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Seduced by my daughters boyfriend

TabooFirst TimeMature

I was just stepping out of the shower when the doorbell rang, so still wet and dripping, I slipped on my dressing gown, wrapped a towel around my head, and went down to answer the door. When I opened it, it was my daughters boyfriend Martin. “Oh hello Mrs G” he said, “Sorry if I got you out of the shower” “That’s ok” I replied, “I had just about finished anyway; come on in and make yourself at home won’t you, I’m afraid Tracey won’t be back for a while yet” He made his way into the lounge as he had done so many times before, and made himself comfortable on the settee. “Fancy a cup of tea” I as… Read more

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The Breeding of Kris Jenner


[Contains: M/Mature F, Celebrity Breeding, Impregnation & Babymaking] * A snapshot into Kris Jenner's desire to breed, and scenario on how she conceives black babies * Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kylie, and Kendall were present for this "special" occasion as their mom Kris was bent over a bench and ready to be taken from behind. Kris reached out with both hands, and her daughters grasped them and held them in support for what was about to happen. They watched and smiled as homeless black men, one by one, drove their hard cocks deep into their mother's tight, mature vagina bareback. After pum… Read more

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Grandpas fuck black whore

Group SexInterracial SexMature

Bill, John, Jeff and I, I'm Paul, all live in the same retirement apartment complex here in San Diego. Over the past year or so we have all become good friends. Jeff and I are widowers, Bill was several times divorced and John had never been married. Now we spend a lot of time together. We eat together in the dining room, we play cards, we go on many of the group bus trips, we talk about the 'good old days' and a lot of the time we talk about the sex that we have had. John loves to tell stories about the hundreds of little asian girls he had fucked when he was stationed in Thailand in the serv… Read more

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Loving Mother


Helen knew that her son was at the age where he would start to take interest in girls and she found the thought of him with girls disturbing to her. She loved him very much and couldn't bare the thought of loosing him to another girl. He was approaching his f******nth birthday and Helen felt it was only a matter of time before he started dating girls, and looking for a good time. Helen watched her son intensely as he rubbed his young penis, bringing himself closer and closer to orgasm. She couldn't help but begin to become aroused at the sight of her young son masturbating even though she kne… Read more

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An IMpossible Dream


A complete work of fiction with no reality except the yearning for a time long past. We met quite by accident. I was taking a lunch break at a little old fashioned diner near work. It was one of those long narrow diners with a counter and a row of booths that were suited for two people. As I moved through the crowd weaving in and out of those leaving after their lunch I stopped as a woman cut in front of me and my hand bumped her butt. Yes, it was by accident but what happened after that was no accident, I th… Read more

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Biggest cock I ever had

Group SexMatureHardcore

The Biggest Cock I Ever Had I have a short video on my profile page (Fishwatcher 2) that shows me being fucked by a bloody big black sheathed cock. The vid is the most watched on my page and I get dozens of questions asking when, how and what it was like etc. First off, a correction, the vid explanation says the event occurred in the late 1960’s, but that is a mistake. It was, we now think, during the mid 1980’s, as Paul and I weren’t married in the late 60’s, in fact we hadn’t even met, and I was just a strip of a girl! However, whenever it was, we were on a trip to New York City and it start… Read more

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THE PANTY CLUB - PART 4 (and last)

Group SexLesbian SexMature

THE PANTY CLUB – PART 4 (and last) The day of the panty auction finally arrived. Everyone was having a last look at the prized items to be offered for sale at 10 AM that morning. A second part of the sale was to take place in the afternoon. The professional auctioneer hired for the occasion was only responsible for the first part. Nothing much happened between the women during the first auction. It was a regular auction and the good pieces found a buyer at good prices. The only difference from the usual Sotheby’s or Christie’s auctions is that the female auctioneer was in bra and panties and… Read more

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The train ride to kinky elderly couple


In the early sixties aged 18 I was training in the RAF up in sleepy Norfolk and I used to catch the early afternoon train from London on Sundays when I went home for weekends. Those were the days of single compartment carriages with a corridor. It was one of those boring trains that stopped at virtually every town and village and on Sundays was hardly ever busy. On this one summer Sunday I was alone reading and about halfway through the journey an old lady (well I thought she was old but in hindsight she could only have been in her mid-fifties), walked into my compartment. She appeared to be… Read more

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AnalGroup SexMature

My wife Sarah and I had always enjoyed an adventurous and sometimes risqué sex life, often enjoying the thrill of some exhibitionism but it was only a few years ago, when we reached our 50’s that we took things further and allowed others to participate in our sexual fun. Sarah is rather a chatty girl, often interpreted as being flirtatious, and although she has put on a little weight, post menopause standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall and having a broad swimmers body she still carries it well and still has no trouble attracting many male, and for that matter female, admirers. We have now both e… Read more

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Bigtitslut4u dirty lil cockslut!!


rJust so you know this story isn't true is a story I'm posting for a friend!! Well the story began' s with Laura out shopping for sex toys and she's looking around the place trying to find just the right toy to fit her needs but is having a hard time deciding on which one will do the trick when out of no where comes the sales person of which Laura becomes mesmerized with as soon as she hears him speak as his a very handsome man with a body that looks as if he works out a lot!! He's 5'6 and brown hair ,hazel eyes and very muscular of which the main thing Laura notices is that he has a bulge in… Read more

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Dirty Dreams

Interracial SexMature

Master and I have spoken in months, but he keeps coming to haunt my dreams. Today I went to the gym as usual, came home and took a hot shower. When I got out I decided to lie down for a few minutes before I had to get up to run some errands. I must have fallen asleep pretty quickly, because the next thing I knew I was in a room watching my master fuck another woman. They hadn't seen me, but I could clearly see his thick black dick pushing in and out of her asshole. I heard her moaning, and his deep voice talking nasty, telling her to take it. I must have moaned in my dream because he turned ar… Read more

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447 mallow manor pt5


Part5 He went on, “tonight you will be walked through this great old building so the ghosts of our ancestors can see your body and know you are going to be chastised voluntarily, our first place of chastisement will be the kitchen, where I will hold you over the table and Barry and I will take you hard, before we go up to the room where you will take Bessy`s place this time, and she will hang in yours. Understand?” she nodded, then with a tug on her lead she was led through the gloomy old house down the long cool familiar corridors, her exposed nipples reacting to the air, her heels tapping on… Read more

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448 Mallow Manor Part 6


448 Mallow Manor Part 6 The following Tuesday the ladies forwent the afternoon together it being Marys wedding, as was the local custom a wedding meant a drink or three for the villagers most of whom worked for or were linked to the manor directly or indirectly in some way, so after a simple ceremony in the afternoon, attended by the few who were not busy working, the couple returned to the manor, as man and wife to dine royally at the manor table, a rare privilege, After the evening meal the pony and trap driven by Hodges took the couple and the cook to the village hall, where a barrel had… Read more

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Awakening to The Dark Side - Part One

Interracial SexMatureGroup Sex

My name is Tracey and I’d managed to get to 52 years old living what now seems to be a very innocent reserved life. I’ve been happily married to Steve since I was 20, he’s a few years older, but we’ve brought up 2 k**s, now at University and had a very happy, easy going life. Things changed for me dramatically recently. My friend Ashley had arranged a special thing for her 50th birthday, feeling that she didn’t want the event to pass without making something of it, she rounded up seven of us to go to Prague for a long, boozy weekend. We are all of similar ages, all married, and within reason… Read more

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Allowing a young man to pick me up...


My Bosses sent me to a quick to Chicago, where I should train some junior employees at one of the newest offices of our firm. This time my beloved hubby drove me to the airport and when he kissed me goodbye, Victor recommended me to behave like a good girl. I smiled and kissed him back, saying I would be a very, very bad girl… After my first day in Chicago I felt so tired; but I enjoyed a last drink at the lobby hotel before going to bed. I was there sipping a nice margarita; when a young man approached and said if I would mind some company. The guy was very handsome, so we shared some chatt… Read more

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Old Joan joins escort agency


June was a good-looking, and what she would call, comfortably cuddly lady of 72 years and had kept herself in reasonable shape. The trouble was that she had not had sex for a least 10 years and was desperate for a big hard cock up her hairy cunt. More to the point she was having trouble making ends meet. There was no way she wanted to give up her nice bungalow or her lifestyle. The trouble with getting a big hard cock was the fact that not any suitable man her age group could not k get an erection and as for money she was not… Read more

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Sucking Craigslist Cock

MatureGay Male

Sucking Craigslist Cock A couple of years ago, motivated by my strong desire to find a mature likeminded male with whom I could enjoy mutual cock sucking pleasure, I listed a personal on Craigslist stating that I was a married retired male looking for someone who enjoyed sucking cock and who liked to be sucked. Over the previous two years I had become increasingly obsessed with a desire to suck a nice hard cock probably because I was watching more and more vids of guys sucking cock and how much fun they were having. Also chatting and camming with other men who liked cocks was contribut… Read more

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Advanced Metrics 2

Gay MaleFirst TimeMature

Following our epic 69, which introduced Charlie, my student tenant, to gay sex for the first time, we sat on the sofa calming down, me gently stroking Charlie’s thigh and admiring his cute dick, balls, and body. He was a slightly chubby 18 year old, with a 5”, thin, uncut cock that was nicely shaped and had a small, angular head. His pubic hair formed a pleasing thatch above that adorable package, and strands of Charlie’s cum glistened in the nest. Despite this being his first time having sex with another man (or sex of any kind), he did admit that he thought about sex constantly, and while he… Read more

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What we call a treat! How I did her! Pt 1


Fridays aren't coming quick enough at the moment, we are finding ourselves looking for that sexual fix many nights in between. And like most couples, we do have sex in the week, but not every night, peaks and troths! But we have this thing, where we say we will give each other a Treat. We had only got as far as Tuesday night. The day went by with a few flirty messages, ,it wasn't helping any of us, And after the usualness of a family home food shower bedtime, we soon found ourselves getting into bed. Equally horny the room fell silent, I quietly played music on the box, the right amount of… Read more

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Sharing your wife for the first time...

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

You’re holding hands with your wife as the three of us enter the hotel room. Once inside, you give me your wife’s hand, she is the most prized thing in your life. I understand the significance of the hand off, and I thank you with honest and deep sincerity. You watch as I lead your lovely spouse towards the bed. She is a wife, a mother, a working woman...she is empowered...but she is also a deeply sensual and sexual female, and you are the only man she has known intimately. However, that’s about to change, as you have so often fantasized. You find a seat to watch the show. She looks beautiful… Read more

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