. 5

First TimeTabooMature

It was nearing the end of the summer and also the end of my stay with aunt Vicky. Soon my parents would be returning from their trip to Europe, and that would mean that I would have to go back home again. But more importantly, I wouldn’t be able to screw my aunt and cousin Brigette just about every day. Fucking my mom had just about always been my ultimate fantasy, but lately, getting both Vicky and Brigette together in a three-some had become my main goal. Now, Vicky and Brigette both wanted me as their own I guess, but somehow I had managed to maintain steady sexual relations with both of t… Read more

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My Sister in law Lizbeth


So my wife is excited. Her brother who lives in California and she hasn't seen in a few years decided to take a family vacation. They are coming to visit us in San Antonio. It's himself, wife and their two boys. The boys and him are cool to hang out with. We always have a good time when we spend time with them. Now his wife, Lizbeth is a different story. She's very pretty, nice tits and ass. She is a solid MILF The only downside is that she is batshit crazy. Also is clinically bipolar, takes pills and everything. It doesn't bother me, but I have had my fun with her. Plus she says she's an exh… Read more

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Away From Home and My Wife


It was the last night of May and I was feeling extremely lonely while away on business. I made a call to my wife and spoke with her letting her know I missed her and that I was lonely. I had been away for right at two weeks and not having me wife beside me was a major downer for me. My wife suggested I go out to a local bar and have a few drinks and try to relax. So I took her advise and took a quick shower and got dressed and headed out. I stopped at about three bars before I found one I felt comfortable more people my age and not young people. I took a place at the bar and ordered a rum an… Read more

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Group SexInterracial SexMature

MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS: ABBY & BARB WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW … This is a story that is intend to be a part of a series grouped under MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS. Each story will be independent. The stories will ultimately cover a range of genre. These will be shorter stories of one chapter which is different from my previous efforts as a writer. I hope you enjoy them. This first story is an interracial story. This is a story about a mother, Abby Ordman and her daughter, Barb. Abby is 43 and Barb is 20. Both wom… Read more

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Confession to Mom

First TimeMature

After 15 years of lusting and fantasizing about my Mom I had made up my mind to finally tell her how I felt. I guess I had reached the point in my life where I knew it was now or never. I thought for a long time about how to tell her. I didn't think I could do it over the phone, and I didn't want the evidence floating around that would have been left by an email. So the only option was to do it in person. That was tricky because it meant that I would have to be alone with Mom, and preferably a situation where we were together for at least a couple of days. I knew that perfect situation would b… Read more

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Aunt Tillie

First TimeMature

Aunt Tillie This is a fantasy based on actual events in my earlier years. There was an “Aunt Tillie” whom I lusted after, but since she was mom’s best friend......… This took place in an established old, very religious northern city (read: prudish). Extremely conservative. Tillie, or Matilda was her birth name, was my moms best friend all through high school. Both of them married a year or so after HS, but remained close friends. Tillie was sort of an “Aunt” to me, as she came to our home at least twice a week. Tillie wanted c***dren and her husband, Hank, did not. So the ensuing fights led t… Read more

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Sister in law visit


My sister in law recently came to visit my wife and me to visit my father in law who is in a nursing home close to where we live. I am white American and my wife and her sister are from the Philippines. They have lived in the US for many years but still have accents. My wife has gotten a little chubby while my sister in law has an amazing body that she keeps in shape by working out and her job is a nurse which keeps her on feet a lot. She is a natural flirt and likes to wear clothes that are tight and show off her body. She lives in the south with her husband and we have not seen her in abou… Read more

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Tale of a Bengali Teen

TabooFirst TimeMature

That hot summer afternoon, Joginder was sitting on his couch, staring at the TV, his mind somewhere else. He was thinking about the steamy, hot sex session from the last night. His twin daughters were extra-willing and extra-adventurous. God knows what took over the two of them. They literally wore him down. He was so spent that he couldn't wake up in the morning. And when he did wake up, he found two mouths wrapped around his hard cock. According to him, it was a miracle that he was hard once again. His last thought before passing out was that his cock was dead, for ever! His sex life's ove… Read more

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Helping My Mother


A son always loves his mother as a son always do and some love their mothers in the ways the sons are not supposed to. They may not be able to express their feelings, but at least they have it in their minds. It's called the Oedipus complex. In my case I was no different in the first type of love. But in the second category, I didn't know if what I had was truly the Oedipus complex or not. I didn't really want to fuck her. The things I wanted most were her breasts and her armpits, the pussy would be a bonus if I could have it. I know, some of you might laugh at me. But let me tell you my story… Read more

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Motherhood - A Tale of Love

TabooMatureFirst Time

Preetha's eyes went heavy as she was leafing through the pages of the newly arrived magazine. It is happening to her often these days, a side effect of having too many valiums for sleep. She can't sleep at night, and throughout the day, a spell of gloom and drowsiness hangs heavy over her like a shroud. Her cell phone was buzzing with vibration on the table beside the bed, it must have been Sayani from her office. She has been calling so many times, don't they realize she won't be going back to work? Preetha was thinking about sending the resignation letter to the H.R, but such ennui afflict… Read more

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The Passenger Seat - Chapters 5, 6, and 7 (Ice, Sp


ICE TARA RETURNED from her walk to find Amy planting flowers in her flowerbeds. Tara waved and headed toward Amy’s house to visit her new friend. “Looking good!” Tara called as she walked up Amy’s driveway. “Why thank you,” Amy said, dramatically brushing her hair away from her dirt-smudged face. “I figure if Adam likes the dirty librarian look, the dirty gardener is bound to send him over the edge,” she joked. Amy paused briefly, and then feigned confusion. “Oh, you were referring to my flowerbeds?” She laughed good-naturedly at her own joke. The two women made small talk for a… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: Dixie

Lesbian SexFetishMature

I’m sure everyone has that one friend that’s just a little bit more out there than everybody else. Someone that makes you laugh at their own expense, someone willing to try new things before everyone else, and doing this without caring what anybody else thinks. In our group of friends, that would be Dixie. The personable brunette is one of the funniest girls I’ve ever known, and she always seems to be the center of attention, with her ability to make everyone around laugh or at least have some fun. As outgoing and wild as Dix… Read more

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Christy took us all on!

MatureGroup SexHardcore

When I was at college I used to hang out with Thomas and Mark, two guys like me, who liked films, comics and talking about films and comics, and there was Christy. She was a short chubby girl, with jet black shoulder length hair, who just liked to hang out with us, and spent most of the time mocking us for our interests, but she was pretty cool to and always had an opinion on what we were talking about. Anyway, one summers day we were walking through the park talking about the latest blockbuster films out, when Thomas spotted Sophie and her friends on bench ahead of us. Now Sophie was this hot… Read more

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Muslim Men

Interracial SexHardcoreMature

My name is jenny Carter,42 im a married mother with one daughter who is 17, my husband Brian is an independent  engineer who works all over the country, and this takes him away from home  most of the time so my daughter and I are mostly alone, this is fine by me as we have a beautiful home and are financially secure, our sex life is routine id say but nothing kinky or out of the ordinary, whilst  my husband is away I take care of the home and the usual mother things so all is good in our house, until last week when my world collapsed and im at my wits end with what to… Read more

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Day 2 at the Smith's Part 2

Gay MaleMatureFetish

As I walked into the bathroom I looked into the mirror it was almost as if I was looking at a stranger. My dick was rock hard and dripping pre cum and I had a bit of Daddy's cum stuck to my chin. I was standing there and I heard Mr. Smith digging around in the closet he then put down a towel "Straddle the towel boy" he ordered  I did it right away standing there I realized why he wanted me like this it gave him clear access to my private area. I was looking in the mirror my god I was like his personal slut I was so anxious to serve and please my new Daddy. Then I heard the hum of the trim… Read more

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Visit to Aunt Vicky Ch. 4

TabooFirst TimeMature

Note: If you're unfamiliar with the story then I would suggest you might want to read the first few parts first so you know the situation and the characters. * * * * * A couple mornings later I was sleeping in bed, having a great dream. It was a sex dream of course. One of the kinds where you wake up from and your cock is so hard it's uncomfortable. In this particular dream, I was fucking mom, my ultimate fantasy. Mom was dressed up like a schoolgirl, wearing a tight white blouse that was ripped open in front, letting her gigantic melons hang out. Those 38F tits were the driving force behin… Read more

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'Aunt' Rose - Part 1


In my thirties we used to live next door to Jean and Frank. They were an older couple and great with us and our two offspring. We always referred to them as Aunt Jean and Uncle Frank. We moved away but occasionally kept in touch. A few years later (I was mid-forties by then) Frank sadly passed away and we attended his funeral to show our appreciation and respect for all he had done for us. It was 9 months before I saw Aunt Jean again. I was in the area on business and thought I’d pop in and see her. I’d always fancied her and I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit I had half a thought on fulfillin… Read more

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Mature Slut Wife.... Part 3


Well my hot slutty mature wife Debra payed the price for getting to have her young stud start fucking her again. If you have read parts 1&2 you know that she was blocked from getting anymore young stud cock until she took it in the ass from our swing/swap couple Tom/Brenda..... Tom is fucking huge and has a reputation for leaving woman unable to walk after fucking their pussy, the ones who took it in the ass were sorry they tried... So a couple of nights ago Debra comes to bed fucking horny and in complete slut mode.... climbing all over me, biting and pinching my nipples and tells me, I… Read more

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Squirter Girl


Definitely a true story. The daughter of a close friend of mine is a very shy, sweet woman. Petite, Long hair and DD chest. She explained that since she was a small girl they didn't have to be that big to be DD. Beautiful tits.. Through necessity I ended up at her house helping with a fence and a couple other things.Eventually we were talking on the couch, then making out. She is a passionate kisser! It was worth it just for the kissing. She always wore tank tops and no bra. Those unbelievable tits just begged to be freed. Nuzzling her chest with my face I pulled up her top and found that th… Read more

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