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    I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 05

    Group SexFirst TimeMature

    Bzzzzzzt. Bzzzzzzt. Madeline felt, rather than heard the soft buzzing, as her phone vibrated quietly. An incoming text! The three of them - herself, her son Tommy and her mother - were on their way back home after an afternoon of hiking and playing at the party. Tommy was in the back seat, eyelids heavy and his head just starting to nod sleepily. 'Finally,' she thought. Glancing at her Mom in the driver's seat, to make sure she wasn't watching - Mother had already commented on how frequently Madeline had been looking at her phone - Madeline opened her text messaging app. SHELLY: We moved… Read more

    Posted by Mrbigdick2014 17 minutes ago 12

    I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 06

    Group SexFirst TimeMature

    Sunday morning, the next day, Maddy and Shelly were texting each other on their phones. SHELLY: How did it go last night, girl? MADDY: Don't ask. SHELLY: Oh no! What happened? MADDY: He told me had a headache. Rolled over and went to sleep. SHELLY: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I guess doing all that housework tired him out. LOL! MADDY: Well, the house was pretty clean, I have to admit. Dishes done, kitchen mopped, bed made, he even changed the bed sheets! MADDY: I just feel like a dumbass. MADDY: taking an extra shower before bed MADDY: putting on my sexiest lingeree SHELLY: Which one? MAD… Read more

    Posted by Mrbigdick2014 17 minutes ago 0

    I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 07

    Group SexFirst TimeMature

    Madeline sat on the edge of her couch, eyes brimming with tears that hadn't yet started trickling down her cheek. She looked at her phone, at the message Shelly had just sent her. As the first tear rolled slowly down her cheek, Madeline tapped out her reply. MADDY: I'm not going tonight. SHELLY: What?!? Why not? MADDY: I just can't. SHELLY: Can I come over and talk? MADDY: I think I'd like that. Minutes later, Shelly was sitting at Madeline's kitchen table, fresh cups of hot coffee in front of both of them. "Alright, girlfriend," Shelly stirring sugar into her coffee. "What gives? We ha… Read more

    Posted by Mrbigdick2014 17 minutes ago 14

    I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 02

    Group SexMature

    This story immediately picks up where "I want you to seduce my husband - Ch 01" left off. Shelly and Scott pretty much go right at it, so if you want the background, go check out chapter 1! I do read your comments, every one of them. Even from my anonymous "fans". I appreciate all the comments you give me, good and bad - you help me grow as a writer. Thank you! ***** ***** Shelly stood up, turned around, and walked toward the front door. It was a slow, sensual walk, one in which her hips swayed seductively side-to-side. And although she wore loose fitting sweatpants, there was simply no dis… Read more

    Posted by Mrbigdick2014 1 hour ago 63 100%

    I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 03

    Group SexMature

    Hey, look... a third installment in a series! I've never made it that far before. I'm trying REALLY HARD to continue one series, rather than starting a new series. This after one of my "gentle readers" commented that I don't have a good track record continuing a plot line. Guilty, as charged. Confession time: I have sexual ADHD and am constantly distracted by the next story that pops in my head. But don't worry, I do plan to go back and add to those other works, and I have a folder full of other ideas to explore. But I'll focus on Shelly and Scott for a bit longer. There's a lot more story the… Read more

    Posted by Mrbigdick2014 1 hour ago 40

    I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 04

    Group SexFirst TimeMature

    Apologies, Dear Reader. Sometimes I need to pay the bills, and that takes me away from my love of writing erotica. I promise I'll always come back - and there is a lot more to tell in this particular story: Seduce My Husband. Here's the next installment. Recap: When Madeline's husband was drawing the attention of all the "single moms" at the Little League field, Madeline became worried. She concocted a plan for she and her son to be out of the house for an entire Saturday, and to have her BFF Shelly visit the house while her husband Scott was home alone. Madeline knew Shelly to be a shameles… Read more

    Posted by Mrbigdick2014 1 hour ago 105

    I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 01

    Group SexMature

    "Well, here he comes," Madeline said, her voice dripping with both sarcasm and annoyance. "Mr. Popularity." Madeline nodded to the far end of the Little League field. Her best friend, Michelle, followed Madeline's gaze. She immediately spotted Maddy's husband, Scott. It was hard not to. He was a stand-out in any crowd: tall, tan, and ruggedly handsome. Today he was dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and a Red Sox baseball hat. Shelly soon saw what Maddy meant when she referred to him as "Mr. Popularity". Scott was warmly greeted by the small crowd of parents and grandparents sitting along the third… Read more

    Posted by Mrbigdick2014 2 hours ago 471 100%

    The New Sales Girl - Part Six


    The New Sales Girl - Part Six It didn't take long and we had a couple guys asking about the sign out front. Keith pointed to me and said, DeAnn will model any shoes you pick out and you can slip them on her but you have to buy at least two pair. You can choose anything being displayed and grab size 7's for DeAnn and then after she models them you can trade them in for any size you want." They both nodded and smiled at me. Then they looked around the shop and both came back with a couple pair of shoes. The first guy, Hank, got… Read more

    Posted by SherryDeAnn1960 3 hours ago 248 100%

    First time meeting a dirty old grumpy man/grandpa

    MatureFirst TimeGay Male

    This man is no longer on xhamster so feel comfortable sharing our time on here now, i added this old man who’s profile I came across on xhamster search was just what I was looking for 70 years old, bald, clean shaven and quite chubby and lived in same city, only problem was his profile said straight old man looking for women of all ages, I sent him a message asking if he’d ever consider being sucked by a younger male to watch I got the reply: NO IM STRAIGHT!!, I thought oh well that’s his choice then out of the blue couple months later I got a message saying: If you really want my old cock, yo… Read more

    Posted by Young4dirtyold 4 hours ago 1 578 86%

    Evensong Hallelujah


    He stared at his empty luncheon plate. The fish and chips and pint of bitters had not eased his misgivings or quenched his need for relaxation and redemption. Memories of the Spanish sunshine had quickly faded replaced by his son’s excuses, which had started even before he finished parking the motorhome in its designated spot on the farm. The promised work had not been done. He knew what that meant. The bills had not been paid and that foretold another trip to the bank and another slice of his savings gone. He wondered where he had gone wrong. He prayed for guidance as he swirled the remainder… Read more

    Posted by odlum 5 hours ago 128

    My Pantasy


    Pantasy, what is a pantasy? For me it is a fantasy that has direct involvement with panties and all lingerie associated with panties. When masturbation session with lingerie is used and it is the center of attention creating a masterful orgasm that leaves me weak and worn out. My last pantasy involved the need to be in white. White Vanity Fair Lace Nouvaeu panty.. I do love a big panty, the more nylon the better! Next a pair of Just My Size non control top pantyhose, reinforced toes and panty. My white Vanity Fair full slip over my Bali Double Support Comfort Wireless Full Cover bra in white.… Read more

    Posted by pantyguy6 11 hours ago 263

    Visit with Aunt Vicky Ch. 3

    MatureTabooFirst Time

    That night was a bit awkward as Aunt Vicky and I ate dinner alone together. Brigette was out with friends again or something that night. Vicky and I just made small talk during the meal, neither of us brought up the issue of i****t. I certainly didn't tell her about fucking Brigette that morning. To be honest though, my dick did get hard several times throughout dinner as I looked across the table at Vicky, admiring her gigantic rack, and remembering what her face looked like covered in my cum. That night after Vicky went to bed I decided to stay up late and watch a porno on Cinemax. I sat on… Read more

    Posted by iNavzar 19 hours ago 2 3,162 88%

    Mom wants sex

    HardcoreFirst TimeMature

    David rested his head against his headboard, while on the other side of the wall, his mother screamed out yet another orgasm. His cock was firmly held in his hands, as his mother screaming to be fucked harder and harder. In his mind it was him, David, she was screaming for. He could feel himself getting close, but wanted to delay that pleasure, until she was done. He gripped the base of himself, and waited for the sensation to ebb. "Oh, fuck. Yeah, right there, baby, right there. Keep that up and you're gonna make me cum agaaaaaaiiiiinnnnn!" That did it, and his semen shot out, making a hig… Read more

    Posted by MichaelBranger 19 hours ago 3 6,180 100%

    I thought she was Her Mother...

    Interracial SexMatureTaboo

    My mature, voluptuous, friend of nearly 30 years, Hips, and I. Were on day three of my 4 day visit! Her brother, Bold, had left two days ago! And, I was still reeling over the crazy night we had had together! Hips and I, were fucking any and every chance we could get after that first wild night! Luckily, Hips, was retired and her k**s, A & B, were both living their own lives! Her, estranged, husband was off doing his own thing! B, the boy, was in the military. Serving a tour in Europe. He was very disappointed when he heard I was visiting his parents! And, he wouldn't get the chance to… Read more

    Posted by dirtystep 19 hours ago 2,543 100%

    HAYA Muslim College for Girls CH.1 (The Admission)


    The beautiful mountains and the green grounds were on either side oh her car as the last building or crowded street she saw was an hour ago when they had exited the outskirts of Abotabbad and Summiyya wondered what would it be like to study and live in a college so far from the city but all that depended on her getting the admission which she was hopeful but HMC (Haya Muslim College) was one of the top colleges in the country for girls and even though her grades were quite good there was still doubt about her admission and the free scholarship that she desperately needed as her family couldn't… Read more

    Posted by AyeshaCumLovingWhore 22 hours ago 1 380 100%

    Taking Mom in front of Dad


    This story would be best you could ever read. This story is absolutely real but I cannot reveal my identity. Well I am 21 years old guy I am s/w engineer and recently completed my engineering. In my family there is my papa, mom, and me. Papa is a project manager in ONGC and he always lives on sites of drillings like in tripur… Read more

    Posted by mydicklovesmygirls 1 day ago 1 2,080 50%

    Mother Changed As slut By Our Relative-1

    Group SexTabooMature

    This is Raju here. This is the first time i am writing a story. If any fault in this story please excuse me. And this is a real incident happened in my life. I am from a very cultural part in Sri Lanka. I am a Tamil person. My city is known as the head of culture in the world. I assume that you all know very well about our Tamil culture and Tamil girls and also their dressing styles, behavior, their religious aspects, relationship between husband and wife a… Read more

    Posted by mydicklovesmygirls 1 day ago 579

    Shared with my husband's friend


    That night I was really tired after a long day at the office, so, when my hubby suggested we could go out for a drink, I declined the proposal and said that I would go to bed. Then Victor called a couple friends and they agreed to meet at the local bar. I went to bed before he came back, hoping he would not want sex… I had passed out early, but around midnight Victor woke me up, saying he wanted me to go downstairs. I was a bit tipsy, but he insisted and went down before me. Then I put on a night gown over my naked body and a pair of low sandals. When I got downstairs I heard him talking to so… Read more

    Posted by Anitaslut44 1 day ago 3,814 100%

    Glorious box, holy initiation

    First TimeFetishMature

    “I’m ready,” she said through the hole before leaning back. Her voice felt too high pitched; she cleared her throat as she waited on her knees, her hands folded on her lap like a good girl. She was naked. The only light she had in her box was her phone’s flashlight, shining from a corner behind her. She knew what to expect. After all, dicks were dicks regardless of shape or size. Yet, her heart pounded in her chest, and she gasped audibly as her first customer slid through the hole. It was white and thick with an artery ragi… Read more

    Posted by goldenrod777 1 day ago 1 1,169 100%

    Mommy Leaves Daddy and Britney Alone


    “Mmmmmm…..” Britney moaned quietly while she ran her fingers along her pussy. It was rare that she ever wore panties, but sometimes the material felt good on her clit when she would masturbate. The thin cotton g-string she was wearing this morning was doing the trick. Her parents had been fucking for around an hour now and she felt like she was right there with them. Their bed quietly tapped against the wall with her father’s thrusts or her mother’s grinding; she wasn’t sure which. Every now and then she would hear her mother groan as her father hit her particularly deep. What she really lik… Read more

    Posted by daddychokes2k18 1 day ago 2 3,419 96%