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Mature Porn Stories

Cook In Need, Cock In Ass


had just completed my graduation from university and was at home for about 3 months before my post graduation began. The cook Chaya used to come in the evenings to cook dinner at our place. At first, I did not pay much attention to her as I used to be busy with my projects and course work in the evenings. However, the beginning few weeks I was home, I had time to occupy myself for the day but evenings were the downtime and I didn’t have much to do. So, one… Read more

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Sister-in-Law Suzy


Suzy is a middle aged woman who came into the family after having an affair with Robbie, my brother-in-law. The affair caused his marriage to break-up and they married soon after. Most of the family didn't really like her; not because of the affair but because she was so annoying and full of herself. At family get togethers she and Robbie were always hinting how tired they were after such a night of shagging (although not in those words) and giggling to each other (the way newly weds do) and that kinda annoyed the other women. It's not that she was beautiful or anything; quite the opposite rea… Read more

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Forcibly fucked in office party

Group SexMatureMasturbation

I didn’t ask anything to my husband knowing that it was his plan, neither he talked to me regarding that day, but still there was some sort of gap between us. Days passed, I was busy with my daily routine. I had a lot of free time at home, so I just thought that why should not I do a job to kill time. My husband came that evening, and I talked to him about it. It was about 4 months after that… Read more

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Mom Lands In Trouble In Village Gets Gang banged –

Group SexMatureAnal

this story is about my mom’s gangbang by members of village panchayat. My mom’s name is Reshma and she has big pairs of boobs and ass,her boobs size is 36 d and ass around 38. When this incident happened my mom was 38 years old. We used to live in delhi.I had just completed my high school and my holidays were on.I was getting bored and asked mom to visit our village in u.P. As my father was out of town he said my mom to visit village without him. My mom had no… Read more

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Naughty Santa Chronicles – Epi 3

First TimeMatureLesbian Sex

Carol, also known as Mrs. Claus felt guilty. She had now been having crazy wild sex with anywhere from 3 to 5 elves a morning for the last week. Seven different elves had serviced her in total! And while her frustration level had dropped she felt guilty. Her man, the Big C, was working his butt off for young boys and girls across the world while she was getting banged by his elves. It was not a very nice thing and she knew she was headed toward being on his really naught… Read more

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Amatures in need. 1.

Group SexHardcoreMature

"Hi and welcome to Amatures in need" I said looking into the camera, after Steve had turned it on. "Me and Steve have come to this little town in the midlands, because we received a urgent email from a middle aged woman named Carol, who has two k**s, a mortgage, no partner, and is really in need of a good hard fuck! So lets go find her!" I then said letting the audience know what was going on. You see, while we were filming Grandma Honey's videos, we started getting plenty of emails from ordinary folk wanting to know if they could join in, and even though Grandma Honey was kind of interested i… Read more

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Pregnant Sex: Gordon gets his wish Pt 2


Continuing on from part one and I was still thinking about what happened with Gordon. I thought about what happened and came to the conclusion that it might have been the extra hormones surging through my body as I was pregnant which I had read before from other women. The other thing was that Vik and I hadn’t been intimate since the early stages of the pregnancy. After those early stages Vik had become very conscious of having sex whilst pregnant. We touched on the subject once and he said we should waiting until I had given birth as he didn’t want anything to harm the baby. He also mentioned… Read more

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My mom's incredible best friend


I was a 23 year old home from school for the holidays staying with my divorced mother. We had a good relationship and she pretty much let me come and go as I wanted as long as I didn’t do anything that created more work or caused any problems. She was dating a guy and spent a lot of time out of the house either at work or with him. Just after Christmas a week or so before I was to head back to school, she told me she was having one of her old friends come and visit for 10 days. She told me her friend, whose name was Carrie and whom I had never met, would be staying in the guest bedroom next to… Read more

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In the beginning


This takes me way back to my early teenage years. I was one boy who was the youngest and I had 3 sisters. And with all those sexy undies about the house, what chance did it give me of ignoring it and not having the urge to try on bits. And one really rainy wet Sunday we were all bored, and it was Mums fault. ‘She told us to go play or dress up or something like that. my sisters took it literally and spent time dressing me up and using make up etc. I would be mid teens. But I agreed because I got to wear lingerie which I loved and got the odd groove from my sisters. And this is where my love o… Read more

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Teen BOY and Wrinkled old WOMAN

MatureTabooFirst Time

<b style="font-size: 16px; background-color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">My name is Brad and I have been fucking Felicia here at for years now, I even fuck her sister too! I told her a story of the first granny I ever fucked and she said I should write it down and post it here, so here it is! I was in high school and wasn't even old enough to get a drivers license yet, so to earn money, I cut grass and did yard work around my neighborhood. I had about 10 customers and one of them was this really old woman who was widowed and she apparently had a very rich husband at one time because sh… Read more

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My wife’s gangbang

Group SexMatureHardcore

Well, Julie & I regularly attended swinging/swapping parties at our neighbours, Steve & Emma, and were becoming more and more sexually liberated. It had really spiced up our own lovemaking and we were more open in sharing, exploring and acting out our fantasies. We set a few rules: always safe sex, no anal, no pain and no sex without each other present. I’d actually become comfortable with seeing Julie with other guys. One day, while in the kitchen ironing, Julie confessed that she wanted to get fucked by 3 or 4 guys at once. The idea turned me on too and we ended up fucking there and… Read more

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A relaxing surprise inside the elevator


I arrived our building very tired on that Friday evening. I just wanted to get home, strip and get a warm relaxing shower. My sexy wife was waiting for me with dinner ready and I was sure later she would like to have sex…And I was so tired… I entered the lobby and waited patiently for the elevator as it came down. As the doors opened wide, I found a nice welcoming surprise there inside. Our neighbor from the tenth floor was there, changing her conservative clothing, to a real very sexy outfit. Every time we crossed our paths, she looked like a real virgin; now I saw a perfect sexy bitch just… Read more

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The reason my sexy wife was so horny last night


I came that evening from my office, finding my sweet wife seemed to be extremely horny at home. She was wearing yoga pants as she cooked dinner; but she had also put on a pair of high heeled sexy sandals. As we watched TV before bed, Ana really showed me she was turned on. I stood behind her and kissed her neck, caressing her soft hips. Anita took her tight yoga pants off and I found she was not wearing a thong. I saw the crotch of those yoga pants was stained with her own juices. She was very wet. While I kept kissing her neck and fondling her tits under her shirt, Ana spread a bit more he… Read more

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The horny old Melissa


Melissa who's old enough to be my mother, I always thought she was an austere lady, evaluating by the non-pornographic sites she attends. I thought she was a woman of the kind who goes to church, and about sex she would be a lady who only fucks with her husband but with lights off and dressing her blue sleeping shirt up to her feet. In fact, Melissa was exactly the opposite of all of these pubic woman conjectures, and I found that in a curious way. I was working as a plumber when I was called to a villa, to repair a break on a faucet in the bathroom. A bathtub faucet to be precise. I ring the… Read more

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My sexy wife trying the biggest dildo ever


Anita had asked me to purchase a new dildo for our naughty foreplays on bed. She said the bigger would be the better. I went to a sex store and chose a tremendously large toy, but it also was a special model that felt extremely realistic. The truth about this toy is that it was actually too thick for Anita’s cunt to accommodate entirely. But, however, she still had some incredible, shaking orgasms on it… This monster thing measured thirteen inches’ long from tip to base; but what was truly impressive was its girth; it went from two inches at the tip, to four inches at the base, the widest poi… Read more

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The Big Drip

AnalMatureGay Male

Every now and then I like to share my sexual experiences with others. As a cd I'm open minded of course and enjoy sex. As a mature cd now, (been cding for years) I have to work harder at looking good. But I discovered once I grew into the mature range of crossdressing, the younger men were more attracted to me. Older men no so much they like younger gurls, middle age men like younger too, but younger guys (21-31 range) are for some reason attracted to us older mature crossdresser group. I guess they feel safer and like to watch a mature cd get banged. For what ever the reason is, I had to up m… Read more

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Sea of Memories

TabooFirst TimeMature

Hello everybody, the following story happened when I was 14, I am now 29. Let me introduce myself as “Jack” for privacy issues. Since a very early age I’ve been very shy, specially around women. I did not penetrate a girl until I was 18, even though I don’t consider myself to be bad looking. Sometimes girls would hit on me when I was in high school but to be honest I was too shy to make any moves on them. I have been playing soccer since I was 8, I love the sport ant that helps me keep in shape. I still play it occasionally from time to time, though with my job it becomes difficult to find tim… Read more

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Be the happiest and not the most successful


It was January 1985 and I was your normal 15 year old. Always full of energy and ready to do anything fun and exciting. One of my favorite things to do was hiking and camping in the mountains near our house. Ever since I was born, our family would always take trips up to the mountains to hunt & fish. We would spend days camped in a tent next to our favorite lake. This year we didn't get to take our usual trip due to my dad's job. My mother could tell I was depressed because I looked forward to this trip all year. Mom and I have always been very close. She wakes me up and puts me to bed eve… Read more

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The Art of Womanhood


The third person I ever had sex with was my husband so you couldn’t call me promiscuous. I lost my virginity aged 18 during a drunken student party and I was not at all impressed with the whole sex thing. The second man came along two years later; he was my first long term love, well a few months anyway. Then there was Paul, we dated; we got engaged and eventually married. I didn’t know and didn’t care if our sex life was good or not, it was good enough for me. We had and still do have sex regularly and he brings me to completion more often than not, I was content. We were celebrating 10 years… Read more

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An Erotic Journey With Mom And Dad


“Seema!” My dad, Ramesh yelled at my mom, “aren’t you ready yet? We have to reach there by tonight not day after tomorrow!” Mom, like always was taking too long to get ready. I was all ready and had packed the bags into the car with my father. We were going to a family friend’s wedding. The wedding that changed my life forever. I am Suhas, final year B.Com student and the sole son of my parents. I very actively play cricket and football, and I consider that I have an athletic body. Dad(53) runs a flex business, with multipl… Read more

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